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Top 62 Quotes About Traumas

#1. We are kept from the experience of Spirit because our inner world is cluttered with past traumas ... As we begin to clear away this clutter, the energy of divine light and love begins to flow through our being. - Author: Thomas Keating
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#2. We must primarily become seekers of God instead of founders of works, for work will not sustain us through the traumas of incarnation. - Author: Viv Grigg
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#3. We cannot have a world where everyone is a victim. "I'm this way because my father made me this way. I'm this way because my husband made me this way." Yes, we are indeed formed by traumas that happen to us. But then you must take charge, you must take over, you are responsible. - Author: Camille Paglia
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#4. No one had experiences any more, only traumas. - Author: Beryl Bainbridge
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#5. I quickly realized I live the least interesting literary life imaginable. My parents are happily married. There haven't been any major traumas. I'm not sure that the story of my life would be much fun to read. - Author: Anthony Marra
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#6. Fear of anti-Semitism almost is part of our religion. Throughout time Jewish people have experienced traumas that we relive in a lot of the things we celebrate. - Author: Jill Soloway
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#7. And I think that's how I would describe love right now if someone asked me. You're so connected to someone else that the world and all its cliques and challenges and traumas and mysteries can't hurt you that much. - Author: Audrey Hart
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#8. It's all in your head," Genevieve said.
I know," said Alyss, and despite the traumas of the past , the uncertainty of the future, she wouldn't have given up this moment for anything.
"Isn't it wonderful? - Author: Frank Beddor
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#9. Childhood trauma does not come in one single package. - Author: Asa Don Brown
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#10. Leading up to Christmas, there was talk of Santa. But I'd never even heard of Santa. Bunty, one of the workers who I grew to love, tried to explain, 'He brings little angels like you, presents. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#11. Europe is so much the home of Horror, with its myths of vampires, werewolves, witchcraft and the undead, yet it's like those myths were exported to Hollywood, leaving Europe the room to develop a new tradition as a way of processing its traumas, particularly the two world wars. - Author: Mark Gatiss
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#12. Broken Wind believed that we are traumatized as babies by intestinal gas or colic. The great shaman invented a technique called "gastral projection" to help release these traumas. His philosophy was simple: "To air is human ... but to really cut one loose is divine. - Author: Swami Beyondananda
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#13. To protect the innocent, to avoid being one of Burke's good men who do nothing, you have to accept permanent scars that cincture the heart and traumas of the mind that occasionally reopen to weep again. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#14. We must learn to live triumphantly amid the traumas and pressures we face daily. - Author: Billy Graham
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#15. I feel I'm able to get rid of any demons lurking in my psyche through my writing, which leaves me free to create all of this and to enjoy our family life, stepping away from all the fictional traumas and the dramas. If I write about family in crisis, then I won't have to live through it, I guess. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#16. When I look back on my life's greatest traumas ... I see that each one has something in common. No matter how life-shattering they felt at the time, there was an end to them. - Author: Anna Maxted
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#17. The one thing we can all relate to is family, and family has its traumas sometimes. Sometimes things don't go well for people. Sometimes things are tough. So everybody kind of knows someone who's been in this situation before, and I think that's what makes it work. - Author: Mark Millar
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#18. Some of your childhood traumas may be remembered with incredible clarity, while others are so frightening or incomprehensible that your conscious mind buries the memory in your unconscious. - Author: Renee Fredrickson
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#19. I prefer to record all traumas and save them for later, playing them over and over so they can haunt me for a disproportionate number of weeks to come. It's very healthy. - Author: Sloane Crosley
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#20. All the traumas I went through separating art from writing don't exist anymore. That's why I love being in rock 'n' roll. It's a whole life thing. - Author: Patti Smith
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#21. You were the first to do her harm. You were the first person to make the world dangerous for her. - Author: Ava Dellaira
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#22. We're all addicted to sort of the habits of our lives. And we get stuck, and sometimes we'll get stuck because we had traumas that we don't want to remember. - Author: James Redfield
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#23. My position in the family turned out to be a lucky one; I bore neither the brunt of my mother's newness to parenthood nor the force of her middle-aged traumas, as my younger sister, Ruth, did. - Author: Katharine Graham
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#24. If the point of the inner-child movement is to cure adult problems, it doesn't work. Reliving childhood traumas gives you a nice afterglow, but it lasts only for hours or days. There is no evidence it changes adult problems. - Author: Martin Seligman
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#25. My childhood was safe and sane. No abuse and no traumas. I was surrounded by a large and loving family who taught me the importance of hard work and a meaningful education. - Author: Ronnie James Dio
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#26. The rush I got from crime was better than that of glue, drink or hash. I loved playing cat and mouse with the local coppers. He Who Dares Wins, the SAS motto, was very applicable to my life then. - Author: Stephen Richards
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#27. At the worst it was eight hours of makeup, and I couldn't sit down; I was in this crouched position. [on the traumas of being an actor in full make up] - Author: Jim Caviezel
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#28. The moment I fell in love with running, I started forgetting my grief and traumas. - Author: Fauja Singh
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#29. The real challenge is to remember to see clearly when everything's flying around us and we're wrapped up in our [emotional] wounds and traumas. - Author: Mark Nepo
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#30. Thus far we have been able to protect [our children] from the deep and enduring traumas that scar the minds and selves of so many of the patients I see. How - how? - can I make it always so? - Author: Christine Montross
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#31. Often, when a human suffers through major emotional traumas, a lack of well being follows if their feelings about the trauma are not completely expressed. When the trauma is severe and the suffering is continuous, their animal companion's condition may deteriorate too. - Author: Colleen M. Flanagan
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#32. After a series of traumas, one can lose the capacity to feel fear appropriately. (xiii) - Author: Jessica Stern
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#33. Vicarious traumatization. It can happen to those who bear secondary witness to the traumas of others. - Author: Wally Lamb
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#34. The techs tell him the girl on the other side of the glass hasn't said a word since they brought her in. It doesn't surprise him at first, not with the traumas she's been through, but watching her now from behind the one-way mirror, he starts - Author: Dot Hutchison
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#35. We need rituals for all traumas and loss, whether it is betrayal or infidelity or violence or murder. Ritual helps us heal, and ritual helped me heal and become ready to consider the person who murdered Angela, his story, his pain. - Author: Desmond Tutu
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#36. It was the first time in her life that she considered clothing as a method of camoflaging our scars, the traumas of our lives. - Author: Nickolas Butler
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#37. White had learned that going back in time was a way of fixing things; uncovering past traumas, revisiting them and defusing their power. - Author: Helen Macdonald
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#38. How curious that sometimes objects became more beautiful as they weathered the storms and traumas of the world. What caused some wood to rot and decay into nothing, while other pieces of wood became burnished, splendid, and tougher under the relentless assault of the pounding ocean current? - Author: Elizabeth Camden
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#39. You need to take the traumas and make them part of who you've come to be, and you need to fold the worst events of your life into a narrative of triumph, evincing a better self in response to things that hurt. - Author: Andrew Solomon
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#40. Eventually, however, the denial turned into emptiness and my childhood ended. - Author: Floyd C. Forsberg
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#41. Because that's what people need after traumas, apparently - lots of long conversations about the effects of trauma. - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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#42. If Jesus expresses loving concern for the smallest of our troubles, certainly in His role as the perfect sufferer He cares for our greatest traumas. - Author: John F. MacArthur Jr.
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#43. This is the moment I realize that our traumas never really go away. They live inside of us, in the deepest darkest pits of our own tiny hells. Cocked and loaded, waiting for someone to come along and pull the trigger. - Author: A. Zavarelli
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#44. The emotional findings, then, suggest that to gain the most benefit from writing about life's traumas, acknowledge the negative but celebrate the positive. - Author: James W. Pennebaker
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#45. A sound-bite culture can't discuss science very well. Exactly what we're losing when we reduce biodiversity, the causes and consequences of global warming-these traumas can't be adequately summarized in an evening news wrap-up. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#46. The willingness to face traumas - be they large, small, primitive or fresh - is the key to healing from them. They may never disappear in the way we think they should, but maybe they don't need to. Trauma is an ineradicable aspect of life. We are human as a result of it, not in spite of it. - Author: Mark Epstein
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#47. You saw the traumas that people lived through, and wondered what it will take to move us as a human community, as humanity, to help in these dangerous situations. - Author: Kofi Annan
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#48. Traumas produce their disintegrating effects in proportion to their intensity, duration and repetition. (1909) - Author: Pierre Janet
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#49. Perception and worldview are one's summary of life. - Author: Asa Don Brown
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#50. Perception is a vice with which each person is capable of perceiving his or her reality. - Author: Asa Don Brown
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#51. It's been difficult for me to get my head around Diana's death or talk about it. After she died, things were difficult, very difficult. We all have our own traumas and get on with it. But when it's there in your face year in, year out, it's hard. - Author: Hasnat Khan
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#52. Accurate prediction of the future, of its technologies and traumas, has always seemed to me to be the least interesting thing about science fiction.
The Killer Hook. - Author: Michael Chabon
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#53. Without the personal traumas, tribulations and 'terribles' that I have experienced throughout life, I wouldn't have gained the information necessary to write this book and my life would never have taken the course it has. - Author: Emma James
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#54. As long as we're preoccupied with our former traumas and triumphs, or our fears and dreams about what might happen down the road, or who said what to whom, it's very difficult to appreciate and cherish the intrinsically joyful gift of life right here and now. - Author: Lama Surya Das
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#55. As a matter of fact, I deliberately look for the mundane, because I feel these stories are ignored. The most influential things that happen to virtually all of us are the things that happen on a daily basis. Not the traumas. - Author: Harvey Pekar
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#56. The stresses, strains, and traumas of ordinary daily existence in the process of working and living tend to inhibit our breathing ability. - Author: Leonard Orr
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#57. We're all so preposterous, aren't we. Holding onto our traumas, our agonies, our small dramas and using them to sabotage that which we so want, and actually deserve. ' (Petra Dussman in 'The Moment') - Author: Douglas Kennedy
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#58. Traumatic events challenge an individual's view of the world as a just, safe and predictable place. Traumas that are caused by human behavior. . . commonly have more psychological impact than those caused by nature. - Author: American Psychological Association
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#59. I'm just trying to say that it should reassure us that the inevitable traumas of being human do end up producing some good. Otherwise, the human condition is overwhelmingly depressing. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#60. The Crosby family is sort of legendary for all of its traumas and familial problems, even though it has this appearance of being this perfect world. It had quite a dark side to it. - Author: Denise Crosby
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#61. It is always a mistake to underestimate how long it takes for mankind to understand the traumas it has suffered, especially the self-inflicted ones. - Author: A.C. Grayling
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#62. The ego refuses to be distressed by the provocations of reality, to let itself be compelled to suffer. It insists that it cannot be affected by the traumas of the external world; it shows, in fact, that such traumas are no more than occasions for it to gain pleasure. - Author: Sigmund Freud
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