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#1. A transcendent being can be any miracle. - Author: Wayne Dyer
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#2. Renounce poor work.
Shun trivial work.
Entertain respectable work.
Welcome superior work.
Honor transcendent work. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
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#3. Kit gave the Pig a look. "Oh, come on! The Powers..." His voice trailed off as the Pig gave him the same look right back. "I mean, the One... wouldn't play jokes--"

"Wouldn't It?" said the Transcendent Pig. "Been out in the real world lately? - Author: Diane Duane
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#4. God is both transcendent (beyond us) and immanent (near us). - Author: Dennis P. Hollinger
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#5. The thing is, I've always tried to create transcendent moments. Moments that take people away from their concerns. Heaven to me is when people find a way to become so involved with life that they're no longer concerned for the future. - Author: Jim Carrey
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#6. Every one who has a heart, however ignorant of architecture he may be, feels the transcendent beauty and poetry of the mediaeval churches. - Author: Goldwin Smith
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#7. Domination of women has provided a key link, both socially and symbolically, to the domination of earth, hence the tendency in patriarchal cultures to link women with earth, matter, and nature, while identifying males with sky, intellect, and transcendent spirit. - Author: Rosemary Radford Ruether
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#8. The great thing about Batman and Superman, in truth, is that they are literally transcendent. They are better than most of the stories they are in. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#9. Truth is transcendent. There are many expressions of it and ways to glimpse it. We cannot hold it in our clenched fist, but must hold it in our open palm and invite others to see it for themselves. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#10. Perhaps because alchemy combines the ancient, Gnostic focus on the immaterial and transcendent soul, or spark, with the modern, scientific-like focus on the transformation of worldly matter, it serves to connect the two. Despite his professed closer kinship to alchemy, - Author: C. G. Jung
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#11. I'm trying to get at something a little transcendent between humans. But at the same time, there's all that baggage: What's beautiful about humans is what's balanced by what's kind of ugly and petty and depressing. - Author: Lynn Coady
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#12. The purpose of truly transcendent art is to express something you are not yet, but something that you can become. - Author: Alex Grey
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#13. His transcendent sense of worth had risen and caught up to him. He did not like the world he lived in, and the people in it. He was just as much a victim as he was a culprit of the seven deadly sins. - Author: Soroosh Shahrivar
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#14. What gave transcendent importance to the aggressiveness of power was the fact that its natural prey, its necessary victim, was liberty, or law, or right. - Author: Bernard Bailyn
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#15. Why people want stuff which make them transcendent or transcendence?? And then they just destroy it?? Why Humanity wants something and then destroy it?? THere are a lot of examples one of them is the film "Transcendence - Author: Deyth Banger
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#16. Buddhism and science share a fundamental reluctance to postulate a transcendent being as the origin of all things. - Author: Dalai Lama XIV
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#17. This, of course, is the crux. It doesn't really matter what the language is, only whether there's a transcendent moral grammar underpinning it. No one really cares what hell's called or who runs it. They just don't want to go there. - Author: Glen Duncan
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#18. Through love, through hope, and faith's transcendent dower,
We feel that we are greater than we know. - Author: William Wordsworth
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#19. All I've done is put into words what all of us are about. We're now at the archetypal stage of being ready to move from a material to a transcendent world view of culture. I'm only articulating what dwells in the consciousness of a good part of the masses now. That's why the response. - Author: James Redfield
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#20. I want to be a compassionate soul, finding worth and beauty in the worlds around me and within me, attempting to sing a transcendent tune with my temporal position in this life. - Author: Jon Foreman
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#21. I would like to evoke the sense of wonder and magic in the reader but without invoking the mystical, the supernatural or the transcendent. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#22. We're losing a ritual. We're losing a ritual that I believe is transformative, transcendent, and is at the heart of the patient-physician relationship. - Author: Abraham Verghese
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#23. Human beings have never agreed whether or not there is only one universal or sacred divine entity in a supposedly glorious and transcendent place. - Author: Duop Chak Wuol
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#24. There is a transcendent awareness, a Big Mind, a Big Heart, present and readily accessible to each and every one of us. When we realize it, we see it is the source of true peace, happiness, satisfaction, courage and joy. - Author: Dennis Merzel
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#25. The secret of pleasure in life, as distinct from its great triumphs of transcendent joy, is to live in a series of small, legitimate successes. By legitimate I mean such as are not accompanied by self-condemnation. - Author: Sydney Thompson Dobell
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#26. Without a transcendent horizon, society cannot endure. - Author: Remi Brague
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#27. When you are present, you are transcendent of the mind and ego and so you can witness your mind and ego. You can be conscious of your thoughts without being lost in them when they arise. - Author: Leonard Jacobson
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#28. Incessantly she puzzled him: one hour so intimate and charming, striving desperately toward an unguessed, transcendent union; the next, silent and cold, apparently unmoved by any consideration of their love or anything he could say. - Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
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#29. One challenge of growing up in the twenty-first century will be to acquire a self-definition that can encompass person and planet, socially constructed self and transcendent being, organism and machine. - Author: Walter Truett Anderson
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#30. Wisdom is ancient, sublime, and transcendent; it is not periodic, political, or ideological. And - Author: Curtis R. Mcmanus
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#31. Getting people into the wilderness for a transcendent experience empowers people for years, if not for their entire lives. - Author: Paul George
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#32. The writer must be a transcendent, not immanent, deity. - Author: Dave Morris
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#33. What is art is not likely to be decided for decades or longer after the work has been producedand then is often redecidedso we must not think badly if we regard literature as entertainment rather than as transcendent enlightenment. - Author: Richard Condon
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#34. It is in [the] process of making something ... that the creator contacts a concrete reality outside his subjective life and moves into the realm of the transcendent. - Author: Joseph C Zinker
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#35. It is so difficult for us to remember and be motivated by what is truly important. It is so tempting to be committed to our little kingdoms that the transcendent kingdom of God is of little functional influence. - Author: Paul David Tripp
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#36. Logic, when used correctly and by an intellect that is not corrupted by the lower passions, may lead to one to the Transcendent itself. - Author: Osman Bakar
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#37. No one really wants to follow you per se. They really don't. They want to know that, by following you, they are really following a higher principle, a transcendent truth. In spiritual followership, people want to know whether they are being led and influenced by God. - Author: Mel Lawrenz
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#38. Worship is transcendent wonder. - Author: Thomas Carlyle
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#39. We have a way of making the most extraordinary experience ordinary.
We actually work at destroying our miracles ... - Author: Duane Michals
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#40. At once I feel that comedy is this amazing sort of transcendent thing, and I'm also open to the fact that maybe it's just an evolutionary hiccup, something that upright apes do in their free time. - Author: Bo Burnham
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#41. I believe in something transcendent, but I've yet to meet someone with a convincing label for it. - Author: Alex Mar
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#42. The activity of God, which is transcendent in blessedness, is the activity of contemplation; and therefore among human activities that which is most akin to the divine activity of contemplation will be the greatest source of happiness. - Author: Aristotle.
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#43. We scientists, whose tragic destination has been to help in making the methods of annihilation more gruesome and more effective, must consider it our solemn and transcendent duty to do all in our power in preventing these weapons from being used for the brutal purpose for which they were invented. - Author: Albert Einstein
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#44. How are poets able to unzip what they see around them, calling forth a truer essence from behind a common fact? Why, reading a verse about a pear, do you see past the fruit in so transcendent a way? - Author: Elizabeth Berg
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#45. I'd rather come back with a few transcendent memories than an album of snapshots. - Author: Edmund White
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#46. The establishment uses that rationale all the time, and that's why we do what we do. But leadership requires some understanding that you can say no. People have base instincts, but the transcendent also appeal to them. - Author: Norman Lear
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#47. And because I know the transcendent value of loyalty, I've been to places that a person can't get to any other way. - Author: Hope Jahren
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#48. Theory includes a transcendent idea, as do all great world narratives. - Author: Neil Postman
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#49. the sacred reality is not simply transcendent, "out there," but is enshrined in every single human being, who must, therefore, be treated with absolute honor and respect. - Author: Karen Armstrong
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#50. Moderate sorrow Fits vulgar love, and for a vulgar man: But I have lov'd with such transcendent passion, I soar'd, at first, quite out of reason's view, And now am lost above it. - Author: John Dryden
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#51. I believe that God is (and must be) a transcendent presence in any worthy work of art. - Author: Joy Williams
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#52. Admittedly or not, conscious or unconscious, the poetic state, a transcendent experience of life, is what the public is fundamentally seeking through love, crime, drugs, war, or insurrection. - Author: Antonin Artaud
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#53. Prayer is of transcendent importance. Prayer is the mightiest agent to advance God's work. Praying hearts and hands only can do God's work. Prayer succeeds when all else fails. - Author: Edward McKendree Bounds
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#54. The act of accumulating knowledge about the transcendent concepts and the ability to actually experience the inner essence that these concepts signify are two very different things. - Author: Rajeev Kurapati
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#55. This is the development of prajna, transcendent knowledge, the ability to see situations as they are. - Author: Shambhala Publications
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#56. A "game" that will give everyone the consoling impression of making contact, together, with the ultimate transcendent referent. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#57. With correction, and given the chance, 'Terra Nova' can and will deliver seasons of transcendent images and story-telling. Failing to renew 'Terra Nova' is shortsighted, as myopic as it would have been to scrap the Hubble. 'Terra Nova' is the Hubble Telescope of television. - Author: Stephen Lang
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#58. The flight experience itself is incredible. It's addictive. It's transcendent. It is a view of the grand plan of all things that is simply unforgettable. - Author: Scott Carpenter
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#59. If the ego is not regularly and repeatedly dissolved in the unbounded hyperspace of the Transcendent Other, there will always be slow drift away from the sense of self as part of nature's larger whole. The ultimate consequence of this drift is the fatal ennui that now permeates Western Civilization. - Author: Terence McKenna
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#60. Effective magic is transcendent nature. - Author: George Eliot
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#61. Program your life the way you want it to be: don't waste the unuse energy that lodges in the matrix of your soul. You are transcendent, be a superintendent. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#62. The most fundamental liberal failure of the current era: the failure to embrace a moral vision of America based on the transcendent faith that human beings are more than the sum of their material appetites, our country is more than an economic machine, and freedom is not license but responsibility. - Author: Bill Moyers
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#63. Beneath all this he is able to identify as well the dangers of a humanism which shuts out the humane and transcendent horizons and can threaten a new form of the dark night of the soul. - Author: Abdumalik Nysanbayev
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#64. There is a transcendent power in example. - Author: Sophie Swetchine
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#65. The transcendent gift of the Holy Ghost, along with membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is bestowed by confirmation, by the laying on of hands by those having priesthood authority. - Author: James E. Faust
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#66. The morality of clean blood ought to be one of the first lessons taught us by our pastors and teachers. The physical is the substratum of the spiritual; and this fact ought to give to the food we eat, and the air we breathe, a transcendent significance. - Author: William Tyndale
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#67. But there is something delusional nonetheless in his optimistic certainty that human beings will wish to choose altruistic values without invoking transcendent principles. They may do so; but they may also wish to build death camps, and may very well choose to do that instead. For - Author: David Bentley Hart
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#68. The collective experience of watching a great film together in a room is a transcendent moment that will never die. - Author: Gael Garcia Bernal
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#69. For many scientists less divinely gifted than Einstein,the chief reward for being a scientist is not the power and the money but the chance of catching a glimpse of the transcendent beauty of nature. - Author: Freeman Dyson
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#70. Despite fearful rhetoric to the contrary, terrorism is not a transcendent threat. A terrorist attack cannot possibly destroy our country's way of life; it's only our reaction to that attack that can do that kind of damage. - Author: Bruce Schneier
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#71. More than anything I have learned that we are all frail people, vulnerable and wounded; it is just that some of us are more clever at concealing it than others! And of course the great joke is that it is O.K. to be frail and wounded because that is the way the almighty transcendent God made people. - Author: Sheila Cassidy
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#72. Any man can work when every stroke of his hands brings down the fruit rattling from the tree ... but to labor in season and out of season, under every discouragement ... that requires a heroism which is transcendent. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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#73. I cannot escape from the conclusion that the great ages of progress have depended upon a small number of individuals of transcendent ability. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#74. Knowledge was the great thing
not abstract knowledge in which Dr. Forester had been so rich, the theories which lead one enticingly on with their appearance of nobility, of transcendent virtue, but detailed, passionate, trivial human knowledge. - Author: Graham Greene
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#75. Every religion in the world has had a subset of devotees who seek a direct, transcendent experience with God, excusing themselves from fundamentalist scriptural or dogmatic study in order to personally encounter the divine. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#76. It is certain that no culture can flourish without narratives of transcendent origin and power - Author: Neil Postman
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#77. The crude product of nature, the object fashioned by the industry of man, acquire their reality, their identity, only to the extent of their participation in a transcendent reality. - Author: Mircea Eliade
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#78. Art has often been and continues to be considered transcendent. I see this as misguided and, in fact, a way of subverting the powerful voice art can be in global discussions about politics, economics, society, culture, religion and international relations. - Author: Aman Mojadidi
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#79. Jackson was a transformative president in part because he had a transcendent personality; other presidents who followed him were not transformative, and served unremarkably. - Author: Jon Meacham
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#80. It is my ambition as a Dichter to maintain, for a small number of people who may happen to understand me and be accessible to my influence, a transcendent life, or at least the desire for it, in the midst of the money-and-war-culture which the world has become. - Author: Hermann Hesse
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#81. Although sometimes the morbid is also the transcendent, the transcendent cannot be reduced to the morbid. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
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#82. We all look to have transcendent experiences that lift us out of the everyday, and fear is a good one. But, I think it's the same reason why people want to laugh their heads off. - Author: Adam Arkin
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#83. In the end, the bedrock of existence is not made up of the family, or work, or what others say or think of you, but of moments like this when you are exalted by a transcendent power that is more serene than love. Life dispenses them parsimoniously; our feeble hearts could not stand more. - Author: Nicolas Bouvier
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#84. The Sufi Muslims say, "Praise Allah, but also tie your camel to the post." In other words, it's good to take a transcendent view of the world, but don't be a chump. - Author: Dan Harris
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#85. Religion claims to be in possession of an absolute truth; but its history is a history of errors and heresies. It gives us the promise and prospect of a transcendent world - far beyond the limits of our human experience - and it remains human, all too human. - Author: Ernst Cassirer
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#86. My language and my sensibility are yearning to admit a kind of religious or transcendent dimension. But then there's the reality: there's no Heaven, no afterlife of the sort we were promised, and no personal God. - Author: Seamus Heaney
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#87. It seems to me that any ideology is bad because it is inevitably reductive and identifies other ideologies as evil, and itself with truth, whereas both truth and goodness are always transcendent. - Author: Alexander Schmemann
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#88. People wouldn't even go into science unless there was something much bigger to be discovered, something that is transcendent. - Author: David Eagleman
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#89. The ultimate purpose of other creatures is not to be found in us. Rather, all creatures are moving forward with us and through us towards a common point of arrival, which is God, in that transcendent fullness where the risen Christ embraces and illumines all things. - Author: Pope Francis
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#90. If there's another thing that sportswriting teaches you, it is that there are no transcendent themes in life. In all cases things are here and they're over, and that has to be enough. - Author: Richard Ford
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#91. The thing we long for, that we are For one transcendent moment. - Author: James Russell Lowell
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#92. Celebration is a confrontation, giving attention to the transcendent meaning of one's actions. - Author: Abraham Joshua Heschel
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#93. I trust that when people meet, we meet for a transcendent reason, and that the challenges we face in life are always lessons that serve our soul's growth. - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#94. The meditative mind sees disagreeable or agreeable things with equanimity, patience, and good-will. Transcendent knowledge is seeing reality in utter simplicity. (146) - Author: Jean-Yves Leloup
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#95. We meet With few utterly dull and stupid souls: the sublime and transcendent are still fewer; the generality of mankind stand between these two extremes: the interval is filled with multitudes of ordinary geniuses, but all very useful, and the ornaments and supports of the commonwealth. - Author: Jean De La Bruyere
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#96. I've seen the greatest actors in the world, transcendent talents, who can't find a home. - Author: Laura Linney
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#97. PICTURE OF LIGHT is luminous and genuinely transcendent ... - Author: Gerald Peary
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#98. I'm always trying to reach a transcendent point, a romantic point, but reach it in a really unconventional way, a really profane way. To get to that romantic, touching, heartbreaking place, but through a lot of acts of profanity. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#99. There are truths, that are beyond us, transcendent truths, about beauty, truth, honor, etc. There are truths that man knows exist, but they cannot be seen - they are immaterial, but no less real, to us. It is only through the language of myth that we can speak of these truths. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#100. Laws of nature have no physical properties of mass /energy. They are platonic truths in transcendent realm that create & govern the Universe. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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