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#1. When we rise in the morning ... at the table we drink coffee which is provided to us by a South American, or tea by a Chinese, or cocoa by a West African; before we leave for our jobs we are already beholden to more than half the world. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#2. I rode all day.
I cried all night.
The moon didn't glow.
The sun didn't rise.
A comet blazed
Between my eyes.
West and South,
Wind and rain.
Every way is
Just the same.
Pray give me a box
To hide inside.
Pray give me a spade
To dig my own grave. - Author: Gail Carson Levine
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#3. Some have held that there are only four winds: Solanus from the east; Auster from the south; Favonius from due west; Septentrio from the north. But more careful investigators tell us that there are eight. - Author: Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
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#4. The fifth province is not anywhere here or there, north or south, east or west. It is a place within each of us. It is that place that is open to the other, that swinging door which allows us to venture out and others to venture in. - Author: Mary Robinson
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#5. Israel should withdraw from all the areas which it won from the Arabs in 1967, and in particular Israel should withdraw completely from the Golan Heights, from south Lebanon and from the West Bank. - Author: Nelson Mandela
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#6. Africa is not just about where you are born. For me, Africa is the whole continent; from south to north, to east to west. - Author: Angelique Kidjo
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#7. I have observed that it is no longer possible for one young man to speak unwarily to another not known to him, except in certain sections of the South and West, and certainly not with a book in his hand. - Author: Walker Percy
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#8. Now even the American command is under siege. We are hitting it from the north, east, south and west. We chase them here and they chase us there. But at the end we are the people who are laying siege to them. And it is not them who are besieging us. - Author: Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf
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#9. In the centre of a spacious table rose a pastry as large as a church, flanked on the north by a quarter of cold veal, on the south by an enormous ham, on the east by a monumental pile of butter, and on the west by an enormous dish of artichokes, with a hot sauce. - Author: Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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#10. The days of infinity are endless. Its hours cannot be counted or found on a clock. There is no north, south, east, or west. These are just concepts. Infinity is forever, everywhere all at once. And that's all there is. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#11. Biography is a very definite region bounded on the north by history, on the south by fiction, on the east by obituary, and on the west by tedium. - Author: Philip Guedalla
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#12. Olive Schreiner is less a woman than a geographical fact. Just as one thinks of Egypt as a foreground for the Pyramids, so South Africa seems the setting of that warm, attractive, aggressive personality. Her work is far inferior to her. - Author: Rebecca West
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#13. In this arid wilderness of steel and stone I raise up my voice that you may hear. To the East and to the West I beckon. To the North and to the South I show a sign proclaiming: Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong! - Author: Anton Szandor LaVey
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#14. There's the South Pole, said Christopher Robin, and I expect there's an East Pole and a West Pole, though people don't like talking about them. - Author: A.A. Milne
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#15. To go north, you must journey south. To reach the west, you must go east. To go forward you must go back, and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow. - Author: George R R Martin
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#16. One difference between the West and the South, I came to realize in 1970, was this: in the South they remained convinced that they had bloodied their land with history. In California we did not believe that history could bloody the land, or even touch it. - Author: Joan Didion
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#17. By modern standards the whole of greater London, including Southwark and Westminster, was small. It stretched only about two miles from north to south and three from east to west, and could be crossed on foot in not much more than an hour. - Author: Bill Bryson
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#18. Because I was born in the South, I'm a Southerner. If I had been born in the North, the West or the Central Plains, I would be just a human being. - Author: Clyde Edgerton
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#19. There was another thing I had forgotten about the South: It was the one place on earth where an unsuspecting person could get killed by kindness. - Author: Michael Lee West
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#20. Slowly, very slowly, like two unhurried compass needles, the feet turned towards the right; north, north-east, east, south-east, south, south-south-west; then paused, and after a few seconds, turned as unhurriedly back towards the left. South-south-west, south, south-east, east ... - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#21. I sometimes doubt whether even the friends whose kind thoughts turned downwards me that evening from the distant South and West could realize how cheerful is the recollection of the Christmas spent in the solitude and cold of the desert. - Author: Aurel Stein
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#22. The frontiers are not east or west, north or south, but wherever a man fronts a fact. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#23. The 'Wild West' is a good description of law enforcement in the desert southwest USA. - Author: Steven Magee
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#24. This is the year of expansion in the Kingdom of God! Tent pegs will span to the north, the south, the east, and the west in the realm of revelation in the dominion of the Kingdom, where you will walk in a greater dimension of the manifestation of the Kingdom for your life! - Author: Keith Miller
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#25. East, West, South or North makes little difference. No matter what your destination, just be sure to make every journey, a journey within. If you travel within, you'll travel the whole wide world and beyond. - Author: Elif Shafak
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#26. Let your gift of positive influence to be roused and spread like a wildfire from the east to the west and from the south to the north. All nations are waiting for it. - Author: Euginia Herlihy
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#27. By "West Sudan," for instance, an almost vanished term, people understood the whole gigantic stretch of savannah immediately south of the Sahara, from the Atlantic to Darfur in the country now known as Sudan. - Author: Jurgen Osterhammel
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#28. The first time I saw my father-in-law's cotton, I though of the Original Sin, gardening being the root of the South's downfall. - Author: Michael Lee West
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#29. I'd like to do more than sketch you naked. I want to draw directly on you with feather and ink ... flowers around your breasts, trails of stars down your thighs." He let his warm lips brush the edge of her ear. "I want to map your body, chart the north, south, east, and west of you. I would - - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#30. My mother's family came from the British West Indies. And my father's family came from, well, my father's father came from the Montana/South Dakota area. They were Blackfoot Indian. - Author: Richie Havens
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#31. Let the winds come from the sea and blow seeds about, seeds of the north, south, east, and west. Let the moths beat their wings against the windows and the fishermen cast curious glances. Let them come, let them return, let them reach. - Author: Margaret Cezair-Thompson
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#32. I only pick one thing; North, South, East or West. I just get on the road and go. That's the point. The only governor I give myself is what's the time limit. - Author: Matthew McConaughey
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#33. a butterfly in a West African rain forest, by flitting to the left of a tree rather than to the right, possibly set into motion a chain of events that escalates into a hurricane striking coastal South Carolina a few weeks later? - Author: Erik Larson
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#34. Wake every morning with the same feeling. Live up high and fly on top of the ceiling. I just know that I'm on my way. It doesn't matter to me if I'm chasing the clouds away. North or South, East or West I live my life to the fullest. - Author: Ana Claudia Antunes
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#35. But then again in the East Coast, I think, Tupac, inspired everybody on the East Coast, everybody down south, everybody in the West Coast you know what sayin'. - Author: Bubba Sparxxx
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#36. News is that which comes from the North, East, West and South, and if it comes from only one point on the compass, then it is a class; publication and not news. - Author: Benjamin Disraeli
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#37. on the west, the Atlantic Ocean; the Rhine and Danube on the north; the Euphrates on the east; and towards the south, the sandy deserts of Arabia and Africa. ^4 - Author: Edward Gibbon
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#38. Blow, bugles of battle, the marches of peace; East, west, north, and south let the long quarrel cease; Sing the song of great joy that the angels began, Sing the glory to God and of good-will to man! - Author: John Greenleaf Whittier
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#39. I don't think the real America is in New York or on the Pacific Coast; personally, I like the Middle West much better, places like North and South Dakota, Minneapolis and Saint Paul. There, I think, are the true Americans - Author: Charlie Chaplin
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#40. There's a food revolution going on throughout the country. And it doesn't matter if you're down south, up north in Maine, if you're out west in Portland or Seattle. - Author: Tom Colicchio
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#41. The freeways create economic and racial borders in Los Angeles. South of Interstate 10 is one group of people, west of the 10 another, and south of the 405 North yet another. - Author: Mark Bradford
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#42. Kotak Mahindra Bank has very significant presence in the West and the North, and our total branch network between these two regions is 80 per cent, and in case of ING Vysya Bank, their network in South is 64 per cent of their total branch network. - Author: Uday Kotak
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#43. Queequeg was a native of Kokovoko, an island far away to the West and South. It is not down in any map; true places never are. - Author: Herman Melville
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#44. I would never see her again, except in memory. She was here, and now she's gone. There is no middle ground. Probably is a word that you may find south of the border. But never, ever west of the sun. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#45. The hard wind we get around here on the eastern slopes of the Rockies is called a Chinook. It's a katabatic wind and comes from mountains to the west of us and the mountains to the south. - Author: Tim Cahill
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#46. Israel will not and should not leave until it is clear that the West Bank can be policed by Palestinians and that the region will not be a source of terrorism against Israel, as Gaza and South Lebanon became when Israel left there. - Author: Elliott Abrams
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#47. When I was old enough to walk home alone from school, I loved seeing our house from a distance. It sat on the corner of South Muirfield Road and West 4th Street and had this proud, majestic look. But I rarely went through the front door. The back was more dramatic. - Author: Natalie Cole
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#48. The sky, from one horizon to another, from east to west, from north to south, was utterly and completely black. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#49. Send danger from the east unto the west, so honor cross it from the north to south. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#50. East, to the dawn, or west or south or north! Loose rein upon the neck of-and forth! - Author: Richard Hovey
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#51. People always kept moving, her mother had said, it's the American way. Moving west, moving south, marrying up, marrying down, getting divorced - but moving... - Author: Elizabeth Strout
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#52. In the States, it takes you a lifetime just to get from Chicago's South Side to the West Side. - Author: Luther Allison
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#53. We know where they are [Iraq's weapons of mass destruction]. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat. - Author: Donald Rumsfeld
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#54. The creation of Physics is the shared heritage of all mankind. East and West, North and South have equally participated in it. - Author: Abdus Salam
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#55. That if a civil war should break out in France, it would take a while to reach the south-west. I knew next to nothing about the south-west, really, only that it was a region where they ate duck confit, and duck confit struck me as incompatible with civil war. - Author: Michel Houellebecq
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#56. There are four directions: North, South, East, and West. We are going in the fifth direction, which is the direction of stories. - Author: Sean Taylor
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#57. West, North, and South the children of Men spread and wandered, and their joy was the joy of the morning before the dew is dry, when every leaf is green. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#58. The North Country is purple, and it's the Country of the Gillikins. The East Country is blue, and that's the Country of the Munchkins. Down at the South is the red Country of the Quadlings, and here, in the West, the yellow Country of the Winkies. - Author: L. Frank Baum
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#59. America has no north, no south, no east, no west. The sun rises over the hills and sets over the mountains, the compass just points up and down, and we can laugh now at the absurd notion of there being a north and a south. We are one and undivided. - Author: Sam Watkins
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#60. We put things in order - God does the rest. Lay an iron bar east and west, it is not magnetized. Lay it north and south and it is. - Author: Horace Mann
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#61. Women are oppressed in the east, in the west, in the south, in the north. Women are oppressed inside, outside home, a woman is oppressed in religion, she is oppressed outside religion. - Author: Taslima Nasrin
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#62. DEU33.23 And of Naphtali he said, O Naphtali, satisfied with favour, and full with the blessing of the LORD: possess thou the west and the south. - Author: Anonymous
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#63. Instead of a 'Western Christianity,' we now witness a post-Christian West (in Europe) and a post-Western Christianity (in the global South). America is somewhere in between. - Author: Harvey Cox
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#64. The original reality of Amitabha is our own Dharma body, It shines out brightly everywhere, in the South, North, East, and West, It is like the autumn moon that lies in the high, vast sky, In the silence of the night its brilliance shines far over the ocean. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
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#65. This boa, the American columns, are being besieged between Basra and other towns north, west, south and west of Basra. The Americans are the people who are under siege. - Author: Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf
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#66. I have heard something said about allegiance to the South. I know no South, no North, no East, no West, to which I owe any allegiance. - Author: Henry Clay
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#67. Fiordland, a vast tract of mountainous terrain that occupies the south-west corner of South Island, New Zealand, is one of the most astounding pieces of land anywhere on God's earth, and one's first impulse, standing on a cliff top surveying it all, is simply to burst into spontaneous applause. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#68. Martin Luther King Jr's agenda was not to help Negroes overcome American apartheid in the south. It was to make America democracy a better place, where everyday people, from poor people who were white and red and yellow and black and brown, would be able to live lives in decency and dignity. - Author: Cornel West
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#69. For you in the West to hear the phrase 'All men are created equal' is to draw a yawn. For us, it's a miracle. We're starting out at rock bottom, man. But South Africa does have soul. - Author: Athol Fugard
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#70. Many visitors to Chicago know the Loop, the shops on the Magnificent Mile, and the Museum Campus. Meanwhile, much of the bustle is in the developing neighborhoods around the Loop: North, South and West. - Author: Bill Dedman
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#71. Long before Christopher Columbus, the celebrated Chinese navigator Zheng He travelled through the south and westward maritime routes in the Indian Ocean and established relations with more than thirty countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. - Author: Patrick Mendis
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#72. The basketball team was trailing by three points. I trail by four points - north, south, east, and west. I also trail by covered wagon. - Author: Jarod Kintz
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#73. The British merchants represented that they received some profit indeed from Virginia and South Carolina, as well as the West Indies; but as for the rest of this continent, they were constant losers in trade. - Author: Ezra Stiles
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#74. We are having the single worst recovery the U.S. has had since the Great Depression. I don't care how you measure it. The East Coast knows it. The West Coast knows it. North, South, old, young, everyone knows it's the worst recovery since the Great Depression. - Author: Arthur Laffer
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#75. The Westerly Wind asserting his sway from the south-west quarter is often like a monarch gone mad, driving forth with wild imprecations the most faithful of his courtiers to shipwreck, disaster, and death. - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#76. In south west Lancashire, babies don't toddle, they side-step. Queuing women talk of 'nipping round the blindside'. Rugby league provides our cultural adrenalin. It's a physical manifestation of our rules of life, comradeship, honest endeavour, and a staunch, often ponderous allegiance to fair play. - Author: Colin Welland
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#77. I haven't been everywhere, but I've been to enough "wheres" to know that Earth has pockets of stupid popping up north, south, east, and west. From the equator to the prime meridian - dumb does not so easily wash off. - Author: Corey Taylor
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#78. North was only a direction indicated by a compass
if a man had one, that is, for otherwise there was no north or south or east or west; there was only the brooding desolation. - Author: Shelby Foote
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#79. The business of reading and interpreting the Bible in South Afria is a tricky one! The Bible is everywhere and in the hands of many, including the pain inflictors. ~ Mogomme Alpheus Masoga - Author: Gerald O. West
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#80. I'm world famous. Throughout the globe - north, south, east, and west - there are literally four people who know my name. It's great to have all four grandparents still living, and widely dispersed around the world. - Author: Jarod Kintz
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#81. He had offered some of his own background. A youth in the South. An education in the North. Bred for life in the East. Trying not to die in the West. - Author: Mary Doria Russell
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#82. While St. Louis is technically regarded as part of the Mid-West, it's actually - geographically and emotionally - more part of the South. I mean, the sensibility of St. Louis is really very much that of a Southern Mississippi river-town. - Author: David Sanborn
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#83. Blenkinsop sighed. As usual, those of you who can think of better ways to win the war are invited to write directly to Mr. Winston Churchill, number 10 Downing Street, London South-West-One. Now, are there any questions, as opposed to stupid criticisms? - Author: Ken Follett
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#84. The principal or highest part of the mountain having changed its direction to east and west, I ascended it in such manner as to leave its most elevated ranges to the south and travelled north west over a very rough and broken country generally covered with snow. - Author: William Henry Ashley
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#85. In practical terms the South Pointing Chariot was a simple direction finder. It could have been made to point in any direction - north, south, east or west. - Author: Kit Williams
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#86. I'm trying to be number one all the way around. It's not just the South, it's not just the East, it's not the West, I'm going for across the world, you know what I'm saying? This is where I'm coming from. - Author: Ludacris
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#87. In Psalms 103:12, we are told how far away God wants to cast our sins from us: "as far as the east is from the west." Note that he didn't say as far as north is from the south because when you go south long enough, you eventually start going north again, but when you go east, you always go east. - Author: Mark Biltz
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#88. I believe in North, South, East, West, The seasons, life and death, geography. That which is provable, absolute and most of all, functional. I believe in things that can kill me. - Author: Henry Rollins
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#89. Do you think there'd be a Givenchy in the hood if it wasn't for that South Park photo? - Author: Kanye West
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#90. Terrorism is not a limited threat, it is a world wide operation. Today, many countries in the east, and in the west, in the north, and in the south, have been the targets of the nefarious designs of terrorists. - Author: Pratibha Patil
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#91. Every corner of the sky awkwardly showed up wearing the exact same thing, a moody gray dress accessorized with flat clouds. If North, South, East, and West were drag queens, this would be bad, very bad. - Author: Edmond Manning
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#92. I would want to conceive of philosophy as grounded in the very long humanist tradition that is the best of the West, which is open to the East and North and South. - Author: Cornel West
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#93. Sometime during the many millions of years that have elapsed since mammalian faunas came into existence, some sort of island crossed from West Africa to South America. - Author: Louis Leakey
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#94. I acknowledge the four elements. Water in the North; incense to recognize the air in the East; flowers for the earth in the South; a candle for light from the West. It helps me keep perspective. - Author: Laura Esquivel
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#95. My friends and I live in the American SW because we love it, and love it for its own sake - not merely because it's the last region of the forty-eight states to be buried under asphalt and greed. - Author: Edward Abbey
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#96. I found that part of it towards San Salvador extending from north to south five leagues, and the other side which we coasted along, ran from east to west more than ten leagues. - Author: Christopher Columbus
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#97. In other words Americans, and especially Americans in the South and West, never fully signed on to a social contract that would vest the government with a monopoly on the legitimate use of force. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#98. For me, personally, Detroit is a melting pot for everything. We get the best from the East Coast, West Coast and down South. - Author: Big Sean
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#99. Wherever you go, east, west, north or south, think of it as a journey into yourself! The one who travels into itself travels the world. - Author: Shams Tabrizi
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#100. I liked the South-West straightaway - the beautiful scenery, the way the mountains slope down to the sea. And the wildness of it all. - Author: Deny King
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