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Top 61 Quotes About The Sense Of Touch

#1. Only her eyes seem to move. It's like they touch us, not with sight or sense, but like the stream from a hose touches you, the stream at the instant of impact as dissociated from the nozzle as though it had never been there. - Author: William Faulkner
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#2. Human lives are not pieces of string that can be separated out from a knot of others and laid out straight. Familes are webs. Impossible to touch one part of it without setting the rest vibrating. Impossible to understand one part without having a sense of the whole. - Author: Diane Setterfield
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#3. By working in the morning, I find a sense of peace; it's isolated peace, but I can definitely be in touch with my feelings, and then I just start. - Author: Francis Ford Coppola
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#4. What I am primarily is a neurogeneticist: I use genetics to study problems in neurobiology. The one problem I study primarily ... understanding of the sense of touch. - Author: Martin Chalfie
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#5. Whether or not he was in it, whether or not he could see or touch it, he'd thought there would always be a FIllory out there somewhere. He loved knowing it was there. It anchored his sense of happiness, the way a distant stockpile of gold might underwrite the value of a paper bill. - Author: Lev Grossman
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#6. Give everyone whose life you touch a sense of their own worthiness as a person, a sense of the true wonder of who they are. Give this gift and you will heal the world. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
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#7. Men in general judge more by the sense of sight than by the sense of touch, because everyone can see but few can test by feeling. Everyone sees what you seem to be, few know what you really are; and those few do not dare take a stand against the general opinion. - Author: Niccolo Machiavelli
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#8. The arts not only imbue our sense of sight, balance, movement, touch and hearing, they also lift our logical minds - the traditional focus of modern education - into the reaches of possibility, invention and genius. - Author: Eugene Schwartz
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#9. There is required for the composition of a great commander not only massive common sense and reasoning power, not only imagination, but also an element of legerdemain, an original and sinister touch, which leaves the enemy puzzled as well as beaten. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#10. A genuine sense of humor is having a light touch: not beating reality into the ground but appreciating reality with a light touch. The basis of Shambhala vision is rediscovering that perfect and real sense of humor, that light touch of appreciation. - Author: Chogyam Trungpa
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#11. Every individual is in touch with the deeper level of being, the aware consciousness. If these humans form groups, they do not derive their sense of self from the group, which does not mean there cannot be a sense of being part of this group. But the group itself does not become an egoic entity. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#12. In the theater you create a moment, but in that moment, there is a touch, a twinkle of eternity. And not just eternity, but community ... That connection is a sense of life for me. - Author: Edward Teller
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#13. There is something about Sundiata [Acoli] that exudes calm. From every part of his being you can sense the presence of revolutionary spirit and fervor. And his love for Black people is so intense that you can almost touch it and hold it in your hand. - Author: Assata Shakur
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#14. I don't know in my long life that I ever worked with anybody that has quite the combination of policy knowledge and concern, political skills, of a personal touch with people, and a sense of innate fairness that inspires confidence. - Author: William J. Clinton
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#15. After two or three sessions of meditating on your heart chakra, it will no longer be necessary for you to physically touch your chest. You will sense the spot automatically. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#16. Mainly I study the sense of touch and what the molecules are that transduce touch. And I use mutants in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans to look at that problem. - Author: Martin Chalfie
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#17. I had entered a world that no one with an evolved sense of joie de vivre would touch with a barge pole - it's called "Joining the Property Market" and it trumps war for stress! - Author: Tyne O'Connell
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#18. Standup keeps me grounded and keeps me in touch. I get to go from small towns to big cities, across Canada and the U.S., and you're out there and talking to people. You get a sense of what they respond to. - Author: Howie Mandel
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#19. Two things are necessary for success in life; one is a sense of purpose and the other, a touch of madness. - Author: John Harricharan
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#20. There are moments in life when all we can bear is the sense that our friend is near us; our wounds would wince at the touch of consoling words, that would reveal the depths of our pain. - Author: Honore De Balzac
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#21. The reason why Matthew Arnold, to my feeling, fails entirely as a poet (though no doubt his ideas were good - at least, I am told they were) is that he had no sense of touch whatsoever. Nothing made any impression on his skin. He could feel neither the shape nor the texture of a poem with his hands. - Author: Edith Sitwell
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#22. By the sense of mystery I understand the experience of certain places and times when one's whole nature seems to be in touch with a presence, a genius loci, a potency. - Author: Richard Aldington
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#23. A wholesome sense of humor will be a safety valve that will enable you to apply the lighter touch to heavy problems and to learn some lessons in problem solving that "sweat and tears" often fail to dissolve. - Author: Hugh B. Brown
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#24. Quite simply, if you're feeling anxious, angry, a sense of shame, whatever it is, breathe in and agree to touch or feel it. Breathing out, offer space and care to whatever's there. If there's blocking to touching it, emphasize the in-breath and stay embodied. - Author: Tara Brach
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#25. Solitude and boredom. It's what happens to something that's felt itself gathered together too long, too...exclusively. The vacuum that occurs at its frontiers--a kind of numbness which is generated on its torpid surface as if it had lost the sense of touch--lost contact. - Author: Julien Gracq
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#26. Sympathies that lie too deep for words, too deep almost for thoughts, are touched, at such times, by other charms than those which the senses feel and which the resources of expression can realise. - Author: Wilkie Collins
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#27. It's the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just so we can feel something. - Author: Don Cheadle
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#28. He's all there is. All there will ever be. I'm falling through eternity, and his touch is the fabric of that forever. His kiss is the substance of infinity. These thoughts make no sense even to my own mind, but they remain true in some strange way. - Author: Jasinda Wilder
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#29. I think music is about our internal life. It's part of the way people touch each other. That's very precious to me. And astronomy is, in a sense, the very opposite thing. Instead of looking inwards, you are looking out, to things beyond our grasp. - Author: Brian May
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#30. My struggle has allowed me to transcend that sense of shame and stigma identified with my being a Black gay man. Having come through the fire, they can't touch me. - Author: Marlon Riggs
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#31. I am proud of who you were, David-that hurt person who refused to "die." And I'm more caring, giving, fixing person, the guy with the same sense of humor and that deft, sensitive touch. Good on you, David I love you. - Author: Dave Pelzer
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#32. We have these words 'space' and 'time,' but you can't touch them. They're not objects, they're not things, they go forever. Space and time are really tools of animal sense perception, the way we organize and construct information. - Author: Robert Lanza
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#33. The sense of falling did not touch her, not as long as her body was between the hands of this boy who felt steadier in the air than on the ground. - Author: Anna-Marie McLemore
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#34. Just touching that old tree was truly moving to me because when you touch these trees, you have such a sense of the passage of time, of history. It's like you're touching the essence, the very substance of life. - Author: Kim Novak
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#35. Myths remind us of the symbolic presence within all the lost-and-found adventures that alone can give life meaning. Losing touch with the world of myth means losing the sense that life is deeply meaningful, full of meanings trying to be revealed at each twist and turn in the ongoing drama. - Author: Michael Meade
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#36. Maybe it meant something. Maybe not, in the long run, but no explanation, no mix of words or music or memories can touch that sense of knowing that you were there and alive in that corner of time and the world. Whatever it meant. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
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#37. What I wanted to do was to get that sense of being in touch with this lost world while holding onto what draws readers and audiences there in the first place. - Author: Stephen Greenblatt
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#38. Merely to see ... is not enough. It is necessary to have a fresh, vivid, physical contact with the object you draw through as many of the senses as possible - and especially through the sense of touch. - Author: Kimon Nicolaides
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#39. I had always wondered why people closed their eyes when they kissed. Now I knew: they can't help it. The feeling is too overwhelming: the taste, the touch, the smell, even the sound. The sense of sight had to be excluded, or it wouldn't be possible to funciton. - Author: Elise Allen
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#40. War is an arena for the display of courage and virtue. Or war is politics by other means. War is a quasi-mystical experience where you get in touch with the real. There are millions of narratives we impose to try to make sense of war. - Author: Phil Klay
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#41. They're basically moments in which you're in touch with the meaning of life, when your relationship to the rest of the universe makes sense. - Author: Barbara De Angelis
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#42. One of the many misconceptions about the blind is that they have greater hearing, sense of smell and sense of touch than sighted people. This is not strictly true. Their blindness simply forces them to recognize gifts they always had but had heretofore largely ignored. - Author: Rosemary Mahoney
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#43. We learn nothing of very much importance when it can be explained entirely in terms of past experience. If it were possible to understand all things in terms of what we know already, we could convey the sense of color to a blind man with nothing but sound, taste, touch, and smell. - Author: Alan W. Watts
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#44. We are to call hares ad become mushrooms," Jermayan explained kindly. "Presumimg Kindolhinadetil will grant us the load of a mirror."
"Yes of course," Kellen said, with only a touch of irony."That makes perfect sense. - Author: Mercedes Lackey
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#45. There is this sense of David Cameron leading a Government that's badly out of touch with ordinary people's lives. I'd absolutely welcome the opportunity to show all political leaders what life is like for most people. - Author: Frances O'Grady
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#46. The left has lost touch with popular opinion, thereby making it possible for the right to present itself as the party of common sense. - Author: Christopher Lasch
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#47. I will only observe, that that ethereal sense - sight, and touch, which is at the other extremity of the scale, have from time acquired a very remarkable additional power. - Author: Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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#48. In the strictest sense, anxiety is not a problem at all, but a sign that we are in touch with our intuitive powers. In previous chapters we saw how the discipline of any judgmental or deceptive - Author: Lewis M. Andrews
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#49. On the unconscious level, touch seems to impart a subliminal sense of caring and connection. - Author: Leonard Mlodinow
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#50. Do they sense it, these dead writers, when their books are read? Does a pinprick of light appear in their darkness? Is their soul stirred by the feather touch of another mind reading theirs? I do hope so. - Author: Diane Setterfield
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#51. I had wonderful love but I did not give back wonderful love, I was unable to reply to their love. Because I was obsessed with some fictional sense of separation, I couldn't touch the thing that was offered to me,and it was offered to me everywhere. - Author: Sylvie Simmons
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#52. Ultimately, the disconnect with the earth we have going relates to a deeper sickness of losing touch with our souls, our bodies, our communities. The collective stories about what is happening need to change. We need to reclaim a sense that we have a say in how things go. - Author: Frazey Ford
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#53. With this sense of the splendour of our experience and of its awful brevity, gathering all we are into one desperate effort to see and touch, we shall hardly have time to make theories about the things we see and touch. - Author: Walter Pater
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#54. His touch brought with it the strangest sense of relief - as if I'd been in pain and that pain had suddenly ceased. - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#55. Her glance, the touch of her hand, set him aflame. He kissed the palm of his hand where she had touched it, and went home, happy in the sense that he had got nearer to the attainment of his aims that evening ... - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#56. The moral sense is a natural faculty in us like the sense of smell or of touch. - Author: Peter Kropotkin
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#57. My tears brought no sense of release or relief. Their flight felt like the lightest, coldest touch of a departing lover. - Author: Anne Giardini
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#58. Women have no sense of the abstract-a woman admiring the sky is a woman caressing the sky. In a woman's mind beauty is something she needs to touch. - Author: Jean Giraudoux
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#59. Unlike the primate hand, the elephant's grasping organ is also its nose. Elephants use their trunks not only to reach food but also to sniff and touch it. With their unparalleled sense of smell, the animals know exactly what they are going for. Vision is secondary. - Author: Frans De Waal
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#60. American bankers believe in the personal touch; the teller conveys a sense that he happens to be there accidentally and he is overjoyed at the lucky chance of the encounter. - Author: Graham Greene
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#61. The hand is, in the highest degree, a human characteristic. It is man's organ of grasp and of the sense of touch, while in animals these two functions are relegated to the mouth. - Author: Maria Montessori
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