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#1. People in the eastern regions [of Ukaraine] are talking about federalisation, and Kiev has at long last started talking about de-centralisation. Order in the country can only be restored through dialogue and democratic procedures, rather than with the use of armed force, tanks and aircraft.

Vladimir Putin

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#2. When it costs $50 to fill up our gas tanks, it impacts every aspect of our daily lives and the community.

Tim Murphy

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#3. It's the same old theme since 1916
In your head, in your head they're still fighting
With their tanks and their bombs
And their bombs and their guns
In your head, in your head they are dying

The Cranberries

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#4. Duhhhhhhh, tanks, Buttercup.

William Goldman

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#5. Your commanders have ordered you to storm the White House and to arrest me. But I as the elected President of Russia give you the order to turn your tanks and not to fight against your own people.

Boris Yeltsin

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#6. We got 16,000 wonderful vehicles. We got all the steel that we make our tanks out of. Of course, we couldn't have done without Western aid.

Georgy Zhukov

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#7. We merely want to live in peace with all the world, to trade with them, to commune with them, to learn from their culture as they may learn from ours, so that the products of our toil may be used for our schools and our roads and our churches and not for guns and planes and tanks and ships of war.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

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#8. In the suburban Midwestern Reform Jewish world I was raised in, in the nineteen-seventies and eighties, grown men built plastic scale models of Israeli tanks and F-15 jets and displayed them throughout the house, dangling the warplanes from bedroom ceilings with fishing line.

Rick Perlstein

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#9. On a street of right and wrong in every inch of sadness, rocks and tanks go hand in hand with madness.

Elton John

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#10. In the US and Europe over the last year we've been focused on the prices of gasoline at the pump. While many worry about filling their gas tanks, many others around the world are struggling to fill their stomachs. And it's getting more and more difficult every day.

Robert Zoellick

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#11. To be a good reporter, writing about war, you have to write about the people. It's not about the tanks or the RPGs or military strategy. It's always about the effect war has on civilians, on society, and how it disrupts and destroys lives.

Janine Di Giovanni

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#12. On the screen I saw tanks rolling through dusty streets, and fallen buildings, and forests of unfamiliar trees into which East Pakistani refugees had fled, seeking safety over the Indian border.

Jhumpa Lahiri

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#13. I like exotic guys who have a lot of sexual energy. I drive army tanks and I snowboard, so he has to keep up.

Berglind Icey

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#14. In America, they make such things of wire and of sponge-rubber, such as you use in the sets of tanks. You never know there, whether there is any truth in the matter, unless you are a bad boy as I am.

Ernest Hemingway,

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#15. Did we put our kids in 0.5-mile-per-gallon (mpg) tanks and 17 feet per gallon aircraft carriers because we failed to put them in 32-mpg cars?

Hunter Lovins

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#16. Those who arrived on America's tanks are not credible in Iraq.

Bashar Al-Assad

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#17. I emphasize teachers because they are largely left out of the debate. None of the bombastic reports that come from Washington and think tanks telling us what needs to be 'fixed' - I hate such a mechanistic word, as if our schools were automobile engines - ever asks the opinions of teachers.

Jonathan Kozol

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#18. Reacher said, "Our nearest tanks are a thousand miles from Yemen or Afghanistan, and they take weeks and weeks and thousands of people to move. It would be easier to bring Yemen or Afghanistan to them. Also faster and less obtrusive.

Lee Child

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#19. The U.S. spent billions of dollars to build a secular, professional national Iraqi army but failed because, despite all the U.S.-supplied guns, tanks and planes, the Iraqi military fell apart when challenged by a band of terrorists.

Richard Engel

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#20. Speech to him was a task, a battle, words mustered behind his beard and issued one at a time, heavy and square like tanks.

Margaret Atwood

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#21. Scratch the surface at conservative think tanks and universities that house free-market economists, and it's not hard to find proponents of a carbon tax.

Nina Easton

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#22. I don't like that The Simpsons are spokespeople for Burger King and MasterCard and Butterfinger. In the first Gulf War, I was really upset that the Simpsons characters were being drawn on tanks and bombs. But those are things that I don't control.

George Meyer

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#23. She had always known that all lives are in common, rejoicing in her kinship to the fish in the tanks of her laboratories, seeking the experience of existences outside the human boundary.

Ursula K. Le Guin

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#24. And the Hippos were boiled in their tanks!

Jack Kerouac

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#25. You know, rural Americans are a special people. Their labor puts food on our table and fuel in our gas tanks. Their service in our military sets a powerful example of leadership, honor and sacrifice. Their spirit of community inspires us all.

Tom Vilsack

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#26. Over the past 30 years, hand grenades, tanks, fighter jets, missiles, helicopters and assault rifles have replaced traditional floral patterns in rug making and other textiles. Depicting these realities of war has helped the Afghan people to survive during times of conflict.

Henri Cole

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#27. Hands of Mercy and tanks of hell.

Dean Koontz

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#28. Isn't a policy of conventional weapons, with the terrible bombs raining down, with the missiles, with the aircraft, with the submarines, with the torpedoes, with the tanks, with chemical weapons - isn't that based on the possibility of threat?

Margaret Thatcher

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#29. If they took all the drugs, nicotine, alcohol and caffeine
off the market for six days, they'd have to bring out the
tanks to control you.

Dick Gregory

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#30. They were kids. Kids don't care about totalitarianism. For my parents, Prague is picnics on Petrin Hill and homemade knedliky. It's home. They didn't notice the tanks in the backyard, the blood in the streets.

Robin Wasserman

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#31. Because policymakers often rely on think tanks' research when crafting laws and regulations, it's critical to know whether these organizations are truly independent.

Elizabeth Warren

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#32. Corporate polluters, their phony think tanks and political toadies like to marginalize environmentalists as tree huggers, or radicals. But there is nothing radical about clean air or water.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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#33. When the so-called think tanks began to replace the thought processes of human beings, I called them the aseptic tanks.

Erwin Chargaff

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#34. Tanks beached at X and Z were to race inland before dawn in a pincer movement to help capture two airfields south of Oran while Operation RESERVIST supposedly secured the port. Infantrymen would also encircle the city, preventing any reinforcements from reaching Oran if the French chose to fight.

Rick Atkinson

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#35. It is impossible to preserve my friendship with people who are allegedly leaders when they are attacking their own people, shooting at them, using tanks and other forms of heavy weaponry.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

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#36. Before statehood was achieved, Syria and Egypt had their tanks and military equipment lined up to invade Tel Aviv and destroy it; but the Israelis scrambled together an air force, some of it from old Second World War Messerschmidts, and the invasion was halted.

Steven Spielberg

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#37. The perpetrators of the actual bad stuff that does real and lasting harm to people, like leakage of industrial chemicals into water systems, seem to get not so much as a second glance; the bloviation from media pundits and think tanks creates false problems that waste time and energy debunking.

Henry Rollins

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#38. Yes, heaven forbid I not be protected from tanks.

Stephenie Meyer

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#39. Bombardment, barrage, curtain-fire, mines, gas, tanks, machine-guns, hand-grenades - words, words, but they hold the horror of the world.

Erich Maria Remarque

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#40. I think that there's been an unfortunate tendency for right wing think tanks to dominate these discussions. They often produce very shoddy studies and policy recommendations, which are nevertheless taken very seriously.

Juan Cole

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#41. Most Americans probably aren't aware that there was a time in this country when tanks and cavalry were massed on Pennsylvania Avenue to chase away the unemployed.

Andy Grove

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#42. If everyone loves you, maybe you don't need so many tanks.

Craig Nelson

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#43. Shells, gas clouds, and flotillas of tanks - shattering, corroding, death. Dysentery, influenza, typhus - scalding, choking, death. Trenches, hospitals, the common grave - there are no other possibilities.

Erich Maria Remarque

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#44. I think the universities have co-opted the intellectual, by and large. But there is an emerging intellectual set coming out of Washington think tanks now. There are people who are leaving the universities and working for the government or in think tanks, simply looking for freedom.

Richard Rodriguez

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#45. The majority rejoice in the 'silo' mentality but the minority seek 'think tanks' whose advice brings significant reforms

Paul Gitwaza

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#46. hot-water tanks, lashed to one another with straps of steel like comrades in a doomed adventure.

Michael Chabon

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#47. Some people say the president is incapable of enforcing the law. Let them say that once more and I will set the tanks on them.

Ferdinand Marcos

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#48. Russia had to take the necessary measures in order to prevent the situation in Crimea unfolding the way it is now unfolding in southeastern Ukraine. We didn't want any tanks, any nationalist combat units or people with extreme views armed with automatic weapons.

Vladimir Putin

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#49. The children of the world, what they want and what they need are health clinics and schools, not tanks or armed helicopters or fighter jets.

Oscar Arias

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#50. Hitler overestimated the importance of [technology]. As a result, he would count on a mere handful of assault-gun detachment or the new Tiger tanks to restore situations where only large bodies of troops could have any prospect of success.

Erich Von Manstein

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#51. There are now 17,000 local American police forces that are armed with rocket launchers, bazookas, heavy machine guns, all kinds of chemical sprays, in fact some of them have tanks. You now have local police departments that are equipped beyond the standard of American heavy infantry.

Paul Craig Roberts

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#52. I was famously in love with a woman who had no time to spare, not even a breath, for she dwelled in a place beyond time or the reach of anyone's Rolodex, her every breath measured out of pressurized tanks.

Jonathan Lethem

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#53. Donating money to a few of my favorite free-market organizations used to be a pleasant duty, but now I'm literally inundated with demands from hundreds of think tanks and public-policy groups, all vying for my limited funds

Mark Skousen

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#54. One hundred infidels committed suicide as they entered the holy city of Baghdad. Their tanks will become their tombs.

Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf

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#55. The time for princes and tsars and holy madmen was gone.
In its place came a world of war and revolution, of tanks and
telephones, murder and assassination.

Marcus Sedgwick

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#56. So what if your custom car shop tanks and you've gotta take a crappy job at an auto parts store, dealing with ignorant, pushy people. I'm okay with that, 'cause I'm an ignorant, pushy people person.

Christopher Titus

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#57. There are televisions and radios and the sounds of life, but too there is the sound of death, crying and oxygen tanks, and the squeaky wheels on wheelchairs. Like life and death are in a very close proximity to one another.

Jon Chopan

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#58. The others slithered and crawled to get her the tanks and the belt, unaware that in order to really get my look, you had to accessorize with death in the family and generalized heartbreak.

Maggie Stiefvater

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#59. They are sick in their minds. They say they brought 65 tanks into center of city. I say to you this talk is not true. This is part of their sick mind.

Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf

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#60. Today, if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other-that man, that woman, that child is my brother or my sister. If everyone could see the image of God in his neighbor, do you think we would still need tanks and generals?

Mother Teresa

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#61. Hey had burnt and destroyed around 30 vehicles, including tanks and APC's and damaged three enemy helicopters. God bless the fighters of the Arab Socialist Ba'th Party.

Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf

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#62. The rest of the world views the USA the way Silicon Valley views Microsoft. Except with tanks.

Brad Templeton

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#63. If the tanks succeed, then victory follows.

Heinz Guderian

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#64. Washington, D.C. is full of think tanks, theoreticians and advocacy groups. Governors are the ones whose feet are on the ground.

Phil Bredesen

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#65. The Canadian Prime Minister said Canada would lend the U.S. its full military support. You know what that means: Both tanks.

Jay Leno

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#66. The tank was originally invented to clear a way for the infantry in the teeth of machine-gun fire. Now it is the infantry who will have to clear a way for the tanks.

Winston Churchill

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#67. The 'incredible frog hotel' - really a local bed and breakfast - ... the frogs stay (in their tanks) in a block of rented rooms.

Elizabeth Kolbert

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#68. You young people don't appreciate things, she'd say. You don't know what we had to go through, just to get you where you are. Look at him, slicing up the carrots. Don't you know how many women's lives, how many women's bodies, the tanks had to roll over just to get that far?

Margaret Atwood

Quotes About Tanks #903510
#69. A 2013 study by Riley Dunlap and political scientist Peter Jacques found that a striking 72 percent of climate denial books, mostly published since the 1990s, were linked to right-wing think tanks, a figure that rises to 87 percent if self-published books (increasingly common) are excluded.23

Naomi Klein

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#70. How we treat the least of our brethren, how we treat the peasant suffering with volvulus, that's the measure of this country. Not our fighter planes or tanks,

Abraham Verghese

Quotes About Tanks #926448
#71. The car bomb was fertilizer, gasoline, fireworks and propane tanks ... still safer than a Toyota.

Bill Maher

Quotes About Tanks #934856
#72. Republicans use think tanks to come up with a lot of their messages. The think tanks are the single worst, most undisciplined example of communication I've ever seen.

Frank Luntz

Quotes About Tanks #936931
#73. I grow dizzy when I recall that the number of manufactured tanks seems to have been more important to me than the vanished victims of racism.

Albert Speer

Quotes About Tanks #954969
#74. Think about the way God rules. He doesn't do it by sending in the tanks. He does it by calling servants.

N. T. Wright

Quotes About Tanks #958188
#75. Who would have predicted ... that Dubcek, who brought the tanks in in Czechoslovakia in 1968 is now being proclaimed a hero in Czechoslovakia. Unbelievable.

Dan Quayle

Quotes About Tanks #958536
#76. Think tanks do have points of view, and they are absolutely entitled to defend them.

David Frum

Quotes About Tanks #963661
#77. One may as well dam for water tanks the people's cathedrals and churches, for no holier temple has ever been consecrated by the heart of man.

John Muir

Quotes About Tanks #982001
#78. Conservative think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute have criticized Bush for his big increases in spending, which far exceed those of the Clinton era.

Jim Cooper

Quotes About Tanks #985512
#79. Back above ground, like robotic versions of the mosques and minarets that grace the shores of Istanbul's Bosphorus, Houston's petroscape of domed white tanks and silver fractioning towers spreads along the banks of its Ship Channel.

Alan Weisman

Quotes About Tanks #988505
#80. Type 94 Class, more commonly the Type 95 light tanks, and the general purpose medium Type 97s. A self-propelled gun based on the Type 97 was also encountered, and a further ageing medium, the Type 89B, was

Bryan Perrett

Quotes About Tanks #991707
#81. In Afghanistan this week, outnumbered Northern Alliance rebels on horseback defeated Taliban forces armed with tanks. Experts say the victory is just like the story of David and Goliath and David's friend, the Stealth Bomber.

Tina Fey

Quotes About Tanks #1023407
#82. Our country is not in crisis; there are no tanks in the streets. No matter what the outcome of the president's situation, life in America will go on. Our lives will continue to be filled with practical matters, not constitutional ones.

Jennifer Dunn

Quotes About Tanks #1050097
#83. My understanding is that Exxon, in particular, did fund a variety of small think tanks to generate what amounts to propaganda against understanding of what climate change was doing, the human role in causing it.

John Holdren

Quotes About Tanks #1057321
#84. Tanks are new and special weapon-newer than, as special, and certainly as valuable as the airplane.

George S. Patton

Quotes About Tanks #1066883
#85. I will say A Pea in the Pod saved my life - at the end of my pregnancy. I even wear their tanks now to work out in because they're really long.

Kim Kardashian

Quotes About Tanks #1074734
#86. The production of souls is more important than the production of tanks ... And therefore I raise my glass to you, writers, the engineers of the human soul.

Joseph Stalin

Quotes About Tanks #1079146
#87. Confining marine animals to tanks and separating them from their families and their natural surroundings, just so people can watch them swim in endless circles, teaches us far more about humans than it does about animals - and the lesson is not a flattering one.

Pamela Anderson

Quotes About Tanks #1119280
#88. These tanks were like a good rent-a-car.

Janet Reno

Quotes About Tanks #1126888
#89. At Microsoft, they all rock back and forth like Gates, they wear the same glasses, they have the same hair style. Maybe they grow them in tanks.

Marc Andreessen

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#90. We are tanks and guns. We are force of history. We will crush them beneath our heels like bugs.

Jeanne Ray

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#91. People aren't just paying more to fill their gas tanks or when they pay for their heating bills for their home; they are paying more at the grocery store, on air travel and for many other daily expenses.

Dan Lipinski

Quotes About Tanks #1178285
#92. The problem with anger is that once it burns out, you're left with empty tanks.

Craig Johnson

Quotes About Tanks #1217085
#93. This is not just a war over stolen land, why do you think little boys are throwing stones at tanks?


Quotes About Tanks #1227189
#94. I'm going to get out of here,' she said.
'That's the spirit.' Tamsin sighed, letting go of her last tears.
'Next time they take me to the tanks,' Ana continued, 'I'll make sure they drown me.'
'OK, it's official. You're mad.

Claire Merle

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#95. It's so hard to go to war at home. Go to war, go home, repeat. And that is the future of warfare. Forget about remote control drones, there's going to be remote control tanks.

Andrew Niccol

Quotes About Tanks #1251444
#96. The rifle and handgun are 'equalizers'
the weapons of a democracy. Tanks and bombers represent dictatorship.

Edward Abbey

Quotes About Tanks #1285952
#97. I continued to do arithmetic with my father, passing proudly through fractions to decimals. I eventually arrived at the point where so many cows ate so much grass, and tanks filled with water in so many hours. I found it quite enthralling.

Agatha Christie

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#98. Somehow I feel a little bit odd in Tiananmen Square because I was a soldier, in a uniform, watching those leaders and tanks, and I was part of them.

Bai Ling

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#99. When even the dictators of today appeal to reason, they mean that they possess the most tanks. They were rational enough to build them; others should be rational enough to yield to them.

Max Horkheimer

Quotes About Tanks #1325108
#100. The other American divisions on our flanks managed to pull out: We were obliged to stay and fight. Bayonets aren't much good against tanks.

Kurt Vonnegut

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