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#1. Technology is the result of antifragility, exploited by risk-takers in the form of tinkering and trial and error, with nerd-driven design confined to the backstage.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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#2. I am not where I am because of luck. I am where I am because I took risks others weren't willing to take. The world rewards the risk takers. It always has. It always will.

Dan Pearce

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#3. I have always believed that the risk takers are eventually rewarded.

Kevin Spacey

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#4. The one we keep pitching and there are no takers is The Fabulous Baker Boys Go To Hawaii. There don't seem to be any takers on that one!

Beau Bridges

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#5. The smartest people in the world are not in charge, they work for the action takers.

Garrison Wynn

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#6. I understood that as much as I had resisted the outside, as much as I had constricted my life, as much as I had closed and narrowed the channels into me, there were still many takers for the quiet heart.

Steve Martin

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#7. If religion has nothing to do with poverty and misery; then why the Muslims are the largest charity takers of the world

M.F. Moonzajer

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#8. At the times in my life when I was feeling the most gregarious and looking for bosom friendships, I couldn't find any takers, so that exactly when I was alone was when I felt the most like not being alone ... I became a loner in my own mind ... I decided I'd rather be alone.

Andy Warhol

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#9. An optimistic early-rising whore with red lips and red boots sauntered along, smiling hopefully at middle-aged men, but there were no takers at this hour.

Ken Follett

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#10. People robbed of their past seem to make the most fervent picture takers, at home and abroad.

Susan Sontag

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#11. I think most astronauts are not risk takers. We take calculated risks for something that we think is worthwhile.

Michael J. Massimino

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#12. People who refuse to step out and be used by God become the critics of those who do. Risk takers, the ones who thrill the heart of God, become the targets of those who never fail because they seldom try.

Bill Johnson

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#13. It's hard to put into words. Gorillas are not complainers. We're dreamers, poets, philosophers, nap takers.

Katherine Applegate

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#14. And every time the Takers stamp out a Leaver culture, a wisdom ultimately tested since the birth of mankind disappears from the world beyond recall.

Daniel Quinn

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#15. Quiet demonstrates just how deep and disturbing is this plague of extroverts - the showoffs, risk-takers, salesmen, charmers, charlatans and politicians." - New York Post

Susan Cain

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#16. Givers advance the world. Takers advance themselves and hold the world back

Simon Sinek

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#17. No matter where or what, there are makers, takers, and fakers.

Robert A. Heinlein

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#18. We must now become not just takers from the ocean, but caretakers of it.

Sheldon Whitehouse

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#19. God knows America would be the greatest again if she operated like the Nugent family. No takers, no whiners, no gangsters, no dopers, no drunks, no criminals, no bloodsuckers, no excuse makers, no crybabies, no punks, no Obama supporters.

Ted Nugent

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#20. Frequent risk-takers have had their fair shares of failures and successes, hence, being confident in reaching their goals, they will usually seem insensitive to whether or not they look foolish or cool to other people.

Criss Jami

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#21. My father (Danny Thomas) used to tell me there are two kinds of people, the takers and the givers. 'The takers sometimes eat better,' he would say, 'but the givers always sleep better.'

Marlo Thomas

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#22. Millionaires are risk-takers, and they don't become millionaires until they're 40 or 50. It's a slower process than a lot of people think.

Thomas J. Stanley

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#23. Children are curious and are risk takers. They have lots of courage. They venture out into a world that is immense and dangerous. A child initially trusts life and the processes of life.

John Bradshaw

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#24. Jerk equals narcissist.Narcissists tend to be risk takers. Risk takers happen to do better in general in businesses. So jerk equals narcissist, equals risk taker.

Eric Bolling

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#25. Our society is struggling because during times of change, the very last people you need on your team are well-paid bureaucrats, note takers, literalists, manual readers, TGIF laborers, map followers, and fearful employees.

Seth Godin

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#26. Givers have to set limits because takers rarely do.

Henry Ford

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#27. I've learned there are givers and takers in this life. I've slowly let the takers go and I've had it for the better. God bless them, when they learn to play by the rules they are welcomed back, but my heart is worth protecting.

Donald Miller

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#28. Entrepreneurs are risk takers, willing to roll the dice with their money or reputation on the line in support of an idea or enterprise. They willingly assume responsibility for the success or failure of a venture and are answerable for all its facets.

Victor Kiam

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#29. Among the map makers of each generation are the risk takers, those who see the opportunities, seize the moment and expand man's vision of the future

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#30. In order to be an actor you really have to be one of those types of people who are risk-takers and have what is considered an actor's arrogance, which is not to say an arrogance in your personal life. But you have to be the type of person who wants the ball with seconds left in the game.

Bryan Cranston

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#31. The future belongs to the risk-takers, not the comfort-seekers .

Brian Tracy

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#32. The Wall Street firm became a black box. The shareholders who financed the risk taking had no real understanding of what the risk takers were doing, and, as the risk taking grew ever more complex, their understanding diminished.

Michael Lewis

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#33. Whereas today people often understate their age to census takers, studies of past censuses have revealed that they used to overstate it.

Atul Gawande

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#34. When I owned the theater, I had the Glen Miller Orchestra. I had 20 girls singing and dancing. I had a cast of characters. It was a big group production, as well as ushers, ticket takers.

Bobby Vinton

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#35. As the Takers see it, the gods gave man the same choice they gave Achilles: a brief life of glory, or a long, uneventful life in obscurity. And the Takers chose a brief life of glory.

Daniel Quinn

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#36. Eve means "giver of life." I don't think this redemptive calling to be a life giver is only biological. The life of Christ in us enables women to be life givers, rather than life-takers, in every relationship, circumstance, and season of life.

Gloria Furman

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#37. Most people are weak and frightened, and run from anything which could be upsetting. Most people, also, are takers and not givers.

Laura Schlessinger

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#38. At no point in history have so many non-risk-takers, that is, those with no personal exposure, exerted so much control.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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#39. Contributors and distributors tend to do better at personal branding than takers and fakers.

Ryan Lilly

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#40. Dreamers are risk takers, they go where the most people couldn't go. They break grounds, they take no prisoners.

Euginia Herlihy

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#41. Non-churchgoer s tend to see Christians as takers rather than givers. When Christians sacrifice and give wildly to the poor, that is truly a light that glimmers. The Bible teaches that the church is to be that light, that sign of hope, in an increasingly dark and hopeless world.

Francis Chan

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#42. The rewards go to the risk-takers, those who are willing to put their egos on the line and reach out to other people and to a richer, fuller life for themselves.

Susan RoAne

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#43. People with high self esteem are risk takers, but more importantly, they are achievers.

Rick Pitino

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#44. As my dad said, you have an obligation to leave the world better than how you found it. And he also reminded us to be givers in this life, and not takers.

Phil Crane

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#45. My father said there were two kinds of people in the world: givers and takers. The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better.

Marlo Thomas

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#46. The belief in miracles that all men cherish is born of immoderate indulgence in hope. There are people who go on hope sprees periodically and we all know the chronic hope drunkard that is held up before us as an exemplary optimist. Tip-takers are all they really are


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#47. God delights in pouring his favor on obedient risk takers.

Bill Hybels

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#48. There are few takers for the quiet heart.

Steve Martin

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#49. One of the critical skills in creative work is note-taking. Practically all the great geniuses of our culture, ranging from Leonardo to Edison, from Hemingway to Picasso, have been almost pathological note-takers.

Lauri Jarvilehto

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#50. People tend to have one of three 'styles' of interaction. There are takers, who are always trying to serve themselves; matchers, who are always trying to get equal benefit for themselves and others; and givers, who are always trying to help people.

Adam Grant

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#51. Smoke.. makes a kitchen also oftentimes in the inward parts of men, soiling and infecting them, with an unctuous and oily kinde of Soote as hath been found in some great Tobacco takers, that after their death were opened.

King James I

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#52. In today's rapidly changing world, the people who are not taking risk are the risk takers.

Robert T. Kiyosaki

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#53. The greatest masters are the greatest apprentices as well; they are not only greatest givers but also greatest takers.

Mehmet Murat Ildan

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#54. The world of the Takers is one vast prison, and except for a handful of Leavers scattered across the world, the entire human race is now inside that prison.

Daniel Quinn

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#55. Our culture rightly admires risk-takers, but we need our 'heed-takers' more than ever.

Susan Cain

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#56. Ultimately, innovation depends on the people with advanced skills who have the ideas, and on the business risk-takers willing to back them.

Anthony Pratt

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#57. Takers believe no sustenance.
They simply take things wanted.

Toba Beta

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#58. risk takers calculatedly take and over take risk

Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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#59. Having children truly ends adolescence. We are all either parents or children: responsibility-takers or those who demand from others.

Ben Shapiro

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#60. War is not a natural state. It is an imposition, and a damned unhealthy one. With its rules, we willingly yield our humanity. Speak not of just causes, worthy goals. We are takers of life. Servants of Hood, one and all.

Steven Erikson

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#61. A country's assets reside in the tinkerers, the hobbyists, and the risk-takers.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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#62. Come, drunks and drug-takers; come perverts unnerved!
Receive the laurel, given, though late, on merit; to whom
and wherever deserved.
Parochial punks, trimmers, nice people, joiners true-blue,
Get the hell out of the way of the laurel. It is deathless
And it isn't for you.

Louise Bogan

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#63. Life will give to the givers, and take from the takers

Steven Aitchison

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#64. People who are obsessed with God are known as givers, not takers. Obsessed people genuinely think that others matter as much as they do, and they are particularly aware of those who are poor around the world (James 2:14-26).

Francis Chan

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#65. Sometimes the boys from Propaganda will nose around for a feel-good story to play to the citizens over the loudspeakers, but we're story takers, not storytellers.

Adam Johnson

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#66. A person can attack that bottle of vodka and drink it like it's a bottle of cold water. Two of my wife's girlfriends died from drinking. They weren't big pill-takers; they were drinkers. So it can't be so simple as to slide away, like Marilyn Monroe.

William Eggleston

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#67. Only those who play win. Only those who risk win. History favors risk-takers. Forgets the timid. Everything else is commentary.

Iveta Cherneva

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#68. My children to enjoy life, to value themselves, to be risk takers, to become self-reliant, to be free from stress and anxiety, to have peaceful lives, to celebrate their present moments, to experience a lifetime of wellness, to

Wayne W. Dyer

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#69. We've had enough of pragmatists and self-seeking risk-takers. We need people of character.

N. T. Wright

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#70. Cinema is a thankless industry where sometimes to appear on the cinematic scenery is a thing for late bloomers and people who are very patient. The places are accounted, and the space is often unwelcoming. Money is rare, and independent voices are muted by the almost complete absence of risk takers.

Xavier Dolan

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#71. I really like the risk takers. I like people who make those different choices on the carpet. I really like Charlize Theron. I think she's elegant and edgy as well. I love Zoe Saldana.

Genesis Rodriguez

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#72. By definition, risk-takers often fail. So do morons. In practice it's difficult to sort them out.

Scott Adams

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#73. So if givers are most likely to land at the bottom of the success ladder, who's at the top - takers or matchers? Neither. When I took another look at the data, I discovered a surprising pattern: It's the givers again.

Adam M. Grant

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#74. We're always hearing about risk-takers whose risks paid off, but they are no braver than those whose risks end in ridicule.

Frank Skinner

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#75. I baked bread, hand-ground peanuts into butter, grew and froze vegetables, and, every morning, packed lunches so healthful that they had no takers in the grand swap-fest of the lunchroom.

Sally Mann

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#76. The Dancing Girls of Lahore was offered to dozens of British publishers and was turned down by everyone. It is still on offer in the U.K., but I'm not confident there will be any takers.

Louise Brown

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#77. It's the risk takers that move the human race forward.

Brian Tracy

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#78. from increasing the number of people in the "tails," that small, very small number of risk takers crazy enough to have ideas of their own, those endowed with

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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#79. I don't like people who are just takers.

Elle King

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#80. There are two types of people on earth: givers and takers. Life is not about taking and having but about giving and living.

GE Paulus

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#81. Entrepreneurs are not risk takers. They are calculated risk takers.

Ashwin Sanghi

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#82. A great nation betrayed the principles which have made it great, and thereby became hostage to hostage-takers.

Daniel Inouye

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#83. Overall, we've lost risk-takers on the red carpet at the Academy Awards. All too often, stars play it safe.

Brad Goreski

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#84. Democracy and tyranny are not distant relatives. They're bedfellows."

-General John James
Commandant, USMC
December 11th, 2032

L. Douglas Hogan

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#85. A friend is not the shadow that mimics you, but the one who casts all shadows away.

Shannon L. Alder

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