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#1. In these tough economic times, everybody has to cut back. I am down to three tabs of ecstasy a day.

Chelsea Handler

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#2. I used Evernote almost exclusively for researching 'The 4-Hour Body.' I was able to eliminate all of the perpetually open tabs and multiple bookmarking services. It's also all automatically backed up to Evernote, which gives me peace of mind.

Timothy Ferriss

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#3. People outsourced their memories to data centers and basic skills to tabs.

David Mitchell

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#4. He found some ibu, as he liked to call it, and went to the kitchen for water to wash the relief-giving tabs down.

John Shanahan

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#5. The IRS targeting certain groups for harassment because of their politics would be unfair. If we found out the NSA was keeping special tabs on everyone who worshiped at a mosque or took a Bible trip through the Middle East, you'd have an uprising.

Gail Collins

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#6. Kissing booth? - Stella
Keeping tabs on me? - Chet
Hard not to. when they wrote your name on the roster, girls within a ten mile radius swooned and fainted flat on their backs. -Stella
But not you? - Chet
I don't kiss friends - Stella

Becca Fitzpatrick

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#7. Whatever reason, an evening nodding and unconscious in my bedroom at Hobie's had begun to seem like a perfectly reasonable response to the holiday lights, the holiday crowds, the incessant Christmas bells with their morbid funeral note, Kitsey's candy-pink notebook from Kate's Paperie with tabs

Donna Tartt

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#8. People have less privacy and are crammed together in cities, but in the wide open spaces they secretly keep tabs on each other a lot more.

Sara Paretsky

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#9. Clothing left on the bed unfolded. Books stained with coffee spots. Tabs not paid until the last possible second. Boys kissed and then forgotten in a week's time.

Libba Bray

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#10. Most politicians keep close tabs on what's happening back home and work assiduously to keep lines of communications open with the political players in their states or districts.

Joshua Micah Marshall

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#11. Biathletes need to eat 6.000 calories a day: six thousand! That's the equivalent of 2 pounds of butter, 70 slices of bread, 112 eggs, 86 tabs of yogurts, 28 potatoes, 117 biscuits and 21 TWIX bars. On that basis, I could be an Olympic biathlete!

Jeremy Clarkson

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#12. No more sending your clothes over to forensics to be dry-cleaned, no more running up kebab tabs on stakeouts and no more pawning items from the Evidence Room until payday.

Christopher Fowler

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#13. It wasn't his job to keep tabs on mob princesses, but this one was sort of a hobby.

Genevieve Dewey

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#14. I want you back here now. I want you next to me now. I cannot believe that my family, your brother, all our friends, and an entire police force can't keep tabs on one twenty-six year old graphic designer who thinks he's fuckin' Batman.
Detective Sam Kage in A Matter Of Time (vol 2 or part 4)

Mary Calmes

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#15. Antibiotics, viral tabs, painkillers, sterilisation spray," Kasyanov said. "Other stuff. Bandages, medicines, contraceptives.
Hoop raised an eyebrow.
"Hey. Forever is a long time.

Tim Lebbon

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#16. I don't make people smoke pot or meth, snort coke, put pills or tabs in their mouths or shoot themselves up with heroin. I just transport the stuff.

S.A. Tawks

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#17. I hate it when she tabs a line," Ivy whispered to Kisten in the corner. "You ever see anything freakier than that?" "You should see the face she makes when she - " "Shut up, Kist!" I exclaimed, my eyes flashing open to find him grinning at me.

Kim Harrison

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#18. Six pull-tabs lay in the ashtray like scales from a mermaid.

Haruki Murakami

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#19. it would be a real pity to die when I'd finally put tabs on who had gotten me into this mess -

Jim Butcher

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#20. The 'deep' civic function of the humanities ... is something understood very well by totalitarian societies, which tend to keep close tabs on them, and to circumscribe them in direct proportion to how stringently the population is controlled.

Mark Slouka

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#21. And then, I suppose, there's also a cinematic reality on top of that. Because it was extremely difficult to keep tabs on, it was quite confusing acting that.

Gabriel Byrne

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#22. [Cat] found a complete set of the works of Edgar Allan Poe, with little tabs of paper sticking out. The were scrawled over with the witch's comments to herself, "Fun!" "Try this, but with exploding feathers!" and "Gotta love him
deeply sick.

Gregory Maguire

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#23. I cannot believe that my family, your brother, all our friends, and an entire police force can't keep tabs on one twenty-six-year-old graphic designer who thinks he's fuckin' Batman.

Mary Calmes

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#24. If I sign up for Facebook and want my account destroyed, it is impossible. They keep tabs on you; there will always be a trace.

Robert Cailliau

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#25. I've been to the combine a couple of times since I've graduated to see the talent coming through. It's about keeping tabs on who's coming up next. I tell them "You've got to deliver. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." You've got to be sure to succeed in it.

Darrell Wallace Jr.

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#26. Maybe forgiveness means you stop keeping tabs on those people. Wounds can't heal if you keep touching them.

Joyce Rachelle

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#27. But it's exhausting to keep tabs on how much someone is feeling for you. It can make you forget that they feel too.

Leslie Jamison

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#28. Television will enormously enlarge the eye's range, and, like radio, will advertise the Elsewhere. Together with the tabs, the mags, and the movies, it will insist that we forget the primary and the near in favor of the secondary and the remote.

E.B. White

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#29. And so, like Moses (cf Ex 3, 5), in spirit we remove the shoes from our feet, on the threshold of the inner sanctuary that each of us must become as we meet the Lord.

Pope John Paul II

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#30. He didn't care if Matt made him cuddly or made him hornier than he'd ever been or even made him a lovesick fool. James was keeping him. Hopefully Matt would want to keep James too.

Anne Tenino

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#31. I hear they feed you in Sing Sing," Evie muttered. "Three squares a day."
"Evangeline," Will said with a sigh. "Charity begins at home."
"So does mental illness.

Libba Bray

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#32. Erik got to his feet, aware of her watching him, and tried not to preen at the frank admiration in her eyes. Preening was not manly.

Tiffany Snow

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#33. Feeling at home is the feeling that I can just be myself. It

Ethan Nichtern

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#34. drank more scotch. "Probably he wasn't alone," I said. "Probably not," Hawk murmured. "So," I said. "How you want to handle this?

Robert B. Parker

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#35. Hannah Rose Brown was not quite 13 years old when she discovered her family was cursed. THE PUZZLE RING

Kate Forsyth

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#36. Difference of opinion leads to inquiry, and inquiry to the truth.

Thomas Jefferson

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#37. A 100 years from now the consequences for standing for Jesus will be greater than the consequences of not standing for Jesus today.

Mike Huckabee

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#38. It's not really a conscious decision to do a quiet album or a noisier album. It's just something that happens, I guess.

Sune Rose Wagner

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#39. You can't fail when it is not an option.

Debasish Mridha

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