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#1. With my middle-class metabolism, the suburbs were where I always wanted to be. - Author: Susan Isaacs
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#2. It just so happened that for most of my life I've lived in the suburbs. - Author: Tom Perrotta
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#3. Secluded in her living room, the midday sun dimmed by long, burgundy drapes - the soft velvet cloth a steal on EBay - Circe watches the soapies on her plasma screen TV. Her elegant fingers deliver fine chocolates to her perfect lips. Her divine green eyes are dull, her expression glazed. - Author: Georgina Anne Taylor
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#4. Many writers from the suburbs of history, such as Ireland and Argentina, produced more original work than their counterparts in the United States; they still seem to. - Author: Pankaj Mishra
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#5. It sounds romantic finding the meaning of life in Tibet, but enlightenment in Tibet is for Tibetans! The meaning of life for most of us is probably in the suburbs. - Author: Andrew Matthews
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#6. I grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, where everything was in a strip mall. - Author: Dave Foley
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#7. I personally object to the veil on aesthetic as well as other grounds; but I must admit that, for instance in the suburbs of American cities, I have often seen women attired more sloppily than our Persian women normally are. - Author: Mohammed Reza Pahlavi
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#8. As our cities and suburbs relentlessly expand, those priceless open spaces needed for recreation areas accessible to their people are swallowed up-often forever. Unless we preserve these spaces while they are still available, we will have none to preserve. - Author: Richard M. Nixon
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#9. Families that live out in the suburbs often make each other cry. - Author: Lou Reed
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#10. I don't see the point of having 80 million people online if all they are doing in the end is talking to ghosts in the suburbs. - Author: Umberto Eco
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#11. Prejudices are useless. Call Los Angeles any dirty name you like - Six Suburbs in Search of a City, Paradise with a Lobotomy, anything - but the fact remains that you are already living in it before you get there - Author: Clive James
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#12. A suburb is an attempt to get out of reach of the city without having the city be out of reach. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#13. The suburb was the major element of Australian society. - Author: Robin Boyd
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#14. Folk wisdom: quaint sayings of urban sophisticates compiled from the suburbs. - Author: Bauvard
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#15. Marriage is like the witness protection programme: you get all new clothes, you live in the suburbs, and you're not allowed to see your friends anymore. - Author: Jeremy Hardy
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#16. There is always a sneer in Las Vegas. The mountains around it sneer. The desert sneers. And arrogant in the middle of its wide valley, dominating those diligent sprawling suburbs, the downtown city sneers like anything. - Author: Jan Morris
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#17. The suburb in the 1950s was a bedroom community. The father worked in the city, and the mother stayed home. Now people live and work in the suburbs, and businesses have grown up or moved from cities to certain pockets of what was once the suburbs and created these places that are like cities. - Author: Richard Hayne
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#18. Most cities have a centre surrounded by suburbs, but London has numerous centres: it's the model of a twenty-first century metropolis. - Author: Hans Ulrich Obrist
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#19. I grew up in the suburbs among highly educated people, in a house crammed with books. It was a culture rich in ideas, stimulation, entertainment, and mental activity, all helpful to the nurture of an imaginative child who wanted from an early age to be a writer. - Author: Stephen Hunter
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#20. The South has a way of worshipping appearances - the suburbs are all about presentation and amazing flowers and a beautiful yard and dinner parties that impress people and having the Christmas lights just right. - Author: Paul Downs Colaizzo
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#21. If you grow up in the suburbs, you hear of people dying of old age, car wrecks, cancer. In the city, it's always people dying of violence or stray bullets. - Author: Suge Knight
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#22. Actually, the suburbs are far more sinister places than most city dwellers imagine. Their very blandness forces the imagination into new areas. I mean, one's got to get up in the morning thinking of a deviant act, merely to make certain of one's freedom. It needn't be much; kicking the dog will do. - Author: J.G. Ballard
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#23. Have you ever lived in the suburbs? It's sterile. It's nothing. It's wasting your life. - Author: Ed Koch
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#24. I was born in Oslo, Norway, but now live in the suburbs of Southwest London, right near the River Thames. It's a lovely part of the world. - Author: Alexander Hanson
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#25. No longer does human life rise from the earth like a pyramid, broadly and considerately founded upon its own sources. Now it scatters itself out in a reckless horizontal sprawl, like a disorderly city whose suburbs and pavements destroy the fields. - Author: Wendell Berry
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#26. When it came to hip-hop ... I don't know. Maybe I was insecure. You know, this is the early '90s. If you were a white guy, and you were rapping, that wasn't as accepted yet. I was scared of the quiet Northeast suburbs, so I couldn't embrace my full rapper self. - Author: Charlie Day
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#27. It was described as Sex and the Suburbs. It's so not that. Because on Sex and the City, those women told each other everything; on our show, it's much more like the real suburbs - nobody tells anybody anything. Everything's a secret. - Author: James Denton
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#28. We live on a cosmic speck of dust, orbiting a mediocre star in the far suburbs of a common sort of galaxy, among a hundred billion galaxies in the universe. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#29. As suburbs go, Bromley's not bad. But as David Bowie and Hanif Kureishi have observed, you do want to get out of there quickly. - Author: Tibor Fischer
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#30. Sometimes I forget what I look like and I do something out of character, such as sing shepherd tunes in Aramaic while I'm waiting in line at Starbucks, but the nice bit about living in urban America is that people tend to either ignore eccentrics or move to the suburbs to escape them. - Author: Kevin Hearne
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#31. If you say city to people, people have no problem thinking of the city as rife with problematic, screwed-up people, but if you say suburbs - and I'm not the first person to say this, it's been said over and over again in literature - there's a sense of normalcy. - Author: Eric Bogosian
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#32. His research led him to one overwhelming conclusion, published in a seminal paper in 1975: big cities nurture subcultures much more effectively than suburbs or small towns. - Author: Steven Johnson
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#33. The large-scale homogeneity of the universe makes it very difficult to believe that the structure of the universe is determined by anything so peripheral as some complicated molecular structure on a minor planet orbiting a very average star in the outer suburbs of a fairly typical galaxy. - Author: Stephen Hawking
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#34. Of course, the entire effort is to put myself Outside the ordinary range Of what are called statistics. A hundred are killed In the outer suburbs. Well, well, I carry on. - Author: Stephen Spender
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#35. We now in the United States have more security guards for the rich than we have police services for the poor districts. If you're looking for personal security, far better to move to the suburbs than to pay taxes in New York. - Author: John Kenneth Galbraith
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#36. I was playing a new part in a new play: the messed-up adult child coming home in a truly pitiful state in the back of her parents' luxury sedan.
It was a glorious suburban homecoming. - Author: Inna Swinton
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#37. Before I had a driver's license, and I lived in the suburbs of Minneapolis and went to high school and came home - I could ride my bike around or get a ride from my parents, but my world was pretty small, limited. Like anyone at that age, I only knew things I could get to. - Author: Craig Finn
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#38. The women's movement hit my neighborhood like a freight train. Everybody got divorced. You wonder what would have happened to women if the suburbs hadn't been built. - Author: Susan Faludi
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#39. Is this better or worse than being married and living in the suburbs? Better or worse? Who can tell? - Author: Candace Bushnell
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#40. Music makes everything more romantic, doesn't it? One second you're walking your dog in the suburbs, and then you put on Adele, and it's like you're in a movie and you've just had your heart brutally broken. - Author: Jenny Han
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#41. I stepped from the air-conditioned compartment onto the station platform, and the motherly breath of the suburbs enfolded me. It smelt of lawn sprinklers and station wagons and tennis rackets and dogs and babies. - Author: Sylvia Plath
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#42. Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the nation - especially in the suburbs. - Author: Melissa Bean
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#43. As a 13-year-old fan of horror fiction, I hadn't seen too many cities in the literature I loved. It was always small towns, or backwoods locales, or maybe the suburbs. - Author: Victor LaValle
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#44. It's interesting now that basically a CG set is the same cost as a real set. So like if you're going to build a CG house in the suburbs, it costs you $200,000. And if you were going to build it in a computer, it'll cost you $200,000. It's the same ... the relationship is exactly the same. - Author: Zack Snyder
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#45. And there are men behind bars who pray for the light and there are men in the suburbs who pray for the night. - Author: Elton John
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#46. I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. - Author: Anna Sui
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#47. Slums may well be breeding grounds of crime, but middle class suburbs are incubators of apathy and delirium. - Author: Cyril Connolly
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#48. When he picked out the [gravesite] plot, my father had joked that he was moving, at last, to the suburbs. - Author: Marco Roth
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#49. Feelings are facts. Look straight at 'em and deal with 'em. Work it through, as honestly as you can. If God is anything like a middle-class white chick from the suburbs, which I admit is a long shot, it's what you do about what you feel that matters. - Author: Mary Doria Russell
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#50. I grew up in the suburbs, and I listened to hip-hop for the right reasons, which was to understand a culture that was beyond mine, and to understand what was going on in places outside of my sheltered bubble. - Author: Jensen Karp
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#51. Gimmicks come and go; the cop show seems one genre that will never leave - not as long as people like to sit at home in the suburbs and see what awful things go on in the cities. - Author: Tom Shales
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#52. Upstairs Margaret said abruptly, 'I suppose it starts to happen first in the suburbs,' and when Brad said, 'What starts to happen?' she said hysterically, 'People starting to come apart. - Author: Shirley Jackson
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#53. Given a blank we can't help trying to fill it in along lines of customary seeing or saying. But the best poetic lines undermine those habits, break the pre- off the -dictable, unsettle the suburbs of your routine sentiments, and rattle the tracks of your trains of thoughts. - Author: Heather McHugh
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#54. We see nation-states collapsing all around us: Libya, Syria, Iraq. We do not want another failed state in our neighborhood, which would rapidly turn into a stronghold for terrorists, as we have seen in Gaza. We do not want tunnels to suburbs of Tel Aviv or missiles pointed at Jerusalem. - Author: Ayelet Shaked
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#55. I was trying to break out of the suburbs, and when I did break out, I don't think I took my whole self with me - I think I played a role of being too cool and hip. - Author: Liz Phair
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#56. They're very, uh, you know, I don't come from the suburbs and a jolly, Disney type of lifestyle. I come from something totally different. And they're cool and bare minimum so it's not always a money issue for me. - Author: Shia Labeouf
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#57. The rapid growth in many of our suburbs has spawned a booming construction industry eager to hire low wage immigrants who gladly fill these jobs, many of them happy to be paid in cash, free of federal and state taxes. - Author: Spencer Bachus
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#58. They're flowing out of Cook into the fringes. People move out of Chicago and into suburban Cook County and now they're losing to the outer suburbs. - Author: Kenny Johnson
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#59. In high school, it was very fashionable to be disdainful of the bourgeois suburbs, but I secretly liked them. - Author: Jane Hamilton
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#60. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. - Author: James Iha
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#61. I grew up in leafy suburbs in north and east Belfast, but if I had been born a mile down the road closer to the city centre, you might never heard of me. - Author: Mike Nesbitt
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#62. You have a real asset-price bubble in places like parts of California and the suburbs of Washington, D.C. - Author: Charlie Munger
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#63. Just as the roads at Moscow's heart flow out in concentric ripples from the Kremlin, so this tension too seems to radiate from those secret and formidable walls, lapping outward to the suburbs and to the farthest confines of the Soviet Union itself, in ever-weakening but pervasive rings. - Author: Colin Thubron
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#64. Los Angeles: Seventy-two suburbs in search of a city. - Author: Dorothy Parker
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#65. Democrats do best in urban centers, Republicans in outer suburbs and rural areas. - Author: Thomas E. Mann
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#66. Behold those times re-created by
the brutal power of sunlit images,
the light of life's tragedy.
The walls of the trial, the field
of the firing squad; and the distant
ghost of Rome's suburbs in a ring,
gleaming white in naked light.
Gunshots: our death, our survival. - Author: Pier Paolo Pasolini
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#67. I'm from the US of A. Born in Des Moines, raised in the New York suburbs. - Author: Stephen Collins
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#68. I'd overheard her several times on her lunch breaks, talking about how she wanted to be married before she turned twenty five. She also apparently wanted to be a stay-at-home mom with six kids, and live in a house in the suburbs. In other words, she was completely out of her fucking mind. - Author: Whitney Gracia Williams
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#69. In the traditional modernist planning that created the suburbs, you put residential buildings in suburban neighborhoods, office spaces into brain parks and retail in shopping malls. But you fail to exploit the possibility of symbiosis or synthesis that way. - Author: Bjarke Ingels
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#70. The childhood that Paul and Clara Jobs created for their new son was, in many ways, a stereotype of the late 1950s. When Steve was two they adopted a girl they named Patty, and three years later they moved to a tract house in the suburbs. - Author: Walter Isaacson
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#71. I was born in Paris and raised in the suburbs and then lived in the countryside. - Author: Marion Cotillard
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#72. In Toledo, people grow out. Out to the suburbs. Out to the parts of America where the economy is more vigorous. And all too often, out to 48-inch waistbands. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#73. No trader or investor wanted to poke around suburbs to find out whether the homeowner to whom he had just lent money was creditworthy. For the home mortgage to become a bond it had to be depersonalised. At - Author: Michael Lewis
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#74. Today, far continents have become suburbs. Even the moon has somehow come closer. But for all that, the past has not lost its power, and if within a lifetime a man changes his skin an infinite number of times--almost as often as his suits--still he does not change his heart: he has but one. - Author: Ilya Ehrenburg
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#75. I see no reason why I should not live on indefinitely just as I have done, and on the whole I am more comfortable here than in Purgatory, a place that I imagine to be like the suburbs of London. - Author: Mary Borden
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#76. This is being written abord the S.S. Augustus, three days at sea. My suitcase is full of peanut butter, and I am a fugitive from the suburbs of all large cities. - Author: John Cheever
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#77. Michigan is very racially separated and the city of Detroit itself is 84 percent African-American and the surrounding suburbs are 86 percent White. - Author: Kwame Kilpatrick
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#78. 'Will Grayson, Will Grayson' is about two guys named Will Grayson who live in different Chicago suburbs who eventually meet each other. - Author: John Green
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#79. When I was at university, there was such a strong delineation between city kids and those who had grown up the suburbs. City kids were so at home in the world, in a way that suburban kids take years to catch up, if indeed they ever can. - Author: Meg Rosoff
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#80. I can remember in my early days of writing going to sort of writers' functions and parties and things like that, and I used to get very irritated because when people heard that you came from the suburbs, they had this notion that it was very un-cool to come from there. - Author: Ronald Frame
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#81. It was the dreamscape of the suburbs that interested me. - Author: Bill Henson
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#82. Many expanded-time schools have generated extraordinary results. In some cases, they have completely closed the achievement gap, all while installing curricula with a richness rivaled only by elite private schools and those in the most upscale suburbs. - Author: Chris Gabrieli
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#83. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, the color of my skin and my rather peculiar background as an Ethiopian immigrant delineated the border of my life and friendships. I learned quickly how to stand alone. - Author: Dinaw Mengestu
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#84. A lot of parts of L.A. are interchangeable with suburbs in Joburg. Very big, ostentatious houses with palm trees and lawns. Lawns are very important. Never underestimate lawns. - Author: Neill Blomkamp
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#85. I stayed in L.A. long enough to get on my feet, and then I moved back to New York. The reason I moved here was that I don't feel warm outside of a city; it's too barren in the suburbs, and L.A. is a suburb. Here, it felt active. - Author: Iggy Pop
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#86. I grew up in the suburbs north of Atlanta. I had an amazing childhood, and I still go back to my home in Atlanta often. - Author: Devon Werkheiser
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#87. While in the city and its suburbs, I fed as if in danger of imminent execution. And I was able to confirm earlier reconnaissance: Vancouver is among the best eating towns in the history of the Winter Games. - Author: Sam Sifton
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#88. She wasn't some little princess from the suburbs who just graduated college with a humanities degree, she knew what people were really like. - Author: David Wong
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#89. Self-driving cars will enable car-sharing even in spread-out suburbs. A car will come to you just when you need it. And when you are done with it, the car will just drive away, so you won't even have to look for parking. - Author: Sebastian Thrun
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#90. While the ghettos may have their share of violence and crime, the posh suburbs are home to more subtle demonic forces
numbness, complacency and comfort. These are the powers that can eat away at our souls. - Author: Shane Claiborne
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#91. They were free to be what they wanted to be, and what they wanted to be was nothing. - Author: Michael Davidow
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#92. The suburbs dream of violence. - Author: J.G. Ballard
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#93. I'm a black male, over 40, with no kids, living in the suburbs - they wanted to put me in a museum. Why did I move to the suburbs? I started watching Desperate Housewives. If comedy didn't work out I can always try gardening. - Author: Alonzo Bodden
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#94. You need to take small steps when you dream big dreams. I am a published author with dyslexia, a professional speaker who was in speech therapy for three years as a child because I had a lisp; and a slow stiff kid from the suburbs who became an All-Pro in the NFL. - Author: Karl Mecklenburg
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#95. Well, I'II tell ya, it makes no difference if you came from the city. And it don't matter if you came from the country. And some of you out there within the sound of my voice may have come from the suburbs. - Author: Clarence Carter
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#96. I've got no dark secrets, I wasn't beaten up, my parents were kind to me and there was a low crime rate where we lived. Maybe that's where the comedy comes from, as some sort of reaction to the safe, boring suburbs. - Author: Will Ferrell
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#97. One weekend in the vacation, I was invited to meet her family. They lived in Kent, out on the Orpington line, in one of those suburbs which had stopped concreting over nature at the very last minute, and ever since smugly claimed rural status. - Author: Julian Barnes
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#98. Jess followed, still trying to figure out why two grown people and a smart girl like Leslie wanted to leave a comfortable life in the suburbs for a place like this. They watched the bus roar off. - Author: Katherine Paterson
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#99. In the wake of the tax bonanzas for new commercial projects, roadside strips boomed. Private developers responded to the lack of planned centers, public space, and public facilities in suburbs by building malls, office parks, and industrial parks as well as fast-food restaurants and motels. - Author: Dolores Hayden
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#100. Peterhof (Petrodvorets). Nicknamed the "Russian Versailles," the elaborate interiors, formal gardens, and beautiful fountains of Peter the Great's summer palace live up to their moniker. This is St. Petersburg's most famous imperial residence, located in the suburbs about 40 minutes away. - Author: Fodor's Travel Publications Inc.
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