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#1. I still find that a kind of stricture of the heart happens when I see any form of bigoted or racist behaviour. I get an actual pain in my heart.

Janet Suzman

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#2. One must live with all, e'en if life be hell: Crime makes shame, not monetary stricture


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#3. These are my politics: to change what we can; to better what we can; but still to bear in mind that man is but a devil weakly fettered by some generous beliefs and impositions; and for no word however sounding, and no cause however just and pious, to relax the stricture on these bonds.

Robert Louis Stevenson

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#4. He'd often ignored his uncle's teachings about gentlemanly behavior, but one stricture he'd always abided by: no man worth his salt took advantage of a woman.

Sabrina Jeffries

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#5. He knew at the same time that this stricture of acceptance (by which what we must love is made into what we can love) would eventually be a part of himself

Djuna Barnes

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#6. Wherever human life is concerned, the unnatural stricture of excessive verticality cannot stand against more natural horizontality.

Frank Lloyd Wright

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#7. Peace is the most powerful weapon of mankind.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#8. The problem with doing commercials is that the only thing good enough for me to sell is myself, and I stopped doing that once I kicked my coke habit.

Zach Braff

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#9. Tragic heroes are failed pragmatists. Their ends are unrealistic and their means are impractical.

Adam Phillips

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#10. It was a superb agreement to end a war, but a very bad agreement to make a state. From now on, we have to part company with Dayton and try to build a modern democratic state, for which I have tried to lay the foundations.

Paddy Ashdown

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#11. Do something. Either lead, follow or get out of the way.

Ted Turner

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#12. The other side of reverence is loathing.

Martin Firrell

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#13. If fruit juices or sugar solutions are left to stand in the open air, they show after a few days the processes which are covered by the name of fermentation phenomena.

Eduard Buchner

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#14. Western culture is hell-bent on ignoring, disbelieving, and, in some cases, actively twisting the truth about what we should be eating - so much so that it can be hard for us to believe that we've been lied to all these years.

T. Colin Campbell

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#15. There is nothing that compares to the Holocaust.

Fidel Castro

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#16. No one can build his security upon the nobleness of another person.

Willa Cather

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#17. If it hadn't worked out professionally, I would be teaching music theory and composition in a small college somewhere and playing drums in a jazz trio at the Holiday Inn on weekends, and I'd be happy there, too.

J. D. Souther

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#18. Many of us hold ourselves back from imagining a desired outcome unless someone can show us how to get there. Unfortunately, that's backward in terms of how our minds work to generate and recognize solutions and methods.

David Allen

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