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Top 34 Quotes About Skilled Workers

#1. Significantly opening up immigration to skilled workers solves two problems. The companies could hire the educated workers they need. And those workers would compete with high-income people, driving more income equality. - Author: Alan Greenspan
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#2. It's best to accept life as it really is and not as I imagined it to be - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#3. Influence which is given on the side of money is usually against truth. - Author: Harriet Martineau
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#4. God hides some ideal in every human soul. At some time in our life we feel a trembling, fearful longing to do some good thing. Life finds its noblest spring of excellence in this hidden impulse to do our best. - Author: Robert Collyer
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#5. If cheap immigrant labor is made unavailable, employers can hire Americans at a higher wage, or replace low-wage immigrant workers with technology and automation, which will create a smaller number of skilled jobs for Americans. - Author: Jan C. Ting
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#6. I come from a family with a long tradition in shoemaking, and I still live in a region famous for its shoemakers. It is getting harder and harder to find skilled workers. There are no professional training institutes, so we have to train our own employees. And an apprenticeship takes three years. - Author: Diego Della Valle
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#7. The foundation of Ontario's economy is our skilled workers and innovative companies. Our government will continue its proactive approach to partnering with business and industry, investing strategically to help companies grow and create jobs in this period of economic uncertainty. - Author: Brad Duguid
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#8. Our government is pleased to welcome MANA to Ontario, and were thrilled to announce renewed steel production and workers back on the job in Hamilton. Global leaders such as MANA choose to invest in Ontario because of our competitive business environment, skilled workforce and focus on innovation. - Author: Sandra Pupatello
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#9. Too many employers have said that they are unable to find skilled workers. - Author: Dennis Hastert
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#10. I would always fall down the big main staircase in our house. My favorite thing in the world was to pretend to be horribly killed at the top of it, and to fall dramatically down to the bottom of it. - Author: David Hyde Pierce
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#11. pain is what made you a woman. Most of the milestones in a woman's life were accompanied by pain, like her first time having sex or birthing a child. For men, it was all orgasms and champagne. She - Author: Brit Bennett
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#12. I don't like stand-up comedy that requires a lot of props. I really respect people who can walk out onstage alone and with no other tool but their own minds and can make you laugh and maybe even think a little. - Author: David Letterman
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#13. I support secure borders both north and south and I support a guest worker program for those here today illegally. Labor and skilled workers are critical to our Texas economy. - Author: David Dewhurst
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#14. Skilled workers historically have been ambivalent toward automation, knowing that the bodies it would augment or replace were theoccasion for both their pain and their power. - Author: Shoshana Zuboff
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#15. If you really want to do, be or have anything, then first destroy your greatest enemy 'doubt'. The manifestation of your desire is directly proportional to how much you believe. - Author: Hina Hashmi
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#16. Improving the outlook for U.S workers isn't about creating millions of minimum-wage jobs. It is about creating sustainable, skilled employment that allows Americans to earn a fair wage with benefits that allows them to pay for housing and food on the table and sustain a middle-class lifestyle. - Author: James P. Hoffa
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#17. I'm small, I'm young - and I'm so different. You've always respected that difference, and you've always trusted it. Trust me now. There's a reason I am the way I am, and there's a reason I was born to you. There's always a reason. We belong together. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#18. There's nothing more precious in this world than the feeling of being wanted. - Author: Diana Dors
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#19. It sustained me ... I can't tell you how much their support meant to me when I was leaving and coming back and even while I was gone, there was a part of me that knew people were pulling for me. - Author: Alice Barrett
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#20. My job is to support businesses, that means promoting British commerce in the big emerging markets that have been neglected in the past. It means keeping Britain open to inward investors, trade and skilled workers. It means cutting red tape which is suffocating growing companies which create jobs. - Author: Vince Cable
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#21. May I ask a question, Lucy?"
"Go right ahead!"
"Just why do you want to draw this line all the way around the world?"
"Well, you know the old saying, Charlie Brown ... You have to draw the line someplace! - Author: Charles M. Schulz
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#22. Trade reform has also been linked to increased income disparity as skilled workers have captured more benefits from globalization than their unskilled counterparts. - Author: Stephen F. Lynch
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#23. Eli was right. The measure of success isn't what you gain. It's what you pay to get it. - Author: Elmer Seward
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#24. If the professional schools should succeed in producing skilled workers trained in the technique of their craft, nothing could be done with them if they had no ideal. - Author: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
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#25. Then, Republicans should ask Democrats: Why is it so vitally important to keep bringing in new workers to compete with low-skilled Americans and drive down their wages? - Author: Ann Coulter
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#26. Where you see immigration competition play out most clearly is among high school dropouts. I'd say there's clearly immigrant competition among the least-skilled workers, but natives are a shrinking share while immigrants are a growing share. - Author: Jared Bernstein
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#27. The highly skilled workers at Lima have enabled the plant to grow far beyond its original mission, now providing a wide variety of cutting-edge military vehicles and equipment to the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. - Author: Michael Oxley
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#28. In San Diego, our local innovation economy is a thriving industry employing thousands of highly skilled workers. - Author: Scott Peters
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#29. We do not want to create a situation like that which exists in South Africa, where the whites are the owners and rulers, and the blacks are the workers. If we do not do all kinds of work, easy and hard, skilled and unskilled, if we become merely landlords, then this will not be our homeland - Author: David Ben-Gurion
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#30. Meanings come not from events themselves, but from what we bring to them. - Author: Lucy Calkins
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#31. We all have to find our own ways to say good-bye. - Author: Sherman Alexie
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#32. Most works of art are effectively treated as commodities and most artists, even when they justly claim quite other intentions, areeffectively treated as a category of independent craftsmen or skilled workers producing a certain kind of marginal commodity. - Author: Raymond Williams
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#33. Raising the minimum wage seems to all economists to, at the very least, fail to 'raise' employment, and we'd all like to see better inclusion of low-skilled workers into good-paying jobs. - Author: Edmund Phelps
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#34. This [Gang of Eight bill (S.744)] is far, far too many low-skilled workers that are going to take jobs and pull down wages of people unemployed and underemployed right now. - Author: Jeff Sessions
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