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Top 25 Quotes About Showing Kindness

#1. Showing kindness causes oxytocin release in the recipient that motives him or her to be kind to others. You can start this virtuous cycle in the simplest ways, for example, by giving someone a hug. I send you a hug! - Author: Paul J. Zak
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#2. Do not be content with showing friendship in words alone, let your heart burn with loving kindness for all who may cross your path - Author: Abdu'l- Baha
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#3. Real kindness and compassion is not about feeling sorry for someone else. Rather, it is showing up, to help them discover their true value. - Author: Charles F. Glassman
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#4. He thought he saw a Rattlesnake
That questioned him in Greek:
He looked again, and found it was
The Middle of Next Week.
'The one thing I regret,' he said,
'Is that it cannot speak! - Author: Lewis Carroll
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#5. Life," Garp wrote, "is sadly not structured like a good old-fashioned novel. Instead an end occurs when those who are meant to peter out have petered out. All that is left is memory. But even a nihilist has memory. - Author: John Irving
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#6. If you manage to make it to some semblance of adulthood, just showing up turns out to be one of the kindest, most selfless things you can do for someone. - Author: Tim Kreider
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#7. Real love - it's the best, most painful thing God ever did for us. - Author: Cindy Woodsmall
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#8. Eleanor?"
He gave her a smile, this one showing his kindness and concern.
"I will take care of you. Forever. - Author: Tiffany Reisz
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#9. True kindness is not necessarily giving something to someone who is down, but showing them that they still have something to give to get back up. - Author: Charles F. Glassman
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#10. With the world's human population now at seven billion and growing, and the demand for technology and modern conveniences increasing, we can't control all our negative impacts. But we have to find better ways to live within the limits nature and its cycles impose. - Author: David Suzuki
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#11. Your gaydar can't leap over buildings in a single bound like Superman."
"He's wearing a thong. Enough said."
"It's for ease of movement."
"Thong," Lila repeated. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#12. Showing kindness to others is one of the nicest things we can do for ourselves. - Author: Janette Oke
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#13. I treat my life as though I am on a tightrope. - Author: Don McCullin
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#14. Instead of showing strangers kindness and giving them the benefit of the doubt, we increasingly show them only fear, and that is bad for us and them. - Author: Julian Baggini
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#15. True politeness is the spirit of benevolence showing itself in a refined way. It is the expression of good-will and kindness. It promotes both beauty in the man who possesses it, and happiness in those who are about him. It is a religious duty, and should be a part of religious training. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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#16. You can never lose ... when you help better the lives of children. Showing them love and kindness each day ... will help take them a long way on the road of life. The future of humanity depends on it! - Author: Timothy Pina
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#17. The way you treat people who are in no position to help you, further you, or benefit you reveals the true state of your heart. - Author: Mandy Hale
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#18. Being popular comes when you have everything. But to be liked, it means that you must be treating people with respect and you must be showing kindness toward them. - Author: Queen Rania Of Jordan
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#19. You know, I can imagine not writing a novel and writing poetry only. - Author: Vikram Seth
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#20. Yes I believe a man will compliment my life oneday, but what's the rush.. I mean everyone's searching so passionately for something to fill the void and I don't want any part in that, I'm happy finding my own way untill I get swept of my feet. - Author: Nikki Rowe
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#21. I needed to kill him with kindness instead of showing my anger. - Author: Penelope Ward
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#22. Life etches itself onto our faces as we grow older, showing our violence, excesses or kindnesses. - Author: Rembrandt
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#23. The problems in our world will never be solved by people who hate and use violence but will be solved by people who use love and kindness, as their weapons showing humanity repeatedly that they truly care.
Bullying Ben - Author: Timothy Pina
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#24. God has made sleep to be a sponge by which to rub out fatigue. A man's roots are planted in night as in a soil. - Author: Henry Ward Beecher
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#25. Either we trust in God, and in that case we neither trust in ourselves, nor in our fellow-men, nor in circumstances, nor in anything besides; or we do trust in one or more of these, and in that case do not trust in God. - Author: George Muller
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