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Top 55 Quotes About Rough Edges

#1. I love to play women who are strong and unapologizing and kind of rough around the edges and don't care what anybody thinks about that. - Author: Carrie-Anne Moss
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#2. Cutting edges are always a little rough ... - Author: Rosalie Maggio
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#3. Sometimes, God uses difficult people, like sandpaper, to rub the rough edges off us. - Author: Joel Osteen
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#4. When I tested for Billy Budd, I had that kind of confidence that comes with the certainty that you're not going to get something. I was very rough around the edges. - Author: Terence Stamp
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#5. We were rough around the edges, but that didn't make us worthless. Being a little damaged does not make someone broken. It just means they have better stories to tell and cooler scars. It - Author: A.J. Mendez Brooks
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#6. Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days. - Author: Doug Larson
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#7. Consent has rough edges. - Author: Ian McEwan
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#8. That's right." He threaded both hands through her hair to hold her in place. "You like it like this. Dirty and rough, getting fucked by a man who wants you so bad he'll risk all your sharp edges. Who fucking loves your sharp edges. - Author: Kit Rocha
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#9. I am passionate about keeping the human dimension in things. You have to keep the rough edges and the inconsistencies, that's what makes it interesting. I've always striven to be as sloppy as possible. - Author: Jarvis Cocker
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#10. That was back when all of us were students at Jefferson Elementary, and our quirks and strange rough edges hadn't fully formed yet - Author: Jennifer Mathieu
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#11. Meditation without selfless giving is not enough. You may go into very high states of consciousness but the rough edges will still be there - there may be lots of selfish motives lurking within the self - that you don't see. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#12. No, the sadness will soften, its edges will become less rough. In time missing him will be the way you love him. - Author: M.J. Rose
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#13. Time has that funny way of smoothing out the rough edges of things, even ones that hurt a little bit. Or a lot. - Author: Megan Hart
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#14. No fairy tale, this. This was by no stretch of the imagination a polished fantasy. This was a searing, living force, rough around the edges, unfamiliar and bittersweet.
And precious. - Author: V.S. Carnes
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#15. We were too rough at the edges to be a pop group. - Author: Roger Daltrey
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#16. Life wasn't always easy, and had a way of filing down the sharp corners and rough edges. - Author: Danielle Steel
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#17. Human relationships are the perfect tool for sanding away our rough edges and getting at the core of divinity within us. - Author: Eknath Easwaran
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#18. Poems are soft kitten furs. smoothing out the rough edges of my world. - Author: Sanober Khan
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#19. Time. It rubs the rough edges that hurt us smooth. - Author: Nina George
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#20. Answer, if you hear the words under the words- otherwise it is just a world with a lot of rough edges, difficult to get through, and our pockets full of stones. - Author: Naomi Shihab Nye
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#21. Life Lesson 8: Change is always hard, but time softens the rough edges and eases the pull of the past. Eventually, we all climb out from under the bed, and even the most unfamiliar places begin to feel like home. - Author: Patti Davis
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#22. To see the future you have to travel on the rough edge of experience. - Author: Harriet Rubin
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#23. There can be no resolution leading to growth until the present situation has been faced completely and you have opened to it with mindfulness, allowing the roughness of the situation itself to sand down your own rough edges. In other words, you must be willing to let life itself become your teacher. - Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn
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#24. Humans are attracted to each other's rough edges. - Author: Mark Manson
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#25. Discussion without asperity, sympathy with fusion, gayety unracked by too abundant jests, mental ease in approaching one another; these are the things which give a pleasant smoothness to the rough edge of life. - Author: Agnes Repplier
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#26. My faith has cost me a lot of money. Because I do creative roles, and I guess someone could think of me as, I could play bawdy, I could play rough around the edges. And so they think, 'Oh, she'll do this. It'll be so funny.' And I'm like, 'I'm not doing that.' - Author: Siobhan Fallon Hogan
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#27. I used to wonder if the occasionally rough edges of politics were unique here under the Great North Star. But I ventured out a bit this past year, and I tell you that, as partisan quarrels go, ours really aren't so bad. - Author: Sarah Palin
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#28. Time softens memories, sanding down the rough edges of death. - Author: Amy Harmon
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#29. I know I'm a bit rough around the edges and I know I've trampled my way through your life, but I do love you with all of my heart. Never doubt that. You're my girl, and I want you and I need you with me forever. - Author: Raine Miller
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#30. Life is so full of rough edges - small tasks and expectations that scratch you bloody and remind you that you're naked and alone. - Author: Alexis Hall
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#31. With horror movies, a bigger budget is actually your enemy. You want to feel the rough edges, the handmade quality to good horror films. It's a genre that benefits from not having everything at your disposal. - Author: Drew Goddard
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#32. Humans are drawn to each other's rough edges. - Author: K. Bromberg
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#33. I like rough edges. That's what makes a person real. - Author: Cinda Williams Chima
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#34. Like I said - I wasn't stupid. Rough around the edges maybe, definitely a little perverted at times, but never stupid. I was a survivor. I'd damn well survive this. - Author: Elle Jasper
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#35. I smiled to myself, thinking of America, measuring her against the other girls. She was pretty, if a bit rough on the edges. It was an uncommon type of beauty, and I could tell she wasn't aware of it. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#36. This book's title, Rough Beauty , conveys Anderson's conviction that the hard scrabble lives of most of the residents of Vidor, Texas, are worthy of our attention, but it also conveys that he does not seek to beautify their lives by removing the crude edges. - Author: Anne Wilkes Tucker
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#37. The color of the sky was like a length of white chalk turned on its side and rubbed into asphalt. Sanded
that was how the world looked, worked slowly down to no rough edges. - Author: David Guterson
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#38. I'm still rough around the edges and need a lot of polishing. - Author: Tyson Chandler
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#39. I'm still rough around the edges. I grew up with not a lot of money, and just played sports my whole life. So you develop the sports-mouth with all of your friends. - Author: Justin Bieber
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#40. A thankful outlook smoothes the rough edges off life. - Author: Deborah Norville
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#41. I like Alexander McQueen's work a lot: he's always pushing boundaries, and he's rough around the edges. - Author: Sam Taylor-Wood
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#42. A certain rough-around-the-edges improvisational looseness - a sense of something coming together before your eyes, or not quite - may be one of the things that distinguishes performance art from theater. - Author: Roberta Smith
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#43. My understanding was that it completed a person, sanding down the rough provincial edges and transforming you into a citizen of the world. - Author: David Sedaris
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#44. I like being a woman, but I'm a little rough around the edges. I've been bungee jumping twice, but I was scared. - Author: Edy Ganem
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#45. I run my fingers along its rough edges a moment, remembering the day Darian and I borrowed his dad's carving knife and engraved our initials in place. - Author: Shannon Duffy
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#46. Bemused and besotted as we are, we still dimly know at heart that nothing which is at all times and in every way agreeable to us can have objective reality. It is of the very nature of the real that it should have sharp corners and rough edges, that it should be resistant, should be itself. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#47. Softness was for kittens, pillows and pretty cashmere sweaters. Sex needed to be hard, hot and oh-so-rough around the edges. - Author: Lauren Blakely
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#48. Shattered edges of the diamonds rough sets to cut the unsuspecting. - Author: Truth Devour
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#49. He's like a cookie; rough around the edges, soft on the inside. He's such a surprising guy. - Author: Delia Delaney
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#50. Examine human handiwork under a microscope, and the closer you look, the more rough edges you find. It's inevitable. Our tools and manual abilities are limited. But look at God's handiwork under a microscope, and the deeper you go, the more organization and detail you find. - Author: Ken Bible
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#51. When I'm not working, I want to be the version of the person that I was born to be. I was born with curly hair. It fits my personality, and it's totally who I am. I am rough around the edges, and I am not a polished girl. - Author: Erin Wasson
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#52. My mother can certainly be rough around the edges at times, but she also taught me to have compassion for people who have been wronged. She taught me to empathize with those who have made mistakes. - Author: LZ Granderson
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#53. I'm pretty rough around the edges, but I'm a very open person. - Author: George Stroumboulopoulos
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#54. I had hopes for my rough edges. I wanted to use them as a can opener, to cut myself a hole in the world's surface and exit through it. - Author: Annie Dillard
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#55. Stop in the middle of a sentence, leaving a rough edge for you to start from the nest day - that way, you can write three or five words without being "creative" and before you know it, you're writing. - Author: Cory Doctorow
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