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Top 20 Quotes About Plastic Smile

#1. The girl lives in a beautiful dollhouse made of stone, I wrote one time in my diary when I was young, my handwriting shaky but sure. But underneath her shining plastic smile, there are only screams. - Author: Amy Lukavics
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#2. Your transparency is just another one of your disguises, isn't it? - Author: Gregory Maguire
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#3. There was a sad fellow over on a bar stool talking to the bartender, who was polishing a glass and listening with that plastic smile people wear when they are trying not to scream. - Author: Raymond Chandler
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#4. The news of life is carried via telephone. A baby's birth, a couple engaged, a tragic car accident on a late night highway - most milestones of the human journey, good or bad, are foreshadowed by the sound of a ringing. - Author: Mitch Albom
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#5. Now comes the part where I relieve you, the little people, of the burden of your failed and useless lives. But remember, as my plastic surgeon always said: if you gotta go, go with a smile. - Author: Jack Nicholson
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#6. I was in a tailspin of confusion I hadn't experienced since the first time I heard George W. Bush speak. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#7. The oldest continuously operated aquarium in the country features 630 species and more than 8,000 animals. The walruses are especially popular. - Author: John Grant
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#8. I know why you picked her," Frank says, still sitting on the grass. "She's like you, sort of. A writer. Unhappy. Wishing she had someone who understood her. That's what killed her- being lonely. - Author: Albert Borris
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#9. Don't smile. The queen is going to come at you, and she's going to conjure up a ... machine gun, and your going to counter with a plastic straw. - Author: Brodi Ashton
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#10. Between one breath and the next, your whole world can change. - Author: Marie Bostwick
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#11. Jesus isn't a logo, I'm not promoting some company, some brand. I'm just professing my faith. - Author: Stephen Baldwin
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#12. It seemed like the best weapons in my life had always been the most innocuous: empty plastic bins, a blank CD, an unmarked syringe, my smile in a dark room. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#13. People say I am lucky. I am lucky indeed because what can be better luck than to have the blessings of 125 crore Indians ... - Author: Narendra Modi
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#14. What drug will keep night from coming? - Author: Neko Case
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#15. He didn't know what was worse, really, taking down a couple of rioting citizens or having to roll out to the suburbs and smile into plastic faces whose eyes had gone gray as ash. - Author: Sunil Yapa
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#16. The recent years of the Grant Study have shown that our lives when we are old are the sum of all of our loves. - Author: George Vaillant
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#17. I don't remember my father reading to me, but I remember him telling me bedtime stories. I got to pick what was in them, and then he'd make them up. - Author: Caroline Kennedy
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#18. With thimble and thread And wax and hammer, and buckles and screws, And all such things as geniuses use; - Two bats for patterns, curious fellows! A charcoal-pot and a pair of bellows. - Author: A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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#19. I wish she knew that there are other options besides "complete and utter breakdown" and "plastic smile, everything's fine." There's a middle ground, waiting to be found. - Author: Cat Clarke
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#20. I wanted to analyze how unnecessary it is to collapse a heroine into one specific mold, to give them all the same sparkly fashion, the same tiny figures, and the same homogenized plastic smile, - Author: David Trumble
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