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Top 26 Quotes About Picking A Fight

#1. Eventually, you have to stop picking a fight with your true nature and decide to seek the joy that underlies it all. - Author: Danielle LaPorte
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#2. Humans are threatened by anything different, and their response is to fight. They're bullies, picking on the weak, cowering from the strong. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#3. I'm not going to say it's easy, but I do have an ease with picking up fight choreography because of my dance training. - Author: Katrina Law
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#4. Anker's was low-class enough so that the drinks were cheap, but high-class enough so that you didn't have to worry about someone picking a fight or throwing up on you. I liked it. - Author: Patrick Rothfuss
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#5. And what was the song which she sang? Ah, my little man, I am too old to sing that song, and you too young to understand it. - Author: Charles Kingsley
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#6. My soul has learned what it came to learn, and all the other things are just things. We can't have everything we want. Sometimes, we simply have to believe. - Author: Garth Stein
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#7. How can someone be cruel
to this chick? It's like picking a
fight with a chipmunk. - Author: Victoria Scott
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#8. A people fired ... with love of their country and of liberty, a zeal for the public good, and a noble emulation of glory, will not be disheartened or dispirited by a succession of unfortunate events. But like them, may we learn by defeat the power of becoming invincible. - Author: Abigail Adams
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#9. In the final analysis, the hope of every person is simply peace of mind. - Author: Dalai Lama
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#10. The Prince's fool! Ha, it may be I go under that title because I am merry. Yea, but so I am apt to do myself wrong. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#11. You can't always pick where you fight, or who you fight ... or even ... how you fight. But do the picking ... whenever you can. - Author: Cinda Williams Chima
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#12. I look forward to another good year next year. It would be nice to win, too. - Author: Greg Maddux
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#13. Standing up for yourself is about more than flinging barbed-wire insults around. Its about picking your battles, knowing when to fight, knowing exactly what and who is worth fighting for. - Author: Paula Stokes
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#14. What the fuck happened to you? [...] You look like you lost a fight with a lamprey. Hickey, hickey...bruise, bruise, bruise...bite. I thought that thing on your neck the other day was just a fluke. I guess not--looks like you get off on picking up a few souvenirs when you...get off. ~Crash - Author: Jordan Castillo Price
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#15. She was short, and even in a good mood she talked like she was half a step away from picking a fight. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#16. Why are they picking on boxing? It's because the black men are so superior in boxing that they want to stop it. Well, the black man's so hungry he's got to fight. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#17. You are so amazed by grace, you're not picking a fight with anyone, you're just crying tears of amazement that should lead to a heart for lost people, that God does indeed save, when he doesn't have to save anybody. - Author: Joshua Harris
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#18. This is because she doesn't know about me picking a fight with Shruggy Jesus or rolling around topless with Lukas. My soul has already put on a blinker for the Hell exit, and now I live at hippie camp. That's like sending me into the express lane. - Author: Emery Lord
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#19. For tech, I like the 'DailySearchCast', 'TWiT' and anything Veronica Belmont does on CNET. I think Perez Hilton is a riot, and the rest of my consumption is by people: Folks like Dave Winer, Fred Wilson, Mark Cuban, Brian Alvey, Jeff Jarvis, Xeni Jardin, etc. - Author: Jason Calacanis
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#20. The Clinton administration hated us, and it was a terrible struggle with them. I think that they felt if they didn't play, they could strangle us in our crib. - Author: Brit Hume
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#21. Precisely because Marx was convinced that the cause of the proletariat was of decisive importance for the whole future of mankind, he wanted to create for that cause not a flimsy platform of rhetorical invective or wishful thinking, but the rock-like foundation of scientific truth. - Author: Ernest Mandel
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#22. That's odd. It looks almost as if Nick is picking a fight with that elephant."
"Well, the elephant started it."
"That's irrelevant. Fighting with civilians is against the rules. Go break it up."
-Admiral Breya Andreyasn & Sergeant Schlock - Author: Howard Tayler
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#23. Nuclear power is not a miracle key for the future. - Author: Tarja Halonen
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#24. So, you're single. I'm single. Let's mingle - Author: Jillian Dodd
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#25. We each have our fleeting hour. - Author: Miles Franklin
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#26. I'm Cancer and Gemini cusp, so I read both and pick the one I like best. I read horoscopes but claim not to believe any of it. - Author: Joe Dempsie
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