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#1. Growing up, I loved the tale of Peter Rabbit and also books on Pippi Longstocking. Pippi was a girl who had so much fun and was very daring. My sons loved all the Dr. Seuss books

Soraya Diase Coffelt

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#2. Peter Rabbit's not a rabbit. Peter Rabbit is a proxy for the child who reads the book, and they imagine themselves in the rabbit's position.

Chris Van Allsburg

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#3. This one day her mother gave her
a basket of wine and cake
to take to her grandmother
because she was ill.
Wine and cake?
Where's the aspirin? The penicillin?
Where's the fruit juice?
Peter Rabbit got camomile tea.
But wine and cake it was.

Anne Sexton

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#4. She asked her parents to buy him the books she'd been read by her first teachers, Peter Rabbit and Frog and Toad. "What's the point of buying books for someone who can't read?" her parents asked, legitimately enough, and so she checked them out of her school library and read them to Rahul herself.

Jhumpa Lahiri

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#5. We believe 'Peter Rabbit' because Beatrix Potter believes it. You have to.

Nikki Giovanni

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#6. Sometimes you have to censor books. When I read 'Peter Rabbit,' I skip the part about Peter's father ending up in one of Mrs. McGregor's pies. I also hid the book of 'Grimm Fairy Tales.' They're just too grim for my grandkids. Reality will come soon enough.

Regina Brett

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#7. Only Peter Rabbit didn't get any. Don't you remember?" said Grandfather. "He will this time," said Joe. "At last Peter Rabbit has his blackberries and cream, on his birthday.

Gertrude Chandler Warner

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#8. Christ, you could massacre half a Hindu village and still look like Peter Rabbit. What are you stuffed with?"
"Chocolate bars. And I keep six kinds of ice-cream in my icebox, when I can afford it.

Ray Bradbury

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#9. Peter Rabbit, for all its gentle tininess, loudly proclaims that no story is worth the writing, no picture worth the making, if it is not a work of imagination.

Maurice Sendak

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#10. Two things a novelist can do with a hat: Talk through it or pull a rabbit from it.

Peter S. Prescott

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#11. Y2K hype taps our native discomfort with the realities of a dynamic, evolving social order. It elevates personal, local contact over the impersonality of the 'extended order' of trade and technological networks. It suggests that we can wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.

Virginia Postrel

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#12. We've made clear our view, which is we support the Russian proposal. It's within the context of the EU diplomacy aimed at getting Iran to re-suspend its enrichment activities and return to negotiations.

Joseph Adam Ereli

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#13. Legal investigation. As Clinton noted, My goal in this deposition was to be truthful, but not particularly helpful.

Steven Pinker

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#14. Winning is like sex, the more you do it, the more you like it.

Felix Sabates

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#15. My approach to politics is that I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm an American and I always support candidates I think are great for the country.

Marc Benioff

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#16. The thought of eating rabbit and squirrels doesn't appeal to me. And that was on our table quite often as a kid. In your uppity restaurants, they serve a lot of rabbit. But I just can't help but think of Peter. And deer, I can't go there, because of Bambi.

Paula Deen

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#17. When my daughter, Clare, was 4, she told me that a school friend had told her what I did for a living. Clare asked me, 'Is it true you play Jack Rabbit?'

Peter Bergman

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#18. Sometimes there just aren't enough words to fill the crack in your heart.

Robin Benway

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#19. The rabbit is one of the few animals that (de facto) enjoys screwing: after copulating it does a backward flip and drums on the ground. If it could light up a fag, it would no doubt do that too, and blow smoke rings into the sky.

Peter Zilahy

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#20. My mom insisted on multigrain bread and never allowed soda in the house.

Vin Diesel

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#21. Peter was 2 years and 10 months old when we began to study him. He was afraid of a white rat, and this fear extended to a rabbit, a fur coat, a feather, cotton wool, etc., but not to wooden blocks and similar toys.

Mary C. Jones

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#22. Affirm people. Affirm your children. Believe in them, not in what you see but in what you don't see - their potential.

Stephen Covey

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#23. I am aware these little books don't last long even if they are a success.

Beatrix Potter

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#24. From the test situations which were used to reveal fears, it was found that Peter showed even more marked fear responses to the rabbit than to the rat.

Mary C. Jones

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#25. I'm a freaking bunny? A bunny. I'm Peter fucking Rabbit.

Jess Buffett

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#26. Love of fame is the last thing even learned men can bear to be parted from.


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#27. Mr. McGregor's a nasty piece of work, isn't he? Quite the Darth Vader of children's literature.

Jasper Fforde

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#28. Peter lost one of his shoes among the cabbages, and the other shoe amongst the potatoes.

Beatrix Potter

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