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Top 72 Quotes About New Buildings

#1. Both cities had numerous tall buildings, but that was pretty much where their similarities ended. While New York appeared dirty and lived in, Chicago was spotless and trash free, newer maybe. And where New York buzzed with constant energy, Chicago exuded more of a gentle hum. - Author: J. Sterling
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#2. Abe said something interesting. He said that because everyone's so poor these days, the '90s will be a decade with no architectural legacy or style- everyone's too poor to put up new buildings. He said that code is the architecture of the '90s. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#3. New ideas often need old buildings. - Author: Jane Jacobs
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#4. One of the general considerations about new buildings is that people tend to say that anything new is a monstrosity. And then after a while they either accept them or they go on thinking that they are monstrosities. Reactions vary. This depends to some extent on the quality of the building. - Author: Joseph Rykwert
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#5. Each time a new disaster puts miners in the news, the press tries to make them into heroes, but they don't quite fit the bill. They don't march off to war or rush into burning buildings or rid our streets of crime. - Author: Tawni O'Dell
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#6. Many of the projects I'm most proud of are tall buildings, especially the housing projects. In New York I have two: one in Kips Bay and one at New York University. At that time, those projects were most challenging. - Author: I.M. Pei
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#7. I wanted to preserve the old buildings, not to destroy them and build something new. - Author: Farah Diba
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#8. But before Christianity was a rich and powerful religion, before it was associated with buildings, budgets, crusades, colonialism, or televangelism, it began as a revolutionary nonviolent movement promoting a new kind of aliveness on the margins of society. - Author: Brian D. McLaren
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#9. In 1964, when we first arrived in New York City, I remember vividly seeing the skyline of Manhattan, and our first proposal of 1964 was to wrap two lower Manhattan buildings. We never got permission. - Author: Christo
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#10. I needed real help in New York and I had no friends. I looked up at those buildings, I couldn't see the sky or nothing, and I said, 'Well, there ain't no mountain high enough,' and I just started - the words just fell out of my mouth, really. - Author: Nickolas Ashford
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#11. I just love building buildings. I'm the largest developer in New York City. I'm having a lot of fun doing it. I think I've never had more fun. I'm just enjoying my life. - Author: Donald Trump
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#12. I own buildings. I'm a builder; I know how to build. Nobody can build like I can build. Nobody. And the builders in New York will tell you that. I build the best product. And my name helps a lot. - Author: Donald Trump
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#13. Instead of looking at individual buildings, it makes more metaphorical sense to think of New York as one enormous chunk of masonry that has been cut up and carved away. It says, 'This is the ultimate polis, through which humans move like nematodes.' - Author: Will Self
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#14. New ideas must use old buildings - Author: Jane Jacobs
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#15. The U.S. stock market now trades inside black boxes, in heavily guarded buildings in New Jersey and Chicago. - Author: Michael Lewis
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#16. I lived in New York for a couple months. It seemed to me at first an incredibly clean place with well-dressed people and washed cars and bright-painted red-and-yellow streetcars and white buildings. - Author: E.L. Doctorow
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#17. I began to see new buildings, too, which were connected by futuristic walkways lit from beneath. Long, cool perspectives of modern architecture, rising phosphorescent and eerie from the rubble. - Author: Donna Tartt
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#18. I've always liked traveling around Europe and seeing the architecture. The buildings in capital cities have been there for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years. Some look better than the new ones. - Author: Joe Elliott
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#19. I know that New York is big, there are huge buildings, but in fact, it's quite small and contained ... - Author: Benjamin Clementine
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#20. Will the roofs of new buildings be vegetated? If not, why not? - Author: Tom Turner
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#21. We will emerge stronger as a diverse community; the area will be rebuilt with life around the clock, new buildings, restaurants, places of entertainment. - Author: George Pataki
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#22. I can't get over the exciting beauty of New York - the pencil buildings so high and far that the blueness of the sky floats about them; the feeling that one's taxis, and shopping, all go on in the deep canyon-beds of natural erosions rather than in the excrescences of human builders. - Author: Freya Stark
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#23. In New York City, when they develop something, they never use the old buildings. It's so wasteful. Why not use what's there? - Author: Nellie McKay
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#24. If I were a place, the area of South Bank, in London. Between the Hayward Gallery, National Theatre and all other activities, I'm never bored. I would also say New York for the breathtaking skyline formed by the buildings and the fast pace of the city, whatever the time of day. - Author: Robert Pattinson
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#25. A country whose buildings are of wood, can never increase in its improvements to any considerable degree ... Whereas when buildings are of durable materials, every new edifice is an actual and permanent acquisition to the state, adding to its value as well as to its ornament. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#26. Pointing to the sandstone buildings around us, some of which had stood there for several hundreds of years, she commented on how old everything in Oxford looked. Can't they afford anything new? she asked earnestly. - Author: Zia Haider Rahman
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#27. I love New York. It just reminds me of so many movies ... I look up at buildings, and feel like Godzilla should be climbing up them or something. - Author: Liam Hemsworth
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#28. My favourite piece of architecture is the Royal Conservatory of Music on Bloor (273 Bloor Street West). When they cleaned up the old building a few years back, the stonework just knocked me out. It is a great melding of the Old Toronto and the new. - Author: Andy Barrie
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#29. We shouldn't just look at new buildings but at existing stock building because that's an even greater problem than the new buildings being built. The renovation of existing buildings and making them green is just as important as designing new green buildings. - Author: Ken Yeang
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#30. I remember I went to Berlin right after the Wall came down. I first went to East Berlin, and all the buildings were old and falling down, and now when you go back to Berlin, you know you're in the East because all the buildings are brand new and very tall. - Author: Moby
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#31. One of the things I've always loved about New York is there is so much precedent for ornament on industrial buildings. - Author: Annabelle Selldorf
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#32. 'The Panorama' is also the last place anywhere in New York where the World Trade Center still stands, whole, as it stood in the early morning of September 11. I can also see the corner where I saw the first tower fall and howled out loud. Seeing the buildings again here is uplifting, healing. - Author: Jerry Saltz
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#33. Architecture isn't just about creating new buildings, sometimes its about retuning what's already there.. - Author: John Pawson
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#34. Every time I've flown an aircraft, or visited a steelworks, or watched a panel-beater at work, I've learned something new that can be applied to buildings. - Author: Norman Foster
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#35. Once I tried to make a standardization of staircases. Probably that is one of the oldest of the standardizations. Of course, we design new staircase steps every day in connection with all our houses, but a standardized step depends on the height of the buildings and on all kinds of things. - Author: Alvar Aalto
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#36. Often the art in New York is related to the buildings, to grandiose things. - Author: Christo
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#37. I've never been in this part of Trenton before. I don't feel comfortable driving around buildings that haven't got gang slogans sprayed on them. Look at this place. No boarded-up windows. No garbage in the gutter. No brothers selling goods on the street. Don't know how people can live like this. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#38. New York used to be so much more than just a place to shop. It was life on the street for the eccentrics; it was an eccentric city. It had many different tastes. Now it's just one - a really rich one - with big tall glass buildings. - Author: Chris Noth
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#39. Pretty mountains, pretty river, bumpy but pleasant tar road ... old buildings, old people on a front porch ... strange how old, obsolete buildings and plants and mills, the technology of fifty and a hundred years ago, always seem to look so much better than the new stuff. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
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#40. Oh, indeed there is a tie between Iraq and what happened on 9/11. It's not that Saddam Hussein was somehow himself and his regime involved in 9/11, but, if you think about what caused 9/11, it is the rise of ideologies of hatred that lead people to drive airplanes into buildings in New York. - Author: Condoleezza Rice
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#41. My architectural drive was to design new types of buildings to help poor people, especially following natural disasters and catastrophes ... I will use whatever time is left to me to keep doing what I have been doing, which is to help humanity. - Author: Frei Otto
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#42. I think there is a new awareness in this 21st century that design is as important to where and how we live as it is for museums, concert halls and civic buildings. - Author: Daniel Libeskind
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#43. The United States have developed a new weapon that destroys people but it leaves buildings standing. It's called the stock market. - Author: Jay Leno
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#44. I sometimes go back to walk through the ghostly remains of Sutton Place where the rude, new buildings stand squarely in one another's river views. - Author: John Cheever
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#45. New York makes even a rich man feel his unimportance. New York is cold, glittering, malign. The buildings dominate. There is a sort of atomic frenzy to the activity going on; the more furious the pace, the more diminished the spirit. - Author: Henry Miller
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#46. We don't agree with the depiction of buildings in the '20s and 1930s. Things were seen either from above or below which tended to monumentalize the object. This was exploited in terms of a socialistic view - a fresh view of the world, a new man, a new beginning. - Author: Bernd Becher
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#47. I moved from a mountain with one traffic light to New York City when I was 17, and it was an amazing, eye opening, creative adventure. I would walk through the streets of Manhattan looking up at these huge buildings, amazed that I didn't know a single person in any of them. - Author: Rachel Boston
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#48. In a few wretched buildings, we created a whole new industry with international significance. - Author: Edwin Land
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#49. Conversion is not a repairing of the old building, but it takes all down and erects a new structure. It is not the sewing on a patch of holiness; but, with the true convert, holiness is woven into all his powers, principles and practice. - Author: Joseph Alleine
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#50. The past is what provides us with the building blocks. Our job today is to create new buildings out of them. - Author: Theodore Zeldin
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#51. Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings. - Author: Steven Johnson
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#52. We can change so many times in our lives. We're born into a family, and it's the only life we can imagine, but it changes. Buildings collapse. Fires burn. And the next second we're someplace else entirely, going through different motions and trying to keep up with this new person we've become. - Author: Lauren DeStefano
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#53. They work now with computers for building buildings and books, but not ever with new ideas. - Author: Emil Ruder
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#54. They should make new ways to better design buildings and books. The computer was the end of Swiss typography! - Author: Emil Ruder
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#55. In New York, the buildings are like mountains in some ways, but they are only alive because of the people living in them. Real mountains are alive all over. - Author: Silas House
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#56. In Paris, there has to be a presence. History becomes the most interesting when it's compared to the present. I mean there's a whole group of people that want to build new buildings that look like old buildings. - Author: Thom Mayne
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#57. Nature is an increasingly influential part of building design - we are being guided by trees, rather than overwhelming them. New architecture is finding innovative methods to incorporate natural landscapes into, onto, and around buildings. - Author: Marc Kushner
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#58. I live in Brooklyn, New York. It is a melting pot of cultures and people. I walk down the street, and there is art on the buildings and people congregating who have been neighbors for years and events and music and freedom. - Author: Erin Willett
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#59. The dignity and sobriety of old public buildings, their temple facades, would be assaulted and covered over by indiscriminate modernity; that new buildings, more severely efficient, would eventually replace them. - Author: Gail Jones
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#60. It seems to me that the sad event of 9/11 has created a huge opportunity for the revitalization of lower Manhattan - new world class contemporary buildings, more open space and pedestrian connections, more sustainability, more culture and the rejuvenation of New York on the world stage again. - Author: Paul Goldberger
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#61. I'm a New Yorker. I like the big streets and the big buildings. It's a great place to walk. - Author: Ed Askew
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#62. In another country where the buildings don't stop rising until they pinthe clouds to the sky. - Author: Sally Gardner
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#63. I wanted to experience New York, to look up and see buildings. - Author: Haile Gebrselassie
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#64. It will take time to clear away the wreck. Though old buildings will eventually be replaced by finer ones, the new structures will take years to complete. - Author: Alcoholics Anonymous
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#65. It's not about doing over the living room of someone who has bad taste in color. This is about restoring historic buildings and instilling pride in a community, which can be done through designing new public spaces and social gathering spots. - Author: Genevieve Gorder
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#66. We expect too much of new buildings, and too little of ourselves. - Author: Jane Jacobs
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#67. What was new was the symbolic force of the targets struck. The attackers did not just physically cause the highest buildings in Manhattan to collapse; they also destroyed an icon in the household imagery of the American nation. - Author: Jurgen Habermas
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#68. In New York the sky is bluer, and the grass is greener, and the girls are prettier, and the steaks are thicker, and the buildings are higher, and the streets are wider, and the air is finer, than the sky, or the grass, or the girls, or the steaks, or the air of any place else in the world. - Author: Edna Ferber
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#69. In New York, we're always confined with spaces. Our restaurants are difficult to navigate as cooks and to operate. We fight against the buildings we run in New York. - Author: David Chang
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#70. New buildings should fit naturally into their surroundings, both architecturally and historically, without denying or prettifying the concerns of our time - Author: Gottfried Bohm
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#71. I had visited New York at age 12, and I loved the big buildings and the swarms of people. At 23, I decided to try it. I was going to go for six months, and I ended up living there for 18 years before I moved to California, so I am living the American Dream. - Author: Ari Marcopoulos
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#72. I love New York, it's always been my home. It has everything - music, fashion, entertainment, impressive buildings, huge parks, street cafes. And it's very international, with people from all over the world. - Author: Sean Combs
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