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Top 45 Quotes About Mba

#1. We don't have much in the way of a business strategy. Like no business plan. Which I say to torment all my friends who are VCs or MBAs. That's always entertaining. The deal is, it's a mixture of luck and persistence. - Author: Craig Newmark
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#2. It is time to recognize conventional MBA programs for what they are - or else to close them down. They are specialized training in the functions of business, not general educating in the practice of management. - Author: Henry Mintzberg
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#3. Eighty percent of the cases used in the typical MBA program are about successful companies. Students graduate with this notion that 'If I do everything that the people in those cases did, then my organization will grow and be successful, too.' - Author: Clayton Christensen
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#4. MBA students are not the only ones overconfident about their abilities. The "above average" effect is pervasive. Ninety percent of all drivers think they are above average behind the wheel, - Author: Richard H. Thaler
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#5. Go to law school if you want to be a lawyer. If you want to party, go get an MBA. The Rat - Author: Charles Cooper
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#6. Teaching 23-year-olds in an MBA programme strikes me as largely a waste of time. They lack the background of experience. You can teach them skills - accounting and what have you - but you can't teach them management. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#7. Financial hydrogen bombs built on personal computers by 26-year-olds with MBAs. - Author: Felix Rohatyn
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#8. The original and brilliant idea of an MBA was the opportunity for students to study the theory and application of business and management principles. - Author: Warren Bennis
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#9. You're the one with almost an MBA," Barry, the short balding one, said to Lash. "You should know what to do." "They don't cover what to do with a dead hooker," Lash countered. "That's a whole different program. Political science, I think." Despite - Author: Christopher Moore
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#10. I loved history in my school days, and I have always been a voracious reader. But in India, you end up doing MBA, engineering or medicine. - Author: Amish Tripathi
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#11. MBA students come out with: 'My staff is my most important asset.' Bullshit. Staff is usually your biggest cost. We all employ some lazy bastards who needs a kick up the backside, but no one can bring themselves to admit it. - Author: Michael O'Leary
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#12. And for the glorious honor of being bitched at constantly and the esteemed title of Claims Investigator, he'd given up five years of his life as he went to college, created a debt his great-grandkids would curse him over, and got the holy honor of MBA. More Bullshit Allowed. (Zeke) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#13. When I was young, I was an academically oriented guy like most academically oriented guys. I graduated in science, did an MBA. My dreams as a young boy were I wanted to be an industrialist, or I wanted to be a scientist. - Author: Amish Tripathi
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#14. You don't need a business plan. You don't need to have an MBA. All you need is a great idea. Anything is possible and you can accomplish it. - Author: Ron Conway
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#15. No matter the outcome, having completed a series of MBA applications in a serious, thoughtful way is a real achievement. - Author: Linda Abraham
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#16. I'll be as loving as you will be, as stubborn as I know you are, as passionate as I'm thankful you are and as supportive and understanding as I've known you to be. You are my best friend and I love you - Author: Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba
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#17. Aesthetics has become too important to be left to the aesthetes. To succeed, hard-nosed engineers, real estate developers, and MBAs must take aesthetic communication, and aesthetic pleasure, seriously. We, their customers, demand it. - Author: Virginia Postrel
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#18. Sometimes i feel that i am unlucky due to couldn't enroll in the Harvard Business School but at least by this encouragement that i enrolled in MBA in Human resource management program whereas i grown as a leader and build the team in the field of HRM through motivation. - Author: Avinash Advani
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#19. You don't see a lot of MBAs as CEOs. The MBAs tend to get hired by the CEOs. - Author: Michael Ellsberg
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#20. You don't need an MBA, a certificate, a fancy suit, a briefcase, or an above-average tolerance for risk. You just need an idea, a touch of confidence, and a push to get started. - Author: Jason Fried
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#21. When valuing a startup, add $500k for every engineer, and subtract $250k for every MBA. - Author: Aaron Patzer
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#22. You don't need a Harvard MBA to know that the bedroom and the boardroom are just two sides of the same ballgame. - Author: Stephen Fry
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#23. Most regular, two-year MBA programs provide both experience and the capacity to link together the essential elements of management such as finance, marketing, organizational behavior, and operations. - Author: Warren Bennis
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#24. In the India I was growing up in, history wasn't really a wise career option. People would joke and say, 'History's okay, but what's your actual job?' I didn't come from a privileged background and couldn't afford to be irresponsible, so I did the pragmatic thing and did a MBA. - Author: Amish Tripathi
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#25. The original idea before Mint was a life and goal planning system I called Carpe Viva. The idea was that all of life's goals, from buying a house, getting an MBA, or learning Spanish could be quantified in both time and money. - Author: Aaron Patzer
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#26. We know unequivocally that the traditional MBA curriculum for running large companies like IBM, GM and Boeing does not work in startups. In fact, it's toxic. - Author: Steven Gary Blank
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#27. When it comes to success in business, an MBA degree is optional. But a GSD, which is only earned by Getting Stuff Done, is required. - Author: Christine Comaford-Lynch
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#28. I don't have an MBA, and I didn't go to Yale. I'm not an academic person and wasn't a good student. Instead, I've been taught by some of the most inspiring people in the world. - Author: Lapo Elkann
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#29. Besides, that MBA is a Masters of Business Administration, not a Masters of Business Leadership. - Author: Dave Anderson
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#30. An MBA is a great degree for career paths like investment banking, finance, consulting, and large companies. An MBA is not necessarily the right path for starting a tech company. You should be building a prototype, not getting an MBA in that case. - Author: Guy Kawasaki
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#31. Just looking at Onex: We hire almost entirely at the most bottom level and bring them through a nine-year training program. We're probably 70/30 today not requiring an MBA. - Author: Gerry Schwartz
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#32. You go to any MBA program, and you will be taught the theory of the firm, that the purpose of the firm is the maximization of return on invested capital. I always thought this was a kind of lunacy. - Author: Peter Senge
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#33. I got my MBA at Burberry, but I will get my PhD at Apple. - Author: Angela Ahrendts
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#34. I've been among their critics [MBA programs]. Much of what I've seen in business schools is quite non-rigorous. Anecdotal histories are stretched to illustrate favored slogans. Evidence of their effectiveness is similarly anecdotal. - Author: Charles R. Morris
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#35. I have anecdotal evidence in my business that MBAs tend to blow up in financial markets, as they are trained to simplify matters a couple of steps beyond their requirement. (I beg the MBA reader not to take offense; I am myself the unhappy holder of the degree.) - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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#36. I was going to get a degree in economics and be a teacher. But I couldn't afford to pay for the education. So I just got the MBA and not the doctorate. I loved it at Bain, and I've been there ever since. - Author: Stephen Pagliuca
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#37. Hire extremely independent, intelligent, and passionate people, not necessarily "experts." Maybe three or four of my employees have MBAs, and those guys aren't necessarily at the top of the food chain. - Author: Yvon Chouinard
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#38. I really had to decide why I was writing. I had no interest in going back to law; I very briefly - for about six hours - considered going to get my MBA, but in the end, I realized that the only work I really wanted to do was write. - Author: Ben Fountain
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#39. More business decisions occur over lunch and dinner than at any other time, yet no MBA courses are given on the subject. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#40. Interestingly, a good undergraduate program does a lot of what an MBA does. I think a really good undergraduate program and some work experience is just about the equal of an MBA. - Author: Gerry Schwartz
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#41. All MBA have said are correct, but they can't execute it. - Author: Jack Ma
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#42. Most small business owners are not particularly sophisticated business people. That's not a criticism; they're passionate about cutting hair or cooking food, and that's why they got in the business, not because they have an MBA. - Author: Andrew Mason
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#43. If given a choice between investing in someone who has read REWORK or has an MBA, I'm investing in REWORK every time. A must read for every entrepreneur. - Author: Mark Cuban
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#44. I am an Ivy league graduate. I have a Harvard MBA. I've opened casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and the French Riviera. I've worked for the Santangelo's, the Lucchetti's and the Gambino's. - Author: Jackie Chanel
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#45. I'm not sure I was a typical head of a company. Most people that run big companies come out of sales and they come out of marketing and they're quite serious and they have MBA's from very good schools and things like that. I'm an accidental CEO, thank the Disney Company. - Author: Michael Eisner
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