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Top 34 Quotes About Local Politics

#1. Women are still chronically underrepresente d in U.S. politics, at both a local and national level. But there's one city, where those three top jobs will be filled by women for the next year, and that city is Washington, D.C. - Author: Chuck Todd
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#2. People don't get involved with local charities or politics because they think it's hard to make a difference and the problem feels overwhelming. But I believe that if all I've time for this year is to write one letter to the local council, it's still worth doing. - Author: Monica Ali
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#3. ... go down to the country, take a house, get interested in local politics, in local scandal, in village gossip. Take an inquisitive and violent interest in your neighbours. - Author: Agatha Christie
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#4. Well, if I ever suffer brain damage I know there's always a career waiting for me in local politics. - Author: Jonathan L. Howard
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#5. Why are women raped far away (say, Bosnia) called victims, while those raped nearby (say, a local campus) are playing victim politics? - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#6. I do not belive that Washington should do for the people wha they can do for themselves through local and private effort. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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#7. Men enter local politics solely as a result of being unhappily married. - Author: C. Northcote Parkinson
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#8. I think I'm one of the most patriotic people that I've ever encountered in America. I consider myself a bedrock patriot. I participate very actively in local politics, because my voice might be worthwhile. I participate in a meaningful way - not by donations; I work at it. - Author: Hunter S. Thompson
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#9. Localisation stands, at best, at the limits of practical possibility, but it has the decisive argument in its favour that there will be no alternative. - Author: David Fleming
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#10. Where issues used to be, say, parochial or local in Ireland or England and so forth, all politics is global now because all business is global. - Author: Gabriel Byrne
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#11. There are very few issues that lie specifically in one region now. Polio in Syria doesn't affect Syria alone. I don't think any issue can ever be isolated into local politics these days, because we all know too much. - Author: Cate Blanchett
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#12. I really think more fledgling novelists - and many current and even established novelists - should get out into the real world and cover local politics, sports, culture, and crime and write it up on deadline. - Author: C.J. Box
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#13. She stopped, picked up the paper, stood there to read the headlines. But nothing seemed changed, or at least the paper made the current crises sound like all the old ones; the ferment of politics, the clash of minor foreign wars, the dismay over local crime seemed of a pattern she'd always known. - Author: Dolores Hitchens
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#14. Local politics, like everything else, are not what they used to be. But the fact is that our political system - like our physical existence - still breaks down along geographical lines. - Author: Eric Alterman
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#15. All politics are local, and so in church. - Author: Greg Boyle
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#16. Politicians are just a bunch of local bandits, sent by their local voters to raid the public treasury. - Author: Will Rogers
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#17. And finally: I reserve for myself the right to yearn after an ecological niche:
...Beneath the sky
Of my America to sigh
For one locality in Russia.

(a passage not for 'general readers' but for 'idiots') - Author: Vladimir Nabokov
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#18. I think he was absolutely right not to go to UN last week ... First things first - that is, values and people here in their local communities, and remembering all politics is local, and trusting people more. - Author: Patricia Hewitt
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#19. What I've found in working less is you start to get a bit more involved in the more real politics, which is local politics that affect what's going on in your own community. - Author: Tom Hodgkinson
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#20. When we say, even in a global village, that all politics is local, we mean that national sovereignties are the only reliable source of political authority. - Author: Michael Ignatieff
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#21. I remember my dad supporting everyone on the local and national level. I was pretty much born into it. I saw the importance of politics firsthand. It gave you a chance to be at the table. - Author: Nicole Avant
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#22. I engage with local politics because it affects people I love. And I engage in national politics because it affects people I love. - Author: Shane Claiborne
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#23. [M]ore Americans work for federal, state or local government than work in any form of manufacturing. We crossed that Rubicon about 10 years ago. - Author: Ann Coulter
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#24. Our cities need to change, fast. Tactical Urbanism is a guided tour of solutions created when local people decide they can't wait for politics to catch up before they improve their neighborhoods. This weathervane book deserves a place on any urbanist's bookshelf. - Author: Alex Steffen
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#25. Politics is so personal, vicious and immediate, how are you going to get anything done? Even the local politics where I live have gotten so ugly. - Author: Robin Williams
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#26. As anywhere else, political instability provided an opportunity for local scores to be settled, for personal grievances to be aired, for heroes to be acclaimed and discarded, giving full reign to the fickle fortunes of war. - Author: Charles Emmerson
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#27. People do not come out to vote for a United States Senator. They come out to vote for the Sheriff or the County Commissioner. - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson
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#28. The government bugged the men's room in the local disco lounge. - Author: Don Henley
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#29. Just as all politics is local, all good history is personal. - Author: Marcia Clark
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#30. All politics is local. - Author: Thomas P. O'Neill
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#31. I was on leave from local and regional politics, as long as I was a Minister. - Author: Emma Bonino
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#32. The reality is that capital punishment in America is a lottery. It is a punishment that is shaped by the constraints of poverty, race, geography and local politics. - Author: Bryan Stevenson
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#33. They were unironic enthusiasts for all the mass pleasures the culture offered: television, NASCAR, cruises, Disney World, sports, celebrity gossip, and local politics. - Author: Thomas McGuane
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#34. If there is a ground zero in the cultural wars, it is Missouri, a state where pro-life groups are strong and well organized and their agenda dominates local politics. - Author: Eleanor Clift
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