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#1. Three hundred persons took their seats in the dining-room, according to their rank and importance: the more important nearer to the honoured guest, as naturally as water flows deepest where the land lies lowest. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#2. A field of water betrays the spirit that is in the air. It is continually receiving new life and motion from above. It is intermediate in its nature between land and sky. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#3. Recognize and respect Earth's beautiful systems of balance, between the presence of animals on land, the fish in the sea, birds in the air, mankind, water, air, and land. Most importantly there must always be awareness of the actions by people that can disturb this precious balance. - Author: Margaret Mead
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#4. Scientists say there is a noise that snowflakes make when they land on water, like the wail of a coyote; the sound reaches a climax and then fades away, all in about one ten-thousandth of a second. - Author: Craig Johnson
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#5. One of the most magical places on Earth is a small island in the Caribbean called Mustique. With brilliant beaches, warm water, and lush vegetation, this tiny green swath of land is my idea of paradise. - Author: Nina Garcia
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#6. President Obama believes that we have a moral obligation to the next generation to leave our land, water, and wildlife better than we found it, - Author: Sally Jewell
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#7. England may as well dam up the waters of the Nile with bulrushes as to fetter the step of Freedom, more proud and firm in this youthful land than where she treads the sequestered glens of Scotland, or couches herself among the magnificent mountains of Switzerland. - Author: Lydia M. Child
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#8. The great question of the seventies is, shall we surrender to our surroundings, or shall we make our peace with nature and begin to make reparations for the damage we have done to our air, to our land, and to our water? - Author: Richard M. Nixon
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#9. Normally, people who are frustrated out in the water are frustrated on land. They brought their frustration with them. If you go to a beach where there are a hundred guys out, and you paddle out looking to ride waves alone, you're setting yourself up. - Author: Laird Hamilton
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#10. Islands - of times when you're content, you don't think about the loss. Now it's like your world's underwater. All of it. But the water goes down and the islands come up. The water'll be there always but you'll find dry land - Author: Jeffery Deaver
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#11. Railroad iron is a magician's rod, in its power to evoke the sleeping energies of land and water. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#12. Our national conservation effort must include the complete spectrum of resources: air, water, and land; fuels, energy, and minerals; soils, forests, and forage; fish and wildlife. Together they make up the world of nature which surrounds us- of the American heritage. - Author: John F. Kennedy
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#13. This is suicidal ... our home is the biosphere. That's a very thin layer of air, water and land where all life exists. It's fixed, it can't grow, and yet we cling to this idea that the economy can grow forever. And it must. Well, it can't. - Author: David Suzuki
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#14. He walked on water. Perhaps. But could he have *swum* on land? In matching knickers and dark glasses? With his Fountain in a Love-in-Tokyo? In pointy shoes and a puff? Would he have had the imagination? - Author: Arundhati Roy
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#15. The United States has long thought of itself as the land of infinite plenty, and historically we did have abundant resources. But now we are gradually exhausting our fisheries, our topsoil, our water. On top of that, we're coming to the end of world resources. - Author: Jared Diamond
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#16. Snowflakes make when they land on water, like the wail of a coyote; the sound reaches a climax and then fades away, all in about one - Author: Craig Johnson
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#17. Israel ranks her priorities in the following way: security, land, and water. - Author: Bashar Al-Assad
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#18. There have only been about a half dozen genuinely important events in the four-billion-year saga of life on Earth: single-celled life, multicelled life, differentiation into plants and animals, movement of animals from water to land, and the advent of mammals and consciousness. - Author: Elon Musk
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#19. The earth, the air, the land and the water are not an inheritance from our fore fathers but on loan from our children. So we have to handover to them at least as it was handed over to us. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#20. It takes big money to preach a big Gospel to a great big world. We have to have our own land. We have to pay electricity bills, water bills, generator bills, staff payment, security, the audit department needs money, and there are legalities that require money. - Author: Paul Silway
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#21. The land will sink into the water, and then, the water will evaporate into the air, taking the sky with it. And all, but a tremor of what once was, will be gone. ~ Ichabod Everward, during the Fossil War. - Author: Ryan Mark
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#22. This is what reading is like to me. It's finding a spring in the midst of a barren land. Just when I think I might up and die of thirst, I stumble onto this fresh, cold water, and I'm suddenly given this new life because I can-and do-drink to my heart's content. - Author: Beverly Lewis
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#23. She told me about rolling hills covered with cornfields and treeless miles of land without water. I dreamt of cornfields dotted with yellow rosebushes - Author: A. LaFaye
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#24. It is important to recognize that behind the razzmatazz of consumerism, we all remain dependent on basic natural resources - land, air, water and biodiversity - for every product and service. There can be no free lunch on the environment. - Author: Klaus Topfer
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#25. One tragic example of the loss of forests and then water is found in Ethiopia. The amount of its forested land has decreased from 40 to 1 percent in the last four decades. Concurrently, the amount of rainfall has declined to the point where the country is rapidly becoming a wasteland. - Author: Al Gore
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#26. Midway between land and water, freshwater marshes are among the most highly productive ecosystems on earth, rivaling the tropical rainforest. - Author: Robin Wall Kimmerer
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#27. We can only add to the world, where we believe it ends, more parts similar to those we already know (an expanse made again and always of water and land, stars and skies). - Author: Umberto Eco
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#28. They ravaged neither the rivers nor the forest, and if they irrigated, they took as little water as would serve their needs. The land and all that it bore they treated with consideration; not attempting to improve it, they never desecrated it. - Author: Willa Cather
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#29. Not I, nor anyone else can travel that road for you.
You must travel it by yourself.
It is not far. It is within reach.
Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know.
Perhaps it is everywhere - on water and land. - Author: Walt Whitman
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#30. There's magic in the water that draws all men away form the land, that leads them over hills, down creeks and streams and rivers to the sea. - Author: Herman Melville
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#31. He had come to the conclusion that, as the earth consisted of land and water, so human life was made up of eatings and beatings. - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
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#32. During an earthquake it sometimes happens that fresh springs break out in dry places which water and quicken the land so that plants can grow. In the same way the shattering experiences of suffering can cause the living water to well up in a human heart. - Author: Sadhu Sundar Singh
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#33. We do not fully understand the consequences of rising populations and increasing energy consumption on the interwoven fabric of atmosphere, water, land and life. - Author: Martin Rees
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#34. In 1847, two years before the greedy rush for gold began in California, the Mormons quietly began irrigating Utah's Salt Lake Valley. In a sense, they were the first American irrigators of any significance. And their knowledge about the art of applying water to land has spread throughout the world. - Author: Stuart Campbell
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#35. The river moves from land to water to land, in and out of organisms, reminding us what native peoples have never forgotten: that you cannot separate the land from the water, or the people from the land. - Author: Lynn Culbreath Noel
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#36. What life compares with a duck's life? At home on land, in the air and on water. - Author: Marty Rubin
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#37. The new earth will be like Eden..the deserts will gush with water ... A beautiful and bountiful land will flourish. - Author: Paul P. Enns
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#38. With ceremony, with forms of politeness and reassurance, they borrowed the waters of the River and its little confluents to drink and be clean and irrigate with, using water mindfully, carefully. They lived in a land that answers greed with drought and death. A difficult land: aloof yet sensitive. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#39. Pebble is a piece of sacred ground. They say it's the greatest meeting of land and water in the world. This course was heaven designed - just the way it fits on the land. - Author: Johnny Miller
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#40. I can never get over when you're on the beach how beautiful the sand looks and the water washes it away and straightens it up and the trees and the grass all look great. I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own. - Author: Andy Warhol
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#41. [In science any model depends on a pre-chosen taxonomy] a set of classifications into which we divide the enormous complexity of the real world ... Land, labor, and capital are extremely heterogeneous aggregates, not much better than earth, air, fire, and water. - Author: Kenneth E. Boulding
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#42. The tract through which we passed is generally very good land, with plenty of water; and there, as well as here, the country is neither rocky nor overrun with brush-wood. - Author: Junipero Serra
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#43. Thirsting for God O God, you are my God; I earnestly search for you. My soul thirsts for you; my whole body longs for you in this parched and weary land where there is no water. I have seen you in your sanctuary and gazed upon your power and glory. PSALM 63:1-2 NLT - Author: Various
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#44. We all like to congregate at boundary conditions. Where land meets water. Where earth meets air. Where bodies meet mind. Where space meets time. We like to be on one side, and look at the other. - Author: Douglas Adams
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#45. Land and water are not really separate things, but they are separate words, and we perceive through words. - Author: David Rains Wallace
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#46. I'm fortunate enough with the surfing to be very much at home at the water - my pulse and heart rate are slower in the water than they are on land. - Author: Ryan Kwanten
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#47. Our lifestyle, our wildlife, our land and our water remain critical to our definition of Wyoming and to our economic future. - Author: Dave Freudenthal
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#48. What we're also looking at, if we do not transform our energy system, is more international war and conflict as countries fight over limited natural resources, including water and land to grow their crops. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#49. We're going to explore the outside world someday, right? Far beyond these walls, there's flaming water, land made of ice, and fields of sand spread wide. It's the world my parents wanted to go to. - Author: Hajime Isayama
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#50. Let the sky lead me, the land ground me, the fire cleanse me, and the water feed me. - Author: Emily R. King
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#51. Every bit of land is a Holy land, and every drop of water is Holy water, and every single child is a son or a daughter of the one Earth mama, and the one Earth papa. - Author: Michael Franti
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#52. Don't sell your land, don't sell Grandmother Earth to the strip-mining outfits and the uranium companies. Don't sell your water." That kind of advice is a threat to the system and gets you into the penitentiary. - Author: Mary Crow Dog
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#53. They paddled easily, in unison, the paddles turning in their hands so that they did not leave the water on the forward stroke. The small waves slapped softly against the bows. Otherwise they made no noise. It was dark. Nobody saw them go. They just left the land and went off across the sea. - Author: Ian Fleming
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#54. Anyone who thinks humans are not capable of so fouling their own nest that the land and the waters can no longer be productive just hasn't been paying attention. - Author: Molly Ivins
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#55. Living on the water took away the boundaries created by land and custom and introversion. Without fences and driveways, the water provided a constant thread of connection and dependency. - Author: Lily Graham
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#56. I have observed, on board a steamer, how men and women easily give way to their instinct for flirtation, because water has the power of washing away our sense of responsibility, and those who on land resemble the oak in their firmness behave like floating seaweed when on the sea. - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
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#57. Everything was simple, physical, painful, exalting. The world consisted of the four elements - land and water, firepower and distancing air. - Author: Susan Sontag
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#58. The 6th of August in the morning we saw an opening in the land and we ran into it, and anchored in 7 and a half fathom water, 2 miles from the shore, clean sand. - Author: William Dampier
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#59. The sugar industry doesn't want to see more of the agricultural areas turned into storm-water treatment areas. Ultimately they want to develop that land for houses and a shopping center. - Author: Charles Lee
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#60. The shore is an ancient world, for as long as there has been an earth and sea there has been this place of the meeting of land and water. - Author: Rachel Carson
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#61. I think we're as different as land and water.'
'James and I were very different too.'
'You were? But you seem so good together, so much in harmony.' And so passionate, but Victoria bit back the too-intimate words.
'It's taken years and lots of hard work to develop that kind of unity. - Author: Jody Hedlund
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#62. The California supreme court, following the English common-law, decided that the owner of land bordering a watercourse was entitled only to the usufruct of the water; that if he used it he must return it to its original course unimpaired in quality and undiminished in volume. - Author: Jerome Hart
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#63. The pool was but a stone's throw from the house, and I arrived there in a few minutes, only to find a boy disturbing the water by dredging it with a worm. Him I lured away with a cake of chocolate ... Every day I see the head of the largest trout I ever hooked, but did not land. - Author: Theodore Gordon
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#64. When it comes to the environment and global warming from emissions, it has to be dealt with in one of two ways - preemptive regulations, which I don't agree with, or with private property principles. Nobody has the right to pollute their neighbors' air or water or land. - Author: Ron Paul
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#65. All my family back to the 1700s were water Gypsies. My brothers and me, we were the first ones to be born on dry land. All the rest of them were born on barges in the canals. - Author: Ronnie Wood
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#66. I work with wood a lot. I like building. I think of building. I would love to buy land on some water somewhere and build a house. That'd be nice. - Author: Ethan Canin
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#67. If you're shipwrecked on an island with 10 million dollars and your wife has gold and diamonds, but there's no water, no arable land, no fish, you have nothing. Money is a 'nothing' thing. - Author: Jacque Fresco
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#68. This was my prayer: an adequate portion of land with a garden and a spring of water and a small wood to complete the picture. - Author: Horace
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#69. Protecting our land, our air and our water is a very important thing that we can only do together. - Author: Martin O'Malley
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#70. Water is the most critical resource issue of our lifetime and our children's lifetime. The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land. - Author: Luna Leopold
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#71. We've poisoned the air, the water, and the land. In our passion to control nature, things have gone out of control. Progress from now on has to mean something different. We're running out of resources and we are running out of time. - Author: Robert Redford
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#72. To me, a forest is just a bunch of trees, but lakes and rivers are alive. Water is to the land what blood is to the land. - Author: Sam Torode
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#73. Imagination runs through the places where we live like water. We need both things-a living knowledge of the land and a live imagination of it and our place in it- if we are going to preserve it. - Author: Robert Hass
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#74. Try seeing, feeling, and tasting the water you swim in the way a land animal might perceive it. You may find the experience fascinating -- and mind-expanding. - Author: Erin Meyer
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#75. Elves know a lot and are wondrous folk for news and know what is going on among the peoples of the land as quick as water flows, or quicker. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#76. In a dry and thirsty land, my soul thirsts for the living God, the living water. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#77. The city is as large as Seville or Cordova; its streets, I speak of the principal ones, are very wide and straight; some of these, and all the inferior ones, are half land and half water, and are navigated by canoes. - Author: Hernan Cortes
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#78. It's time to respect the treaties our ancestors signed and care for our land, water, and cultures so that they remain healthy for our future generations. - Author: Winona LaDuke
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#79. the evolutions of the bird on the wing are quite as safe and infinitely more rapid and beautiful than the movements of either the quadruped on the land or the fish in the water. - Author: David McCullough
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#80. The tide was still on the ebb in that complex swell and fall of water against land, as though a great heart in the centre of the earth beat but twice a day. - Author: Annie Proulx
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#81. You know that if you get in the water and have nothing to hold on to, but try to behave as you would on dry land, you will drown. But if, on the other hand, you trust yourself to the water and let go, you will float. And this is exactly the situation of faith. - Author: Alan Watts
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#82. Prayer is like water - something you can't imagine has the strength or power to do any good, and yet give it time and it can change the lay of the land. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#83. The descendants of those who crucified Christ ... have taken ownership of the riches of the world, a minority has taken ownership of the gold of the world, the silver, the minerals, water, the good lands, petrol, well, the riches, and they have concentrated the riches in a small number of hands. - Author: Hugo Chavez
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#84. We must keep these waters for wild rice, these trees for maple syrup, our lakes for fish, and our land and aquifers for all of our relatives - whether they have fins, roots, wings, or paws. - Author: Winona LaDuke
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#85. For the water animals, the ocean is like a garden; for the land animals, it is death and pain. - Author: Rumi
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#86. This land has brought forth numerous children, favouring both the bad and the good ones. It is not the land that is responsible for the people's hardships, it is the people themselves. Pg.8 - Author: Obehi Peter Ewanfoh
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#87. Five Great Charters knit the land
Together linked, hand in hand
One in the people who wear the crown
Two in the folk who keep the Dead down
Three and Five became stone and mortar
Four sees all in frozen water. - Author: Garth Nix
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#88. The silken rush of woodland waters and the scoured shapes of the desert - these and countless other treasures we owe to those farsighted enough to have preserved the public lands that make up our inheritance. - Author: T. H. Watkins
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#89. True conservation provides for wise use by the general public. The American people do not want our resources preserved for the exclusive use of the wealthy. These land and water resources belong to the people, and people of all income levels should have easy access to them. - Author: George Aiken
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#90. My first introduction to New Orleans was from the air, flying high over the city with a view of the land - and water - below. - Author: Rachel Sklar
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#91. For a moment I was filled with the sensation of white snow against black water. The way the whiteness erases all the detail around a lake or a river in the forest so that the difference between land and water is absolute, and the water lies there as a deeply alien entity, a black hole in the world. - Author: Karl Ove Knausgard
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#92. And then God, in his benevolence, tasked Adam with the nasty business of nomenclature, calling beasts of land and water and air for what he saw fit, giving them names, calling them names, pegging down their potentials to classifications, to genus, to species. - Author: Carlos Malvar
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#93. We have been getting rich by depleting all our natural stocks - water, hydrocarbons, forests, rivers, fish and arable land - and not by generating renewable flows. - Author: Joseph J. Romm
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#94. Little drops of water, little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land.
So the little minutes, humble though they be,
Make the mighty ages of eternity. - Author: Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney
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#95. It sucks to be a klutz on land and a klutz in the water. - Author: Anna Banks
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#96. When a plane lands in the Hudson and there's a Twitter user on the ferry taking a picture of it, Boom. That's it. The water is still splashing. Here's the photo of the thing. - Author: Biz Stone
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#97. In addition, the oil royalties the Federal Government does not collect from big oil will starve the Land and Water Conservation Fund of critical financial resources. - Author: Ron Kind
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#98. Mother Earth needs us to keep our covenant. We will do this in courts, we will do this on our radio station, and we will commit to our descendants to work hard to protect this land and water for them. Whether you have feet, wings, fins, or roots, we are all in it together. - Author: Winona LaDuke
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#99. My family has spent 400 years farming on the banks of the Rio Grande. We know the value of hard work, love of the community, love for water and land. - Author: Ken Salazar
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#100. A pioneer is a man who turned all the grass upside down, strung bob-wire over the dust that was left, poisoned the water, cut down the trees, killed the Indian who owned the land and called it progress. - Author: Charles Marion Russell
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