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#1. I come from rather an international, or in other words, a cosmopolitan background. - Author: George Blake
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#2. Next up is the fat family psychologist who makes his guests cry (he calls this "breaking through the wall of denial"), and invites them to leave if any of them dare question his methods. Hodges thinks the fat family psychologist might have learned those methods from old KGB training videos. - Author: Stephen King
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#3. What is happening here is that television is altering the meaning of "being informed" by creating a species of information that might properly be called disinformation. I am using this word almost in the precise sense in which it is used by spies in the CIA or KGB. - Author: Neil Postman
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#4. paranoid, you said so in your notes. He knew the KGB and MVD were watching him in Minsk, and he's going to be afraid that the FBI and the - Author: Stephen King
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#5. As soon as I finished the Russian course, I was sent to Korea with the task of trying to establish an agent network, a network in the so called maritime provinces. - Author: George Blake
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#6. [The Soviet State Security Service] is more than a secret police organization, more than an intelligence and counter-intelligence organization. It is an instrument for subversion, manipulation and violence, for secret intervention in the affairs of other countries. - Author: Allen W. Dulles
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#7. The experience of opposing mass movements was acquired by the KGB during perestroika. It was then that the politicians decided to develop and nourish mass movements for their purposes. - Author: Vladimir Bukovsky
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#8. There is a little bit of everybody in everybody. - Author: Leonard Leventon
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#9. One of my books, called 'Moscow Station,' revealed that a KGB archivist had defected from Russia to the FBI. And I knew that he was safe, and revealing this would not jeopardize him. But nevertheless, the FBI started a leak investigation. - Author: Ronald Kessler
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#10. My television teaches me that everything was wonderful in the Soviet Union. According to the programs I watch, the KGB and apparatchiks were angels, and the Stalin era was so festive that the heroes of the day must still be celebrated today. - Author: Vladimir Sorokin
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#11. Government employees are public servants and prohibited by the Constitution from inhibiting religious freedom, that is a far cry from sneaking around and into a church and acting like KGB agents. - Author: Mathew Staver
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#12. I've met enough KGB colonels in my life. - Author: Garry Kasparov
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#13. Made me feel ashamed of belonging to these overpowering, technical superior countries fighting against what seemed to me quite defenseless people. - Author: George Blake
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#14. Putin and his colleagues were reduced mainly to collecting press clippings, thus contributing to the growing mountains of useless information produced by the KGB. - Author: Masha Gessen
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#15. To go again over the history of the struggle of resistance ... and to think 'Where are all these people today Where is the KGB' is very inspiring - Author: Natan Sharansky
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#16. They just didn't make them like that anymore. Nowadays she was lucky to get some mild flirtation from some leather-faced NRA lobbyist. Forget about doggy-style on an eighteenth-century canopied bed by a certified KGB agent who said things like beg for it my little Yankee poodle. - Author: Magnus Flyte
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#17. Perhaps my information hurt the Soviet Union more than it helped. I have no idea. It was not something I ever discussed with the KGB officers that I was dealing with. - Author: Aldrich Ames
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#18. The British secret service was staffed at one point almost entirely by alcoholic homosexuals working for the KGB - Author: Clive James
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#19. We should be I hope finally realizing what Vladimir Putin is. He's an old colonel, KGB, apparatchik, and he dreams of the restoration of the Russian empire. - Author: John McCain
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#20. But we're all still KGB really. Old wine, new bottles. - Author: Lee Child
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#21. Donald Maclean, a British diplomat who had spied for the KGB. "Maclean said: 'People who read Pravda every day are invincible.' People who are well informed and get their information from different sources inevitably start thinking," Kalugin - Author: Arkady Ostrovsky
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#22. Gentlemen. You are looking at the true Abraham Lincoln of Arabia. And in order to end our internal bickering - our civil war, if you will - I have solicited your aid. - Author: Leonard Leventon
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#23. The one thing that proved to me you were CIA and not KGB is when you gave me those medicines to test on my daughter. Because the KGB is heartless. They would have given me one pill and said, do it. I knew I was working with a humane organization when you gave me five medicines. - Author: David E. Hoffman
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#24. Of course the biggest mafia in Russia has always been the government; in Soviet times, the Communist Party, and now a circle of former KGB and FSB. - Author: Martin Cruz Smith
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#25. I'm sorry. The KGB did not have classes in cracker. - Author: Larry Correia
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#26. I was not extremely patriotic about Mother Russia. I played their game, pretending. You have to deal with, you know, party people, KGB. Horrifying. - Author: Mikhail Baryshnikov
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#27. I've never been to the Soviet Union and the main reason for that is I was warned several times by people from the KGB who had defected to the West that it would be very unsafe for me to go there - Author: Brian Crozier
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#28. Decades of indoctrination, manipulation, censorship and KGB excursions haven't altered this fact: People want a piece of their own little Something-or-Other, and, if they don't get it, have a tendency to initiate counterrevolution. - Author: Frank Zappa
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#29. I know not every mom is a secret KGB spy, but every mom has this whole other life. Every dad and every person has this whole other life. - Author: Keri Russell
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#30. The KGB still killed people, the KGB would not execute its last prisoner until the final days of its existence in 1991, but by the eighties a termination required paperwork and signatures and a post-action review. - Author: Tom Clancy
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#31. In Russia we only had two TV channels. Channel One was propaganda. Channel Two consisted of a KGB officer telling you: Turn back at once to Channel One. - Author: Yakov Smirnoff
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#32. The boys and girls in the SVR, many of them former KGB officers, weren't holstering their Makarovs just yet. - Author: Bryan Denson
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#33. Next time
we will roll out the red carpet for you in the United States of Arabia, my brethren! - Author: Leonard Leventon
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#34. I was very restless. I really wanted to be a part of a kind of a progressive society. I was fed up with these Communist doctrines and you were hassled all the time with members of the Party committee who were KGB, what you have to do, where in the West you can go or not to go. - Author: Mikhail Baryshnikov
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#35. In the past it would take you weeks, if not months, to identify how Iranian activists connect to each other. Now you know how they connect to each other by looking at their Facebook page. KGB ... used to torture in order to get this data. - Author: Evgeny Morozov
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#36. Anyone can deceive us .... for a time.
[KGB] - Author: Tom Clancy
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#37. As the CIA and KGB, like God and Satan, fight Miltonic battles across five continents ... - Author: Paul Johnson
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#38. Indeed, the KGB's nearly total control of the Russian Orthodox Church, both at home and abroad, is one of the most sordid and little known chapters in the history of our organization. - Author: Oleg Kalugin
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#39. I've been called a spy of Israel since 1996, and since I made my documentary film in 2000 the FBI has investigated me as an agent of Iraq. The FBI has also opened up an investigation into my wife calling her a KGB spy. - Author: Scott Ritter
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#40. My notion of the KGB came from romantic spy stories. I was a pure and utterly successful product of Soviet patriotic education. - Author: Vladimir Putin
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#41. The only thing I ever withheld from the KGB were the names of two agents whom I personally had known and handled and had a particular feeling for. - Author: Aldrich Ames
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#42. hear him laughing. Perhaps this was the moment to mention Vasili Yenkov. He opened his desk drawer and took out Yenkov's KGB file. He picked up a folder of documents for Khrushchev to sign, then he hesitated. He was - Author: Ken Follett
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#43. I wanted to choose somewhere public, because I was scared of the KGB. - Author: Mathias Rust
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#44. I saw a limit to what I was giving as kind of a scam I was running on the KGB, by giving them people that I knew were their double agents fed to us. - Author: Aldrich Ames
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#45. The quality of Moscow's hired killers had slipped since the KGB's glory days. - Author: Alexander Litvinenko
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#46. All mathematics is divided into three parts: cryptography (paid for by CIA, KGB and the like), hydrodynamics (supported by manufacturers of atomic submarines) and celestial mechanics (financed by military and other institutions dealing with missiles, such as NASA). - Author: Vladimir Arnold
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#47. The revolution is an amalgam of former Party functionaries, quasi- democrats, KGB officers, and black-market wheeler-dealers, who are standing in power now and have represented a dirty hybrid unseen in world history - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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#48. Let's say a Soviet exchange student back in the '70s would go back and tell the KGB about people and places and things that he'd seen and done and been involved with. This is not really espionage; there's no betrayal of trust. - Author: Aldrich Ames
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