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Top 30 Quotes About Infomercials

#1. I vulgarize my feelings by speaking of them too readily to others. - Author: Susan Sontag
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#2. Writing is 90 percent procrastination: reading magazines, eating cereal out of the box, watching infomercials. It's a matter of doing everything you can to avoid writing, until it is about four in the morning and you reach the point where you have to write. - Author: Paul Rudnick
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#3. You've got to have fresh wardrobe. You can't just go out there looking like you did last time. That helps your transformation. - Author: Mick Jagger
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#4. After saying the jobs bill is paid for, President Obama now says that it will be paid for by raising taxes over 10 years. I can't figure out if he's the kind of guy who makes infomercials, or the kind of guy who falls for infomercials. - Author: Jay Leno
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#5. I left Mexico for artistic survival. If I had stayed, I would have been forced by the government, who control the movie business, to direct TV shows or commercials or infomercials for the government. - Author: Alfonso Cuaron
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#6. Every time I see documentaries or infomercials about little kids with cancer, I just freak out. It affects me on the highest emotional level ... Anytime I think about it, it makes me sadder than anything I can think of. - Author: Kurt Cobain
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#7. Everything belonged to him
but that was a trifle. The thing to know was what he belonged to, how many powers of darkness claimed him for their own. - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#8. If you've sold over a million records, you are not punk rock, you are milking the system for everything that it's worth. - Author: Billy Corgan
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#9. I looked at game show hosting as the bottom of the totem pole, one step away from infomercials. I never watched them myself. However, it's been a lot of fun. - Author: Drew Carey
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#10. Advertisements on YouTube are the new infomercials. - Author: J.R. Rim
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#11. 'Buncha Losers' comedy is one of those homegrown American art forms, up there with infomercials and Elvis-shaped soap carvings. No other civilization could have invented it. The French took a stab with Sartre's 'No Exit,' but then they had to ruin it with a lesson at the end. - Author: Rob Sheffield
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#12. We don't know the days that will change our lives. Probably just as well. - Author: Stephen King
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#13. I like infomercials. - Author: Tracey Ullman
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#14. Is that why you do good deeds, Richie? To shorten your time in Purgatory?' 'Oh, honey,' he said, brushing lint from an orange sleeve. 'I'm going to hell. That's where the action is. - Author: Michael Nava
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#15. His job ruled his day. Cable television infomercials and YouTube searches ruled his nights. - Author: Jared C. Wilson
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#16. It has been said that the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games is something that an athlete will remember for the rest of their life. It is true. That moment when you walk into the Olympic Stadium as part of the Australian Olympic Team, is a moment that I will never forget. - Author: Jeff Fenech
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#17. The family on my mom's side, their whole business is inventing and pitching stuff. My grandfather is in infomercials. He's a pitchman, so if you're ever watching TV late at night, you'll probably see him pitching knives. My great-grandfather also invented the plastic cheese grater. - Author: Ashley Tisdale
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#18. There is a cookie trail of all my interests lodged in some digital sphere which will one day consolidate the collected data of six billion souls and vomit out - I don't know - personalized infomercials for deodorant and car wax. - Author: J. Lincoln Fenn
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#19. Dare to dream big dreams. For those are the dreams that have the power to push your whole world forward. - Author: Ralph Marston
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#20. relegated to a tireless search to find a church that preaches the Bible at all, as today's pulpits more commonly stream self-help infomercials which refuse to mention, let alone offer remedy for man's greatest issue: sin and man's need for redemption. - Author: Jeff Kluttz
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#21. Magnus raised his hands above his head and clapped once. The room flooded with light. "You see? You think that would be possible without magic?
"Actually," replied Simon, "It is. If you watched infomercials you'd know that. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#22. your boss is an older sibling. You'll always be respectful, but you won't hesitate to offer frank advice when you think it's warranted - and you'll never suck up. - Author: Gary Hamel
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#23. Carter, not to be unkind," I said, "but the last few months you've been seeing messages about Zia everywhere. Two weeks ago, you thought she was sending you a distress call in your mashed potatoes."
"It was a Z! Carved right in the potatoes! - Author: Rick Riordan
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#24. Like they say in the infomercials, you're under no obligation. Right. On the other hand, my mother would have said the devil's voice is sweet. But I sat down. - Author: Stephen King
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#25. There's no-one up there in Northern Norway , food's terrible, but it's very, very beautiful to look at, if you've got eyes, and enjoy looking. - Author: David Hockney
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#26. No purchase is so urgent, no bargain so rare, that you don't have time to research it thoroughly, despite what they might have you believe. This applies, in particular, to infomercials that urge you to 'Call now, while supplies last,' or 'Call in the next 10 minutes for a free gift.' - Author: Jean Chatzky
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#27. I think Americans still can't help but respond to the natural authority of this voice. Deep down they long to be told what to do by a British accent. That's why so many infomercials have British people. - Author: John Oliver
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#28. I've done a dozen or two dozen infomercials. - Author: Matthew Lesko
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#29. I've lost seven friends to smoking-related lung cancer. Each death was a long, agonizing experience. - Author: Tom Brokaw
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#30. No one's on at my time but infomercials. - Author: Carson Daly
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