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#1. The earth is attempting to rid itself of an infection by human parasite. - Author: Richard Preston
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#2. The worst job I ever had was working as a Lady Liberty sign-twirler for a tax services place, where I'd just dance and have fun. The way I talk about it makes it sounds like a fun job - but then I got a staph infection from the costume. So that was probably the worst part about it. - Author: Ron Funches
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#3. Epidemiologists study patterns in order to combat infection. Stories about epidemics follow patterns, too. Stories aren't often deadly, but they can be virulent: spreading fast, weakening resistance, wreaking havoc. - Author: Jill Lepore
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#4. To be boosted by an illusion is not to live better than to live in harmony with the truth ... these refusals to part with a decayed illusion are really an infection to the mind. - Author: George Santayana
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#5. Just as the body takes time to recover from an infection that has afflicted it, so the soul needs times of silence and solitude for its recovery from the insane pace of modern life. - Author: Howard Baker
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#6. Or maybe it's life that is the infection: a feverish dream, a hallucination of feelings. Death is purification, a cleansing, a cure. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#7. Please don't assault me with that meat amalgam. It would surely cause infection - Author: Brandon Mull
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#8. Don't order the fish," Yancy advised Merry when they sat down. "But it's a seafood joint." "More like a petri dish with menus. When they say 'catch of the day,' they mean infection." Brennan - Author: Carl Hiaasen
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#9. There is nothing like the cure of fresh air for cases of bladder infection, paranoia, and Cartesian thinking. - Author: Rawi Hage
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#10. But it makes an immigrant laugh to hear the fears of the nationalist, scared of infection, penetration, miscegenation, when this is small fry, peanuts, compared to what the immigrant fears - dissolution, disappearance. - Author: Zadie Smith
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#11. I sing and play the guitar, and I'm a walking, talking bacterial infection. - Author: Kurt Cobain
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#12. She'd just have to pray that the immortality gracing her blood would drive off any infection. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#13. Basically Ken is a very gentle, home-loving person. I remember when one of his stick insects had a knee infection. He stayed up all night rubbing it with germoline and banging its head on the table. - Author: Dave Barry
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#14. Pulchritude
beauty where you would least suspect it, hidden in a word that looked like it should signify a belch or a skin infection. - Author: Zadie Smith
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#15. Experiments suggest that if one particle of Ebola enters a person's bloodstream, it can cause a fatal infection. This may explain why many of the medical workers who came down with Ebola couldn't remember making any mistakes that might have exposed them. - Author: Richard Preston
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#16. Careful!" warned Friar Lorenzo, trying to close the lid. "You know not what infection those lips carry! - Author: Anne Fortier
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#17. A childish soul not inoculated with compulsory prayer is a soul open to any religious infection. - Author: Alexander Cockburn
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#18. Lips, let sour words go by and language end:
What is amiss plague and infection mend!
Graves only be men's works and death their gain!
Sun, hide thy beams! Timon hath done his reign. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#19. Our goal is not to completely eradicate the infection - that would be very difficult - but to produce a vaccine that will prevent not infection but disease. I think this is more possible. - Author: Luc Montagnier
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#20. Periodontal bacteria can easily slip into the bloodstream and cause infection elsewhere in the body. - Author: Mallory Ortberg
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#21. Tumble me down, and I will sit
Upon my ruines (smiling yet
Teare me to tatters; yet I'le be
Patient in my necessitie.
Laugh at my scraps of cloathes, and shun
Me, as a fear'd infection:
Yet scarre-crow-like I'le walk as one,
Neglecting thy derision. - Author: Robert Herrick
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#22. INK, n. A villainous compound of tannogallate of iron, gum-arabic, and water, chiefly used to facilitate the infection of idiocy and promote intellectual crime. - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#23. Traces of human life vanish very quickly: Glafira Petrovna's estate had not yet gone wild, but it seemed already to have sunk into that quiet repose which possesses everything on earth wherever there is no restless human infection to affect it. - Author: Ivan Turgenev
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#24. What seems to be clear to me is that after the primary infection most of the cells die indirectly, but at the later stage, when the viral load is very high, the virus kills a lot of cells directly. - Author: Luc Montagnier
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#25. Just as the only reservoir for the typhus virus in nature is provided by man, so the only vector of infection is the louse. The bite of the louse is not virulent immediately after the infecting meal. It becomes so only towards the 7th day following infection. - Author: Charles Jules Henry Nicole
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#26. Ever since our first fathers by infection took this morbum sathanicum, this devilish disease, pride, of the devil, such tinder is our nature, that every little spark sets us on fire; our nature hath grown so light, that every little thing puffeth us up, and sets us aloft in our altitudes presently. - Author: Lancelot Andrewes
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#27. Our world was like that, full of words that killed: croup, tetanus, typhus, gas, war, lathe, rubble, work, bombardment, bomb, tuberculosis, infection. With these words and those years I bring back the many fears that accompanied me all my life. - Author: Elena Ferrante
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#28. Stewart, Jr. who was called Stewie Two, graduated from Steering before Garp was even of age to enter the school; Jenny treated Stewie Two twice for a sprained ankle and once for gonorrhea. He later went through Harvard Business School, a staph infection, and a divorce. - Author: John Irving
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#29. Life is nothing but mutual infection. - Author: Richard Powers
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#30. If you look at the whole life of the planet, we - you know, Man - has only been around for a few blinks of an eye. So if the infection wipes us all out, that is a return to normality. - Author: Alex Garland
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#31. You could probably use stitches on that one." Addressing both tigers, I scolded softly, "You two will probably get an infection and your tails will fall off. - Author: Colleen Houck
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#32. He wasn't a talkative man to begin with, and in all aspects of life - as though it were a kind of mouth infection he wanted to avoid catching - he never talked about his feelings. - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#33. One pain is cured by another. catch some new infection in your eye and the poison of the old one would die. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#34. She doesn't look back as we round the corner and her new jeans are so tight, I hope she gets a yeast infection. - Author: Caroline Kepnes
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#35. He was like an infection that spread through my body, replicating in my mind and heart. Every - Author: S.D. Hendrickson
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#36. The rain forest has its own defenses. The earth's immune system, so to speak, has recognized the presence of the human species and is starting to kick in. The earth is attempting to rid itself of an infection by the human parasite. Perhaps AIDS is the first step in a natural process of clearance. - Author: Richard Preston
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#37. The world can now maintain an acute infection in a way that is unprecedented in the history of life on our planet. - Author: Nathan Wolfe
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#38. Attorney General John Ashcroft is in intensive care. He's suffering from a severe case of pancreatitis, which they can't really figure out because he's not really a drinker. They think he might have picked up some type of infection while wiping his ass with the Bill of Rights. - Author: Bill Maher
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#39. A book is a carrier, and the ideas contained within its covers are an infection waiting to be spread. They breed in men. They adapt according to the host. Books alter men, and men, in their turn, alter worlds. - Author: John Connolly
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#40. I wouldn't be worried to sit next to someone with Ebola virus on the Tube as long as they don't vomit on you or something. This is an infection that requires very close contact. - Author: Peter Piot
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#41. From the practical point of view, the susceptibility to infection of the guinea pig proved to be the most useful step forward. Today, all laboratories use this animal for preserving the virus. - Author: Charles Jules Henry Nicole
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#42. Get a shot of love to prevent the infection called depression. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#43. After all, evil was a kind of poison, an infection of the soul. - Author: John Connolly
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#44. Jewels! Today each twig is important,
each ring, each infection, each form
is all that the gods must have meant. - Author: Anne Sexton
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#45. It had not been a long journey, but the memory of it filled her like an infection. She had felt tethered by time to the city behind her, so that the minutes stretched out taut as she moved away, and slowed the farther she got, dragging out her little voyage. - Author: China Mieville
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#46. Bad habits are like infection. Inflammation starts from the mouth and weaken the body's ability. - Author: Kishore Bansal
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#47. If there was ever a species that deserved purging from the surface of the planet, it is humanity. We are, or should be, a temporary infestation or infection, a smart virus awaiting its divine antidote. - Author: Mal Peet
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#48. One of the mysteries of hep B immunization is that vaccinating only 'high risk' groups, which was the original public health strategy, did not bring down rates of infection. - Author: Eula Biss
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#49. Ecological disturbance causes diseases to emerge. Shake a tree, and things fall out. Nearly all zoonotic diseases result from infection by one of six kinds of pathogen: viruses, bacteria, fungi, protists (a group of - Author: David Quammen
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#50. HIV infection and AIDS is growing - but so too is public apathy. We have already lost too many friends and colleagues. - Author: David Geffen
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#51. A quarter-moon smeared a feverish glow on the marble slabs and dappled the trodden weeds that beleaguered them with a pale dewy leprosy; only the massy shadows which clustered around the trunks of the ancient oaks and beeches escaped its infection. - Author: William Scott Home
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#52. A naturopath once told me you should never take antibiotics except if you have pneumonia, a kidney infection or some other serious illness. That's my philosophy, too. - Author: Pamela Sue Martin
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#53. Anti-Semitism is a horrible disease from which nobody is immune, and it has a kind of evil fascination that makes an enlightened person draw near the source of infection, supposedly in a scientific spirit, but really to sniff the vapors and dally with the possibility. - Author: Mary McCarthy
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#54. I don't know of any neuropsychiatric disorder other than an infection that has been cured. But the goal is to improve the quality of life of people who experience autistic symptomology and I just think we will make progress on that. - Author: Gerald Fischbach
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#55. One pain is lessened by another's anguish ... Take thou some new infection to thy eye, And the rank poison of the old will die. - Author: William Shakespeare
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#56. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has established highly specific criteria for the diagnosis of Lyme disease: an acknowledged tick bite, the appearance of a bull's-eye rash, and, for those who don't live in a region where Lyme is common, laboratory evidence of infection. - Author: Michael Specter
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#57. We've all been sick; we're all afraid of infection. I think the easiest application to help people understand what quorum sensing is and why it's important to study is to tell them that if we could make the bacteria either deaf or mute, we could create new antibiotics. - Author: Bonnie Bassler
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#58. That is how the dead survive: they live in our memories, and some of the times that is a good thing and beautiful, and other times it is not good, and then the dead are like a virus in the blood, an infection of the mind. Then, - Author: Marcus Sedgwick
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#59. You dial another college friend, Dr. Saunders, and she picks up almost immediately, 'Hi! Got a shitstorm here, what's up? - Author: A.J. Lauer
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#60. When political authority and journalism colluded with one another, democracy lost its ability to critique and cleanse itself, allowing a deadly infection to take root. - Author: Yoshiki Tanaka
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#61. As I sat in the hot, salty water, I thought, 'No wonder Mr. Bubble always gives me a urinary tract infection and hives.' Mr. Bubble was for common people. Mr. Bubble was for my so-called brother, their true child. I was a Vanderbilt. I should bathe in condiments and seasonings. - Author: Augusten Burroughs
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#62. He thinks by infection, catching an opinion like a cold. - Author: John Ruskin
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#63. I don't know whether other asthma sufferers find this, but I've noticed that even when I've got my asthma under control, I often develop another problem such as an ear, chest or sinus infection and sometimes even joint pains. - Author: Kevin McCloud
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#64. Without this balance, a body's immune system will not have the desired response when faced with infection. These findings could aid the development and production of vaccines and lead to further research on how the body fights specific infections, such as HIV. - Author: Bill Vaughan
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#65. Whoever refuses to remember the inhumanity is prone to new risks of infection. - Author: Richard Von Weizsaecker
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#66. All philanthropy ... is only a savory fumigation burning at the mouth of a sewer. This incense offering makes the air more endurable to passers-by, but it does not hinder the infection in the sewer from spreading. - Author: Ellen Key
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#67. Circumcision in the United States is routinely performed without anesthesia, though anesthesia reduces the infant's stress and prevents infection and blood clots. - Author: Warren Farrell
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#68. That very afternoon, Taft fell seriously ill with what doctors mistakenly diagnosed as dengue fever. He remained bedridden for ten days, and when he returned to work, severe rectal pain prevented him from sitting. At the same time, a fungal infection developed in his groin. - Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin
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#69. You travel to lush looted countries. parts of earth laying on their sides. barely breathing. hot with rust, infection, and tourist anemia. you and your camera arrive. start tearing at bodies with your lust. it's harmless. appreciating culture. sharing. honoring clothing. the way certain skin exists. - Author: Nayyirah Waheed
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#70. I tried phone sex - it gave me an ear infection ... - Author: Richard Lewis
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#71. It is a fair, even-handed, noble adjustment of things, that while there is infection in disease and sorrow, there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#72. I got to a nine-hour surgery, I lost lots of body parts and rearranged, I got really months of infection that I lost 30 pounds. But the idea of pumping poison into my bloodstream just - I couldn't, I couldn't. - Author: Eve Ensler
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#73. Sometimes mothers of newborn babies have to take antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. The antibiotics can damage the protective stool barrier allowing C. diff to get in and cause infection. I - Author: J. Thomas LaMont
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#74. It may seem an easy task to disregard a secret but secrets are like splinters beneath the flesh, the infection spreads and spreads and then the limb turns gangrenous and must be sawn away, all for the sake of a sliver of wood. - Author: Keith Miller
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#75. One of the reasons many people don't have what they want is neglect. Neglect starts out as an infection and then develops into a disease. - Author: Jim Rohn
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#76. It's interesting to note that when something like a virus tries to poison us, the first thing our bodies do is heat up. We burn away the infection. Maybe that's what Earth is doing to us. - Author: Simon Toyne
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#77. I suppose she's just dying of living
that's the one infection that strikes us all down, sooner or later. - Author: Larry McMurtry
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#78. For like a poisonous breath over the fields, like a mass of locusts over Egypt, so the swarm of excuses is a general plaque, a ruinous infection among men, that eats off the sprouts of the Eternal. - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#79. Miss me?" he whispered, giving me the once-over, eyes lingering on my chest. My heart skipped a beat. My glyph pulsed painfully.
"Like a urinary tract infection," I said, through gritted teeth. - Author: Vicki Pettersson
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#80. In childhood I developed a serious throat infection, and my heart stopped beating. I recovered from that illness with a voice that boomed forth like Kate Smith's! - Author: Patsy Cline
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#81. Robots may cut down on infection and mean a consultant can see more patients, but wouldn't you rather meet the doctor than a machine? - Author: Robert Winston
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#82. Each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, two million Americans acquire an infection while they are in the hospital. Ninety thousand die of that infection. The - Author: Atul Gawande
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#83. In many parts of the world, women and girls are especially vulnerable to HIV/AIDS because they lack control over most aspects of their life. Cultural expectations and gender roles expose women and girls to violence, sexual exploitation and far greater risk for infection. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#84. I thought, Hatred is vital to good health, and I thought, To find ourselves in harmony with the world is a lethal infection. - Author: Antonio Lobo Antunes
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#85. The damage that the human body can survive these days is as awesome as it is horrible: crushing, burning, bombing, a burst blood vessel in the brain, a ruptured colon, a massive heart attack, rampaging infection. These conditions had once been uniformly fatal. - Author: Atul Gawande
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#86. The downside was that hospital staff took the first big blasts of secondary infection; the upside was that those blasts generally weren't emitted by people still feeling healthy enough to ride a bus or a subway to work. This was an enormously consequential factor in the SARS episode - - Author: David Quammen
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#87. Today we know the best way to prevent the spread of Ebola infection is through public health measures. - Author: Anthony Fauci
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#88. The alcoholic retains the ability to condemn his addiction and advise those not subject to it to avoid succumbing to the liquid poison. But the cocaine addict likes proselytizing; thus, instead of constituting a tangible warning, every victim of the drug acts as a source of infection. - Author: Pitigrilli
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#89. Stress is not necessarily something bad it all depends on how you take it. The stress of exhilarating, creative successful work is beneficial, while that of failure, humiliation or infection is detrimental. - Author: Hans Selye
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#90. One out of every 100 American men is HIV positive. The rate of infection has reached epidemic proportions in 40 developing nations. - Author: Philip Emeagwali
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#91. Convincing biologic evidence exists for symptomatic chronic B. burgdorferi infection in patients after recommended treatment regimens for Lyme disease. - Author: David Quammen
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#92. The discovery that I soon made that the guinea pig was also susceptible to infection made it possible for me, from the third year on, to preserve the virus on this animal. - Author: Charles Jules Henry Nicole
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#93. I don't expect the human race to progress in too many areas. However, having a child with an ear infection makes one hugely grateful for antibiotics. - Author: David Bowie
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#94. Hate is an infection, a disease, that eats away at the good and leaves only evil. - Author: R. Francis D'Oliveira
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#95. Gratitude is not a band aid and neither is happiness. You can't just slap it on a wound and it will automatically heal, but it is a salve that can help keep it clean, free of infection, and back on the road to recovery. - Author: James Fullerton
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#96. Revenge is an infection of the spirit. - Author: Jonathan Maberry
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#97. We're very prepared: Infection-control people in hospitals over the past two months have been reviewing all their infection- control procedures because we anticipated just this sort of thing happening-a person coming from West Africa, they were healthy at the time they traveled, but got sick here. - Author: William Schaffner
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#98. You must be as thrilled as I am to meet again.Call it an act of extreme kindness that I requested your leg be bandaged up," she snaps. "I want to see you stand for your execution,and I won't have you dying from infection before I'm through with you."
"Thanks.You're very kind. - Author: Marie Lu
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#99. The psychologist Mark Schaller has shown that disgust is part of what he calls the "behavioral immune system" - a set of cognitive modules that are triggered by signs of infection or disease in other people and that make you want to get away from those people.40 - Author: Jonathan Haidt
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#100. Thought is an infection. In the case of certain thoughts it becomes an epidemic. p901 - Author: Wallace Stevens
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