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Top 100 Quotes About Inability

#1. In the midst of uncertainty and the paradoxical tension of having to believe God for the impossible, real faith requires actually trusting in Him, despite our inability to always understand Him. - Author: Ken Wytsma
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#2. Despite their physical inability to engage with race on the very visual terms that are thought to define its salience and social significance, blind people's understanding and experience with race is not unlike that of sighted individuals. - Author: Osagie Obasogie
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#3. Getting annoyed with his inability to make a decision, I fight the impulse to walk out by reminding myself of my end-goal. - Author: Ella Dominguez
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#4. There is a central flaw in contemporary culture and a corresponding and related inability to address it. Society seems somehow unable to adequately help or protect itself. Normal citizens feel powerless, isolated and disturbed. - Author: Michael Leunig
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#5. they are aware of having been misunderstood as children, they feel that the fault lay with them and with their inability to express themselves appropriately. - Author: Alice Miller
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#6. A character, their ability or inability to laugh at themselves should always be a very, very conscious choice. It's a very big key to the nature of a human being. - Author: Grant Bowler
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#7. Never question your ability to overcome obstacles. Question your inability to overcome those obstacles. - Author: Lorenzo Victory
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#8. Being clueless isn't in the inability to use the brain but in the inability to see. - Author: Adeola O. Ajibabi
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#9. I think I became a writer because of my love of stories and an inability to stop asking, 'What if?' - Author: Caroline Leavitt
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#10. Everyone is an ocean inside. Every individual walking the street. Everyone is a universe of thoughts, and insights, and feelings. But every person is crippled in his or her own way by our inability to truly present ourselves to the world. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
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#11. All the terrible things we do to ourselves and others from alcoholism to character assignation to abuse to murder come from one cause: the inability to stay present with an uncomfortable feeling in the body and seek short-term relief. - Author: Pema Chodron
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#12. Censorship that comes from the outside assumes about people an inability to make reasoned choices. - Author: George Carlin
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#13. Before there could be any permanent reformation the people must be led to feel their utter inability in themselves to render obedience to God. - Author: Ellen G. White
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#14. Julia was blind and deaf to to the truth. She was ignorant. Did one reprove a blind woman for inability to see? Did one become angry with the deaf for not hearing? - Author: Francine Rivers
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#15. To believe that the United States is post-racial requires an almost incomprehensible inability or unwillingness to stare truth in the face. - Author: Tim Wise
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#16. In direct contradiciton to the American dream, God actually delights in exalting our inability. - Author: David Platt
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#17. All I did in Chicago was to exercise my legal right to speak on my own behalf and I was given four years in jail as a result. But I think the most serious injustice perpetrated by the court system in America is the inability of a black man to get a jury of his peers. - Author: Bobby Seale
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#18. One of my biggest problems in life has been my inability to lie. - Author: Billy Childish
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#19. I just have an inability to lie. - Author: Paloma Faith
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#20. The speed of the human mind is remarkable. So is its inability to face the obvious. - Author: Simon Mawer
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#21. The care of the critic should be to distinguish error from inability, faults of inexperience from defects of nature. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#22. In Sartre's hell, there are no torture devices, no devils. Just the INABILITY to become the person that you are. - Author: Keshni Kashyap
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#23. Your inability to forgive has always been your most ironic character trait. - Author: Elizabeth Little
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#24. In Parkinson disease, double vision arises from the inability of the eyes to keep pace with each other. - Author: Sotirios Parashos
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#25. Intuitive: The word conveys, I think, a diffuse annoyance at our inability to understand how we come by such knowledge. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#26. The inability to grasp the pathology* of our oligarchic rulers is one of our gravest faults. - Author: Chris Hedges
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#27. I am very up front about about my inability to pronounce things correctly. - Author: Gillian Jacobs
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#28. The observation of others is coloured by our inability to observe ourselves impartially. We can never be impartial about anything until we can be impartial about our own organism. - Author: Alfred Richard Orage
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#29. The fossil record implies trial and error, the inability to anticipate the future, features inconsistent with a Great Designer (though not a Designer of a more remote and indirect temperament.) - Author: Carl Sagan
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#30. I focus on the most important form of innumeracy in everyday life, statistical innumeracy
that is, the inability to reason about uncertainties and risk. - Author: Gerd Gigerenzer
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#31. Gift of wisdom consisting in the power to do this, the gift actually presupposes our conscious inability to do it, - Author: J.I. Packer
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#32. One of the minor tragedies of human memory is our inability to unwatch movies we'd love to see (again) for the first time. - Author: Chuck Klosterman
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#33. It would be ridiculous to hold your breath and blame others for your inability to breathe. In the same sense, it is ridiculous to live an unaligned life and blame God for your misfortune. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#34. Class warfare or soaking the so-called rich may make for good populist demagoguery and serve the political ends of the governing masterminds, but it does nothing to solve the grave realities of the federal government's insatiable appetite for spending and its inability to reform itself. - Author: Mark R. Levin
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#35. They justify themselves with their inability; and the design and end of the law, as a school-master to fit them for Christ, is defeated. - Author: Jonathan Edwards
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#36. The mistakes were made by people who did not know how to wield the concepts University, division and team-spirit. Their puzzles arose from inability to use certain items in the English vocabulary. - Author: Anonymous
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#37. It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences. - Author: Audre Lorde
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#38. I'm always drawn to stories about characters who are somewhat isolated inside themselves by their inability to communicate in some way. That's what interested me about 'Children of a Lesser God.' - Author: Randa Haines
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#39. You inability to reconstruct past beliefs will inevitably cause you to underestimate the extent to which you were surprised by past events. - Author: Daniel Kahneman
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#40. I have lost friends, some by death - Percival - others through sheer inability to cross the street. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#41. Pollution is a necessary result of the inability of man to reform and transform waste. - Author: Patti Smith
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#42. An inability to understand the weakness in his fellow men that left him barely more than competent in the internecine feuding at the heart of the Aelerian political machine. It - Author: Daniel Polansky
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#43. What best defines a child is the total inability to receive information from anything not plugged in. - Author: Bill Cosby
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#44. The easy assumption that we have remembered the most important people and events and have preserved the most valuable evidence is immediately trumped by our inability to know what we have forgotten. - Author: Wendell Berry
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#45. It's only in the finer points that it gets complicated and contentious, the inability to realize that no matter what our religion or gender or race or geographic background, we all have about 98 percent in common with each other. - Author: David Levithan
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#46. The gradual decline of a society is often a self-induced process of trying to meet ever-expanding appetites, rather than a physical inability to produce past levels of food and fuel, or to maintain adequate defense. - Author: Victor Davis Hanson
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#47. [Snobbishness] is the desire for what divides men and the inability to value what unites them. - Author: Joseph Epstein
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#48. My biggest concern for this generation is your inability to focus, especially in prayer. - Author: Francis Chan
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#49. He was blessed with the ability to admire the unlovely. Or, I should say, he was blessed with the inability to feel there is a difference between lovely and un-. - Author: Alexandra Horowitz
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#50. God's genius is as wide as the cosmos, while by comparison our intelligence can find room on the head of a pin. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#51. America's biggest failure is its inability to take comedy seriously. - Author: H.L. Mencken
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#52. The #1 reasons are unsuccessful is their inability to lead themselves. - Author: Johnny Hunt
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#53. Only hardness or only softness creates an inability to deal effectively with the fluctuations of life. - Author: Seikichi Toguchi
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#54. The true crisis in our world is not social, political, or economic, our crisis is the crisis of consciousness: an inability to directly experience our true nature, an inability to recognize this nature in everyone and in all things. - Author: Daniel Schmidt
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#55. The main cause of my difficulties stemmed from the tragedy of my daughter's unsound birth and my inability to face my feelings. - Author: Gene Tierney
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#56. My dad was a man of infinite varieties of bitterness, rage, distaste. In my lifelong struggle to avoid becoming him, I'd developed an inability to demonstrate much negative emotion at all. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#57. Children deprived of words become school dropouts; dropouts deprived of hope behave delinquently. Amateur censors blame delinquency on reading immoral books and magazines, when in fact, the inability to read anything is the basic trouble. - Author: Peter S. Jennison
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#58. I will never tell another person, "I don't understand you ... " and why? Because if I say that, it means that I am disabled in a way. The inability to connect to another's perspective is, I believe, a disability. - Author: C. JoyBell C.
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#59. What keeps us from happiness is our inability to fully inhabit the present - Author: Alan Watts
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#60. You see that the people who are drawn to alternative medicine are often fairly healthy and they go to alternative medicine for what I call the 'symptoms of life.' Fatigue, joint pains, inability to concentrate, perhaps, the kinds of things that anyone over twenty-five gets at some point. - Author: Marcia Angell
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#61. Choices that you make out of inability are not life solutions. - Author: Sadhguru
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#62. At the heart of the failure of most plays is the inability to carry on a thoughtful conversation about your work with yourself. - Author: Marsha Norman
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#63. Generally speaking, though, Americans have an inability to relax into sheer pleasure. Ours is an entertainment-seeking nation, but not necessarily a pleasure-seeking one. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#64. An inability to encourage someone else is usually rooted in an absorption
with self that is blind to the needs or gifts of others, or a pride that cannot bring itself to praise God's grace in them. - Author: Sinclair B. Ferguson
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#65. Our inability to talk about the past was almost as damaging to our relationship as the past itself. - Author: Leigh Byrne
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#66. Powerlessness is dangerous. For most of us, the inability to affect change is a desperate feeling. We need resilience and hope and a spirit that can carry us through the doubt and fear. We need to believe that we can effect change if we want to live and love with our whole hearts. - Author: Brene Brown
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#67. We are more likely to fail as craftsmen due to our inability to organize obsession than because of our lack of ability. - Author: Richard Sennett
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#68. He's seeing my soul, my fears, my fragility, my inability to deal with a world which i pretend to master, but about which I know nothing - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#69. My mother tried to teach me when I was a small child to sing but failed because of my inability to carry a tune. - Author: Heber J. Grant
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#70. A morality that holds need as a claim, holds emptiness-non-existence-as its standard of value; it rewards an absence, a defect: weakness, inability, incompetence, suffering, disease, disaster, the lack, the fault, the flaw-the zero. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#71. Several people have told me that my inability to suffer fools gladly is one of my main weaknesses. - Author: Edsger Dijkstra
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#72. Man's survival, from the time of Adam and Eve until the invention of agriculture, must have been precarious because of his inability to ensure his food supply. - Author: Norman Borlaug
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#73. The greatest tragedy in life is our inability to experience and express fascination for the people and events we love while in their presence. - Author: Darrell Calkins
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#74. Men love to be forgiven. It makes us feel better about our inability to learn from our mistakes." Leo Hathaway - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#75. God actually delights in exalting our inability. He intentionally puts his people in situations where they come face to face with their need for him. - Author: David Platt
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#76. By far the strongest poison to the human spirit is the inability to forgive oneself or another person. Forgiveness is no longer an option but a necessity for healing. - Author: Caroline Myss
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#77. Clear thinking is not the characteristic which distinguishes our literature today. We are more and more caught up by the unintelligible. People like it. This argues an inability to think, or, almost as bad, a disinclination to think. - Author: Edith Hamilton
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#78. There is a desire for progress in the hearts of all men, and it is the sense of frustration and inability to move forward that brings violent revolution. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
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#79. He didn't know if he was more furious with his brother, for knowing precisely how to loop the wire around his neck, or with himself, for his inability to duck out of the noose. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#80. The inability to pass reasonable gun safety laws after the Newtown massacre is something that weighs heavily on my mind. - Author: Eric Holder
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#81. I would like to think that I curse expertly - it's not something that I do without considering it. I never curse without intending to; it's not something I resort to because of inability to articulate or find the correct word. - Author: Adam Mansbach
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#82. He felt the inability to grieve as a terrible flaw. - Author: Frank Herbert
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#83. When you judge others you reveal your inability to see them through God's eyes. - Author: Carlos A. Rodriguez
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#84. The resulting inability or even desire to reason and think through an idea logically is demonstrated by one-liners such as "I'm not into 'isms. - Author: Ravi Zacharias
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#85. Childish egocentrism is, in its essence, an inability to differentiate between the ego and the social environment. - Author: Jean Piaget
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#86. I have since learned that the most mature believer is the one who is bent over, leaning most heavily on the Lord, and admitting his total inability to do anything without Christ. The greatest Christian is not the one who has achieved the most but rather the one who has received the most. - Author: Jim Cymbala
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#87. We've pretended too much in our family, Luke, and hidden far too much. I think we're all going to pay a high price for our inability to face the truth. - Author: Pat Conroy
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#88. Many people fail in their career, business and relationship, and others get stuck because of their inability to make quality decisions. - Author: Nkem Paul
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#89. The inability to open up to hope is what blocks trust, and blocked trust is the reason for blighted dreams. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#90. If I had to define a major depression in a single sentence, I would describe it as a genetic/neurochemical disorder requiring a strong environmental trigger whose characteristic manifestation is an inability to appreciate sunsets. - Author: Robert M. Sapolsky
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#91. Don't let your inability to do everything undermine your determination to do something. - Author: Cory Booker
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#92. There are no philosophical problems, there is only a suite of interconnected linguistic cul de sacs created by language's inability to reflect the truth. - Author: Victor Pelevin
Quotes About Inability #89106
#93. Far-seeing patriots should turn scornfully from men who seek power on a platform which with exquisite nicety combines silly inability to understand the national needs and dishonest insintcerity in promising conflicting and impossible remedies. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
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#94. It is tempting to think of this form of insomnia, the inability to fall asleep, as a disease of agency and control: the inability to relinquish high self-reflexive consciousness for the vulnerable, ignorant regions of slumber in which we know not what we do. - Author: Siri Hustvedt
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#95. There were people who were born with an inability to be tangled up in dark emotions, in complications, and Iloba was one of them. For such people, Obinze felt both admiration and boredom. - Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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#96. MID-TWENTIES BREAKDOWN: A period of mental collapse occurring in one's twenties, often caused by an inability to function outside of school or structured environments coupled with a realization of one's essential aloneness in the world. Often marks induction into the ritual of pharmaceutical usage. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#97. Nothing drives men crazier than the inability to possess. - Author: Hannah Mary Rothschild
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#98. This simple inability to remember not the true sequence of events but a reconstructed one will make history appear in hindsight to be far more explainable than it actually was - or is. - Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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#99. Eleanor had followed Richard, marveling, as always, at the male inability to speak the language of the heart. "One day I hope to understand why men see sentiment as the ultimate enemy," she said dryly, "but I'll not be holding my breath until it happens. - Author: Sharon Kay Penman
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#100. The inability of some critics to connect the dots doesn't make pointillism pointless - Author: Georges Seurat
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