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Top 27 Quotes About Impersonators

#1. I hate nickels; they're quarter impersonators. - Author: Gary Gulman
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#2. We're both broken people looking for a safe place to land. Maybe this time we've actually found solid ground - Author: Alyssa Rose Ivy
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#3. While I am so afraid to fail so I won't even try,
Well how can I say I'm alive. - Author: Dido
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#4. Like hermit crabs, addictions are resourceful impersonators hidden in vacated snail shells, protecting soft bodies in borrowed homes. Not - Author: Caryl Ann Casbon
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#5. Nobody really invents anything that hasn't been done before. - Author: Don Cornelius
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#6. Everyone, everywhere was having a life. - Author: Catherine Ryan Hyde
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#7. 'Titania' is the best yacht currently afloat of its kind and size. There is very little, if anything, that anybody would go wanting for on 'Titania.' - Author: John Caudwell
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#8. Long-term unemployment can make any worker progressively less employable, even after the economy strengthens. - Author: Janet Yellen
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#9. Would that I were still a ludicrous character in his lousy book! - Author: Philip Roth
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#10. The Kenyans beat up on the American runners in every road race every weekend of the year, but we're way ahead of them in the number and quality of our Elvis impersonators. We get our X-Men and gorillas. - Author: Don Kardong
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#11. A lot of people think that I'm a Michael Jackson impersonator. - Author: Michael Jackson
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#12. If you do not seek to publish what you have written, then you are not a writer and you never will be. - Author: George V. Higgins
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#13. Stop looking back when your future is ahead of you. - Author: Ricky Maye
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#14. Impersonators, with time give up hope, but great leaders imitate with discretion. - Author: S. E. Entsua-Mensah
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#15. As you get older and you hopefully battle your own demons, you find other reasons why you want to be an actor. The people that I truly admire do this because they love telling stories and they love the make-believe of the moment and not so much the gratification afterwards. - Author: Eric Balfour
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#16. For anyone who has ever stood before a bathroom mirror and secretly thanked The
Academy, a hilarious guide to becoming 'It' in an age where the line between fame
and infamy is as fine as a Manolo Blahnik stiletto heel. - Author: Bonnie Fuller
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#17. These poor girls are just bad impersonators. They look cheap, really. There's nothing special about them. They are just reaching out to get noticed. They don't want to be invisible anymore. They don't want to get lost in crowds. - Author: James W. Bodden
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#18. Women are all female impersonators to some degree. - Author: Susan Brownmiller
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#19. I made the mistake early in my career, when I moved to Hollywood, of being attracted to actresses. I used to go out exclusively with actresses and other female impersonators. - Author: Mort Sahl
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#20. The world is full up with the talented impersonators of the Devil - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#21. If life was fair, Elvis would still be alive and all the impersonators dead. - Author: Johnny Carson
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#22. If life were fair, Elvis would still be alive and all the impersonators would be dead. - Author: Johnny Carson
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#23. What strikes me as funny about Elvis is that all the impersonators choose to do the Vegas Elvis, not the young, cool guy ... - Author: Bill Hicks
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#24. We are all trained to be female impersonators. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#25. It's every woman's tragedy, that, after a certain age, she looks like a female impersonator. Mind you, we've known some lovely female impersonators, in our time. - Author: Angela Carter
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#26. In the American Technopoly, public opinion is a yes or no answer to an unexamined question. - Author: Neil Postman
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#27. The world does not need a 'gay Elvis', for the original, with his black leather suit, pomaded pompadour, come-fuck-me eyes and radiant narcissism, was quite queer enough - Author: Mark Simpson
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