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#1. Fifteen years ago, my wife and I purchased an authentic log cabin in Maryland. Painstakingly restored since, the cabin sits on a forested bluff high above a wide river frequented by ospreys, eagles, geese, herons, and other water fowl.

James Luceno

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#2. But for their cries,
The herons would be lost
Amidst the morning snow.

Chiyo Ni

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#3. Nine herons stand like flowers in the canal beside the coking plant.

Anthony Doerr

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#4. It is never too late to go quietly to our lakes, rivers, oceans, even our small streams, and say to the sea gulls, the great blue herons, the bald eagles, the salmon, that we are sorry.

Brenda Peterson

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#5. Stalking along from log to log, or plunging their long legs in the oozy swamp, two large herons paid no attention to my presence, but occupied themselves with their own fishing arrangements, as if their wilderness were their own.

William Cowper Prime

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#6. The fox when it sees a flock of herons or magpies or birds of that kind, suddenly flings himself on the ground with his mouth open to look as he were dead; and these birds want to peck at his tongue, and he bites off their heads.

Leonardo Da Vinci

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#7. I don't think, I don't intend to make people miserable. I am demanding.

Bill Parcells

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#8. Like the air-invested heron, great persons should conduct themselves; and the higher they be, the less they should show.

Philip Sidney

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#9. I believe that dreaming an impossible world, is itself the task of theologies and that the disparity between the world-as-it-is (reality) and the world-as-it-ought-to-be (ideality) is where a prophetic call comes in.

Namsoon Kang

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#10. We are not disillusioned because we have no illusions ... What we have and what is our strength, is our joy in life ... in all its amoral aspects. That is also the basis of our contemporary art.

Asger Jorn

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#11. Really the only way it would work is if the pockets in the pocket-pants made me look thinner and still held tons of stuff. I guess basically I want magic. In a size sixteen. I want my pockets to be like a TARDIS,

Jenny Lawson

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#12. I don't know if hep C is called 'the quiet killer,' but it easily could be, so unnoticeably does it nestle into your body before crankin' up the screws and letting you race to figure out what's going on.

Lance Loud

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#13. I've known just thousands of people a hell of a lot more talented than me who never could get anywhere.

Donnie Fritts

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#14. Goldsboro, North Carolina.

John Feinstein

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