Top 21 Quotes About Handsome Smile

#1. So you don't mind that I took you away from him?'
"Hardly, I owe you."
"I'll take you up on that someday." He offered me a devilishly handsome smile.

Cathrina Constantine

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#2. So, you're the infamous Acheron."
A smile played across his devastatingly handsome face. "Lord and master of the great barbarian horde that roams the night.

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#3. Somehow I'd still managed to go all retarded at the sight of some handsome asshole with a nice smile.

C.J. Roberts

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#4. He's more handsome in person," Free said. "He's alright if you go for the Hollywood type. I'm more into the rugged look, myself." Tech grinned, noticing Steele's smile as he kept his eyes forward while they walked.

A.E. Via

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#5. To love, to support each other in every step we take leads us to reach the mature growth.

Euginia Herlihy

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#6. You'll see. I have a collection of fine waistcoats and a handsome face. He stepped back to let her take in the full effect of both and her smile spread to the edge of a laugh.

Meljean Brook

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#7. Paul did not begin by attacking the false teachers and their doctrines. He began by exalting Jesus Christ and showing His preeminence in five areas: the gospel message, redemption, creation, the church, and Paul's own ministry.

Warren W. Wiersbe

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#8. The name Derek Jeter is made for stardom. He's got an infectious smile, and he's so handsome and well-behaved. He's just a fine young man who does everything right. He's like Jack Armstrong and Frank Merriwell, guys I grew up rooting for. Some guys come along who just measure up.

George Steinbrenner

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#9. My poems ... the ones that start out as jokes become these big ponderous things and the ones that start out ponderous devolve into jokes.

Jess Walter

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#10. We are living on what we believe and the virtues upon which we stand.

Sunday Adelaja

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#11. Only boys who have been handsome from a young age have that arrogance in their smile.

Veronica Roth

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#12. He looked less handsome without the smile and glow in his eyes, but he also seemed more real. Being real will get me into trouble faster than any amount of charm.

Laurell K. Hamilton

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#13. She was of that certain age when the bloom of youth must give way to strength of character, but her face was handsome in its intelligent eyes and commanding smile, and her hair retained a youthful spring as it threatened to escape from its carefully pinned rolls.

Helen Simonson

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#14. Will you please stop peeking at me like that? This is degrading enough as it is."
"Did it ever occur to you," I said, with a sly smile and a wink, "that you're irresistibly handsome, I can't keep my eyes off of you?"
He threw his head back in a laugh. "Of course. I should have realized.

Lani Woodland

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#15. I found it hard work now to pray to God, because despair was swallowing me up

John Bunyan

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#16. Le me try to be enough for you.

Krista Ritchie

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#17. Lord, did he have the best smile. It was in turns sweet, seductive, and downright sexy. How could a man look so good without even seeming to try? Laith was charming, enticing, handsome, and fascinating.
If she had to classify him, it would be sex-on-a-stick.

Donna Grant

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#18. you are
as fleetingly beautiful

as a mother's tears
and a father's pranks

a brother's bachelorhood
and a best friend's bad mood

a bride's glittering jitters
and a handsome stranger's smile.

Sanober Khan

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#19. Religion is the impotence of the human mind to deal with occurrences it cannot understand.

Karl Marx

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#20. He's heart-stoppingly handsome, and he has this brooding sense about him whenever I see his pictures. As if he rarely cracks a smile, so when he does you know it must be special ...

Lauren Blakely

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#21. You may find this hard to believe, Mr. Pinter," she went on defensively, "but some men enjoy my company. They consider me easy to talk to."
A ghost of a smile touched his handsome face. "You're right. I do find that hard to believe."
Arrogant wretch.
-Jackson and Celia

Sabrina Jeffries

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