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#1. There are several types of movie space, the three most important being: (1) the field of the screen, (2) the psychological space of the actor, and (3) the area of experience and geography that the film covers.

Manny Farber

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#2. Geography is about maps, but biography is about chaps.

Eric Bentley

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#3. British crime stories tend to be very internal, psychological, claustrophobic, very limited in terms of geography.

Lee Child

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#4. Don Quixote is not just Don Quixote;
La Mancha is not just geography;
It is our personal territory
Terra Nostra.

Dejan Stojanovic

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#5. lmost everything looked more beautiful from a distance, the earth becoming more perfect as one ascended and came closer to seeing the world from God's eyes, man's hovels and palaces disappearing, the peaks and valleys of geography fading to become strokes of a paintbrush on a divine sphere.

Viet Thanh Nguyen

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#6. The only effort worth making is the one it takes to learn the geography of one's own nature.

Paul Bowles

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#7. That technology has canceled geography contains just enough merit to be called a plausible fallacy,

Robert D. Kaplan

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#8. There is a geography of the human spirit, common to all peoples.

Linda Hogan

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#9. Children can take lessons in that school via the Internet and can score extra points like e.g. in Geography or History. That sounds very promising and is a fantastic basis for future steps.

Anatoly Karpov

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#10. I never thought that I would support myself with art - everyone in the Group of Seven had day jobs. I became a geography teacher so that I could get free field trips into the wilderness to paint.

Robert Bateman

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#11. I was excellent at English and Drama. Maths and Science I was terrible at. I didn't have any interest in them. I was happiest at lunchtime, playing with my friends. But I love science now, that's the funny thing. And I'd be so good at geography, as I've been fortunate enough to travel the world.

Peter Andre

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#12. Language follows its own path. It can bridge gulfs of class and geography in the most remarkable ways.

Robert McCrum

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#13. America is a poem in our eyes; its ample geography dazzles the imagination, and it will not wait long for metres.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#14. From the point of view of political geography we are standing on one of the frontiers of human culture; for the man inside the rubber sack it was land's end, the shore of the world.

Edward Abbey

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#15. William Stegner ... coined the term 'the geography of hope,' countering the argument that wilderness preservation served elites with the assertion that wilderness could be a place in which everyone could locate their hopefulness even if few actually entered it.

Rebecca Solnit

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#16. I'm thankful for the work that feminists like Gloria Steinem have done. I am a feminist, but the geography for women today is vastly different than it was in the '60s.

Amber Heard

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#17. while the Tarahumara run to get from point to point, in the process they travel into a zone beyond geography and beyond even the five senses.

Scott Jurek

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#18. The problem of living in this modern world is the problem of finding room in it. The crowd principle is so universally at work through modern life that the geography of the world had been changed to conform to it. We live in crowds. We get our living in crowds. We are amused in herds.

Gerald Stanley Lee

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#19. The real cocktail party conversation would probably go something like this:
"Actually, I have a degree in geography."
"Geography? Wow, I'm terrible with maps. I bet YOU know all your state capitals, though!"
(Geographer's smile freezes, left eye starts to twitch uncontrollably.)

Ken Jennings

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#20. Why are there no great women artists?' sounds as ignorant of human geography as the query 'Why are there no Eskimo tennis teams?

Francine Du Plessix Gray

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#21. I gradually became aware that my interiority was inseparable from my exteriority, that the geography of my city was the geography of my soul.

Aleksandar Hemon

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#22. I've always been fascinated with marine geography and how deep things are. I was spellbound by the tsunami, for example, by the actual maps. There is just something about the unseen bottom of the sea that has always fascinated me, how deep is it.

Joan Didion

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#23. It is the relationship between the physical environment and the environed organism, between physiography and ontography (to coin a term), that constitutes the essential principles of geography today.

William Morris Davis

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#24. The actual flower is the plant's highest fulfilment, and are not here exclusively for herbaria, county floras and plant geography: they are here first of all for delight.

John Ruskin

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#25. I did a geography degree, and if you told me whilst I was ignoring my geography degree revision in order to watch another episode of '24' that one day I wouldn't need that geography degree and I'd actually be in '24,' I'd have been quite pleased, I think.

Emily Berrington

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#26. The gulf between Virginia and Maryland isn't only a function of geography. It's also sociological. Indeed, it's probably not much of an exaggeration to say that Maryland suburbanites and Virginia suburbanites constitute two mutually hostile tribes.

Timothy Noah

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#27. Travel is a vanishing act, a solitary trip down a pinched line of geography to oblivion.

Paul Theroux

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#28. I am not naturally inclined to history or geography - maybe that's why I like to sing about it, because it helps me remember.

Sufjan Stevens

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#29. Having lasted for 4,000 years, the use of nature's materials to express ideas about nature may be expected to continue. The best garden designs are produced with an awareness of the art, science, history, geography, philosophy, social habits and construction techniques of their period.

Tom Turner

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#30. Getting lost was not a matter of geography so much as identity, a passionate desire, even an urgent need, to become no one and anyone, to shake off the shackles that remind you who you are, who others think you are.

Rebecca Solnit

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#31. I failed world geography, civics, Spanish and English. And when you fail Spanish and English, they do not consider you bilingual. They may call you bi-ignorant because you can't speak any language.

Tim Scott

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#32. Geography is an earthly subject, but a heavenly science.

Edmund Burke

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#33. Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us partners. And necessity has made us allies. Those whom nature hath so joined together, let no man put asunder.

John F. Kennedy

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#34. What a blessed habit I have found my prayer list, morning by morning, it takes me via the Throne of all Grace straight to the intimate personal heart of each one mentioned here, and I know that He Who is not prescribed by time and geography answers immediately.

Oswald Chambers

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#35. East and Gulf Coast states are at risk of hurricanes; prairie and other central and southern states are constantly threatened by tornados; and western states commonly face damaging droughts. Extreme weather does not discriminate by American geography.

Matt Cartwright

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#36. Seriously, there ought to be a cartography class for women who want to map out a man's geography to remember fondly later.

Sierra Woods

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#37. An hour or two spent in writing from dictation, another hour or two in reading aloud, a little geography and a little history and a little physics made the day pass busily.

Hudson Stuck

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#38. We train in strategy, geography, horsemanship, weaponry, that sort of thing. We study great battles in history and analyze the outcome. The

Cinda Williams Chima

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#39. The sun set beyond thesea, so says the poet - and when a poet mentions a sea, we have to accept it; no harm in letting a poet describe his vision, no need to question his geography.

R.K. Narayan

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#40. Geography prepares for the world of work - geographers, with their skills of analysis are highly employable!

Michael Palin

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#41. Let's go over a little astrography. Geography is the mother of strategy, they say.

Lois McMaster Bujold

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#42. It's time for Black people to stop playing the separating game of geography, of where the slave ship put us down. We must concentrate on where the slave ship picked us up.

John Henrik Clarke

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#43. Making sure that the geography and timelines work is always the hardest part of writing. But you owe it to the readers to get it right!

Michael Scott

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#44. A period of time is as much an organising principle for a work of fiction as a sense of place. You can do geography, as Faulkner did, or you can dwell on a particular period. It provides the same framework.

E.L. Doctorow

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#45. When we were on the farm, we were isolated, not just by geography but by the primitive living conditions: no electricity, no running water and, of course, no computer, no phone.

Sally Mann

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#46. But as fast as geography is coming under our control, the clock is exerting more and more tyranny over us.

Pico Iyer

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#47. We still tell each other that we are lucky to be alive, when our being alive has almost nothing to do with luck, but with geography, pigmentation, and international exchange rates.

Joseph O'Connor

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#48. Geography should be the ultimate deciding factor for every political dilemma for proximity to an ailing land is bound to result in one's infection.

Aysha Taryam

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#49. Besides P.E., geography was my best class in high school. I was in this gifted class when I was younger, and it was wicked!

Steve Nash

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#50. Poverty is not the simple result of bad geography, bad culture, bad history. It's the result of us: of the ways that people choose to organize their societies.

Adam Davidson

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#51. I only back people with track record who can execute ruthlessly and flawlessly ... Real killers ... no matter the industry or company geography

Ziad K. Abdelnour

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#52. So much of our lives depends on accidents of birth, time, and geography. This haunts me. In some lives, few "or"s are possible. The pain of that is behind the second stanza of this poem.

Jane Hirshfield

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#53. 'Air' is what the world looks like: An inconvenient mashup of human politics and divine geography. We leave bits and pieces of ourselves and our history in every place we encounter.

G. Willow Wilson

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#54. I followed lectures on the history, geography, economy and political organization of Sweden.

Christian De Duve

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#55. To provide background and physical description and all the rest is of course vital to fiction, but vital only insofar as such detail is in the service of a richly imagined story, rather than in the service of good botany or good philosophy or good geography.

Tim O'Brien

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#56. Everywhere's been where it is ever since it was first put there. It's called geography.

Terry Pratchett

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#57. Do you understand the sadness of geography?

Michael Ondaatje

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#58. Losing has nothing to do with geography.

Chuck Noll

Quotes About Geography #1318145
#59. I like geography. I like to know where places are.

Tom Felton

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#60. By curious accident of history and geography, the world's major energy resources are located pretty much in Shiite regions. They're a minority in the Middle East, but they happen to be where the oil is, right around the northern part of the Gulf.

Noam Chomsky

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#61. If some countries have too much history, we have too much geography.

Mackenzie King

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#62. Of course some of us had some geography in school and had studied maps, but a school map is a terribly uncommunicative thing.

Robertson Davies

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#63. Right now, there are a limited number of customers for Canadian oil. Due to simple geography - and without the pipeline - it's really only cost effective for Canadian oil producers to sell their oil to North American customers, mostly American Midwesterners.

Ron Wyden

Quotes About Geography #1329517
#64. One cannot kick against geography!

Eleftherios Venizelos

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#65. It occurred to me that no matter where I lived, geography could not save me.

Isabel Wilkerson

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#66. Scotland and England may sometimes be rivals, but by geography, we are also neighbours. By history, allies. By economics, partners. And by fate and fortune, comrades, friends and family.

Douglas Alexander

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#67. What happens over the next few months is like the plot of a children's movie, the kind where a dog finds its owner in spite of insurmountable odds and prohibitive geography.

Lena Dunham

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#68. You want a lesson? I'll give you a lesson. How about a geography lesson? My father's from Puerto Rico. My mother's from El Salvador. And neither one of those is Mexico.

Jennifer Esposito

Quotes About Geography #1369950
#69. When Brian told me he grew up in New Mexico, I told him I thought it is cool that people from other countries play football. He corrected me on my geography and agreed to sit down with me anyway.

Terry Bradshaw

Quotes About Geography #1370236
#70. After all, what is hell but the eternal absence of God? To exist in a hellish state is to be denied forever the promise of hope, of redemption, of love. To those who have been forsaken, hell has no geography.

John Connolly

Quotes About Geography #1371047
#71. One can discourage too much history in one's family, but one cannot always prevent geography.


Quotes About Geography #1377653
#72. Geography is just physics slowed down, with a couple of trees stuck in it.

Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Geography #1387807
#73. This is not an issue of geography. He IS of two worlds wherever he goes.

Ron Suskind

Quotes About Geography #1390404
#74. Material existence is entirely founded on a phantom realm of mind, whose nature and geography are unexplored.

Alan Moore

Quotes About Geography #1395913
#75. Sometimes I think war is God's way of teaching us geography.

Paul Rodriguez

Quotes About Geography #1396087
#76. They broke the way a man dismantling a mine broke the second his geography exploded.

Michael Ondaatje

Quotes About Geography #1402852
#77. I'd had a French education for three years, my father being in the army. From 9 to 12, I went to French school. I've been sort of part of the culture, part of the geography, since I was quite young - the imprint was there.

Charlotte Rampling

Quotes About Geography #1413234
#78. I believe in North, South, East, West, The seasons, life and death, geography. That which is provable, absolute and most of all, functional. I believe in things that can kill me.

Henry Rollins

Quotes About Geography #1415087
#79. It must be hard for humans, forever floundering through inconvenient geography. Humans are always lost. It's a basic characteristic. It explains a lot about them.

Terry Pratchett

Quotes About Geography #1419694
#80. I'm a great believer in geography being destiny.

Abraham Verghese

Quotes About Geography #1421421
#81. History is all explained by geography.

Robert Penn Warren

Quotes About Geography #1423198
#82. I like geography best, he said, because your mountains & rivers know the secret. Pay no attention to boundaries.

Brian Andreas

Quotes About Geography #1426683
#83. To make revolution in Korea we must know Korean history and geography as well as the customs of the Korean people. Only then is it possible to educate our people in a way that suits them and to inspire in them an ardent love for their native place and their motherland.

Kim Il-sung

Quotes About Geography #1683669
#84. Every city has its own customs, and Tabat is no different. They grow from and are shaped by the circumstances around them, the history and the geography and what is plentiful or scarce, which exert a much greater influence than any individual ever will, even the Duke.

Cat Rambo

Quotes About Geography #1712299
#85. As Geography without History seemeth a carkasse without motion; so History without Geography wandreth as a Vagrant without a certaine habitation.

John Smith

Quotes About Geography #1711378
#86. As a state we are so uniquely positioned in so many ways. Our geography, our placement in the country, and our history positions us to be the state that propels energy efficiency as an industry.

Jennifer Granholm

Quotes About Geography #1709839
#87. I remember hearing Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Big Bill Broonzy, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley and not really knowing anything about the geography or the culture of the music. But for some reason it did something to me - it resonated.

Eric Clapton

Quotes About Geography #1708769
#88. Now it would not be the geography of Empire that would make him, it would be the architecture of war.

Kate Atkinson

Quotes About Geography #1703301
#89. They have little in common, save for their geography, and the fact that each has a version of this city straddling this river on this island country, and in each, that city is called London.

Victoria Schwab

Quotes About Geography #1692226
#90. You remember your history?" He had finished five years of high school with respectable marks and a very good showing in trigonometry and geography but did not remember much history. In his final year, anyway, all you could think about was that you were going to the war. He said, "Not altogether.

Alice Munro

Quotes About Geography #1689165
#91. A bibliophile has approximately the same relationship to literature as a philatelist to geography.

Karl Kraus

Quotes About Geography #1687607
#92. They looked at the paper and saw nothing in those curving lines, but they knew and understood everything, for their geography was in their blood and they felt biologically their picture of the world.

Ivo Andric

Quotes About Geography #1686383
#93. We are shaped not only by our current geography but by our ancestral one as well. Americans, for instance, retain a frontier spirit even though the only frontier that remains is that vast open space between the SUV and strip mall. We are our past.

Eric Weiner

Quotes About Geography #1685493
#94. All my life ... I believed in Malaysian merger and unity of the two territories. You know that we, as a people, are connected by geography, economics, by ties of kinship.

Lee Kuan Yew

Quotes About Geography #1666189
#95. The door might not be opened to a woman again for a long, long time, and I had a kind of duty to other women to walk in and sit down on the chair that was offered, and so establish the right of others long hence and far distant in geography to sit in the high seats.

Frances Perkins

Quotes About Geography #1648855
#96. Peaks and valleys. That's what life comes down to, in the end. Fucking geography.

Laura Zigman

Quotes About Geography #1651547
#97. History is not everything, but it is a starting point. History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day. It is a compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography. It tells them where they are, but more importantly, what they must be.

John Henrik Clarke

Quotes About Geography #1654790
#98. Nearly all the school subjects lay great stress on information. But literature makes its appeal to the heart as well as the intellect. Geography

Anthony Esolen

Quotes About Geography #1659993
#99. The hillsides and Alps looked as if they'd been sculpted and freshly seeded. Nothing appeared to be placed at random. The world is out of control, but the Swiss had purpose. They derived life's meaning from geography.

Scott Haas

Quotes About Geography #1673204
#100. GIS is waking up the world to the power of geography, this science of integration, and has the framework for creating a better future.

Jack Dangermond

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