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#1. It's a yeti," said Gaspar from behind me, obviously having been roused from his trance. "An abominable snowman." "This is what happens when you fuck a sheep!?" I exclaimed. "Not an abomination," Josh said, "abominable." The yeti licked him on the cheek.

Christopher Moore

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#2. I'm being haunted by Gaspar the Friendly Ghost.

Michael Phillip Cash

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#3. The common misery of destitution would have made a bitter mockery of a marked insistence on social differences. Gaspar

Joseph Conrad

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#4. On the one hand, I am a businesswoman - on the other, a wife and a mother. Like many women, I have had to distribute time and attention between business and family. It is not at all easy to find that balance.

Yelena Baturina

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#5. Good authors worry about genres great authors don't.

Frank X. Gaspar

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#6. I'm brighter when I'm not drunk; when I'm drunk, I lose part of my IQ.

Gaspar Noe

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#7. Erotic movies - they don't even make it anymore. Even the erotic magazines don't really look like the ones you could find in the '70s. You have much more extreme iconography of what is sexy. It's very cold. There's nothing that links to real life.

Gaspar Noe

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#8. It's funny, when you start talking about primitive scenes, so many people have seen their parents having sex.

Gaspar Noe

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#9. I always think of moments of love with someone I love.

Gaspar Noe

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#10. Falling in love is the most natural thing in the world. Everybody has been through it, everybody has scars, everybody wants to restart falling in love.

Gaspar Noe

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#11. every moment is forever

Marc Levy

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#12. Dorkangelo" - Marc Hunter

Pamela Clare

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#13. Dear friend,
dear trembling partner, what
surprises you most in what you feel,
earth's radiance or your own delight?
For me, always
the delight is the surprise.

Louise Gluck

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#14. Knowledge is vast like ocean. It is inexhaustible quest!

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#15. I won't ever stop until you're either the biggest thing around, or you're dead.

Kara Swisher

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#16. I always enjoy where I'm at throughout the world.

Boom Gaspar

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#17. I notice that I feel safer among women when I do drugs. I would never do drugs with male friends.

Gaspar Noe

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#18. On an everyday level, I use alcohol and drugs in general mostly to be in a happier mood, with the people around me.

Gaspar Noe

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#19. Nothing in life is easy, even Santa comes with a clause

Subhasis Das

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#20. The kernel of truth sank into the fertile soil of [her] imagination, possibilities for a happy resolution suggesting themselves in vague flashes of potential and promise...

Ana Chapman

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#21. You feel touched by a movie in a good or bad way or you have a strong reaction to something that's totally artificial, to an imitation of life. But that imitation of life that you see on the screen can affect you almost as if it was real.

Gaspar Noe

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#22. Sometimes when I make a movie, my main goal is to show the movie to one particular director.

Gaspar Noe

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#23. What I don't like in movies dealing with the illustration of altered states of consciousness is that usually you see the guy from the outside.

Gaspar Noe

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#24. Hallucinations are an inner experience in which most of the time you forget you're there.

Gaspar Noe

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#25. Some people take drugs in a quest for spirituality.

Gaspar Noe

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#26. You'd never killed anyone. Then you had.

Guy Gavriel Kay

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#27. The hateful reviews are very funny. And sometimes you can enjoy a hateful review much more than a good review.

Gaspar Noe

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#28. Maybe the dreams make the people stronger, whatever.

Gaspar Noe

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#29. destination for Cubans arriving from the island.

Gaspar Gonzalez

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#30. From a simple, mammal perspective, you think you're going to make friends through the movie. You think, "Oh, this kind of humor that I play with will bring people that have a similar kind of humor. I'll make new friends," or something. You don't even think in terms of audience or of money.

Gaspar Noe

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#31. I'm not sure that people want to go back to the womb. People want to go back to the teats of your mother and hear your mother's heartbeat.

Gaspar Noe

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#32. I feel very protected when I see a movie. That's why I like making violent movies or radical movies.

Gaspar Noe

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#33. My hope is in you, Lord. Be my refuge, for You are my strength ... Into Your hands, Lord, I commend my spirit. You have redeemed me, Lord, God of Truth.

Bernadette Soubirous

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#34. We must display a heart for every American, and a special passion for those still on the first rung of life's ladder.

Mitch Daniels

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#35. My characters are never heroic. They are mostly lost and trying to find the right door to open and they end up opening the wrong doors.

Gaspar Noe

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