Top 42 Quotes About G Strings

#1. G-strings are uncomfortable. Girls want real knickers now.

Elle Macpherson

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#2. Happy belated birthday, Cat," he said, giving me a self-deprecating smile.
"Aren't you glad Juan picked the place and not me?
We wold have had lattes and hors d'oeuvres instead of liquor and G-strings.
Anyone get you a gin yet?

Jeaniene Frost

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#3. People who wear G-strings suffer from indecision.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

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#4. Yeah, I've been a little down. Totally natural. I'm getting a divorce, but now I'm ready to pull myself up by some G-strings.

Aziz Ansari

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#5. I'm into a casual-dressing girl: blue jeans and a tank top is super sexy. But the sexiest thing on a girl - when I see it I'm like, oh my God - is these little tight boxers. Don't get me wrong, g-strings are fine, but those cover a little, to where it's just enough.

Jensen Ackles

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#6. Sofiowka was found the next morning, swinging by the neck from the wooden bridge. His severed hands were hanging from strings tied to his feet, and across his chest was written, in Brod's red lipstick, ANIMAL

Jonathan Safran Foer

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#7. Coincidence is fate pulling strings." - Unknown

Joe Hart

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#8. Maybe all the strings inside him broke.

John Green

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#9. Before my first child was born, I had nothing going on professionally really, and it's been a very blessed period of creativity for me since he arrived. It's very surreal. It's almost as if the babies are out there pulling strings somewhere, deciding what kind of life they want to be born into.

Seth Gabel

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#10. I grew up in a school that had a big music program, and it was incredible. It's what I looked forward to during the day. I had chorus, strings, band.

Alison Krauss

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#11. In the pun, two strings of thought are tangled into one acoustic knot.

Arthur Koestler

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#12. She cleared her throat and asked, "Do you have a preference?"
Christ, was she insane?
"I'd love to feel at least one part of you without latex between us.

Aline Hunter

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#13. I learned so much about music by playing this little, miniature songwriting machine [ukulele], especially about melody. The motto is less strings more melody.

Eddie Vedder

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#14. Friends are like fiddle strings; they must not be screwed too tight.

Henry George Bohn

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#15. Being in love, she concluded, is simply a presentation of our pasts to another individual, mostly packages so unwieldy that we can no longer manage the loosened strings alone.

Zelda Fitzgerald

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#16. She found herself wondering at what point in her life she had ceased to be Gulliver and had become the strings holding him to the ground.

Erica Bauermeister

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#17. I used to fly around the stage without strings or camera tricks. That took seven years to create.

David Copperfield

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#18. When I started out, even though you had your rhythm section, they were big horn sections, strings, live people laying on every part of the floor in the studio waiting for their chance to get on that one little track.

Betty Wright

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#19. I still feel like the 10-year-old dancing in front of her mirror, mostly to 'No Strings Attached.'

Betty Who

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#20. There is something in the place where we were born that holds us always by the heart-strings.

Lucy Larcom

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#21. Digital organisms, while not necessarily any more alive than a phone book, are strings of code that replicate and evolve over time. Digital codes are strings of binary digits - bits.

George Dyson

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#22. The overture began. God! Strings! Oboes! Timpani! Are you fucking kidding me? Why, when we know what human beings are capable of doing, do we not turn our collective heads in shame at the sight of rich housewives screaming at each other on television?

Meg Howrey

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#23. The low E is at the top, the second string is A, then it's D, G, B, and the last one is high E." A mnemonic device he once heard came to mind and, plucking the strings, he said, "Eddie Ate Dynamite ... Good Bye Eddie,.

Rachel Harris

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#24. The one who pulls the puppet strings knows fairytales can heal.

Sally Odgers

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#25. By being silent he can do more than those who chatter. For he is in tune with the commandments as a harp is with its strings.

Cyril Charles Richardson

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#26. If that condition of mind and soul, which we call inspiration, lasted long without intermission, no artist could survive it. The strings would break and the instrument be shattered into fragments.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

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#27. When Jason Koumas is on form, he's the type of player who calls all the strings

Ian Rush

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#28. Strings of coincidence can strengthen us in the determination to follow our deepest intuitions even when they run counter to conventional wisdom and logic and cannot be subjected to rational explanation.

Robert Moss

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#29. How good are the best musical imaginations? Can a trained musician, swiftly reading a score, tell just how that voicing of dissonant oboes and flutes over the massed strings will sound?

Daniel Dennett

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#30. People who cannot put strings of sentences together in good order cannot think. An educational system that does not teach the technology of writing is preventing thought.

Richard Mitchell

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#31. Without putting the brakes on out-of-control campaign contributions from individuals and corporations - it will be business as usual, with 1 percent of Americans pulling the strings.

Madeleine M. Kunin

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#32. I don't care how inventive you are; once you introduce strings into the ensemble for a horror film, you're entering into a world where a tradition has been thoroughly established. So it's repeated use over the years is like, 'Oh God, another film with strings, another spooky movie with strings.'

Christopher Young

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#33. I was actually very surprised after using some plastic necklaces on the strings, as the sound was very bright. Sometimes I just put something inside that lies next to me ...

Volker Bertelmann

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#34. I've changed from my gorgeous yellow dress into my comfy Victoria's Secret pink. Some secret, it's just sweatpants and a hoodie. The hoodie's up with the strings cinched so tight there's only a small opening to see out of and pour wine into.

Victoria Van Tiem

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#35. It was a time before Facebook and Instagram and texting. I imagine it must be easier now, for college students. Home must not feel so far away anymore. But how do you cut the apron strings if the strings are virtual?

Kirstie Collins Brote

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#36. The two of us were everything that we needed to be to one another as we sat behind those strings.

Courtney Giardina

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#37. I experimented a bunch with Ernie Ball in getting the strings to not flop around too much, but at the same time not to be too thick to where you're playing telephone cables.

John Petrucci

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#38. Puff, the Magic Dragon, lived by the sea, and frolicked in the Autumn Mist in a land called Honah Lee, little Jacky Paper loved that rascal Puff, and gave him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff.

Peter Yarrow

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#39. It did matter to get out of bed. There were webs to weave. Strings to grasp. Packages to deliver. Conversations to start. Thoughts to be expressed. Sams to slam into. Oceans to swim. And sad little men hiding in electrical sockets, waiting to be born of the human imagination.

Bud Macfarlane Jr.

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#40. Nobody heard records of you playing whatever the melody was on those low strings. It worked out good, you know, about 25 or 26 million records later. I guess it worked out alright.

Lee Hazlewood

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#41. Sasori, your strength came because of your soul, not in spite of it ... You were supposed to be a a top-class ninja puppeteer, not a worthless nobody who lets someone else pull the strings.
- Kankurou (Naruto Ch 518)

Masashi Kishimoto

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#42. All I could hear was the violin, and it was as if Juliek's soul had become his bow. He was playing his life. His whole being was gliding over the strings. His unfulfilled hopes. His charred past, his extinguished future.

Elie Wiesel

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