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Top 36 Quotes About Funding Education

#1. So you begin to wonder if Leonia's true passion is really, as they say, the enjoyment of new and different things, and not, instead, the joy of expelling, discarding, cleansing itself of a recurrent impurity. - Author: Italo Calvino
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#2. I was a teacher for a long time. I taught at a community college: voice, theory, humanities. And nowadays, music education is a dying thing. Funding is being cut more and more and more. - Author: Jon Secada
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#3. Nothing is sexier than the naked mind --nothing more seductive than the inventive imagination. - Author: Michael Grosso
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#4. Standardized state tests are a scam! The educational system is rigged. It is set up to where the wealthy schools, get all of the state funding. The poverty-stricken schools, don't get enough funding due to standardized tests scores. See my point? - Author: Mary Sage Nguyen
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#5. Lord Henry Wotton could just catch the gleam of the honey-sweet and honey-coloured blossoms of a laburnum, whose tremulous branches seemed hardly able to bear the burden of a beauty so flamelike as theirs; - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#6. She had no idea her view that school funding should actually be used on education instead of football would be so wildly unpopular. - Author: Katie Graykowski
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#7. The promise of education reform can never be fulfilled without adequate funding, and by shortchanging our schools, President Bush is breaking his promise to our children. - Author: Joe Lieberman
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#8. Education should be one of our top funding priorities; talking about it does not help the teachers and students who desperately need promises fulfilled. - Author: Solomon Ortiz
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#9. Directors have to push me. I have to be pushed up. Not all the time, but often. - Author: Catherine Deneuve
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#10. No U.S. president can "fix" education, no law can systematize inspiration, and no amount of funding, policy or resources can structure passion. - Author: Oliver DeMille
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#11. If the government announced that it was going to allocate a vast tranche of education funding purely to the pupils at the best public schools, there would be a national outcry - and yet this is precisely what the Olympics represents in terms of sports funding. - Author: Will Self
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#12. Reforming public education, cutting property taxes, fixing adult and child protective services and funding our budget can all occur when Democrats and Republicans engage in consensus and cooperation - not cynicism and combat. - Author: Rick Perry
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#13. Higher education should be based on quality, not quantity; receive merit-based funding; and be free of unnecessary bureaucracy. Not the least of the benefits of educational reform is to foster the pride of achievement at national and international levels. - Author: Ahmed Zewail
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#14. I'm a bit uncomfortable, truth be told, with being seen as an expert, because there is always so much more to learn. I see myself as a perpetual student of the goddess. - Author: Patricia Monaghan
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#15. State governments generate less revenue in a recession. As state leaders struggle to make up for lost revenue, legislatures tend to cut funding for higher education. Colleges, in turn, answer these funding cuts with tuition hikes. - Author: Arne Duncan
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#16. When elected, I will make education funding a top priority and I believe
we must ensure those dollars reach our children and the classroom - Author: Chris Christie
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#17. Those outside of autism need to understand this is an epidemic and we need more government funding, insurance coverage and education reform. - Author: Jenny McCarthy
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#18. What we see today is an American economy that has boomed because of policies and developments of the 1950s and '60s: the interstate-highway system, massive funding for science and technology, a public-education system that was the envy of the world and generous immigration policies. - Author: Fareed Zakaria
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#19. Taxpayers will not stand for - nor should they - the funding of poster sites, leaflets or advertising. What people will support is funding for political education, for training, for party organization. - Author: Peter Hain
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#20. The difference between the ugly side of love and the beautiful side of love is that the beautiful side is much lighter. It makes you feel like you're floating. It lifts you up. Carries you. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#21. The last thing that should happen is funding cut for education; it should be increased. We need to put more money towards education, and anything else is abusive. - Author: Flea
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#22. There is still a lot of misinformation being spread about higher education funding arrangements under the new Act. The students page on my website sets out the main points in the Act. - Author: Anne Campbell
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#23. I believe Nebraskans appreciate the fiscal discipline I've brought to state government, balancing the budget without raising taxes and prioritizing education funding. - Author: Dave Heineman
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#24. Only a liberal senator from Massachusetts would say that a 49 percent increase in funding for education was not enough. - Author: George W. Bush
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#25. We're first on executions. We're 49th in funding public education. We're in a race with Mississippi for the bottom, and we're winning. - Author: Kinky Friedman
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#26. We can't get to the $4 trillion in savings that we need by just cutting the 12 percent of the budget that pays for things like medical research and education funding and food inspectors and the weather service. And we can't just do it by making seniors pay more for Medicare. - Author: Barack Obama
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#27. I feel like as a generation, we sell ourselves short. I just expected more from us. - Author: Kelly Clarkson
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#28. Unfortunately, the elimination of incentives such as parole, good time credits and funding for college courses, means that fewer inmates participate in and excel in literacy, education, treatment and other development programs. - Author: Bobby Scott
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#29. I believe the American people are entitled to some straight talk when it comes to higher education funding. - Author: Ric Keller
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#30. You look marvelous! - Author: Fernando Lamas
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#31. Under the new government of the Constitution, beginning in 1789, all of the peacetime measures were repeated: chaplains, prayers, memorials of Thanksgiving, the Northwest Ordinance, funding for the Christian education of Indians. - Author: M. Stanton Evans
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#32. I never write about a place I don't know. - Author: Ruth Rendell
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#33. I say, too, with education, America needs to be putting a lot more focus on that and our schools have got to be really ramped up in terms of the funding that they are deserving. Teachers needed to be paid more. - Author: Sarah Palin
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#34. I put on a skirt and blouse for the meeting, feeling dwarfy, my grown up, big-girl clothes never quite fitting. I'm barely five foot -- four foot, ten inches in truth, but I round up. Sue me. I'm thirty-one, but people tend to talk to me in singsong, like they want to give me fingerpaints. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#35. The only way we can give our children the best education in the world and prepare them for the next century is by funding the programs that serve them. - Author: Paul Newman
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#36. With nearly all students leaving public high school having taken some vocational education, this bill continues to provide communities with the funding necessary to give students an edge on career training. - Author: John M. McHugh
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