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#1. Talking to my mother was about as much fun as chewing a ball of tinfoil with a mouthful of fillings.

Marcia Clark

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#2. The dead think they can get away with anything because you'll feel sorry for them. If you play cards with the dead, make sure you deal and don't let them buy you drinks. They'll slip you a formaldehyde roofie and pry the gold fillings out of your teeth.

Richard Kadrey

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#3. [T]he parent-child relationship was one way, you gave them all your love and they were under no obligation to pay a penny back. Of course, if they did love you then that was the icing on the cake with cherries on top. And chocolate shavings and those little silver balls that cracked your fillings.

Kate Atkinson

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#4. Our desires attract supporting reasons as a magnet the iron fillings.

William Macneile Dixon

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#5. Give us this day our daily taste. Restore to us soups that spoons will not sink in and sauces which are never the same twice. Raise up among us stews with more gravy than we have bread to blot it with Give us pasta with a hundred fillings.

Robert Farrar Capon

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#6. Thus, by an inevitable necessity, as a magnet attracts steel-fillings, so did our man of business draw to himself the difficulties which everybody met with.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

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#7. Custard puddings, sauces and fillings accompany the seven ages of man in sickness and in health.

Irma S. Rombauer

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#8. The squid is so cooperative. Its body forms a tube that can be stuffed with marvelous fillings. You don't have to be Greek to enjoy this one.

Jeff Smith

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#9. People getting their mercury fillings removed report immediate and dramatic changes in focus, attention, memory, concentration.

David Goodman

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#10. At such rare times you can feel the electrically charged neurons of the prefrontal brain realigning themselves like iron fillings drawn by a magnet.

Joyce Carol Oates

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#11. In the mouth of Society are many diseased teeth, decayed to the bones of the jaws. But Society makes no effort to have them extracted and be rid of the affliction. It contents itself with gold fillings.

Khalil Gibran

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#12. But that was what research and development were like. Full of semi-triumphs and perplexing unforeseen consequences like the whole violent hiccuping thing when conjuring up fire - or the propensity for fillings to fall out of bystanders' teeth when attempting to tease a rainstorm out of a cloud.

Jasper Fforde

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#13. Holy water, a couple cloves of garlic, vials of salt, and iron fillings filled the basket, intended to be door prizes for anything that showed up in an attempt to suck my blood, carry me off to faerieland, or sell me stale cookies.

Jim Butcher

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#14. My father, Philip Fisher, was the toughest guy I ever knew. An example: He had terrible teeth, yet he got his fillings done without ever using a painkiller. Now, that's tough!

Kenneth Fisher

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#15. I actually had to get two fillings. Yeah, I swear. My teeth had been bugging me because I had been eating so much junk food on the road. I was the worst on teh team because I always had a bag of candy with me. I never had any cavities before, but yesterday, I took two for the team.

Tisha Venturini

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#16. When we believe in lies, we cannot see the truth, so we make thousands of assumptions and we take them as truth. One of the biggest assumptions we make is that the lies we believe are the truth!

Don Miguel Ruiz

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#17. I am unlike most other people because I began, not in the body of my mother, but in the brain of my father. He invented me, you see. He sat down one day and dreamed me up. -- The Girl With Borrowed Wings

Rinsai Rossetti

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#18. Some people make themselves miserable and everybody else miserable when they can rather make themselves happy and everybody else happy?-RVM


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#19. It's not fair that our dogs don't have longer lives. When I get to heaven, I intend to scold God for that.

Debra Holland

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#20. How deep is your game?

Walter Dean Myers

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#21. Tears and grief are good for reflection, moving on is still the best solution.

Mat Luthfi

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#22. In his invitation to The road-weary spiritual seekers, Jesus offered to be to them what God was to the nation of Israel while they wandered in the desert. He promised to those who followed him that he would be their shelter, defender, leader, and provider.

Will Davis Jr.

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#23. taste it! it's to die for!

Vee Jocson

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#24. Having a home away from the media glare is important to world-class athletes.

Mary Lou Retton

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