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Top 100 Quotes About Endless Love

#1. You will go on and meet someone else and I'll just be a chapter in your tale, but for me, you were, you are and you always will be, the whole story. - Author: Marian Keyes
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#2. Love is an endless act of forgiveness. - Author: Jan Karon
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#3. By giving love to others you are placing yourself in the endless flow of love you desire. You become the source and force of love. - Author: Annette Vaillancourt
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#4. Issa knelt down in front of her, taking her hands in his. Until the end of time, I will love you. You are the moon in my endless night. I have never abandoned this world, even when I desperately wanted to, and I will never leave you, either. - Author: Lisa Kessler
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#5. Happiness is attained, not through self-interest, but through unconditional fidelity in endless love of eternal light. - Author: Aaron Cohen
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#6. Life is beautiful because of its endless possibilities. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#7. There are fires, vast and endless, that burn in me for you. And I will carry them until you are ready to walk through the Flames of me. - Author: William C. Hannan
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#8. Love is an endless drive on a winding road. You can't see everything about another person all at once. - Author: Lauren Kate
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#9. For a mother's love is fashioned, After God's enduring love, It is endless and unfailing, Like the love of Him above. - Author: Helen Steiner Rice
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#10. I love you more than you could possibly imagine."
"My imagination is endless,"
"Good. So is my love. - Author: Kim Holden
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#11. Even though life is finite, the universe created you with infinite love. Celebrate your birthday with infinite joy and create endless memories. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#12. I tell ya! The road to success is an endless battle for you and me. - Author: Steven Jackson
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#13. Man can try to name love, showering upon it all the names at his command, and still he will involve himself in endless self deceptions. If he possesses a grain of wisdom he will lay down his arms and name the unknown by the more unknown - ignotum per ignotius - that is by the name of God. - Author: Carl Jung
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#14. Love was like the waves in the sea, gentle and good sometimes, rough and terrible at others, but that it was endless and stronger than the sky and earth and everything in between. - Author: Veronica Rossi
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#15. Confidence is not posting endless selfies, or repeatedly protesting how happy or in love we are, it's a subtle yet noticeable sheen that emanates from our being - our eyes, our words, our body language. - Author: Sam Owen
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#16. My love for you is endless and shall never die. - Author: Diane Rinella
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#17. Your guardian angel never, ever stops communicating with you.
I feel that at times they should be frustrated with us but they seem to have endless patience and they never ever give up on us. - Author: Lorna Byrne
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#18. You see, God's love is an endless ocean, and human beings strive to get as much water as they can out of it. But at the end of the day, how much water we each get depends on the size of our cups. Some people have barrels, some buckets, while some others have only got bowls. - Author: Elif Shafak
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#19. Your birth filled your parents with joy, your universe with love, and your soul with the flowers of hope. May those flowers of hope bloom with the fragrance of endless success. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#20. The best Morning Prayer for endless peace would be, "Today I will forgive everyone for their mistakes. Today I will love everyone without judging them. Today I will be kind to everyone even if they do not deserve it. Today I will be a fountain of peace to create waves of joy around me. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#21. I let go of fear and immerse myself in the endless wash of love. - Author: Amy Leigh Mercree
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#22. That is love, making endless tea for someone who never drinks it, just in case this is the morning they might actually want a sip.' -ppg 4 - Author: Annabel Pitcher
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#23. No one can deny, this love I have inside, and I'll give it all to you, my endless love. - Author: Lionel Richie
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#24. Love: that which cannot be done without; wish always to be with, be part of, belong to, know intimately inside and out, entirely, WHOLE-LY, for ever and ever amen.
Shining bright words in amazing patterns of endless variety. Drawing of the inside of my head.
pg. 108 - Author: Aidan Chambers
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#25. Not that people think that love is not important. They are starved for it; they watch endless numbers of films about happy and unhappy love stories, they listen to hundreds of trashy songs about love - yet hardly anyone thinks that there is anything that needs to be learned about love. This - Author: Erich Fromm
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#26. All life is emptiness. Fill it with endless love, bliss, and kindness. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#27. love ridden
i searched for you
in corridors,
open doors
and in endless seas
of similes
and metaphors
but we never were
on the same page. - Author: K.Y. Robinson
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#28. Death comes in endless forms. Of the body. Of the soul. Of the heart. - Catriona Mercant, philosopher and warrior. (circa 1419) - Author: Nalini Singh
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#29. They say time heals all wounds. But does it close the gaps too? Maybe it can. Maybe in a year it turns an eight-year time gap into dust. Maybe it turns a girl who didn't know what she wanted into someone who became certain. Maybe it turns twenty-one stolen kisses into endless given ones. - Author: Lauren Blakely
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#30. life has several options
from here

a new place

new idea

new love

or an endless nightmare - Author: Colin Andersen
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#31. Love is a perpetual journey that is extraordinary because it will never find itself terminated by a destination. - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#32. I've never feared death before. I've always been willing to die. Sometimes I even welcomed it, wishing for this all to be over and finally find peace in an endless sleep. But when I look at you, I see possibility, and I start to do what I know better than to do - I wonder - Author: Emalynne Wilder
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#33. It often seems ... the human race has twittered away its existence singing an endless song - a song of waste and hatred, where there should be progress and love. - Author: Oscar Arias
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#34. Gratitude is a prayer of an appreciating heart for the great gift of life and its endless treasures. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#35. To care is our endless sense if duty. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#36. I always liked the visuals to be choice and at the same time minimalist. And, I love black boxes. After all, that's what theatre is, it's an empty space, and it's both limited and unlimited because the space is the space, but what you can do with people's imaginations is really endless. - Author: Harold Prince
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#37. You are one woman in an endless line of women who were chosen to love more passionately than others, be committed to justice more fervently than others, and seek our Maker's higher expressions more reflectively than others. - Author: Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney
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#38. We are here in the world of phenomena to explore the endless manifestations of one love. - Author: Akemi G
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#39. We are going to have that thing everyone talks about, that indescribable, indefinable thing that everybody wants to find...Here's to endless stargazing. - Author: Ella Harper
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#40. Death is the second oldest of the Endless. It's hard not to love her. She loves you, after all. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#41. It's a 12-hour cooking class for me on the set of 'Chopped.' You'd think I'd get sick of it, but it's a source of endless interest to me. The only thing I don't like about it is it's a long day and my feet hurt. Otherwise, I love it. - Author: Ted Allen
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#42. Desire had its exaggerated and dramatic pleasures, but he was bored by the endless scenes and recantations. Love was simply the same steady heartbeat hour after hour. It bored him with its lack of event. - Author: Robert Goolrick
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#43. I said to the night, "If you are in love with the moon, it is because you never stay for long." The night turned to me and said, "It is not my fault. I never see the Sun, how can I know that love is endless? - Author: Rumi
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#44. A woman's love is quick to turn into a passion for revenge
an obsession that becomes an endless river of blood, flowing on from generation to generation. - Author: Fumiko Enchi
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#45. Love is an endless mystery, for it has nothing else to explain it. - Author: Rabindranath Tagore
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#46. Today is a new day with boundless love and endless possibilities at your door. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#47. I have to admit, an unrequited love is so much better than a real one. I mean, it's perfect ... As long as something is never even started, you never have to worry about it ending. It has endless potential. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#48. Love gives without expectation, while hate carries an endless tally of debts. - Author: Bryant McGill
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#49. The shadow is dark and the woods are cold, but they are not endless. No matter how lost you are now, you are not lost forever. You are findable.
Love just keeps on looking.
Love is forever tries. - Author: Anna White
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#50. For what we cannot accomplish, what is denied to love, what we have lost in the anticipation a descent follows, endless and indestructible. - Author: William Carlos Williams
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#51. That's easy to say until the person you love is happy with someone else. Girls always choose men, and men always choose the wrong girls. It's an endless cycle. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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#52. I love Australia. I love the people there; they are fantastic. The business opportunities are endless. - Author: Anthony Pratt
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#53. I tell you this: Compassion never ends, love never stops, patience never runs out in God's World. Only in the world of man is goodness limited. In My World, goodness is endless. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
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#54. Love has different shape, like this falling snow in winter - Author: Rizki De
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#55. The heart can think of no devotion
Greater than being shore to the ocean-
Holding the curve of one position,
Counting an endless repetition. - Author: Robert Frost
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#56. Love has no number. - Author: Anthony Liccione
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#57. Love-making is not a battle! It is a process, work and fulfillment of greater and endless wealth. - Author: Anyaele Sam Chiyson
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#58. Life is an endless journey. I travel just to unfold the beauty of my life. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#59. Beyond drama and chaos, beyond anxiety and fear, lies a zone of endless peace and love. Let's all take a very deep breath, slow down for just a moment and remember this. That alone will open the door ... - Author: Marianne Williamson
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#60. In this loveless world, you're my endless love. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#61. Fragments of the future spun past like whirling puzzle pieces with an endless array of combinations. Yet, even with millions of possible outcomes, the same conclusion punctuated every scenario: blissful happiness.
Love. - Author: Kendall Grey
Quotes About Endless Love #429370
#62. Starting from this day, I will create a chance of happiness that doesn't depend on perfect conditions. My options may not be infinite, but my possibilities are endless." -Bliss Aston - Author: Umi Allison
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#63. Raindrops fall from clouds of gray.
The fragile flowers grow.
Teardrops seem all I can say.
They speak of endless woe.
Your fingers wipe my grief away.
A seed of love you sow.
A hardened heart reverts to clay.
You mold my love just so. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#64. Be a person who sees endless beauty in nature and in humanity. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#65. The way other people fantasize about surprise inheritances, firts-glance love, and endless white empyreal pastures, Mitchell dreamed of an erupting supervolcano that would bury North America under a foot of hot ash. - Author: Nathaniel Rich
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#66. And to this day I love endless landscapes, big horizons, sunflowers, and narcissi. - Author: Gisela Hausmann
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#67. Endless longing; a face you'd known since childhood, since birth almost; a body that moved as though it were your own. These were things you never spoke of, things you never hoped for; things you could never admit to. Things you'd die for, and die of. - Author: Elizabeth Hand
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#68. The graceful wings of a dove lead to the endless imagination in a dream wings of pain. - Author: Auliq Ice
Quotes About Endless Love #490966
#69. You can fall in love again with someone you're already in love with. It's like waking from a dream within a dream and finding another layer, the colors more vivid, the light more lucid, the fantasy more real. Being in love is an endless loop of waking to reverie. - Author: Leah Raeder
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#70. Love is endless, you can never run out no matter how much of it you give away. - Author: Eric T. Benoit
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#71. Quaint, the idea that love is
Unquestionable undefeatable
Endless fathomless
Strong as time and
Tenacious as space but
If love is never to be tested
Or challenged then it is worth
Nothing. - Author: Gabrielle Prendergast
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#72. I love brooding in a bucolic valley about your endless compassion. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#73. As the sun has endless lights, endless power, endless warmth, so do you also have endless love with endless power and, even better, your power of love and capacity to give grows by giving. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#74. Love is an all powerful, endless, mysterious, miraculous, primordial, attractive force that flows from one heart to another to unfold the beauty of life. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#75. If, my dear, you seek to slumber;
Count of stars an endless number;
If you will continue wakeful;
Count the drops that make a lakeful;
Then if vigilance yet above you
Hover, Count the times I love you;
And if slumber sill repel you
Count the times I do not tell you. - Author: Franklin P. Adams
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#76. Disharmony prevails when you confuse
Lust with LOVE, while the distance
between the two is endless! - Author: Rumi
Quotes About Endless Love #602516
#77. Thou wouldst be loved? - then let thy heart From its present pathway part not; Being everything which now thou art, Be nothing which thou art not. So with the world thy gentle ways, Thy grace, thy more than beauty, Shall be an endless theme of praise. And love a simple duty. - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Quotes About Endless Love #603643
#78. By letting go with gratitude, you are not losing anything, but you are gaining the wisdom, present moment, and future of endless possibilities. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Quotes About Endless Love #613047
#79. Between the finite and the infinite
The missing link of Love has left a void.
Supply the link, and earth with Heaven will join
In one continued chain of endless life. - Author: Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Quotes About Endless Love #636243
#80. Mags, I'm in this forever. You are my future, my always ... If there is one thing in this messed up universe you can count on, it's my love for you. It's constant. It's endless. And it's never going anywhere. - Author: A Meredith Walters
Quotes About Endless Love #653528
#81. Love is beginningless and endless ecstasy. It is an unfathomable mystery. It is the study of our lives. - Author: Frederick Lenz
Quotes About Endless Love #674152
#82. He who is full of joy is full of great riches;
he who is full of love is full of endless riches. - Author: Matshona Dhliwayo
Quotes About Endless Love #694453
#83. I have loved and lost in so many different ways. And I have died endless deaths ... So when I ask myself, the question today, who am I? My answer is ... I do not know. - Author: Patti Roberts
Quotes About Endless Love #699584
#84. We spend so much of our passion on our first love. I'm not convinced that it - passion - is one of those things that you have an endless amount of - like happiness or sadness. I could be happy all day. I could be sad all day. But I'm not so sure I'll ever love like that again. - Author: Laura Miller
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#85. Nick and I, we sometimes laugh, laugh out loud, at the horrible things women make their husbands do to prove their love. The pointless tasks, the myriad sacrifices, the endless small surrenders. We call these men the dancing monkeys. - Author: Gillian Flynn
Quotes About Endless Love #728928
#86. I know." He leaned back, looking into her eyes. "But I'm not going anywhere, Jenny. I'll fight to stay with you. - Author: Amanda Gray
Quotes About Endless Love #735465
#87. I love the science-fiction genre because there's always so many endless possibilities! It's a limitless genre and can be fun playing around with otherworldly ideas. - Author: Laura Mennell
Quotes About Endless Love #773925
#88. I just want to express a generalized and endless feeling of love inside of me directed at every single person who exists or will ever exist. - Author: Steve Roggenbuck
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#89. The concept of endless love is something that we can exercise in all kinds of ways. - Author: Bruce Greenwood
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#90. Vel once told me that the heart isn't like a cup of water. You can't drain it. It's more like an endless well, and the more you love, the more it pumps out. - Author: Ann Aguirre
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#91. I wish you a Merry Christmas sparkle with endless love, gladness and goodwill. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#92. He saw people living for their sake, saw them achieving endless things for their sake, traveling, waging wars, suffering endlessly, enduring endlessly, and he could love them for that; - Author: Hermann Hesse
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#93. In the night, I am kept awake by the endless chatter of my inner self. I hear it speak softly of old hurts and fondly of past loves, while its demands and anxieties resound throughout me in multitudes.
I could be calm and composed all day long, but the moment it is dark, my mind riots. - Author: Beau Taplin
Quotes About Endless Love #850860
#94. I loved him. My prince. My soul mate. - Author: Rachel Higginson
Quotes About Endless Love #852295
#95. As we know, our own mother bore us only into pain and dying. But our true mother, Jesus, who is all love, bears us into joy and endless living. Blessed may he be. - Author: Julian Of Norwich
Quotes About Endless Love #860069
#96. Unfailing love, endless blessings. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
Quotes About Endless Love #861448
#97. I love dessert. All kinds. But there's something about ice cream that makes me happy. I am drawn to its simplicity. I am perplexed by the endless supply of constantly growing flavor options. And I am always in the mood for sprinkles and a sugar cone. - Author: Rachel Nichols
Quotes About Endless Love #865200
#98. Love is that burning fire which devours everything and shall never, never cease in all the endless ages to come. - Author: Hadewijch
Quotes About Endless Love #871142
#99. Endless ocean, blue water, dreamy sky,
tranquil beach, love in the air, mind fly high. - Author: Debasish Mridha
Quotes About Endless Love #878986
#100. Dear Sweetheart, Without you my days are endless. Days seem like weeks ... Weeks feel like months ... Months like years ... Years like centuries ... Centuries like ... You get the idea. - Author: Charles M. Schulz
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