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Top 58 Quotes About Economic Inequality

#1. The dominant economic approach of the last thirty years is now on its last legs. Letting the market rip and an indifference to inequality are now seen as important causes of the greatest economic crash since the 1930s. - Author: Frances O'Grady
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#2. The best solution to income inequality is providing a high-quality education for everybody. In our highly technological, globalized economy, people without education will not be able to improve their economic situation. - Author: Ben Bernanke
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#3. political consequences of economic inequality - Author: Anonymous
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#4. The essential point here is that all people with small, insecure incomes are in the same boat and ought to be fighting on the same side. Probably we could do with a little less talk about' capitalist' and 'proletarian' and a little more about the robbers and the robbed. - Author: George Orwell
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#5. Everyone has a right to a job, everyone has a right to an education, everyone has a right to health care, everyone has a right to retirement security, everyone has a right to housing, and everyone has a right to peace. - Author: Dennis Kucinich
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#6. Is distinctive black culture the cause of economic disparity between whites and blacks or merely the reflection of it? - Author: Steven D. Levitt
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#7. Britain is a textbook case of how growing inequality leads to economic crisis. The years before the crash were marked by a sharp rise in remortgaging and the growth of 0 percent balance transfer credit cards. By 2008 the UK had the highest ratio of household debt to GDP of any major economy. - Author: Frances O'Grady
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#8. Whether women work in the care sector because the wages are low or whether wages are low because women work there is a question that cannot be answered. But we know that a big reason for economic inequality is that women to a much greater extent work with care. - Author: Katrine Marcal
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#9. There is no economic failure so terrible in its import as that of a country possessing a surplus of every necessity of life in which numbers willing and anxious to work, are deprived of dire necessities. It simply cannot be if our moral and economic system is to survive. - Author: Herbert Hoover
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#10. The devastation of neoliberalism is so multi-fold, whether it's violence against women or desperate economic inequality or the destruction of the planet. - Author: Eve Ensler
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#11. The balancing of the budget will not in itself place a teaspoonful of milk in a hungry baby's stomach, or remove the rags from its mother's back. - Author: John L. Lewis
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#12. Economic inequality is less troubling if you live in a country where any child, no matter how humble his or her origins, can grow up to be president. - Author: Timothy Noah
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#13. Americans were happy to celebrate their super-rich and, at least sometimes, worry about their poor. But putting those two conversations together and talking about economic inequality was pretty much taboo. - Author: Chrystia Freeland
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#14. This happens today: if the investments in the banks fall slightly ... a tragedy ... what can be done? But if people die of hunger, if they have nothing eat, if they have poor health, it does not matter! This is our crisis today! - Author: Pope Francis
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#15. Poverty was nature surviving in society; that the limitedness of food and the unlimitedness of men had come to an issue just when the promise of boundless increase of wealth burst in upon us made the irony only the more bitter. - Author: Karl Polanyi
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#16. Incentives aren't the only thing that matter for economic growth. Opportunity is also crucial, and extreme inequality deprives many people of the opportunity to fulfill their potential, and government programs that reduce inequality can make the nation as a whole richer by reducing that waste. - Author: Paul Krugman
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#17. Today, the top one-tenth of 1% owns nearly as much wealth as the bottom 90%. The economic game is rigged, and this level of inequality is unsustainable. We need an economy that works for all, not just the powerful. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#18. One of the saddest aspects for me about filming in South Africa was that the real inequalities are still very much in place - and those are economic inequalities. - Author: Naomie Harris
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#19. Vassals of an outdated ideology unrelated to the real world, they can, when questioned on this issue, only mumble neoliberal mantras that have delivered the world economic stagnation, rising inequality and global environmental crisis - Author: Richard Flanagan
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#20. We can and must respond creatively to the triple crisis and simultaneously overcome dehumanization, economic inequality, and, ecological catastrophe. - Author: Vandana Shiva
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#21. Let us remember well, however, that whenever food is thrown out it is as if it were stolen from the table of the poor, from the hungry! - Author: Pope Francis
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#22. To understand the Left, one must understand that in its view the greatest evil is material inequality. The Left is more troubled by economic inequality than by evil as humanity has generally understood the term. - Author: Dennis Prager
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#23. Grave security concerns can arise as a result of demographic trends, chronic poverty, economic inequality, environmental degradation, pandemic diseases, organized crime, repressive governance and other developments no state can control alone. Arms can't address such concerns. - Author: Ban Ki-moon
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#24. I spent a lot of time developing in books why worshipping separately actually impacts inequality, economic, social, on and on. So I really do believe there are huge advantages to being together even though it's difficult, even though we have a lot to learn. - Author: Michael Emerson
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#25. God, how patient are Thy poor! These corporations and masters of manipulation in finance heaping up great fortunes by a system of legalized extortion, and then exacting from the contributors-to whom a little means so much-a double share to guard the treasure! - Author: Robert M. La Follette, Sr.
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#26. Taking measures to ensure stability could assure the long-term economic growth and welfare at a global level - Author: Miguel Reynolds Brandao
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#27. Every dollar that the boss did not work for, one of us worked for a dollar and didn't get it. - Author: William C. Dudley
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#28. taken Society and Economic Change, I assume?" Yes, but I assume you've never taken Poverty and Inequality. - Author: Willa Thorne
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#29. To deal with radicalism and extremism, we need to deal with economic inequality. This is what I learned from my experience in Solo and then in Jakarta. - Author: Joko Widodo
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#30. Does inequality in the distribution of income increase or decrease in the course of a country's economic growth? - Author: Simon Kuznets
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#31. Capitalism is, fundamentally, an economic system that promotes inequality. - Author: Annalee Newitz
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#32. Meritocracy is a social arrangement like any other: it is a loose set of rules that can be adapted in order to obscure advantages, all the while justifying them on the basis of collective values. pg. 199 - Author: Shamus Rahman Khan
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#33. Trickle down economics is a fraud. Giving tax breaks to the rich and large corporations does not create jobs. It simply makes the rich richer, enlarges the deficit and increases income and wealth inequality. We need economic policies which benefit working families, not the billionaire class. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#34. Modern invention has been a great leveler. A machine may operate far more quickly than a political or economic measure to abolish privilege and wipe out the distinctions of class or finance. - Author: Ivor Brown
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#35. Even when repressed, inequality grows; only the man who is below the average in economic ability desires equality; those who are conscious of superior ability desire freedom, and in the end superior ability has its way. - Author: Will Durant
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#36. It has been convincingly demonstrated that countries where there are high rates of poverty, or high rates of economic inequality, are the countries with the highest rates of religious beliefs. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#37. The history of inequality is shaped by the way economic, social, and political actors view what is just and what is not, as well as by the relative power of those actors and the collective choices that result. It is the joint product of all relevant actors combined. - Author: Thomas Piketty
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#38. There is a correlation between economic inequality and personal violence. The explanation for the correlation isn't completely clear; there are a number of possibilities. - Author: Steven Pinker
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#39. The ultimate goal of those who blame workers for Wall Street's economic crisis is to unravel the fabric of our common life in pursuit of greed and power. - Author: Richard Trumka
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#40. If we don't rebuild that connection with people we will really find even bigger gaps, because our gap on inequality is not just economic. - Author: Hillary Clinton
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#41. People who have to fight for their living and are not afraid to die for it are higher persons than those who, stationed high, are too fat to dare to die. - Author: Laozi
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#42. The weak economy, widening income inequality, gridlock in Congress and a presidential election: Those were perhaps the dominant economic and political themes of 2012. - Author: Steven Rattner
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#43. A nation will not survive morally or economically when so few have so much and so many have so little. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#44. A two-parent family based on love and commitment can be a wonderful thing, but historically speaking the "two-parent paradigm" has left an extraordinary amount of room for economic inequality, violence and male dominance. - Author: Stephanie Coontz
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#45. The ability of the 1 percent to buy politicians and regulators is nothing new in American politics - just as inequality has been a permanent part of our economic system. This is true of virtually all political and economic systems. - Author: Eric Alterman
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#46. There's five factors or characteristics of places where kids from poor backgrounds don't do very well. And those are places that have more economic and racial segregation, places with more income inequality. - Author: Gwen Ifill
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#47. Thievery is what unregulated capitalism is all about. - Author: Robert Sherrill
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#48. To the liberal class, every big economic problem is really an education problem, a failure by the losers to learn the right skills and get the credentials everyone knows you'll need in the society of the future. - Author: Thomas Frank
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#49. American social arrangements, economic arrangements, the degree of inequality in American life, the relatively small role played by the government in American public life and so forth, compares to exactly the opposite conditions in most of the European societies. - Author: Tony Judt
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#50. I will always have enough money to last the rest of my life ... as long as I don't buy anything. - Author: Ed Asner
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#51. A thorough investigation would prove that nine crimes out of ten could be traced, directly or indirectly, to our economic and social iniquities, to our system of remorseless exploitation and robbery. - Author: Emma Goldman
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#52. The perennial conviction that those who work hard and play by the rules will be rewarded with a more comfortable present and a stronger future for their children faces assault from just about every direction. That great enemy of democratic capitalism, economic inequality, is real and growing. - Author: Jon Meacham
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#53. You may be sure that in this new international system, the American citizen will count for precious little. - Author: Pat Buchanan
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#54. Inequality makes the pie of things smaller, yet economists measure the size of the pie not by how much substance it contains but by its price. It is entirely possible, therefore, for economists to measure as growth what most people experience as economic decline. - Author: Moshe Adler
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#55. If we will not endure a king as a political power, we should not endure a king over the production, transportation, and sale of any of the necessities of life. - Author: John Sherman
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#56. The benefits of feminism have been unequally distributed, because the move toward gender equality and gender neutrality has been countered to a large extent by the increase in economic inequality. - Author: Stephanie Coontz
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#57. We must fight inequality and poverty if we want to re-establish peace and security. Seven million Mexicans live in extreme poverty, which is why I have launched a crusade against hunger. We also have to improve our educational system and stimulate economic growth. - Author: Enrique Pena Nieto
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#58. The left is far more concerned with attacking America - its alleged racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia and economic inequality - than with fighting Islamism. - Author: Dennis Prager
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