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#1. You know it's a good show when you involve fire and dolls and unitards. - Author: Gillian Jacobs
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#2. Our lives are just spectacles. We are like dolls, in a sense, to be observed and played with - often with cruel and deceitful intentions - in an unreal world. - Author: Kathryn Lasky
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#3. She was happy, and perfectly in line with the tradition of those women they used to call "ruined," "fallen," feckless, bitches in heat, ravished dolls, sweet sluts, instant princesses, hot numbers, great lays, succulent morsels, everybody's darlings ... - Author: Jean Genet
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#4. I used to perform with the Pussycat Dolls before Nicole Scherzinger, before they were a musical group. - Author: Jaime Pressly
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#5. A child playing with dolls may shed heartfelt tears when his bundle of rags and scraps becomes deathly ill and dies ... So we may come to an understanding of language as playing with dolls: in language, scraps of sound are used to make dolls and replace all the things in the world. - Author: Velimir Khlebnikov
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#6. I was always very maternal with my friends. I wasn't the kind of little girl that played with dolls and pretended I was the mommy. I wasn't that child, so when I say I was always maternal, I don't mean in that sense - but I've always been a nurturer. - Author: Kim Fields
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#7. I would mimic what I saw in Grease and Guys and Dolls in front of my mom's mirror and I would practice voices and songs. When you put me alone in a room, that's what I would do. - Author: Elizabeth Olsen
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#8. Older Scout: [narrating] Neighbors bring food with death, and flowers with sickness, and little things in between. Boo was our neighbor. He gave us two soap dolls, a broken watch and chain, a knife, and our lives. - Author: Harper Lee
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#9. Boo was our neighbor. He gave us two soap dolls, a broken watch and chain, a pair of good-luck pennies, and our lives. - Author: Harper Lee
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#10. Dolls are safe companions. - Author: Louisa May Alcott
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#11. The Disneyland installation of "its a small world" opened in 1966, and currently features 297 dolls and 256 toys representing six continents and singing the famous song in five languages. - Author: The Imagineers
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#12. What we ask is to be human individuals, however peculiar and unexpected. It is no good saying: "You are a little girl and therefore you ought to like dolls"; if the answer is, "But I don't," there is no more to be said. - Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
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#13. What rights have women? ... [they are] punished for breaking laws which they have no voice in making. All avenues to enterprise and honors are closed against them. If poor, they must drudge for a mere pittance if of the wealthy classes, they must be dressed dolls of fashion parlor puppets ... - Author: Ernestine Rose
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#14. Statues are too much like dolls, and dolls are creepy. You keep expecting them to blink. And the ones that smile, like this?" Eve kept her lips tight together and she curved them up. "You know they've got teeth in there. Big, sharp, shiny teeth."
I didn't. But now I've got to worry about it. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#15. When being interviewed by a woman for a job, never begin with listen up doll face. - Author: Dov Davidoff
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#16. Prayers are to men as dolls are to children. - Author: Samuel Butler
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#17. I definitely had dolls when I was a kid. I don't remember being very thorough with them and making sure they got fed in my make-believe world. A lot of Barbie haircuts were given, though. I had a Tamagotchi as well, but I think that thing died really quick. They were hard to do! - Author: Jessica Biel
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#18. The seeds of life inside my womb were present at my birth; a gift from mother's mother, on back to Mother Earth. - Author: Patricia Robin Woodruff
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#19. We are all just little dolls of ourselves. Who occasionally pull back the curtains to reveal the real us. - Author: Bruce Eric Kaplan
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#20. I love God, and when you get to know Him, you find He's a Livin' Doll. - Author: Jane Russell
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#21. The Dolls were the forefathers of glam. You never knew if they were going to kiss you or punch you. More than likely, they'd do both. - Author: Shawn Amos
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#22. All people interested in their work are liable to overrate their vocation. There may be makers of dolls' eyes who wonder how society would go on without them. - Author: Harriet Martineau
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#23. And I have soldier dolls! My uncle Garrett bough them for me. - Author: Maya Banks
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#24. The New York Dolls are the only band that we grew up on that we haven't played with. - Author: Tommy Lee
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#25. I was always cutting my Barbie and Pollyanna dolls' hair. I lined them all up and put a cloth around their necks, like they were at the beauty parlor. Barbie was a real heartbreaker, but then all of a sudden, Barbie was freakin' bald. That was a shocker. - Author: Cyndi Lauper
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#26. This is why boys don't play with dolls. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go and freak out in the next room. - Author: Rin Chupeco
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#27. I've read 'Valley of the Dolls' at least four times. It's so epic! - Author: Ashley Madekwe
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#28. This morning, I went to wipe my hands on a tea towel, and while I was using it, it seemed like it felt a bit light. I unfolded it and realized my daughter had cut little bits out of it to make frocks for her dolls! - Author: Emma Thompson
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#29. With every step I took away from her, the movement at my heart and between my legs grew more defined: I felt like a ventriloquist, locking his protesting dolls in to a trunk. - Author: Sarah Waters
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#30. ...carved dolls stick to the rules. - Author: Steve Aylett
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#31. Russian dolls, or Matryoshka dolls, are wooden figurine dolls of decreasing size where each doll fits inside the doll next in size - Author: Anonymous
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#32. I feel the sexiest when I'm on stage with the Dolls because I feel like nothing can touch me. Although I want to touch everyone in some way. - Author: Nicole Scherzinger
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#33. Because the priest must have like every dog his day
Or keep us all awake with baying at the moon,
We and our dolls being but the world were best away. - Author: William Butler Yeats
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#34. You can't do opera when already from the 10th row you can only see little dolls on the stage. In such an enormous space you can't put much faith in the personal presence of the individual singer, which is reflected in facial expressions, among other things. - Author: Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau
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#35. I like 'Guys and Dolls,' 'Singin' in the Rain' and 'A Star Is Born.' When it works, a musical is an amazing thing. But it rarely works. - Author: John Carney
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#36. The residents blamed the "Gahmen", naturally. Since the explosion of social media, those "Gahmen" guys have been blamed for everything from HDB flat prices to the price of oil, climate change, the shortage of Hello Kitty dolls and kids not clearing their trays away at hawker centres. - Author: Neil Humphreys
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#37. I used to cut out paper dolls. - Author: Andy Warhol
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#38. You're the only one I ever believe in, the answer that could never be found. - Author: Goo Goo Dolls
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#39. Well, that's just all kinds of creepy," Puck muttered at my side, giving the doll a look of alarm. "If you see any clowns, do me a favor and don't point them out, okay? i'd rather live without the nightmares."
I was about to snap at him for putting the thought of killer clown dolls in my head ... - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#40. I will refine somebody in a minor way, but I don't want to totally change them. I don't want them to look like plastic dolls. - Author: Douglas Kirkland
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#41. There they are. Two girls built like pagan fertility dolls, resting on their haunches, caked from head-toe in the multi-shaded come of every man who gave his offering before me - Author: Tyler Knight
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#42. Harrogate saw them going along Blount Avenue Sunday morning. They wore outfits all cut from the same bolt of cloth and in the church pew standing six across they looked like a strip of gaudy wallpaper cut into those linked dolls madfolk pass their time in fashioning. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
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#43. If I killed them, you know, they couldn't reject me as a man. It was more or less making a doll out of a human being ... and carrying out my fantasies with a doll, a living human doll. - Author: Edmund Kemper
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#44. Why do they stare? They're always staring. Like dolls," she said as they walked into the building. "Or sharks." "I - Author: J.D. Robb
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#45. My mom was a big feminist, and when I was growing up, I wasn't allowed to have typical girl toys: she did not let me have dolls. Barbies were banned in our household. She read feminist books to me; my mom was a major feminist. - Author: Leila Janah
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#46. I really liked Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls and a couple of others, but with these kinds of movies the best part is the 'talking about it over a beer afterwards' bit - and once is kind of enough. - Author: Bent Saether
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#47. We're a tight group, baseball people, and our lives tend to touch like paper dolls. To some of us, that is frightening. - Author: T.T. Monday
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#48. The traces of our life here will lie cold and still, dreaming, like the brittle eyes of dolls in an abandoned cabin, and the last men will look to them for explanations, or apologies. - Author: Tim Cahill
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#49. We're not freaks, Tally. We're normal. We may not be gorgeous, but at least we're not hyped-up Barbie dolls. - Author: Scott Westerfeld
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#50. I used to make clothes for my sister's dolls. I couldn't care less for the dolls, but I could make the clothes really easily. - Author: Philip Treacy
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#51. Well, I don't even know how to drive in this life, so I'm pretty far from ever having the life of being a stuntdouble. I liked- I had an Evil Knievel doll when i was a kid, that's about it! - Author: John Frusciante
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#52. This is the night of revelation. This is the night the dolls wake. This is the night of the dreamer in the attic. This is the night of the piper in the woods. - Author: Steven Millhauser
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#53. Of course , if I am nothing but an ego, and woman is nothing but another ego, then there is really no vital difference between us. Two little dolls of conscious entities, squeaking when you squeeze them. And with a tiny bit of an extraneous appendage to mark which is which ... - Author: D.H. Lawrence
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#54. The row of dolls watched her impassively from the bookshelf, their tea party propriety almost certainly offended. - Author: Holly Black
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#55. My first modeling job was Gap, and my first time in front of the camera was for a Soda Pop Girls commercial - it's one of those Bratz dolls, Barbie dolls ... one of those. - Author: Hailee Steinfeld
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#56. Those that think my clothes are androgynous also still believe that women should look like Barbie dolls. That's precisely the problem, the deep-rooted assumptions about what is feminine. - Author: Ann Demeulemeester
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#57. He sings so softly. Almost a whisper. Not like her father at all. Like the voices they give to the dolls, the men. - Author: Emily Ruskovich
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#58. I thought of how she'd been at three, at six, at nine. No one warns you about the losses. No one tells you you'll miss them, those earlier children. They disappear, but are they still there, sealed one inside the next like those little wooden Russian dolls? - Author: Ann Harleman
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#59. All I can say is that when millions of plastic dolls of you are being sold each day and an equal number of teenage boys are masturbating over you each night, it's bound to do something screwy to your psyche. - Author: Carrie Fisher
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#60. Growing up, my dolls were doctors and on secret missions. I had Barbie Goes Rambo. - Author: Zoe Saldana
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#61. A walk through the storage facility of the community museum where I worked might easily have convinced you that people in the past wore only wedding dresses, carried silver candlesticks, and played with porcelain dolls. - Author: Susanna Kearsley
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#62. My work is really abject and self-effacing sometimes. I mean, it's big and overwrought, but it's just paper dolls, and it's kind of silly. - Author: Kara Walker
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#63. I always try so hard to find a male doll and shoot a male doll, and it always kind of implodes. Whenever I use men, they're so scary and so dark, and I can never find this sort of lightness or this place between doll and human that I find with female dolls. - Author: Laurie Simmons
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#64. She hated their new nickname. It made them sound like deranged Barbie dolls. - Author: Sara Shepard
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#65. It began with your eyes cast down, and mine looking right at you,
I watched you rule out hundreds of questions and accept only mine. I poured my stories into your eager heart, and you sparked faith inside the stubbornness of mine. Our beginning was written in the stars - how could it not be? - Author: Emalynne Wilder
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#66. Babies are living dolls with dancing smiles that come from the stars to still our hearts. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#67. Dolls with no little girls around to mind them were sort of creepy under any conditions. - Author: Stephen King
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#68. I got my Equity card from an audition out of Backstage. We did 'Guys and Dolls' and 'Kismet.' - Author: John C. McGinley
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#69. All the difference in the world between the movies and the thrill I get out of a play at the theater. Ay, yes! Like fooling around with paper dolls when you could be playing with a real live baby. - Author: Edna Ferber
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#70. Everyone has an identity. One of their own, and one for show. - Author: Jacqueline Susann
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#71. Women love to be asked more about their clothes than their work. We're dolls; we made a wish to become alive. - Author: Jenny Slate
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#72. What do the animals do in the zoo? That's the same thing that I do in my cell. I play with myself. I make little string dolls. I talk to roaches. I'm in jail for nine counts of murder, and I didn't do it. I'm in solitary confinement, may I add. - Author: Charles Manson
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#73. The zombies in the cab were looking at us like it was Christmas 1996 and we had just taken the last Tickle Me Elmo dolls off the shelf. - Author: Mark Tufo
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#74. Gals with dolls. - Author: Toba Beta
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#75. Too old for dolls. Too ill for tablets. - Author: Carla H. Krueger
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#76. The doll, Dallas. You know, Barbie doll. Jeez, didn't you ever have dollies?"
"Dolls are like small dead people. I have enough dead people, thanks. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#77. I loved my baby dolls when I was a kid. I used to pray with them and say good night to each and every one of them because I didn't want their feelings to get hurt. I remember having that connection with my baby dolls. - Author: Jessica Alba
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#78. For us the Dresden Dolls were porcelain dolls that were made in that city at the time, that is what they were to us, and also a reference in Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnegut, and in a song by The Fall. - Author: Brian Viglione
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#79. They weren't like dolls, because dolls had no feelings. Kids had feelings, just not any remotely related to yours. - Author: Sam Lipsyte
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#80. I'll never forget seeing 'Guys and Dolls' over and over. I used to sit up in the coliseum watching this magnificent musical. Brilliant. - Author: Ron Moody
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#81. It occurs to him that there are different versions of himself to farewell - the abandoned eight-year-old; the delusional soldier who hovered somewhere in hell; the lightkeeper who dared to leave his heart undefended. Like Russian dolls, these lives sit within him. - Author: M.L. Stedman
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#82. Dancing is another way to communicate. That's what separates The Pussycat Dolls from other groups. - Author: Nicole Scherzinger
Quotes About Dolls #292381
#83. To his ex-wife in court, he said I lost interest in you when the Botox lost its effect and you looked like a plastic doll that escaped from a fire. - Author: Peter Jackson
Quotes About Dolls #290715
#84. We Barbie dolls are not supposed to behave the way I do ... - Author: Sharon Stone
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#85. Yes, we started out as the Sex Maggots, then became the Goo Goo Dolls, well, and we're still the Goo Goo Dolls! - Author: John Rzeznik
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#86. Harmony crab-walked back. "You're the only one left, Reed. You were right. It was a trap. Michael is a sadist. We leave now, or I'll shoot you on sight next time I see you as one of Bill's brainwashed dolls. - Author: Kim Harrison
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#87. I'm just a Ragetty Anne in a Barbie Doll World - Author: Shelley Winters
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#88. I was the last of the four Dresden dolls. Only me... and I didn't want to be here. - Author: V.C. Andrews
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#89. I used to sing lullabies to voodoo dolls I kept in a chapel. Clearly, I have no place judging you." -Lucus - Author: Kira Saito
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#90. I came from product design originally - I had been designing dolls for a toy company since I was 16 - so I'm used to working with plastic and different things. I had an innate interest in objects. - Author: Jason Wu
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#91. Champion Ven knelt in the ruins of the village. Sifting through the rubble, he lifted out a broken doll, its pink dress streaked with dirt and its pottery face cracked.
There was always a broken doll.
Why did there always have to be a damn doll? - Author: Sarah Beth Durst
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#92. My first acting gig was a skit for Jay Leno on 'The Tonight Show.' It was this Barbie commercial where I got to pour mud all over Barbie dolls and watch the heads pop off. It was so exciting, a lot of fun. - Author: Brie Larson
Quotes About Dolls #208834
#93. When I was really young. My sister and I would create different characters with our Barbie dolls - I'd be the crazy diva Barbie and she'd be the homeless Barbie. - Author: Jordana Brewster
Quotes About Dolls #206579
#94. Our kids haven't any airs about them. I don't like posh kids who don't like dirty dolls or expect a chauffeur every time they go out. - Author: Linda McCartney
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#95. Dolls are like small dead people. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#96. Lily asked Calvin to play dolls with her. He reluctantly joined her on the floor, but it soon became Chuck Norris meets Joy doll and she was going down repeatedly. Lily, scandalized, pouted, but began to retaliate. Oh no you don't, Chuck! I'm Piper, psycho Barbie! - Author: Shelly Crane
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#97. I've never feared death before. I've always been willing to die. Sometimes I even welcomed it, wishing for this all to be over and finally find peace in an endless sleep. But when I look at you, I see possibility, and I start to do what I know better than to do - I wonder - Author: Emalynne Wilder
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#98. Oh we're a mess, poor humans, poor flesh - hybrids of angels and animals, dolls with diamonds stuffed inside them. We've been to the moon and we're still fighting over Jerusalem. - Author: Richard Siken
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#99. When he was nearly thirty-six, my brother Jem got his heart badly broken when his fourth marriage fell apart, mostly because his wife never could get used to Boo, who lived with them and creeped her out by making little wooden dolls of her and putting them in the hollow tree out front. - Author: Silas House
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#100. You know I won't be no stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll - Author: Meghan Trainor
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