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#1. The only thing we know for certain is that Darquesse is coming, and she's coming to kill us all. - Author: Derek Landy
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#2. Ballet is certainly appreciated in New York, but it has been a part of the Russian culture, history and heritage for hundreds of years, so it's much more instilled in the Russian blood. - Author: David Hallberg
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#3. Donegan Bane and Gracious O'Callahan - the Monster Hunters. Adventurers, inventors, authors of Monster Hunting for Beginners and it's sequels, Monster Hunting for Beginners is Probably Inadvisable and Seriously, Dude, Stop Monster Hunting. - Author: Derek Landy
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#4. For now Valkyrie remembered where she had seen that name before. In the Book of Names, in that final column. Next to Stephanie Edgley, next to Valkyrie Cain. Her true name. The only name that ever really mattered.
Darquesse. - Author: Derek Landy
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#5. I really wanted to focus on my songwriting, or songwriting with other people. I wanted to go learn from other people who were really good at the classic, more traditional idea of songwriting. - Author: Mikky Ekko
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#6. We should never think that once we have given some money and time to the Lord that the rest is ours to do with as we please. All that we have belongs to God, so He should be taken into consideration in everything we do. - Author: Theodore Epp
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#7. Scientists are a cold-blooded bunch. Standing by while innocent people are killed, while the power you so generously donated is twisted and warped by the fragile little minds of the ordinary people. I can't believe you thought your plan would ever work. - Darquesse, to Argeddion - Author: Derek Landy
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#8. No one gets out of this life alive.
So leave a footprint of your choice.
You are writing your epitaph.
You are writing it now!
Life is a process, not a goal.
Live it now, or you will miss it!
We have time to spend and no time to waste. - Author: Charles Franklin
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#9. It was always easier to genuinely praise than to try and find something nice to say about rubbish. - Author: Kerry Greenwood
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#10. Have to be honest with you Darquesse, I cannot feel that. That must be one of your special abilities, because to me, it looks like you just killed a whole bunch of people for no reason."
"Oh," said Darquesse. "That's so sad - Author: Derek Landy
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#11. It was a trap. It was so obviously a trap.
Darquesse smiled. - Author: Derek Landy
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#12. I'm not the only one in the studio a lot of times, so I have my boys in there and they'll tell me and give me their suggestions and what they think. - Author: Flo Rida
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