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#1. And yet, as Verena watched her turn back to the dusting, she had the curious sensation that positions had been reversed in the oddest fashion. The girl was the one telling her to go away, it was her house and Verena was the maid. - Author: Kate Williams
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#2. There are truths that shield themselves behind veils, and are best spoken by implication. Even the sun veils himself in his own rays to blind the gaze of the too curious starer. - Author: Amos Bronson Alcott
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#3. It's curious how, when you're in love, you yearn to go about doing acts of kindness to everybody. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#4. Mathematics has always shown a curious ability to be applicable to nature, and this may express a deep link between our minds and nature. We are the Universe speaking out, a part of nature. So it is not so surprising that our systems of logic and mathematics sing in tune with nature. - Author: George Zebrowski
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#5. Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.
It matters that you don't just give up. - Author: Stephen Hawking
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#6. It is a curious fact that in bad days we can very vividly recall the good time that is now no more; but that in good days, we have only a very cold and imperfect memory of the bad. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#7. Continue to surprise those who would put you in a neat demographic. Be insistently curious. - Author: Gordon Gee
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#8. Being curious is the most important part of being a journalist. It might be the most important part of being anything. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#9. I kind of wanted to tell them that. Like, it's okay, I know I'm weird-looking, take a look, I don't bite. Hey, the truth is, if a Wookiee started going to the school all of a sudden, I'd be curious, I'd probably stare a bit! - Author: R.J. Palacio
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#10. It is curious and we magicians collect curiosities, you know. - Author: Susanna Clarke
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#11. What I am telling you is that you do not need to know to love, and it is right that you feel it all in any moment. And it is right that you see it through
that you are amazed, then curious, then belligerent, then heartbroken, then numb. You have the right to all of it. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
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#12. People are not stupid. They believe things for reasons. The last way for skeptics to get the attention of bright, curious, intelligent people is to belittle or condescend or to show arrogance toward their beliefs. - Author: Carl Sagan
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#13. Trace Science, then, with Modesty thy guide,
First strip off all her equipage of Pride,
Deduct what is but Vanity or Dress,
Or Learning's Luxury or idleness,
Or tricks, to show the stretch of the human brain
Mere curious pleasure or ingenious pain. - Author: Alexander Pope
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#14. I'm deeply curious about Jewish things. I've toyed around with the idea of going to rabbinical school. - Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
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#15. Look at everything. Don't close your eyes to the world around you. Look and become curious and interested in what there is to see. - Author: John Cage
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#16. Television is a very highly constructed, and edited, and censored, and tailored, and marketed reality. But I'm not judgemental about it. I don't have anything against television. I just personally don't feel curious. - Author: Jodhi May
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#17. For the chief malady of man is restless curiosity about things which he cannot understand; and it is not so bad for him to be in error as to be curious to no purpose. - Author: Blaise Pascal
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#18. If you become so intensely curious that without knowing you cannot live, that is called seeking. - Author: Jaggi Vasudev
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#19. I wonder a lot about making things meaningful. You want to do meaningful work and make art, but you're making records, which is good, but you don't want to weight them - it's a very curious thing. - Author: Doseone
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#20. I'm always looking at the next thing. I'm too curious to look back ... it's very hard to be unhappy when you're curious and grateful. You're busy. You don't have time to be unhappy. My biggest talent is I know who is more talented than I am. I find them and I go to them, and I learn. - Author: Liza Minnelli
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#21. I get curious about new things. My real strength is going into a field that has not been investigated before, and finding new approaches to it. - Author: Joshua Lederberg
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#22. Kids are naturally curious about what they don't know, or don't understand, or what is foreign to them. They only learn to be frightened of those differences when an adult influences them to behave that way and censors that natural curiosity. - Author: Aimee Mullins
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#23. It's human nature to be curious about people, and to be more curious about young people than old people. We want to cheer something on at the same time we want to tear it down. That's just so normal. - Author: Amy Grant
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#24. Calumny is a vice of curious constitution; trying to kill it keeps it alive; leave it to itself and it will die a natural death. - Author: Thomas Paine
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#25. I have always read all my reviews, the bad along with the good (although you remember the bad much more than the good!). I am just too curious to see how it's playing with the audience, and I have a thick-enough skin to handle the less charitable assessments. - Author: Frank Spotnitz
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#26. Love. Be curious. Always try to do your best. - Author: Oscar De La Renta
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#27. I'm curious how people build up the codes that they live their life by, and how they come to think that that's the best way for them to function. - Author: Noah Baumbach
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#28. When our eyes met, I felt that I was growing pale. A curious sensation of terror came over me. I knew that I had come face to face with some one whose mere personality was so fascinating that, if I allowed it to do so, it would absorb my whole nature, my whole soul, my very art itself. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#29. I'm getting used to this planet and to this curious human culture which is as cheerfully enthusiastic as it is cheerfully crue - Author: Annie Dillard
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#30. It is a most curious experience for a man of seventy-two to be confronted with the greenhorn enthusiasms of his youth. Young people think they are so smart. Alas the doctrines they spout with such fervor turn out to be mostly parroted from their elders. - Author: John Dos Passos
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#31. That gate," said the under-gardener, turning with great deliberation towards the south, and embracing the whole of that part of England with one comprehensive sweep of his arm. "Curious, - Author: Wilkie Collins
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#32. We are curious creatures, we Taiwanese. Orphans. Eventually, orphans must choose their own names and write their own stories. The beauty of orphanhood is the blank slate. - Author: Shawna Yang Ryan
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#33. Henry wasn't curious in the least. She just wanted Gideon to stay close. - Author: Mary Jane Hathaway
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#34. She surprised him by agreeing. "Yes, I was simply curious, and no, I would never criticize you in front of your followers. Do you have the patience to endure one more question, husband?"
"What is it?"
"When do you suppose you'll leave me behind? - Author: Julie Garwood
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#35. I'm very curious, I guess, as a human being. - Author: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
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#36. Curious is a good thing to be, it seems to pay some unexpected dividends. - Author: Iggy Pop
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#37. Yes, I have heard something curious on that score sir, how that a dismasted man never entirely loses the feeling of his old spar, but it will still be pricking him at time. - Author: Herman Melville
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#38. People often say that I'm curious about too many things at once ... But can you really forbid a man from harbouring a desire to know and embrace everything that surrounds him? - Author: Alexander Von Humboldt
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#39. To make discoveries, you have to be curious about why the universe is the way it is. - Author: Isaac Asimov
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#40. One of the things I prize most about being a writer is its license - you could even say injunction - to be curious, to follow anything anywhere and see where it might take you, how it can transform you, whether in content or form. - Author: Gregory Allen Howard
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#41. It is a curious thing, do you know, Cranly said dispassionately, how your mind is supersaturated with the religion in which you say you disbelieve. - Author: James Joyce
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#42. I have about a hundred cats living in me and all of them are curious - Author: Kathy Acker
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#43. Children are notoriously curious about everything, everything except ... the things people want them to know. It then remains for us to refrain from forcing any kind of knowledge upon them, and they will be curious about everything. - Author: Floyd Dell
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#44. Being passionately curious about things give us the desire to want to learn, to explore and to seek opportunities to set goals and accomplish great things. It allows us to dream. - Author: Ellen J. Barrier
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#45. If you really want to succeed, you'll have to go for it every day like I do. The big time isn't for slackers. Keep up your mental stamina and remain curious. I think that bored people are unintelligent people. - Author: Donald Trump
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#46. It is a curious thing that God learned Greek when he wished to turn author
and that he did not learn it better. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#47. But no one had ever given the slightest thought to the curious coincidence that the rings of Saturn had been born at the same time as the human race. - Author: Anonymous
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#48. Only the curious have, if they live, a tale worth telling at all. - Author: Alastair Reid
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#49. stay curious and stay the brave, strong, unrelenting soldier of love that you are. - Author: AVA.
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#50. His smile was curious and as serene as a well-fed predator. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#51. I am convinced that the world is not a mere bog in which men and women trample themselves and die. Something magnificent is taking place here amidst the cruelties and tragedies, and the supreme challenge to intelligence is that of making the noblest and best in our curious heritage prevail. - Author: Charles A. Beard
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#52. His cold, unmoving face startled me, but the warmth from his hands left me curious and longing for more of his touch. - Author: Magan Vernon
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#53. I was always curious. And I always wondered why I had to die to go to Heaven. - Author: Muhammad Ali
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#54. I'm curious about everything, except what people have to say about me. - Author: Sarah Jessica Parker
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#55. The only way to learn new things is to ask questions and be curious. Find the people who inspire your curiosity because those are the ones you will most learn from. - Author: James Altucher
Quotes About Curious #20909
#56. A curious thing about atrocity stories is that they mirror, instead of the events they purport to describe, the extent of the hatred of the people that tell them. Still, you can't listen unmoved to tales of misery and murder. - Author: John Dos Passos
Quotes About Curious #19917
#57. If 'why' was the first and last question, then 'because I was curious to see what would happen' was the first and last answer. A version of it had been spoken to God Himself in the Garden of Eden, and it was destined to be the reason for the end of things at the hands of man. - Author: John Connolly
Quotes About Curious #18043
#58. It's so curious, isn't it? How if you're denied something again and again, eventually you start telling yourself you didn't want it in the first place. - Author: Tessa Dare
Quotes About Curious #15382
#59. It is curious that what these psychedelics do, on a scale of a community, is they release new ideas ... And that this is how culture moves forward. That culture is a phenomenon dependent on the generation of ideas, plans, notions, connections. So this is precisely what these compounds are doing. - Author: Terence McKenna
Quotes About Curious #15322
#60. After I went to bed I had a curious fancy as to dreams. In sleep the doors of the mind are shut, and thoughts come jumping in at the windows. They tumble headlong, and therefore are so disorderly and strange. Sometimes they are stout and light on their feet, and then they are rational dreams. - Author: James Boswell
Quotes About Curious #15003
#61. There aren't many American directors here trying to direct a Japanese yakuza film. When you combine that with the fact that I don't speak much Japanese and this was an independent film I was financing myself - people were curious about what I was doing. - Author: John Foster
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#62. If you thought when you got your job at 20 that it would never change you were misinformed. Retrain yourself to be curious. - Author: Eric Schmidt
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#63. I've learned to accept the fact that my students are far too busy preparing for their own legal careers to care one bit about the off-campus antics of Professor Burke. I get the impression that my students are vaguely aware of my novels, but are at best mildly curious. - Author: Alafair Burke
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#64. She looked out the window; in her eyes was the light that you see only in children arriving at a new place, or in young people still open to new influences, still curious about the world because they have not yet been scarred by life. - Author: Orhan Pamuk
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#65. Naturally, people are curious about how my real mom feels about me having a TV mom. - Author: Rico Rodriguez
Quotes About Curious #8351
#66. It's fall coming, I kept thinking, fall coming; just like that was the strangest thing ever happened. Fall. Right outside here it was spring a while back, then it was summer, and now it's fall-that's sure a curious idea. - Author: Ken Kesey
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#67. I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious. - Author: Albert Einstein
Quotes About Curious #4813
#68. It is the daily task of the creative to be curious and collect dots. The most creative people I know fill their brains, their idea factories, with as much raw material as they can. They have voracious appetites. - Author: David DuChemin
Quotes About Curious #4632
#69. Uncertainty to me was like Aardvaark to other people. A curious thing I had no notion of, but recongnised through secondhand illustrations. - Author: Jeanette Winterson
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#70. Something out of childhood whistles through this space, a sense of games and half-made selves, but it's not that you're pretending to be someone else. You're pretending to be exactly who you are. That's the curious thing. - Author: Don DeLillo
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#71. It is curious how an age of public self-revelation, and of the use of psychological jargon, should also be an age when self-examination is rarely practised. - Author: Anthony Daniels
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#72. I'm insatiably curious. - Author: Joanne Harris
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#73. You need to be curious, competitive, creative, stubborn, self-confident, skeptical, patient and be lucky to win a Nobel. - Author: Ivar Giaever
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#74. The Pirate is surrealism and so, in a curious way, is Father of the Bride. - Author: Vincente Minnelli
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#75. Flora sighed. It was curious that persons who lived what the novelists called a rich emotional life always seemed to be a bit slow on the uptake. - Author: Stella Gibbons
Quotes About Curious #887
#76. Some of the wrong people die. Be ready for it. This isn't Curious George Uses the Potty. - Author: William Goldman
Quotes About Curious #38361
#77. To be curious about a thing you have to find something surprising in it, and I'm afraid that nothing surprises me any more. - Author: Sian Busby
Quotes About Curious #53895
#78. I find the title How to Be Good. Curious, I open it up. I'm disappointed to find it's fiction. - Author: Jael McHenry
Quotes About Curious #53345
#79. Today's world needs a workforce of creative, curious, and self-directed lifelong learners who are capable of conceiving and implementing novel ideas. Unfortunately, this is the type of student that the Prussian model actively suppresses. - Author: Salman Khan
Quotes About Curious #52687
#80. At last they settled down to their long watch - squatting round the fire, and laughing for sheer love of adventure as good campaigners should; for were there not marching towards them some eight dark hours equipped with who could say what curious weapons from the rich arsenal of night and day? - Author: Hope Mirrlees
Quotes About Curious #52155
#81. Every day is an opportunity to learn something or discover something or someplace. Be curious, play, go out on a limb, walk a different way to work, try a new food at dinner and keep learning and growing. - Author: Sandra Magsamen
Quotes About Curious #50428
#82. Genealogies are admirable things, provided they do not encourage the curious delusion that some families are older than others. - Author: W. H. Auden
Quotes About Curious #49597
#83. Me and my cousin, most of the time we worked on radios and fixed them. I guess we started because I was curious to understand how radios work. When I was little, I used to think there were small people inside. Most of the time, I was just trying to see the people who are speaking in the radio. - Author: William Kamkwamba
Quotes About Curious #45307
#84. Mma Ramotswe decided to go back into her office. There was a curious thing about male conversation that she had noticed - men often ended up poking fun at one another. Women did this only rarely, but men seemed to love insulting one another. It was very strange. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
Quotes About Curious #45064
#85. I am a sort of collector of religions: and the curious thing is that I find I can believe in them all. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
Quotes About Curious #43966
#86. A 'white' kid that asks too many questions is called *curious.* A 'black' kid that asks too many questions is called *forward.* - Author: Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Quotes About Curious #41489
#87. I'm very curious about David Bowie's new record [2016]. I'm very, very ... I'm just incredibly curious, I want to see what's happening with that. I don't really know who else is putting out records, we've had our heads buried working on ours. I haven't really been paying much attention lately. - Author: Patrick Stump
Quotes About Curious #40057
#88. Is my world turning into Harry Potter's?! - Author: Jada Berglund
Quotes About Curious #38695
#89. We live in a world of wars and wars alarms, of famines, of oppression. While there are many wonderful people in this world, you'll notice one curious fact about them, they all suffer, they all die, and sometimes those who are the nicest seem to suffer the most. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#90. He wasn't fond of girls, especially curious ones; in his experience, they uually were demons in disguise. - Author: Cameron Jace
Quotes About Curious #37923
#91. I don't really go around feeling very Irish at all. I don't go to Irish pubs. I've lived so many places, and I'm still so curious about the bigger world. It's grand to be alive in a time when mobility is so accessible. - Author: Stuart Townsend
Quotes About Curious #35569
#92. Inaction quickly consumes a lifetime. Be curious, be bold, pay close attention to the world in front of you. And start trying stuff. - Author: Ben Falk
Quotes About Curious #33289
#93. What eventually set him apart was his mindset and drive. He never stopped being the curious, tinkering boy looking for new challenges. - Author: Carol S. Dweck
Quotes About Curious #31242
#94. Time slows. The attic disappears. Jutta disappears. Has anyone ever spoken so intimately about the very things Werner is most curious about? Open - Author: Anthony Doerr
Quotes About Curious #30880
#95. I am not a sexy woman, I'm not beautiful, I'm not a sex kitten, I don't flirt with people, yet I've been tagged more of sex symbol than women who truly are and I that's solely because I don't reveal too much: people are curious. - Author: Shirley Manson
Quotes About Curious #30631
#96. War affected my family a lot, and I was quite curious about it. I first went off to war in the early 90's as a journalist, partly out of curiosity and partly because I needed a career. War reporting has been very glamorous and exciting, and everything else that young men like. - Author: Sebastian Junger
Quotes About Curious #29438
#97. All the Tauruses I know have this connection to the earth and the environment. We are very curious people, very loyal, very aware of and respectful of our surroundings. Also, we're stubborn, but that's our way. We understand what we want, which is not bad. - Author: Francisco Costa
Quotes About Curious #29422
#98. I am really curious about life, about why we are all here. I notice my skin is ageing, things are changing, I've seen people dying, so that's the train we are all on. - Author: Damien Rice
Quotes About Curious #28912
#99. Don't try to be young. Just open your mind. Stay interested in stuff. There are so many things I won't live long enough to find out about, but I'm still curious about them. You know people who are already saying, 'I'm going to be 30 - oh, what am I going to do?' Well, use that decade! Use them all! - Author: Betty White
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#100. Ignorance as a deliberate choice, can be used to reinforce prejudice and discrimination. - Author: Ian Leslie
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