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Top 40 Quotes About Credit And Debt

#1. Nobody had a credit card when I was a kid. No one had credit card debt. But these big companies and banks wanted to know how to get more money out of people - get them charging things. - Author: Michael Moore
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#2. It wasn't until I stood in my truth and told everybody that I had $250,000 in credit card debt. At that point, everything turned around for me. I had to reveal the truth about what I didn't have, more than pretend about what I did. That was interesting. - Author: Suze Orman
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#3. As a very important source of strength and security, cherish public credit. - Author: George Washington
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#4. The perils of credit and debt, especially perilous in the computer age, have long been acknowledged in pop culture, but very infrequently by TV. - Author: Tom Shales
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#5. Britain is a textbook case of how growing inequality leads to economic crisis. The years before the crash were marked by a sharp rise in remortgaging and the growth of 0 percent balance transfer credit cards. By 2008 the UK had the highest ratio of household debt to GDP of any major economy. - Author: Frances O'Grady
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#6. Absolutely pay off credit card debt. If you're not getting a match in your 401(k) and you've got credit card debt, you've got to get yourself out of credit card debt. When you get out of credit card debt, your credit score goes up and interest starts to go down. - Author: Suze Orman
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#7. Too many people are buying things they can't afford, with money that they don't have ... to impress people that they don't like!"
Nothing to do w/ "books"
Just like the quote! - Author: Will Smith
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#8. We can recognize and give credit where credit is due, to the debt of taste we owe Europe, but we have taste, too. - Author: Billy Baldwin
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#9. The most important loan to pay is your student loan. It's more important than your mortgage, car and credit card payments. You cannot discharge student loan debt in the majority of cases. - Author: Suze Orman
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#10. Our government is deeply disordered; its credit is impaired; its debt increasing; its expenditures extravagant and wasteful; its disbursements without efficient accountability; and its taxes (for duties are but taxes) enormous, unequal, and oppressive to the great producing classes of the country. - Author: John C. Calhoun
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#11. No other facet of American business is more corrupt, more intoxicated with illegality, more weakly regulated, and has a greater impact on poor and working people than debt collectors; not credit card companies or subprime mortgages, not even payday lenders. - Author: Gary Weiss
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#12. Debt is a drag, a reality you may experience with every credit-card bill you open. But for a corporation or a government, it can be even more of a drag - on economic growth and job creation. - Author: Mark McKinnon
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#13. If you don't have the money management skills yet, using a debit card will ensure you don't overspend and rack up debt on a credit card. - Author: T. Harv Eker
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#14. Face the fact that there's only one sure-fire way to erase credit card debt. By picking up a big, shiny pair of scissors and cutting your wife in half. - Author: Bill Maher
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#15. Credit and debt keep us fixated on the past and the future. - Author: Mark Sundeen
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#16. But credit card debt is unsecured debt, which means if you get in trouble and cannot pay off your credit card, you can discharge it in bankruptcy. What are they going do to you? If you're in a financial position to just methodically pay off both credit card and student loans, pay them all. - Author: Suze Orman
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#17. If you fail to pay your minimums for any debt on time, your credit score will take a major hit and you run the risk of seeing the interest rate on all of your cards go up. An easy way to remind yourself to pay, is to sign up to receive your statements via e-mail. - Author: Alexa Von Tobel
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#18. The church is often called a killjoy for protesting against sexual license. But the real killing of joy comes with the grabbing of pleasure. As with credit card usage. the price tag is hidden at the start, but the physical and emotional debt incurred will take a long time to pay off. - Author: N. T. Wright
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#19. The baby boomers owe a big debt of gratitude to the parents and grandparents - who we haven't given enough credit to anyway - for giving us another generation. - Author: Steven Spielberg
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#20. The town slowly wakes up around him with its foreign-made cars and its statistics and credit card debt and all its other crap. - Author: Fredrik Backman
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#21. You work for the bank. After taxes, your next largest expense is usually your mortgage and credit card debt. - Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
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#22. On any measure, Spain's bank rescue has been a disaster. A hundred million euros have been added to the national debt, ten-year bonds are at a record high and the country's credit rating has been downgraded three notches. - Author: Daniel Hannan
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#23. High bankruptcy rates, increased credit card debt, and identity theft make it imperative that all of us take an active role in providing financial and economic education during all stages of one's life. - Author: Ruben Hinojosa
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#24. I'm very interested in the more grass-roots consequences of the economic meltdown: issues related to mortgage foreclosures, debt collection, and the practices of credit card companies and others who hold a lot of consumer debt. - Author: Eric Schneiderman
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#25. We're helping the consumer. Because we're taking him out of his high interest rate credit card debt and putting him into lower interest rate mortgage debt. - Author: Michael Lewis
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#26. By the time most people file for bankruptcy, their credit is already trashed, they have a high debt-to-income ratio - a key indicator lenders look at - and they've likely defaulted on more than a few accounts. - Author: Jean Chatzky
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#27. As borrowers, we may feel guilty about running up debt, anxious about making payments, and resentful of the constraints that old obligations (and old credit records) impose on our current choices. We may find it too easy to buy things we may later regret. - Author: Virginia Postrel
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#28. Make this the year you tackle that credit card debt once and for all. - Author: Suze Orman
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#29. They all attended Hester's church, which Dellarobia viewed as a complicated pyramid scheme of moral debt and credit resting ultimately on the shoulders of the Lord, but rife with middle managers. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#30. Love's an illusion. It's a dream you wake up from with an enormous hangover and net credit debt. I'd rather have cash. - Author: Janet Fitch
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#31. Debt is so ingrained into our culture that most Americans cannot even envision a car without a payment, a house without a mortgage, a student without a loan, and credit without a card. We - Author: Dave Ramsey
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#32. Today, people are having to spend so much of their money, to acquire a house and to get an education that they don't have enough to spend on goods and services, except by running into yet more debt on their credit cards and other borrowings. - Author: Michael Hudson
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#33. That took the view that every misbehavior, every cruelty perpetuated by one kid on another should be let slide in the name of letting kids be kids? (Let them be kids, really let them, and you will end up with a tribe of bulimic eugenicists with huge amounts of credit card debt.) - Author: Karl Taro Greenfeld
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#34. I'm not a fan of debt consolidation. In my experience, many people "clear" credit cards and other debt to get the one payment and never change what they need to change to prevent getting into debt again. - Author: Michelle Singletary
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#35. Corrupt influence is itself the perennial spring of all prodigality, and of all disorder; it loads us more than millions of debt; takes away vigor from our arms, wisdom from our councils, and every shadow of authority and credit from the most venerable parts of our constitution. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#36. Congratulations on your job at the bank! Yes. You work for the bank. After taxes, your largest expense is your mortgage and credit-card debt. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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#37. God's dream is that you have an abundance, that you be totally out of debt, pay your house off, pay your credit cards off, and have so much overflow that you can be a blessing to everyone around you! - Author: Joel Osteen
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#38. No true friendship takes account of credit and debt. It gives freely, without thought of compensation or reward. - Author: Una McCormack
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#39. When you take a look at the problems our country is facing, debt is No. 1. The math is downright scary and the credit markets aren't going to keep on giving us cheap rates. - Author: Paul Ryan
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#40. If rather than setting the minimum balance as the lowest possible amount, so we keep people in debt for as long as possible, we raise the minimum payment and encourage people to pay off their credit cards, we're going to make less money, but we're going to have costumers that are more solvent. - Author: Richard Thaler
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