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Top 31 Credit Card Debt Quotes

#1. The most important loan to pay is your student loan. It's more important than your mortgage, car and credit card payments. You cannot discharge student loan debt in the majority of cases. - Author: Suze Orman
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#2. Bad debt is debt that makes you poorer. I count the mortgage on my home as bad debt, because I'm the one paying on it. Other forms of bad debt are car payments, credit card balances, or other consumer loans. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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#3. The town slowly wakes up around him with its foreign-made cars and its statistics and credit card debt and all its other crap. - Author: Fredrik Backman
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#4. It is imperative that we make consumers more aware of the long-term effects of their financial decisions, particularly in managing their credit card debt, so that they can avoid financial pitfalls that may lead to bankruptcy. - Author: Daniel Akaka
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#5. If you have a debt issue or credit card issue, start dealing with it. If you have a tax issue, don't just say, 'I'm not going to file.' There are ways to deal with these things, but you must communicate with your creditors, whether it's a credit card company or tax department. - Author: Hill Harper
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#6. People internalize, from the jail to student loan debt, to credit card debt, to unemployment to the whole collective. It manifests itself in many ways, in people's home lives, domestic stuff. - Author: Jesse Jackson
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#7. The church is often called a killjoy for protesting against sexual license. But the real killing of joy comes with the grabbing of pleasure. As with credit card usage. the price tag is hidden at the start, but the physical and emotional debt incurred will take a long time to pay off. - Author: N. T. Wright
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#8. But credit card debt is unsecured debt, which means if you get in trouble and cannot pay off your credit card, you can discharge it in bankruptcy. What are they going do to you? If you're in a financial position to just methodically pay off both credit card and student loans, pay them all. - Author: Suze Orman
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#9. To bring down your credit card balances, write down the benefits of reducing your debt. No more gnawing feeling that you're throwing money away, perhaps. More money flowing to other financial objectives. Then consult the list when you have doubts. - Author: Jean Chatzky
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#10. Our [western] culture embraces sex addiction. If I drink too much or rack up credit-card debt or lose the rent in Vegas, that's bad. But if I have many lovers, that's good. - Author: Susan Cheever
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#11. Face the fact that there's only one sure-fire way to erase credit card debt. By picking up a big, shiny pair of scissors and cutting your wife in half. - Author: Bill Maher
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#12. If you don't have the money management skills yet, using a debit card will ensure you don't overspend and rack up debt on a credit card. - Author: T. Harv Eker
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#13. Absolutely pay off your credit card debt, because a child can always get a loan to go to school, possibly a scholarship, a grant. - Author: Suze Orman
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#14. Debt is a drag, a reality you may experience with every credit-card bill you open. But for a corporation or a government, it can be even more of a drag - on economic growth and job creation. - Author: Mark McKinnon
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#15. Nobody had a credit card when I was a kid. No one had credit card debt. But these big companies and banks wanted to know how to get more money out of people - get them charging things. - Author: Michael Moore
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#16. Typically, students slide into debt through the extension (by credit card companies) of unaffordable credit lines. - Author: Robert Manning
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#17. Debt is so ingrained into our culture that most Americans cannot even envision a car without a payment, a house without a mortgage, a student without a loan, and credit without a card. We - Author: Dave Ramsey
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#18. Absolutely pay off credit card debt. If you're not getting a match in your 401(k) and you've got credit card debt, you've got to get yourself out of credit card debt. When you get out of credit card debt, your credit score goes up and interest starts to go down. - Author: Suze Orman
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#19. Once you get into debt, it's hell to get out. Don't let credit card debt carry over. You can't get ahead paying eighteen percent. - Author: Charlie Munger
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#20. It wasn't until I stood in my truth and told everybody that I had $250,000 in credit card debt. At that point, everything turned around for me. I had to reveal the truth about what I didn't have, more than pretend about what I did. That was interesting. - Author: Suze Orman
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#21. No other facet of American business is more corrupt, more intoxicated with illegality, more weakly regulated, and has a greater impact on poor and working people than debt collectors; not credit card companies or subprime mortgages, not even payday lenders. - Author: Gary Weiss
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#22. Congratulations on your job at the bank! Yes. You work for the bank. After taxes, your largest expense is your mortgage and credit-card debt. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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#23. There's more student debt than credit card debt! Everywhere I go, I run into young people trying to build careers while they keep shelling out money on their education loans. If the economy is looking for a new generation of home-buyers, I can't imagine they'll get it from these folks. - Author: Gail Collins
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#24. The minute a Wall Street firm purchases your debt, your bank no longer has it on its financial statement, which then allows the bank to look for more credit card customers. That's one reason why you get so many credit card offers. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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#25. That took the view that every misbehavior, every cruelty perpetuated by one kid on another should be let slide in the name of letting kids be kids? (Let them be kids, really let them, and you will end up with a tribe of bulimic eugenicists with huge amounts of credit card debt.) - Author: Karl Taro Greenfeld
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#26. You work for the bank. After taxes, your next largest expense is usually your mortgage and credit card debt. - Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki
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#27. Make this the year you tackle that credit card debt once and for all. - Author: Suze Orman
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#28. We're helping the consumer. Because we're taking him out of his high interest rate credit card debt and putting him into lower interest rate mortgage debt. - Author: Michael Lewis
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#29. I'm very interested in the more grass-roots consequences of the economic meltdown: issues related to mortgage foreclosures, debt collection, and the practices of credit card companies and others who hold a lot of consumer debt. - Author: Eric Schneiderman
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#30. High bankruptcy rates, increased credit card debt, and identity theft make it imperative that all of us take an active role in providing financial and economic education during all stages of one's life. - Author: Ruben Hinojosa
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#31. In short, if you are using a shovel to dig yourself into a hole, a credit card company will be happy to give you a backhoe. - Author: Jason G. Miller
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