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#1. Classical liberalism was wrecked on the shoals of capitalism, but - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#2. Moral judgments are linguistic survivals from the practices of classical theism which have lost the context provided by these practices. - Author: Alasdair MacIntyre
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#3. Since Pawlow and his pupils have succeeded in causing the secretion of saliva in the dog by means of optic and acoustic signals, it no longer seems strange to us that what the philosopher terms an 'idea' is a process which can cause chemical changes in the body. - Author: Jacques Loeb
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#4. I don't mind being classified as a jazz artist, but I do mind being restricted to being a jazz artist. My foundation has been in jazz, though I didn't really start out that way. I started in classical music, but my formative years were in jazz, and it makes a great foundation. - Author: Herbie Hancock
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#5. Since I've grown up I really wanted to be able to create something different. In Persian music, opposite, again, to classical music, that the instrument developed and evolved over, like, hundreds of years, our instrument all remained the same. - Author: Hafez Nazeri
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#6. The Zombies were really unique - they had elements of jazz and classical music in their songs and songwriting. They had a very, very different sound compared to a lot of their contemporaries at the time. - Author: Paul Weller
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#7. It's wonderful doing concerts in places like New York and London, but I feel a responsibility to also bring my work home, to bring world-class, classical music to Somerset. - Author: Charles Hazlewood
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#8. What music I listen to day to day changes very, very much. I can go from bluegrass to heavy metal, to blues, to classical and big band and then go to pop and rap. - Author: Casey James
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#9. Quantum mechanics broke the mold of the previous framework, classical mechanics, by establishing that the predictions of science are necessarily probabilistic. - Author: Brian Greene
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#10. Many of these omnibuses were driven, oddly enough, by male models who had retired from the business, which meant that Parisians of Manet's day were transported around the city by men who had once posed as valiant biblical heroes or the vindictive deities of classical mythology. - Author: Ross King
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#11. To try to cure unemployment by inflation rather than by adjustment of specific wage-rates is like trying to adjust the piano to the stool rather than the stool to the piano. - Author: Henry Hazlitt
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#12. If history, philosophy and so on vanish from academic life, what they leave in their wake may be a technical training facility or corporate research institute. But it will not be a university in the classical sense of the term, and it would be deceptive to call it one. - Author: Terry Eagleton
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#13. An opinion can be argued with; a conviction is best shot. The logical end of a war of creeds is the final destruction of one, and Salammbo is the classical text-book instance. - Author: T.E. Lawrence
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#14. I'm always keeping an eye out for a period piece. I was trained in theatre, so most of the things we did were classical - Shakespeare, Moliere, and Chekhov. - Author: Dagmara Dominczyk
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#15. I love classical music and often listen to symphonies or opera in the morning. - Author: William Mapother
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#16. I think you should leave [the scar]. [...] It's not as bad as you think. It will look better once it is healed. And besides, you already have a classical beauty. This gives you a romantic beauty as well. - Author: April Adams
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#17. The classical allusions and the Platonic disquisitions on beauty are no longer a form of cover, but integral to Aschenbach's complex sexuality. Moreover, the wandering around Venice in pursuit of Tadzio isn't a prelude to some sexual contact for which Aschenbach is yearning. - Author: Philip Kitcher
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#18. My father did not bother that I play not a classical music. He always congratulated me for my development in music, I mean in any music but, he hang on to continue training at the Academy of Music ... however, I never mentioned to my teachers that I trained myself at weekends in clubs. - Author: Richard Clayderman
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#19. My Mom is a ballet director, so I had this idea in me that classical training is the best foundation for anything you do, so I wanted to get a classical background and voice. - Author: Shuler Hensley
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#20. The Ruy Lopez occupied a constant place in my opening repertoire. In it is reflected the classical interpretation of the problem of the centre. - Author: Vasily Smyslov
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#21. When I do operas, I'm not really singing very classically. I have a classical background as far as being a pianist and an oboist, but my voice isn't really classical in the operatic sense. But I certainly have a classical sensibility, so I'm comfortable being in that world. - Author: Jason Graae
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#22. The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection, in which are reflected the mythologems, i.e., the archetypes. In this vision astrology and alchemy, the two classical functionaries of the psychology of the collective unconscious, join hands. - Author: C. G. Jung
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#23. I find that actors who are wanting to pursue tv or films don't seem to have much interest in classical theatre. - Author: Renee O'Connor
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#24. Classical music's ability to translate emotional themes is fantastic. - Author: Alan Price
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#25. I started off with classical music, and I got into jazz when I was about 14 years old. And I've been playing jazz ever since. - Author: Herbie Hancock
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#26. I don't know if it's a sign of all the chaos that is happening out there or not, but I've lately craved the structure and order of classical music, the balance and symmetry. - Author: Helen Reddy
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#27. I think one of the reasons it ended was that his eyes never lit up for me the way they did for classical music. I realize that in the long run I may not be as wonderful as a Brahms symphony but I think I'm good for a Haydn quintet. - Author: Daniel Handler
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#28. I fell in love with funk music through my father - Funkadelic - as well as soul and classical early on. - Author: Miguel
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#29. Preparing to improvise is at a level commensurate with mastering the structure in a European classical piece. Another way to define improvisation is spontaneous melody. In order to improvise, a player first needs to have memorized and analyzed the harmonic structure of so many pieces. - Author: Jimmy Heath
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#30. I enjoy bluegrass, folk, gospel, and classical. I don't listen to music when I write. I sometimes listen to music just before I sit down to write. - Author: Kent Haruf
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#31. Drink a cup of herbal tea, if you like. Listen to some soft classical music and prepare yourself to drift - Author: Robin S. Sharma
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#32. I'm everything I'm made of. So a part of me is made of classical music. I'm grateful for it. - Author: Ledisi
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#33. It would have been more obvious to go into film, based on the generation before me, but the generation before them were all composers or classical musicians. - Author: Robert Coppola Schwartzman
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#34. Your personal devil tries three classical approaches : a threat, a promise, and an attack on your weak side. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#35. I like classical music of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and I adore Bach above all. - Author: Gregory Maguire
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#36. Whether a man favors crepes and classical or cornbread and country, the complexities of life are all the same.
-The Rabbi- - Author: J. Frank Dunkin
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#37. Teaching is the last refuge of feeble minds with a classical education. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#38. You think about, like, [20th-century classical composers] Alban Berg, Schoenberg, and Webern sitting around in some living room in Vienna and being like, "We are the end of music. We are the end of this tradition. Music is done." - Author: David Longstreth
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#39. I think it's useful to experience other types of dance and other cultures, and the life of a classical dancer these days is certainly not all tutus! So experience of other dance forms is a good idea. - Author: Deborah Bull
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#40. I had classical training but I don't consider myself an opera singer though. - Author: Emmy Rossum
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#41. I love dancing to the radio every morning, to start the day with such passion. Otherwise, life is too sad. My little daughter and I like dancing to classical music: Bach and Schubert. - Author: Anna Mouglalis
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#42. Reality shows that, contrary to other countries in southern Africa, we have no basis for a classical guerilla struggle. We have never had a hinterland, and we do not expect to. - Author: Joe Slovo
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#43. Yes, I have been studying piano since I was six. Classical, jazz, compositional, Broadway, everything. I just love it all. - Author: Janel Parrish
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#44. Marxism is like a classical building that followed the Renaissance; beautiful in its way, but incapable of growth. - Author: Harold Macmillan
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#45. A classical understanding sees the world primarily as underlying form itself. A romantic understanding sees it primarily in terms of immediate appearance. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
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#46. There is no mystery about my style. My movements are simple, direct and non-classical. The extraordinary part of it lies in its simplicity. Every movement in Jeet Kune-Do is being so of itself. There is nothing artificial about it. I always believe that the easy way is the right way. - Author: Bruce Lee
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#47. If repression has indeed been the fundamental link between power, knowledge, and sexuality since the classical age, it stands to reason that we will not be able to free ourselves from it except at a considerable cost. - Author: Michel Foucault
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#48. A cough is the basic sign of inattention. Musicians never, in my experience, cough when playing in public. - Author: Charles Rosen
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#49. When dancing is right, the movement possesss a logic common to us all, an inevitability that takes it beyond the personal and egocentric and makes of it classical art. - Author: Twyla Tharp
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#50. Sharon went on to play classical but we actually went into totally different instruments which was lucky for the band because otherwise we'd all be playing the same thing!! - Author: Caroline Corr
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#51. I would like for people to not be stuck by the rules of what is expected of a classical musician. If you really want to do something different, don't be afraid to do so. Think of music itself and not the rules or expectations of people. - Author: Charlie Albright
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#52. I would have to say I might do some stuff, but it's the film that's appealing. I was raised on film. My musical experience is all via film, it's not from classical music. - Author: Danny Elfman
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#53. I reject the premise that liberal and libertarian values are necessarily in conflict. In fact, I often self-identify as a 'classical liberal.' - Author: John Mackey
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#54. The unprecedented rise of the Christian Social Party ... was to assume the deepest significance for me as a classical object of study. - Author: Adolf Hitler
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#55. He helped make Living Things even more crazy than I wanted it to be. He added old-fashioned piano and classical folk music - that weird otherworldly vibe - all these elements got onto the record. - Author: Matthew Sweet
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#56. Growing up with country, R&B, gospel, and classical music from my grandmother and pop, Tuskegee was the perfect melting pot for my influences as a writer. - Author: Lionel Richie
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#57. scepticism by means of classical arguments, the most effective means initially to promote arousal. And, - Author: Peter Unger
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#58. 'Godfather' was very classical - the way it was shot, the style - the whole driving force of it was more classical, almost Shakespearean. - Author: Francis Ford Coppola
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#59. When most objects are truly functional, this technological age, which is just beginning, will be truly civilised. When all objects in this country are truly functional, Australia will be as beautiful in its own way as classical Greece. - Author: Robin Boyd
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#60. Those, who are strongly wedded to what I shall call 'the classical theory', will fluctuate, I expect, between a belief that I am quite wrong and a belief that I am saying nothing new. It is for others to determine if either of these or the third alternative is right. - Author: John Maynard Keynes
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#61. I grew up with classical music when I was a ballet dancer. Now when I have to prepare an emotional scene, to cry or whatever, I listen to sonatas. Vivaldi and stuff. It's just beautiful to me. - Author: Diane Kruger
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#62. Pop was initially ignored as a moneymaker by the recording industry. In the seventies they were still relying on Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett for their big hits. You know, most of the budget for the record companies in those days went to the classical department - and those were big budget albums. - Author: Tony Visconti
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#63. I love art, I love music. I can listen to Stockhausen and a very experimental, avant-garde approach, and I can listen to Beethoven and have a more classical, traditional approach. Why not be able to do that with film performance? - Author: Nicolas Cage
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#64. The design of the building addresses the public nature of both the urban context and the internal program. In order to reinforce the building's associative or mimetic qualities, the facades are organized in a classical three-part division of base, middle or body, and attic or head. - Author: Michael Graves
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#65. I've done classical theaters. I played Hamlet myself and Romeo. - Author: Damian Lewis
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#66. As a really young child, I was listening to the echoes of the age before, music hall and stuff like that, as well as classical bits on the radio. - Author: Roy Harper
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#67. The period is one of the most complicated and concepts of classical rhetoric. Nobody in the ancient world could quite decide what it meant, but they were united in the belief that it was terribly, terribly important. - Author: Mark Forsyth
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#68. The struggle for freedom is ultimately not resistance to autocrats or oligarchs but resistance to the despotism of public opinion. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
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#69. You get Don King's point of view in what is almost a Shakespearean, classical technique. He comes across almost like a lovable rogue, like Iago in 'Othello' or Richard III. He's doing all these bad things, but I kind of like him. It's like 'Pulp Fiction': Everybody's a bad guy, yet you like them. - Author: Ving Rhames
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#70. Why is it that beautiful women never seem to have curiosity?
Is it because they know they're classical? With classical things the Lord finished the job. Ordinary ugly people know they're deficient and they go on looking for the pieces. - Author: Penelope Gilliatt
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#71. Indian food is like classical music raga- it takes time to build up to a crescendo. - Author: Shobhaa De
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#72. I doubt whether classical education ever has been or can be successfully carried out without corporal punishment. - Author: George Orwell
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#73. I've worked with some great orchestras and amazing classical musicians, but I don't like the conceptualization of classical music as an elitist form of art. - Author: Serj Tankian
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#74. That's the thing - you do a job like 'Shameless,' and suddenly that's why you can get a job like 'The Virgin Queen', not because of all the classical theatre you've done. But we can be very snippy about television. It's absolutely the most potent and powerful form of storytelling we have. - Author: Anne-Marie Duff
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#75. Sometimes I just listen to classical pieces of music to take me away from my work. That's what I kind of do to wash away the notes that I've been working on all day. As human beings we need to sleep so that's kind of one of my little tricks. - Author: Aaron Zigman
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#76. Jazz stands for freedom. It's supposed to be the voice of freedom: Get out there and improvise, and take chances, and don't be a perfectionist - leave that to the classical musicians. - Author: Dave Brubeck
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#77. I think of my parents as a single unit, and it's interesting because they shared so much, and they were totally opposite. My mother, a Martha Graham dancer, had a classical background; my father had a back-porch background. - Author: Arlo Guthrie
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#78. Whenever I visit a city, I like to see what classical music concerts are on offer. - Author: Park Chan-wook
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#79. I've learned what 'classical' means. It means something that sings and dances through sheer joy of existence. - Author: Gustav Holst
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#80. Unlike modern military codes, ancient texts are almost never purposely misleading, purposely scrambled ... indeed, literacy was so uncommon until classical times that the very writing of a message sufficed to keep it from almost everybody. - Author: E. J. W. Barber
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#81. To become a classical ballerina, you have to move to New York when you're 12 or 11 and that becomes your life. I just wanted to be good in my company in Charleston and I wanted it to always be part of my life. - Author: Jennifer Garner
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#82. So writing a song is much harder than doing a classical piece for me, because in a classical piece, I can just let the mood dictate what's going to happen. - Author: Glenn Danzig
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#83. Few words in any language carry such a load of meaning as 'honor.' It is an old word, unchanged even in its spelling from classical Latin to modern English. Spoken or written, it does not seem to require much explanation; most people think they know what it means. - Author: Edmund Morgan
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#84. If had to label myself, I guess classical liberal would be best. - Author: David Harsanyi
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#85. He was some kind of a man... What does it matter what you say about people?"
-- Marlene Dietrich's character in Touch Of Evil, originally written by Whit Masterson as Badge Of Evil. One of the best closing sequences you'll see in classical Hollywood - Author: Whit Masterson
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#86. The Italian historian Armando Petrucci has done more than anyone else to revive interest in public writing. His groundbreaking Public Lettering: Script, Power, and Culture surveys the forms and uses of epigraphic writing from classical antiquity to the twentieth century. - Author: Geoffrey Nunberg
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#87. I started singing when I was five. I grew up the youngest of four kids who all studied classical piano, so you could say I've been listening to music ever since the moment of conception. - Author: K.d. Lang
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#88. My influences are jazz, blues, European classical music; they are rock music and pop music. So many kinds of music. World music from different countries like India and China. I think that would be a shame not to take advantage and do something ... not unique, because I don't have this pretension. - Author: Rokia Traore
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#89. To most white people, jazz means black and jazz means dirt, and that's not what I play. I play black classical music. - Author: Nina Simone
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#90. Turbulence is the most important unsolved problem of classical physics. - Author: Richard P. Feynman
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#91. Classical music is an unbroken, living tradition that goes back over 1,000 years, and every one of those years has had something unique and powerful to say to us about what it's like to be alive. - Author: Michael Tilson Thomas
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#92. I think that I'm so fortunate to have found classical ballet. It completely changed my life and it shaped the person that I am today, on and off the stage. - Author: Misty Copeland
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#93. I'd been trained as a classical musician, but also as a pop musician. My teacher made sure that everything was available. - Author: Jeanine Tesori
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#94. Originally I studied as a musician, a classical pianist. That was my career before I took up acting in my late 20s. - Author: Christian McKay
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#95. What is classical music if not the epitome of sensuality, passion, and understated erotica that popular music, even with all of its energy and life, cannot even begin to touch? - Author: Lara St. John
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#96. I spent ten years playing classical piano, and that was what led to keyboards and eventually to production and to Linkin Park. - Author: Mike Shinoda
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#97. Lately, my mind is like an orchestra. If you don't have the conductor, you don't know what to do. One guy is playing jazz, one guy is playing rock and roll, another classical. It's a big mess. - Author: Goran Ivanisevic
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#98. In these confused times, the role of classical music is at the very core of the struggle to reassert cultural and ethical values that have always characterized our country and for which we have traditionally been honored and respected outside our shores. - Author: Lorin Maazel
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#99. I started with the classical violin when I was 6, and I guess it went well. - Author: Alison Krauss
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#100. I love to play a character. If I'm playing Cinderella or Aurora in 'Sleeping Beauty' or something like that, then I enjoy classical a lot. But to do just a two-minute solo, purely to show classical aesthetic, is not my favorite thing to do. - Author: Sarah Hay
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