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#1. Some churches, sects, cults, or religious movements are basically collective egoic entities, as rigidly identified with their mental positions as the followers of any political ideology that is closed to any alternative interpretation of reality. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
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#2. I hope to see the day when, as in the early days of our country, we don't have public schools. The churches will have taken them over again and Christians will be running them. - Author: Jerry Falwell
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#3. Let the churches preach doctrines, theories, philosophies to their hearts' content, but when it comes to worship, the real practical part of religion, it should be as Jesus says, "When thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret". - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#4. The problem with most American churches is that they teach too much and don't do enough. - Author: Rick Warren
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#5. I remind you that there are churches so completely out of the hands of God that if the Holy Spirit withdrew from them, they wouldn't find it out for many months - Author: A.W. Tozer
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#6. A mortician can make a dead man look better than he ever did when he was alive. So churches like Sardis may appear very much alive when they are dead in the sight of the Lord. God knows the difference. - Author: Vance Havner
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#7. It is safe to say that the majority of evangelical churches today are busy teaching their flock how to be better goats, but they are not preaching Bible-centered messages that grow religious affections. - Author: Todd Friel
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#8. I believe in Christianity, Judaism and Islamism, but I stay away from churches, synagogues and mosques. - Author: Ted Lange
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#9. Churches are wonderful and beautiful, and they are vehicles for religion, but no Church can have more than a very little of the truth. - Author: Rose Macaulay
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#10. The Puritans removed organs and paintings from churches, but bought them for private use in their homes. - Author: Leland Ryken
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#11. I, really sense the Lord saying to me that: "There are churches, there are ministers and there are business people that this $8,500 seed is going to connect you to a million dollar plus decision. A million dollar plus opportunity." - Author: Mike Murdock
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#12. I support mosques, obviously. We need churches, temples, mosques. Whatever people use to speak with their god or to receive spiritual inspiration is good for the country. But the symbolism of it at ground zero, within two blocks or three blocks, I believe is wrong. - Author: Peter T. King
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#13. Since when has bringing stolen money to churches for Pastor's blessings become a Nigerian norm? - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#14. We must stop seeing our churches as a centre for instant solutions and micro-wave results. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#15. Only 13.7% of churches in America are consider multiethnic. This means that 86.3 % of churches are homogenous. - Author: Derwin L. Gray
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#16. Stoning prophets and erecting churches to their memory afterwards has been the way of the world through the ages. Today we worship Christ, but the Christ in the flesh we crucified. - Mahatma Gandhi - Author: Philip Yancey
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#17. I never weary of great churches. It is my favorite kind of mountain scenery. Mankind was never so happily inspired as when it made a cathedral. - Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
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#18. And they turned around and leased it to The Assembly Of God Churches - their headquarters are in Springfield, Missouri. They leased it to them for the first year. Then, after the first year, they will donate it to the church. - Author: Mel Tillis
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#19. Downsides, yeah, and when there are more downsides when churches first start - they go through stages of transforming to becoming multiracial. So in the beginning stages there's often a lot of pain, a lot of confusion, a lot of people leave. - Author: Michael Emerson
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#20. The words of musicals were the moral codes that I lived by. I found meaning and messages in musicals that I didn't find in churches or school books and it really made me come alive in a way. - Author: Rosie O'Donnell
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#21. I think records and music are more appropriate and more respectful of the human soul than the churches are. And more respectful of the needs of humans to communicate with the aspects of themselves that are neglected by language. - Author: Will Oldham
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#22. Nine out of ten churches in North America are losing ground in the communities in which they are located. They are declining or growing more slowly than their respective communities. - Author: Thom S. Rainer
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#23. beneath the fragile and very human veneer of the organized churches of the world, there lies a truth so real and so pristine that all of man's concocted philosophical posings tumble into ruin beside it. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#24. The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries.
[Letter objecting to the use of government land for churches, 1803] - Author: James Madison
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#25. Empires and churches are born under the sun of death. - Author: Albert Camus
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#26. Yes, I think especially the Pentecostal churches, you know, that there's been such a growth in Pentecostalism. And it's a rejection of the much more dour and barren kind of Calvinist worship and also, the very formal Catholic forms of worship. - Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
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#27. Anna wrote to her father that she found her new land "a barbarous country where the houses are gloomy, the churches ugly, and the customs revolting." Paris under Henry I was clearly not Constantinople, but more importantly, in Anna's eyes, it did not rank even with Kyiv. - Author: Serhii Plokhy
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#28. I have always been astonished that women were allowed to enter churches. What conversation can they possibly have with God?
The eternal Venus (caprice, hysteria, fantasy) is one of the seductive forms of the Devil. - Author: Charles Baudelaire
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#29. Some churches would rather die than to get out of the comfort of the past. - Author: Thom S. Rainer
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#30. Though I was a Catholic, I recognized that Protestant churches had something. - Author: Ethel Waters
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#31. Our problems sometimes show the degree of our relationship with God. - Author: Paul Gitwaza
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#32. Through the windshield I
saw the mark of these
ghettos - the abundance of
beauty shops, churches,
liquor stores, and
crumbling housing - and I
felt the old fear. Through
the windshield I saw the
rain coming down in
sheets. - Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
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#33. Experience is the only teacher," Hey-Soos says. "Even if I could have told you, it would have been a lecture. Why do you think kids don't listen to their parents, or people don't leave churches and do what the preacher tells them? - Author: Chris Crutcher
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#34. Unless we learn how to humbly tell each other our giving stories, our churches will not learn to give. - Author: Randy Alcorn
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#35. The only group large enough to handle," the world's biggest, "problems is the network of millions of local churches around the world. We have the widest distribution, largest group of volunteers, local credibility, the promises of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the inevitability of history. - Author: Rick Warren
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#36. In Bolivia there are Catholic, Evangelical, Methodist, Baptist churches, and so on. In Bolivia there are indigenous religious beliefs like the rite of Pachamama Mother Earth, which shows us that Mother Earth is our life, we are born out of the Earth we live on the Earth and return to the Earth. - Author: Evo Morales
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#37. The dismembering of a human being routinely in 30 minutes on an outpatient bases - or any other way - is barbaric. Four blocks from our church all year long - like churches within smelling distance of Auschwitz or Dachau or Buchenwald. - Author: John Piper
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#38. Nobody worries about Christ as long as he can be kept shut up in churches. He is quite safe inside. But there is always trouble if you try and let him out. - Author: Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy
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#39. The doctrine stating signs and wonders are no longer needed because we have the Bible was created by people who hadn't seen God's power and needed an explanation to justify their own powerless churches. - Author: Bill Johnson
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#40. I hope you will be benefitted by your churchgoing. Where the habit does not Christianize, it generally civilizes. That is reason enough for supporting churches, if there were no higher. - Author: Rutherford B. Hayes
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#41. The great, God-blessed churches in the world today have one common characteristic: an insistence upon an exposition of God's infallible Word. - Author: O. S. Hawkins
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#42. Bleak factory buildings and billboard-cluttered avenues look as beautiful, through the camera's eye, as churches and pastoral landscapes. - Author: Susan Sontag
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#43. If we fix our churches, our nation is fixed. - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#44. Mere heathen morality, and not Jesus Christ, is preached in most of our churches. - Author: George Whitefield
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#45. Why do they put cows over the gates, sir?"
"For the same reason we put images of a tortured man in our churches. Religion. You ask too many questions, Sharpe. - Author: Bernard Cornwell
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#46. People say churches are half empty, they're not, they're too big - Author: Sean Lock
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#47. I still believe in God; the teachings of Jesus even, but the rest of Christianity ... its Bible, its churches, its dogma
only sets up boundaries between people and cultures. It denies the beauty of being HUMAN, and it ignores all these GAPS that need to be filled in by the individual. - Author: Craig Thompson
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#49. There are about 360,000 churches in America, so we could mentor a million kids within a short period of time if everyone signed on, which, of course, is a pipedream, but we're going to reach toward that. - Author: Donald Miller
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#50. The Quakers pray as the spirit moves them; but to let oneself be moved by the spirit is an arduous business. Kindlier and more worldly churches, with a feeling for human weakness, provide their worshipers with rituals, litanies, beads and prayer wheels. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#51. However, as the Eastern churches have always maintained, through Christ creation is intended eventually to share in the life of God, the life of divine nature. - Author: John Polkinghorne
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#52. As long as quick numerical growth remains the primary indicator of church health, the truth will be compromised. Instead, churches must once again begin measuring success not in terms of numbers but in terms of fidelity to the Scriptures. - Author: Mark Dever
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#53. Small churches become more effective when they specialize in what they do best. - Author: Rick Warren
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#54. Christ calls us to carry the Cross; churches call us to have fun in His name. - Author: Aiden Wilson Tozer
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#55. You can burn down my churches. But I shall be free. - Author: Paul Simon
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#56. A man of good sense but of little faith, whose compassion seemed to lead him to church as often as he went there, said to me; 'that he liked to have concerts, and fairs, and churches, and other public amusements go on. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#57. Jesus ... said - long before his followers had established churches and a priesthood - 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.' This Way is the life of the Spirit. To follow it entails no necessity for places (all places are holy ground), no priesthood, since every man becomes a priest unto God ... - Author: Esme Wynne-Tyson
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#58. Burnin' churches, fearin' God, Who can be so cruel, We all ignorant to AIDS, Till it happens to you. - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#59. We see government's mission as fostering and enabling the important realms - our businesses, service clubs, Little Leagues, churches - to flourish. - Author: Mitch Daniels
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#60. Churches are having a limited impact on society because they fail to understand that the goal of the church is not the church itself but the kingdom. - Author: Tony Evans
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#61. We must love men more than things, and I admire and weep more for the soldiers than for the churches which were only the recording of an heroic gesture which today is reenacted at every moment. - Author: Marcel Proust
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#62. One of the reasons churches in North America have trouble guiding people about money is that the church's economy is built on consumerism. If churches see themselves as suppliers of religious goods and services and their congregants as consumers, then offerings are 'payment.' - Author: Doug Pagitt
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#63. God builds his temple in the heart on the ruins of churches and religions. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#64. I'm in a mainline church, I'm very aware, especially as I move through community churches and new-start churches that are making real efforts not to associate themselves with traditional denominations - very often they have no history. They have no institutional memory. - Author: Barbara Brown Taylor
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#65. Churches should evaluate everything they do to determine how it can be done better. - Author: Thom S. Rainer
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#66. We as [churches] may be lampstands, but all of the light is Christ Himself. We exist in order that He might shine through us. - Author: Alistair Begg
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#67. If churches are to be healthy, then pastors and teachers must be committed to discovering the meaning of Scripture and allowing that meaning to drive the agenda with their congregations. - Author: Thabiti M. Anyabwile
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#68. Because religious training means credulity training, churches should not be surprised to find that so many of their congregations accept astrology as readily as theology, or a channeled Atlantean priest as readily as a biblical prophet. - Author: Barbara G. Walker
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#69. I don't go to church any more, but I think that Catholicism is rather like the brand they use on cattle: I feel so formed in that Catholic mould that I don't think I could adopt any other form of spirituality. I still get feelings of consolation about churches. - Author: Rachel Cusk
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#70. If the early Christian accounts of dramatic signs make these works seem foreign and foreboding to segments of modern Western academia,[85] they are nevertheless welcome in many of the dynamic churches of Africa, Latin America, and Asia, which believe that they share their experiences. - Author: Craig S. Keener
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#71. Rock concerts are the churches of today. - Author: Craig Chaquico
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#72. Time is important to me because I want to sing long enough to leave a message. I'm used to singing in churches where nobody would dare stop me until the Lord arrives! - Author: Mahalia Jackson
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#73. There's a bunch od huge churchs clustered together, trying to blend in with all the family-themed restaurants, because salvation is as easy as chicken wings, I guess. - Author: Patrick Ness
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#74. Mozart, Pascal, Boolean algebra, Shakespeare, parliamentary government, baroque churches, Newton, the emancipation of women, Kant, Balanchine ballets, et al. don't redeem what this particular civilization has wrought upon the world. The white race is the cancer of human history. - Author: Susan Sontag
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#75. I spent twenty years of my life trying to recruit people out of local churches and into missions structures so that they could be involved in fulfilling God's global mission. Now I have another idea. Let's take God's global mission and put it right in the middle of the local church! - Author: George H. Miley
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#76. Then came the churches, then came the schools, then came the lawyers, then came the rules. - Author: Mark Knopfler
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#77. All the modern christian churches have no more authority to preach, baptize, or administer any other ordinance of the gospel than the idolatrous Hindoos have. - Author: Orson Pratt
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#78. We have created Black, White, Asian, and other racial Churches; but we fail to understand that there is only one Church and one Gospel.It is the Church and Gospel of Jesus Christ. John 1:12 - Author: Felix Wantang
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#79. The result has been that although few conservative Presbyterian churches actually worship in the Puritan way, the Puritan theology of worship remains the standard orthodoxy among them. This discrepancy sometimes leads to guilty consciences. - Author: John Frame
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#80. The three kinds of services you generally find in the Episcopal churches. I call them either low-and-lazy, broad-and-hazy, or high-and-crazy. - Author: Willa Gibbs
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#81. School is not like church.
I know a lot of people in my school are happy about this,
but I think that's because they've known the wrong kind
of churches, the ones that hold back instead of lifting up. - Author: David Levithan
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#82. In revival, God is not concerned about filling empty churches, He is concerned about filling empty hearts. - Author: Leonard Ravenhill
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#83. The whole island is spotted with derelict cottages and abandoned churches like this one. They sit in pastures as invisible to the Irish as a mother is to a teenage girl. - Author: Skyler White
Quotes About Churches #90590
#84. The was something about churches that she found unsettling. Everything seemed overly concerned with death, as if someone had forgotten that the basis of the religion for which they'd been built was a rebirth. - Author: Melissa Grey
Quotes About Churches #87700
#85. Every Christmas should begin with the sound of bells, and when I was a child mine always did. But they were sleigh bells, not church bells, for we lived in a part of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where there were no churches. - Author: Paul Engle
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#86. We merely want to live in peace with all the world, to trade with them, to commune with them, to learn from their culture as they may learn from ours, so that the products of our toil may be used for our schools and our roads and our churches and not for guns and planes and tanks and ships of war. - Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
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#87. Peace cannot he imposed by politicians or Churches. Peace has to grow within each person if it is to endure. Our society can only be healed when each person in it is healed. - Author: Jean Vanier
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#88. The end product of the successful preacher's input is transformation. - Author: Christian Michael
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#89. Many churches have molded their programs around the community - not the Word of God. - Author: Billy Graham
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#90. Yes, I know it's easy to make fun of the organised churches, but has it occurred to anyone to wonder why it's so easy? - Author: John Cleese
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#91. Only the Muslims defend their beliefs by burning down churches, killing people and destroying embassies. This path will not yield any results. The Muslims must ask themselves what they can do for humankind, before they demand that humankind respect them. - Author: Wafa Sultan
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#92. Something I learned from the Serbian tribes. Churches are built where saints were martyred. A bridge requires a child in its foundations if it is to hold. All great works must begin with a sacrifice. - Author: Grady Hendrix
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#93. If it's the last thing I do, I will give every ounce of the rest of my life to helping leaders and churches get better. - Author: Bill Hybels
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#94. I love God and I follow Jesus but I just don't have much affinity for the organized folderol of the churches in the Western World. - Author: Larry Norman
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#95. Some Churches are heated and cooled 365 days a year. As homeless soldiers lay in alleys and bushes quite near. - Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
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#96. The imminent demise of the church has been predicted since the middle of the 18th century. This is the regular secular mantra if churchgoing declines. I could take you to plenty of churches that are full to bursting and new churches being built. - Author: N. T. Wright
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#97. Theres a lot of churches that hide their dirty laundry under the rug, and I know about that from being in the church 27 years. Oh, yeah. - Author: Al Green
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#98. If all the Churches of Europe closed their doors until the drums ceased rolling they would act as a most powerful reminder that though the glory of war is a famous and ancient glory, it is not the final glory of God. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#99. The loss of connection between churches and neighborhoods creates a corresponding loss of localized imagination and creates an addictive-like dependence on acontextual experts who scan the physical and spiritual horizon for 'success. - Author: Tim Keel
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#100. These then are the marks of the ideal Church - love, suffering, holiness, sound doctrine, genuineness, evangelism and humility. They are what Christ desires to find in His churches as He walks among them. - Author: John Stott
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