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Top 40 Quotes About Chicken Salad

#1. A juicy chicken breast can be the perfect accompaniment to a classic Caesar salad or a club sandwich. It's also easy to cook, and can be as simple as dressing it with a few spices and popping in the oven. - Author: Marcus Samuelsson
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#2. A girl had to do what a girl had to do and it looked as if this girl's immediate future included chicken Caesar salad, chocolate cake, and Cary Grant. - Author: Leslie Meier
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#3. You cannot make chicken salad out of Chicken shit. - Author: Edward Thomas
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#4. You can't make chicken salad out of chicken feathers - Author: Joe Kuhel
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#5. I left Chicago many years ago to move to California. You can't help but live a healthy lifestyle here if you want to fit in. I find myself eating chicken and salad and chicken and salad and salad and chicken, like a monk. - Author: James Belushi
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#6. call it chicken salad - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#7. He was kind of a fringe NFL guy. Some people think in the right situation he might have stuck for a bunch of years. The reality is he didn't, and he took, I guess, chicken parts and made chicken salad. - Author: Pat Sperduto
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#8. I eat only white foods: eggs, sugar, grated bones, the fat of dead animals; veal, salt, coconut, chicken cooked in white water; fruit mold, rice, turnips; camphorated sausage, dough, cheese (white), cotton salad, and certain fish (skinless). - Author: Erik Satie
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#9. I don't think people should be fed mesclun salad and chicken breast. My grandmother would serve grits and oxtail stew at a formal dinner, and if you didn't like it, well then you ate more beans or you went home and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. - Author: Marjorie Gubelmann
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#10. I would never be happy with just coming to TV tapings, not working house shows, and just getting by, staying in the shadows. I'm proud of the fact that I can turn chickenshit to chicken salad. - Author: CM Punk
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#11. You can't set a hen in one morning and have chicken salad for lunch. - Author: George M. Humphrey
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#12. My dinner options are kept simple during Wimbledon. I have either salmon with rice, roast chicken with vegetables and potatoes, or steak with salad. My girlfriend Kim will cook, and I know each night that it will be one of those three. - Author: Andy Murray
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#13. When I'm doing a movie, I eat the same thing every day. For lunch, it's tuna salad or chicken salad and cole slaw. That's it. For dinner it's either veal and rice, fish and rice or steak and rice. It gets boring; boy, does it get boring. - Author: Sylvester Stallone
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#14. Dinner for me is usually some version of chicken or fish - I love salmon - with grilled vegetables and salad. - Author: Parker Young
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#15. Love, like a chicken salad or restaurant hash, must be taken with blind faith or it loses its flavor. - Author: Helen Rowland
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#16. He'd always had a joke for Francis in the confessional, a 'sin' that could be counted on to cause a young priest to grin behind the safety of the wooden shield. Bless me, Father, for I put tuna in the chicken salad. - Author: Kristin Hannah
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#17. Daisy looked up at him with the kind of expression that Jesus might have given someone who had just explained that he was probably allergic to bread and fishes, so could He possibly do him a quick chicken salad ... - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#18. I eat a lot of chicken with salad or salmon with salad. - Author: Jennifer Ellison
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#19. In L.A., I get a meal delivery service called Diet Designs. I like a nice butter lettuce salad with some avocado, fresh grapefruit, shredded chicken breast and raw almond slices with a sesame vinaigrette dressing. I also love juicing and am kind of obsessed with it. - Author: Fergie
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#20. It's your life. Only you can choose what you make with it, whether it's chicken salad or chicken shit. - Author: Alex Kava
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#21. In Spain, attempting to obtain a chicken salad sandwich, you wind up with a dish whose name, when you look it up in your Spanish-English dictionary, turns out to mean: Eel with big abcess. - Author: Dave Barry
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#22. Call it crazy, or just chicken salad. But within reason, or without it i was in it too. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#23. Fall to your knees and thank God for Fox News. Pray for Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch. Pray for them. Pray for strength and spine, and pray that everybody involved has chicken salad for lunch so it doesn't clog anybody's arteries. Keep them going. - Author: Glenn Beck
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#24. For example, you can eat a Caesar salad and say, "Wow, I ate so healthy today." You forget there was a quarter-cup of oil in there, and all the calories are from fat. So it's better if you eat a grilled chicken breast, some steamed brown rice, and a little salad with balsamic vinegar on top. - Author: Wolfgang Puck
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#25. Can't make chicken salad out of chicken noodle - Author: Mike Ditka
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#26. Whoa!" he says with a smile. The wrinkles at the corners of his eyes deepen. "Chicken salad a la George Orwell! - Author: Haruki Murakami
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#27. [From a typical McDonald's meal] this is how the laboratory measured our meal: soda (100%), milk shake (78%), salad dressing (65%), chicken nuggets (56%), cheeseburger (52%), and French fries (23%). - Author: Michael Pollan
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#28. I usually eat six times a day, small meals. For breakfast, an egg and a corn tortilla, salsa and cilantro, and some ham. For snacks, I'll have an apple, some string cheese, a yogurt. For lunch I'll have salad with protein in it and for dinner usually steamed vegetables and chicken or fish. - Author: Sprague Grayden
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#29. Lisette set out browned chicken, warm butternut squash salad, blue potatoes, and blackberry bread with a crust of sugar that looked like ice crystals. - Author: Sarah Addison Allen
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#30. If you like good ol' fashion Southern soul food then, yes, I am a good cook! My specialty is chicken dumplings and poke salad. - Author: Dolly Parton
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#31. Call it crazy, or just chicken salad. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#32. My new shorty got a gymnastic back,
'87 emerald green on a classic Jag.
She had the cleft palate, I ordered chef's salad;
She had the club foot, with that little arm,
I couldn't help but laugh ... she ordered Chicken Parm. - Author: Action Bronson
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#33. Day to day, I love eating soup and salad; lots of stews, fish, chicken, meat and veg. I eat everything, and I don't have any fads. - Author: Jerry Hall
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#34. I want two of the four piece fried chicken dinners. Both with mashed potatoes and green beans. I also want two orders of grilled corn on the cob and a side of macaroni salad. Three slices of the banana cream pie and a piece of German chocolate cake. - Author: Julia Keith
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#35. On going vegetarian." I was sitting here eating my plate of chicken salad, and suddenly I looked down and saw all the meat on my plate and just wasn't hungry anymore. So i've decided I'm not going to eat meat." - Author: Shiri Appleby
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#36. I may not know much, but I know chicken shit from chicken salad. - Author: Lyndon B. Johnson
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#37. When my stomach grumbled, I filled up on hamburgers, hot dogs, gyros, tacos, jerk chicken, pizza, and a side salad because I was watching my figure - Author: Y.A. Marks
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#38. For meals, I'm big into quinoa or rocket salad with a protein like shrimp of chicken added to it. - Author: Jessica Stroup
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#39. I like to cook simple things, like vegetable egg-white omelets; roast chicken; sauteed chicken breast with curry powder; and Greek salad. Just things that are fresh and healthy and fast and easy, because I have such a crazy schedule. - Author: Sasha Cohen
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#40. I'm known as a recruiter. Well you've got to have chicken to make chicken salad. - Author: Bear Bryant
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