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Top 13 Quotes About Carefree Young

#1. A lot of times when you're young and carefree, you don't realize, when you tip over the edge, how difficult it is to climb back in. - Author: Joe Cocker
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#2. As a matter of habit, I stop and pick up seashells that interest me, and I always put the ones I really like in a lovely Baccarat bowl in my living room. It's my way of remembering that I once was young and carefree. - Author: Adriana Trigiani
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#3. You will always have to live with yourself, and it is to your best interest to see that you have good company - a clean, pure, straight, honest, upright, generous, magnanimous companion. - Author: Orison Swett Marden
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#4. I founded this school for the masses. - Author: Atiku Abubakar
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#5. There was a young girl named Ratchet.
She had skill and no one could match it.
She wanted to be
More stylish and carefree,
But she couldn't give up her Ratchet. - Author: Nancy J Cavanaugh
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#6. Przybilla can't guard me when I'm 27, 37 or 47. - Author: Shaquille O'Neal
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#7. Anyway, I think the two of you should be free to do whatever you want right now. When you're young, you think the only way to happiness is the hard road... but it's actually much simpler than that. - Author: Inio Asano
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#8. Liam "Lee" Nightingale was rumored to be able to get a girl pregnant by just looking at her and was also voted Best Smile - Author: Kristen Ashley
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#9. Make the most of your carefree young life as you can. - Author: Anne Frank
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#10. I should have shouted and wave my hands in case the driver looked back, but mostly in life I don't protest things. I go along, or at least I make people believe I'm going along. Sometimes it's better if people think you're dumb or don't care. - Author: Sara Zarr
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#11. It isn't polyamory that is only for the young and carefree, I explain, but activism. - Author: Elisabeth Sheff
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#12. He grinned a slow, lazy grin and nipped at my lips. I smiled softly; he looked so young and beautiful and carefree in that moment. Not the CEO who ran a billion dollar company, but a man that looked his age. Playful and sweet ... - Author: Adriane Leigh
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#13. The drama nerd comes out in me when I'm in a theater. - Author: Philip Seymour Hoffman
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