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#1. I'm not a good rapper. For whatever reason, my brain does not work that way. I just do the beginning, like, 'Yeah, yeah! Ha ha! Woo! What up? Come on! Get at me!' I'm Captain Hook. - Author: Adam DeVine
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#2. I would rather receive a Pap smear from Captain Hook than venture out in New Year's Eve. - Author: Jen Lancaster
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#3. Memories hold you back; their weight crushes your spirit. - Author: Jorge Enrique Ponce
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#4. Probably look like fucking Captain Hook. - Author: Helen Harper
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#5. There was dishonor, she decided, in accepting someone else's idea of honor without question. - Author: Marie Rutkoski
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#6. It is better to write of laughter than of tears, for laughter is the property of man. - Author: Francois Rabelais
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#7. Excuse me. You may remember eating my father, Captain Hook? I'm here to avenge his death. Farewell, hideous beast. - Author: Heidi Schulz
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#8. Always try to be good to people don't always put yourself first, and don't always expect things to be fair, because they won't be. - Author: Steffan Piper
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#9. That's what comes of this celibacy business. We confess to men who've never had to worry about a family. Naturally, it's a huge sin to them, this abortion business. What do they know? They probably think it's fun and games. Let them try it. - Author: Jerry Pinto
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#10. It's the injustice that I hate, more than anything," he'd said to Smee one night, his eyes red and glassy, slurring his words, his head lolling as he tried to focus. He'd vomited, and then promptly passed out on a bush. "I hate the world that does not work out fair. - Author: Jodi Lynn Anderson
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#11. Today's workplace has become heartless and soulless. Employees are seen as units of labour, automatons, functionaries, objects for achieving designated tasks, and as costs to be minimised. - Author: Tim Field
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#12. There's nothing more fulfilling in therapy than watching two people find each other again. - Author: Julie Schwartz Gottman
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#13. For a game it is too serious, for seriousness too much of a game. - Author: Moses Mendelssohn
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#14. The aim of science is to discover and illuminate truth. And that, I take it, is the aim of literature, whether biography or history ... It seems to me, then, that there can be no separate literature of science. - Author: Rachel Carson
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#15. Smee, you are a supreme idjit."
"Aye, Cap'n. - Author: Ridley Pearson
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#16. How do you try to play 'Captain Hook' better than, or as well as, Dustin Hoffman? You can't. It's perfection. - Author: Colin O'Donoghue
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#17. I used to have a lot of recurring dreams about Captain Hook when I was a little kid, which I remember very vividly. But I think I just really liked Peter Pan a lot, and 'Hook' was my favorite movie. - Author: Cristin Milioti
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#18. To dream of afar, to chase a star, to believe in Captain Hook. To dance with bears and have no cares, this is the magic of a book. - Author: H.L. Stephens
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#19. I am Captain James Hook! I am no victim; I create them! I do not have bad dreams; I inspire them! - Author: Heidi Schulz
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#20. If the B2 is invisible, just announce you've built 100 of them and don't build them. - Author: John Kasich
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#21. Sometimes I say terrible things to him because I don't want him to know I'm sad; sometimes I fly off the handle to hide the fact that I don't know what I'm talking about. And other times
too often, maybe
I don't dare have an opinion in case it upsets anyone. - Author: Helen Oyeyemi
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#22. Wisdom is not found with those who dwell at their ease; rather nature, when she adds brain, adds difficulty. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#23. When tempted to do any thing in secret, ask yourself if you would do it in public. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#24. He (Captain Hook) was never more sinister than when he was most polite, which is probably the truest test of breeding. - Author: J.M. Barrie
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#25. Probably the most violently hated of the weenie songs cited in the survey was "Sometimes When We Touch," sung in a very emotional manner by Dan Hill, who sounds as though he's having his prostate examined by Captain Hook. - Author: Dave Barry
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#26. Bre said there's only one real adventure in this world. Love. It's finding the one person who makes you want to be better than you are. - Author: Anna Katmore
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#27. It's every boy's dream to play Captain Hook. - Author: Rhys Ifans
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#28. We get divorce, we get conned, someone we love dies, or we can't find anybody to love us or somebody breaks our heart and we realize this fairy tale ain't fair. So we suffer. - Author: Terry McMillan
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#29. For the sensory thinker, the world of the mind bears a direct physical resemblance to the world outside. - Author: Robert Sommer
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#30. And every time I saw him in the hall, I couldn't help but think, There goes Captain Hook, - Author: T.J. Klune
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#31. Growing up, I would have to say I loved 'Peter Pan' because I was fascinated by Captain Hook; I was fascinated by Hans Conried, who was an actor on screen and also a theatrical and television actor. - Author: Jonathan Freeman
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#32. Back in the 1950s and '60s, J. M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan' - starring Mary Martin and Cyril Ritchard - was regularly aired on network television during the Christmas season. I must have seen it four or five times and remember, in particular, Ritchard's gloriously camp interpretation of Captain Hook. - Author: Michael Dirda
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#33. Captain Hook's mother, who said to Little Hook, For God sakes, don't scratch it! Never got a dinner! - Author: Red Buttons
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#34. It's been made clear to all of us that a player should never leave the playing field and go into the stands. - Author: Isaiah Thomas
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