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Top 47 Quotes About Building A Community

#1. The emphasis in doing any in-depth photography is on building relationships, quality relationships. It's what I call thirty-cups-of-coffee-a-frame photography. You need to enter into the community - not just photographically, but intellectually and emotionally. - Author: Lynn Johnston
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#2. Having that kind of endorsement and having Paul Graham's readership coming to your site and contributing to it and building the foundation of the community was just a really invaluable way to start Reddit. - Author: Alexis Ohanian
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#3. Building community for its own sake is like attending a cancer support group without having cancer. - Author: Alan Hirsch
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#4. I was dishwasher, then promoted to chef in a local kitchen in a restaurant in Seattle, and I was working on a building site as well, putting in insulation and painting houses, and then doing some classes at a community college nearby. - Author: Alexis Denisof
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#5. I wrote 'Fight Song' as this declaration to believe in myself, and that is similar to what you are taught to believe in Girl Scouts. Building confidence. Building character. And above all else, being there for each other as a community. - Author: Rachel Platten
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#6. One of the earliest institutions in every New England community was a pair of stocks. The first public building was a meeting-house, but often before any house of God was builded, the devil got his restraining engine. - Author: Alice Morse Earle
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#7. Community organizing is all about building grassroots support. It's about identifying the people around you with whom you can create a common, passionate cause. And it's about ignoring the conventional wisdom of company politics and instead playing the game by very different rules. - Author: Tom Peters
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#8. We have reached an important milestone and achieved a new momentum in reaching a goal all Americans should embrace - building a secure, peaceful, democratic Iraq that is no longer a threat to the United States or the international community. - Author: Joe Lieberman
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#9. Too often, as a global community of humanitarians, we meet the needs of the same families, the same individuals, the same communities crisis after crisis, when we are focused on meeting crisis needs but not on building resilience. - Author: Ertharin Cousin
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#10. For practitioners of community development, as in any field, joining a network of like-minded professionals is important for building skills and becoming aware of opportunities and resources. - Author: Ben Bernanke
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#11. I think the Internet has real potential for building community. People all around the world talking to each other can't be a bad thing. - Author: Greg Brown
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#12. If your pal or neighbour is in the SNP, you're more likely to listen to them than if you just turn on the telly and see me or Alex. The growth of membership is building a politically engaged community base that hasn't been there in my lifetime. - Author: Nicola Sturgeon
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#13. In the act of worship itself, the experience of liberation becomes a constituent of the community's being ... It is the power of God's Spirit invading the lives of the people, "building them up where they are torn down and propping them up on every leaning side". - Author: James H. Cone
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#14. I really admire Airbnb as a pioneer of the sharing economy and for building community. They've found an elegant way to help hosts make more money and for guests to have authentic experiences. It brings those people together in a unique way. - Author: Logan Green
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#15. Speaking from my experience as a person involved for a long time in building the European Union, it is important to have patience and efforts to build a community of nations. - Author: Giorgio Napolitano
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#16. In our community, we have a duty to strengthen the weakest among us to build a better society. - Author: Bill Courtney
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#17. On the last Saturday of every month, Rwanda goes to work for itself: clearing land, building classrooms, making roads. On these national days of community work, known as umuganda, most shops and businesses are closed. Umuganda is a national priority, and everyone is expected to participate. - Author: Patricia Crisafulli
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#18. Language is possible due to a number of cognitive and physical characteristics that are unique to humans but none of which that are unique to language. Coming together they make language possible. But the fundamental building block of language is community. - Author: Daniel Everett
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#19. Shake Shack started off as a summer hot dog cart in Madison Square Park. It was not meant to be a company - it was completely accidental. It started off as an expression of community building. - Author: Danny Meyer
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#20. The system of creating opportunities for those who were by law excluded, you've got to do that. But you mustn't create a perception that the process is devoid of competitiveness ... devoid of building a world class, sustainable black business community. - Author: Patrice Motsepe
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#21. The right tools for solving disputes within our community are precision instruments such as reason, communication, empathy, curiosity, and understanding. They are also the right tools for building a global civilization of peace and prosperity. - Author: Paul K. Chappell
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#22. The church grew, and I gained a reputation for preaching, and people came, and it was a wonderful community. But we had a building that seated 82 people, and with a congregation then approaching 400 we were up to four services on Sunday, and everyone was tired. - Author: Barbara Brown Taylor
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#23. FedDev Ontario's investment in the Glanworth Branch Library has enhanced this unique landmark into an accessible learning hub for local community members. When we improve facilities, we are strengthening our communities and building a prosperous southern Ontario. - Author: Gary Goodyear
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#24. Science trumps magical thinking: there was a reason the Incas called their mercury mine 'la mina de los muertos,' the mine of the dead. Building a life and a community upon principles that ignore such realities is doomed to fail. - Author: Floyd Skloot
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#25. I grew up in an artists' community in New York, in a building that was government-subsidised for artists. No one made any money, but they made art for the sake of art. - Author: Vin Diesel
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#26. The world was almost at the point of forgetting what a fine time people can have helping one another. That people like to work together and to kick back after work and share their experiences. What would happen if our foreign policy centered on the cultivation of joy rather than pain? she thought. - Author: Alice Walker
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#27. It seems that in connecting to what is true within myself, I help other people to connect. Making genuine connection lies at the beginning of building a real community. - Author: Lily Yeh
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#28. Religion has always been a matter of community building; a matter of building precisely those relations of compassion, fellow feeling and - I dare to use the word - inclusion, which would otherwise be absent from our societies. - Author: Rowan Williams
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#29. Genocide, as many have noted, is a form of community-building. - Author: David Burr Gerrard
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#30. I think there's a worry that an excessive use or an almost exclusive use of text and emails means that as a society we're losing some of the ability to build interpersonal communication that's necessary for living together and building a community. - Author: Vincent Nichols
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#31. The library world is set up on this model where the library is a physical building and has a number of books and serves a geographical community. - Author: Aaron Swartz
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#32. Part of the transaction between writer and reader is the pleasure of building a community and encouraging people to play along. - Author: John Hodgman
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#33. From the outset, the Obama administration has recognized that building a robust skills infrastructure means building strong partnerships with community colleges. - Author: Thomas Perez
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#34. Our mission in this new century is clear. For good or ill, we live in an interdependent world. We can't escape each other. Therefore, we have to spend our lives building a global community of shared responsibilities, shared values, shared benefits. - Author: William J. Clinton
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#35. I believe that voting is the first act of building a community as well as building a country. - Author: John Ensign
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#36. I love being supportive of other YouTubers because I know how much work and dedication goes into building a channel, and I think that the community on YouTube is just so important because the viewers get to be a part of what you're creating. - Author: Rosanna Pansino
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#37. There may have been a time when preservation was about saving an old building here and there, but those days are gone. Preservation is in the business of saving communities and the values they embody. - Author: Richard Moe
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#38. A squat grey building of only thirty-four stories. Over the main entrance the words, CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING CENTRE, and, in a shield, the World State's motto, COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#39. I have a lot of intention behind what I put out there. The reason all this stuff I do works together, the environmental and social, collaborating with ballet companies to score a show, the bike tour - all of that stuff comes together through community building with music. - Author: Ben Sollee
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#40. A community is a small group working together. Community scales by adding groups, and building connections between them, not enlarging them. - Author: Robert Reed
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#41. Building a startup community is not a zero-sum game in which there are winners and losers: if everyone engages, they and the entire community can all be winners. - Author: Brad Feld
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#42. It's a small town; everybody eats in the same cafe; everybody gets their hair cut in the same barber shop. That kind of community building, I think, begins to bridge those gaps. - Author: Joe Thompson
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#43. We are all one family in the world. Building a community that empowers everyone to attain their full potential through each of us respecting each other's dignity, rights and responsibilities makes the world a better place to live. - Author: Pope John Paul II
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#44. A library is more than a brick and mortar building filled with delicious books. It is also a community of people who live to invest in our youth, who read for knowledge and fun, and who are ready to include anyone who walks through the door. - Author: Ala
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#45. The National Flood Insurance Program is a voluntary program. If a community really feels that the building insurance requirements are too burdensome, they don't have to participate. - Author: Earl Blumenauer
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#46. It always surprises me when donors who operate successful businesses assume that just building a school structure means that a community now has access to education. When creating a business, does renting an office space now mean that you're producing goods, training staff and generating revenues? - Author: Adam Braun
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#47. The message being sent out by a broken window-the perception it invites-is that the owener of this building and the people of the community around it don't care if this window is broken: They have given up, and anarchy reigns here. Do as you will, because nobody cares. - Author: Michael Levine
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