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#1. Jews must learn to say without excuse, without equivocation: despite our history and our powerlessness in the past, despite allthe injustices that we have endured
today, now, the Palestinians are the victims of oppression, and their oppressors are the Israelis. - Author: Irena Klepfisz
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#2. Slim and neatly groomed, he looked like a really sexy mathematician unaware that he was a prime number. I wanted to unbutton his shirt, muss his hair, and exclaim, Good heavens, Professor Dracula, you're stunning! - Author: Marta Acosta
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#3. After the rings, the priest should just say, "Enjoy it, bing-bongs. Due to our brain's tendency toward hedonic adaptation, you won't feel quite this giddy in a few years. All right, where's the pigs in a blanket? I'm outta here. - Author: Aziz Ansari
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#4. The man is placed where the Earth ends, the woman, where the heaven starts. - Author: Victor Hugo
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#5. [C]reationists [and] other religious enthusiasts [are], in many parts of the world ... , the most dangerous adversaries of science. - Author: Steven Weinberg
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#6. It seems, in tragedy, that innocence is not enough. - Author: T.H. White
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#7. Weather tonight: dark. Turning partly light by morning. - Author: George Carlin
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#8. If I am good, people compliments me that my voice is like a CD, but whenever my voice condition is not as well and do some mistakes ... I tend to sacrifice myself for my next album. - Author: Park Bom
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