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Top 58 Quotes About Being A Scientist

#1. I am a very bad scientist. I will do anything to make a human being feel better, even if it's unscientific. No scientist worthy of the name could say such a thing. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#2. I wonder whether being a scientist's daughter makes you so conflicted about free will and fate. - Author: Lucy Hawking
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#3. At this point, any scientist, doctor, journalist, or policy maker who denies or minimizes the importance of a whole food, plant-based diet for individual and societal well-being simply isn't looking clearly at the facts. There's just too much good evidence to ignore anymore. - Author: T. Colin Campbell
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#4. The scientist knows very well that he is approaching ultimate truth only in an asymptotic curve and is barred from ever reaching it; but at the same time he is proudly aware of being indeed able to determine whether a statement is a nearer or a less near approach to the truth. - Author: Konrad Lorenz
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#5. The third quality that is needed for a scientist to become a public icon is wisdom. Besides being a famous joker and a famous genius, Feynman was also a wise human being whose answers to serious questions made sense. - Author: Freeman Dyson
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#6. Being a scientist is a special privilege: for it brings the opportunity to be creative, the passionate quest for answers to nature's most precious secrets, and the warm friendships of many valued colleagues. - Author: Stanley B. Prusiner
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#7. My mom's a mad scientist. It's a lot like being a regular scientist, except without worrying about legal or moral limitations, and it's a commom profession among the scientifically inclined supervillain. - Author: Chelsea M. Campbell
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#8. Sure, some of us humans might be angry at a sovereign God about Hell, but know that that is about as meaningful as a few germs being angry at humans about bleach. - Author: Criss Jami
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#9. Brilliance in a scientist does not consist in being right more often but in being wrong about more interesting topics. - Author: Kent Beck
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#10. Consistent with the liberal views of the Enlightenment, Leibniz was an optimist with respect to human reasoning and scientific progress. Although he was a great reader and admirer of Spinoza, Leibniz, being a confirmed deist, rejected emphatically Spinoza's pantheism. - Author: Shelby D. Hunt
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#11. Rather than being an interpreter, the scientist who embraces a new paradigm is like the man wearing inverting lenses. - Author: Thomas Kuhn
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#12. Chefs think about what it's like to make food. Being a scientist in the kitchen is about asking why something works, and how it works. - Author: Nathan Myhrvold
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#13. I had changed from being a mathematician to a practicing scientist. I was increasingly embarassed that I could no longer follow some of the more modern branches of pure mathematics. - Author: John Pople
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#14. I'm not being evasive but I am saying I'm not a scientist and I'm not directly involved in the consultation however the science must be sound, it must be agreed and the consultation must be of a high quality or no one will have any confidence in the process. - Author: John Anderson
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#15. I want my girls to love math. I want them to think that being a scientist is the coolest possible job on the planet. I want them to not be afraid to lean toward their femininity. - Author: Jennifer Garner
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#16. Being a rocket scientist isn't all that smart when you could work in finance. - Author: A.D. Aliwat
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#17. Diminish the mass of evils that afflict the human species, increase enjoyment and well-being. And even if the new routes opened up could prolong the average life of mankind by only a few hours, or even a few days, then the scientist, too could aspire. - Author: Antoine Lavoisier
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#18. For a scientist, this is a good way to live and die, maybe the ideal way for any of us - excitedly finding we were wrong and excitedly waiting for tomorrow to come so we can start over. - Author: Norman Maclean
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#19. Being a scientist helps to support both my life as a Jesuit and my belief in God. - Author: George Coyne
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#20. Being a scientist is like being an explorer. You have this immense curiosity, this stubbornness, this resolute will that you will go forward no matter what other people say. - Author: Sara Seager
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#21. After forty years in the lab, I was asked in 1991 to become president of The Rockefeller University. Unlike a working scientist, being president for seven years provided an opportunity to interact with scientists in many different fields and broadened my scope of the natural sciences. - Author: Torsten Wiesel
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#22. I think the hardest thing about making music now is being a great dad at the same time. There's an insanity that goes with writing - a mad scientist thing that you have to go through - and sacrificing a kid's upbringing to do that is not an option. - Author: Eddie Vedder
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#23. I don't have a problem with the concept that miracles might occasionally occur at moments of great significance, where there is a message being transmitted to us by God Almighty. But as a scientist, I set my standards for miracles very high. - Author: Francis Collins
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#24. I love to be a scientist. I've always enjoyed being curious. - Author: Stefan Hell
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#25. It can be very intense being an actor; it can be quite a small world. Then you speak to your friend who is a scientist and they have a completely different perspective. - Author: Felicity Jones
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#26. No doubt, a scientist isn't necessarily penalized for being a complex, versatile, eccentric individual with lots of extra-scientific interests. But it certainly doesn't help him a bit. - Author: Stephen Toulmin
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#27. A scientist who is also a human being cannot rest while knowledge which might be used to reduce suffering rests on the shelf, - Author: Albert Sabin
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#28. I love being a very personal singer-songwriter, but I also like being a scientist or explorer. - Author: Bjork
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#29. I will have nothing to do with a bomb! [Response to being invited (1943) to work with Otto Robert Frisch and some British scientists at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project to create the atomic bomb.] - Author: Lise Meitner
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#30. The process of being a writer is much more interior than being a scientist, because science is so reactionary. - Author: Hanya Yanagihara
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#31. For many scientists less divinely gifted than Einstein,the chief reward for being a scientist is not the power and the money but the chance of catching a glimpse of the transcendent beauty of nature. - Author: Freeman Dyson
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#32. I used to think of George Michael as being mechanical, like a scientist in a white coat, working in a laboratory, creating perfect harmonies, and all the while I was secretly admiring him. - Author: Boy George
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#33. I've had a very unusual background in science - not the usual route of planning on being a scientist from age 3. I think my story shows that success is more about personal motivation and determination than it is about where you were born or what your economic status was. - Author: Craig Venter
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#34. My characteristics as a scientist stem from a non-conformist upbringing, a sense of being something of an outsider, and looking for different perceptions in everything from novels, to art to experimental results. I like complexity and am delighted by the unexpected. Ideas interest me. - Author: Peter C. Doherty
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#35. As a young boy, I was very interested - as I still am - in all sorts of adventure and exploration. I thought about being an astronaut, a dinosaur scientist, or marine biologist, but I clearly was drawn to the ocean and to the water. - Author: Brian Skerry
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#36. Being a scientist requires having faith in uncertainty, finding pleasure in mystery, and learning to cultivate doubt. There is no surer way to screw up an experiment than to be certain of its outcome. - Author: Stuart Firestein
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#37. As a kid I wanted to write science fiction, and I was never without a book. Later I really got into being a scientist and never thought I'd be writing novels. - Author: Daniel H. Wilson
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#38. Gratefulness is not just saying "thank you." It's acting. It is being yourself. A mother is grateful, shows gratefulness by mothering, a scientist by doing science. - Author: David Steindl-Rast
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#39. A scientist is only a human being, a particle in the whole universe. How can the observations and logic of a particle measure the life and size of a phenomenon that is limitless? - Author: Avtarjeet Singh Dhanjal
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#40. To function effectively, the system scientist must know a considerable amount about the natural world AND about mathematics, without being an expert in either field. This is clearly a prescription for career disaster in today's world of ultra-high specialization. - Author: John L. Casti
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#41. Having a Nobel Prize or being a famous scientist will get you a week to a week and a half, metaphorically speaking, of a hearing for your new idea, but after that, it's going to tank if you don't have the evidence and support for it. - Author: Michael Shermer
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#42. One thing that being a scientist has taught me is that you can never be certain about anything. You never know the truth. You can only approach it and hope to get a bit nearer to it each time. You iterate towards the truth. You don't know it. - Author: James Lovelock
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#43. Human intelligence is a function of man's evolutionary urge; the scientist and the philosopher hunger for truth because they are tired of being merely human. - Author: Colin Wilson
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#44. The public impression is that the government, industry or the highest bidder can buy a scientist to add credibility to any message. That crucial quality of impartiality is being lost. - Author: Johnny Ball
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#45. My only non-acting job was being a barista at Coffee Bean. While I was in college, and I had a blast! I loved making drinks because I got to be like a mad scientist. - Author: Troian Bellisario
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#46. But this is an occupational hazard of being a scientist. You say this is the best information I have and then you realize that not everyone is going to read the footnotes or the whole book, so people are going to get the wrong impression. - Author: Bjorn Lomborg
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#47. Ratbert (as lab rat, to scientist): Doc, we have to talk. Every day you feed me over a hundred pounds of macaroni and cheese. At first I thought you were just being a good host. But lately I've been thinking it could be something far more sinister. - Author: Scott Adams
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#48. Isn't every human being both a scientist and an artist; and in writing of human experience, isn't there a good deal to be said for recognizing that fact and for using both methods? - Author: James Agee
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#49. The practical case for manned spacef light gets ever-weaker with each advance in robots and miniaturisation - indeed, as a scientist or practical man, I see little purpose in sending people into space at all. But as a human being, I'm an enthusiast for manned missions. - Author: Martin Rees
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#50. A good part of the trick to being a first-rate scientist is in asking the right questions or asking them in ways that make it possible to find answers. - Author: Anne Roe
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#51. The Hulk, a being of pure tortured id, bipolar mania unbound, sprung from the subconscious of a repressed, scientist with a dark childhood. - Author: Max Landis
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#52. Being a scientist and staring immensity and eternity in the face every day is as grand and inspiring as it gets, - Author: Carolyn Porco
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#53. Met a mad scientist that wants to save the world. His only problem in life is not being able to find love. How ironic! - Author: Robin Sacredfire
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#54. And everyone knows I'm a mad scientist. It's amazing what everyone knows, isn't it? Usually what everyone knows is insulting and sort of ableist, because the people who know everything always seem to think of themselves as being perfectly normal. But that's neither here nor there. - Author: Mira Grant
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#55. Even a scientist is a human being, and it is quite natural that he, like others, hates the things he cannot explain and thus falls victim to the common illusion that what we know today represents the highest summit of knowledge. - Author: C. G. Jung
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#56. The media plays up celebrity a lot, but it doesn't hold a candle to being a scientist. There's a lot to be said for what they all do, and are trying to accomplish. - Author: Joe Perry
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#57. We are concerned, not with the development of just one capacity, such as that of a mathematician, or a scientist, or a musician, but with the total development of the student as a human
being. - Author: Jiddu Krishnamurti
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#58. Women tend to be more intuitive, or to admit to being intuitive, and maybe the hard science approach isn't so attractive. The way that science is taught is very cold. I would never have become a scientist if I had been taught like that. - Author: Jane Goodall
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