Top 38 Quotes About Annoying Someone

#1. But the American customer service can be so annoying. Someone hovering around you and bothering you all the time. 'Are you still working on your food?' Since when did eating become work?", Yagazie said.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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#2. If you are not annoying someone, you are not doing anything new

Penelope Trunk

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#3. It's pretty rare to find someone you actually like to be with in this world. There are a lot of annoying people out there.

Sarah Dessen

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#4. I fear dying in the middle of a book. It would be so annoying to write 80,000 words and not get to the end. I'm phobic about it. So when I'm writing a book I leave messages all over the house for people to know how the story ends, and then someone can finish it for me.

Anthony Horowitz

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#5. Wait.

Is he mad at me? Oh, heck, no.

Because I'm mad at him.

And really, is there anything more annoying than someone who's mad at you when you're the one who's supposed to be mad? No. No, there is not.

Jana Aston

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#6. People suit their star sign. If someone is annoying me over and over, and I know they're a Sagittarius, say, I'm more likely to forgive them. It comes down to my need for structure as a way of finding my bearings with people.

Jessie Cave

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#7. Using a metaphor in front of a man as unimaginative as Ridcully was like a
red flag to a bu ... was like putting something very annoying in front of
someone who was annoyed by it.

Terry Pratchett

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#8. Ever heard someone's voice and it sounded like nails on a chalkboard? I finally know what that feels like.

April Mae Monterrosa

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#9. Jo dimaag ki dahi banaaye, uski lassi kardo, aur chill maro. (If someone makes curd of your brain then churn them to buttermilk and chill).


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#10. People are going to say a lot of things. And some of it will be helpful, and some of it will be annoying, and lots of it will get on your nerves. But they're saying it because they found it helpful when they lost someone. They mean well.

Michelle Falkoff

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#11. Part of the fun of being alive is knowing that you're annoying the hell out of someone else.

Matt Groening

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#12. I swear his looks are pure Darwinism. If he wasn't so cute, someone would have killed him for being annoying by now.

Emery Lord

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#13. The idea of being strong for someone else having never entered their heads, I find myself in the position of having to console them. Since I'm the person going in to be slaughtered, this is somewhat annoying.

Suzanne Collins

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#14. Thomas was an annoying wiseass who tended to make everyone he met want to kill him, and when I have that much in common with someone, I can't help but like him a little.

Jim Butcher

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#15. Okay, so, sometimes in life, I can be a score-keeper - someone who keeps track of what he gives and what he gets in return. An annoying quality, to say the least, and I'm sure my wife has your sympathy, but it's made me highly attuned to when and where credit is due.

Mark Feuerstein

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#16. Whenever I get a tweet that's trying to promote a thing someone cares about, I'm like, "how annoying!"

Phil Elvrum

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#17. That's the really annoying thing about love. I probably would be happier if I didn't know it, but once you do know it, once you feel those things for someone, you can't make yourself really wish it away. It's like wishing away ... your soul.
- Jenny

Toni Blake

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#18. Dire Straits is a great band. Someone tells you they like 'Brothers in Arms' and immediately you know they're a stupid annoying git.

Alexei Sayle

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#19. Please, someone tell me I wouldn't be that annoying if I had girlfriends.

Kim Harrington

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#20. Never believe someone cares for you because of other people's reactions. Sometimes you have to drown out the noise from the crowd, in order to figure out if there is a song playing between the two of you or simply annoying static that you thought was a tune.

Shannon L. Alder

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#21. Vegetarians and vegans can be incredibly annoying. Gene has a joke: How can you tell if someone is a vegan? Just wait ten minutes and they'll tell you.

Graeme Simsion

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#22. Someone so annoying didn't deserve to look that good.

Laura Thalassa

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#23. It's annoying when people tag my name in their conversation with someone else [on Twitter.]

Casper Smart

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#24. Someone's moved these crates away from the wall. Go up to the house, will you, and see if you can find a flashlight? I want a better look."
"Here." She pulled out the small flashlight she'd stuck in her pocket. "Do you have any idea how annoying that is?"
"I'll try not to do it again.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

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#25. I think we've all been in the middle of doing something we cared about, when someone coming in the room and saying 'hello' was annoying. I personally can understand that, as someone who tries to create.

Ashton Kutcher

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#26. Amazing," Edward muttered. "How can someone so tiny be so annoying?"
Alice laughed. "It's a talent.

Stephenie Meyer

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#27. My friends and I were famous, if that's the word, as The Lice. We were small, annoying, and constantly in someone's hair.

Wayne Turmel

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#28. Hypocrisy is annoying but not evil. Someone who says one thing and does another has doubled their chances of being half right.

Penn Jillette

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#29. Sometimes you are the peanut to my butter and sometimes you are those annoying crumbs left over when someone makes toast.

Brenda Lochinger

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#30. Whenever you break up with someone, you don't just break up with one person. You break up with their family, their friends and their dog. It's sad, inevitable and kind of annoying.

Gemma Burgess

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#31. It's really annoying when you're trying to get to know someone and she doesn't pay attention to you because she's obsessed with her phone.

Cory Monteith

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#32. It's annoying when you've got a guitar and you're working on music and then you have to go and do the shopping or someone calls your mobile and you get distracted or you have to go out and do something.

Michael Kiwanuka

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#33. If you live with someone all your life, you can tell when you are annoying them. Their face just shuts down. Their words sound almost mechanical, because they are reining in all the other emotions.

David Levithan

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#34. It is very humbling to see my own character defects in someone who annoys me. At the end of the day, I realize they have actually prompted positive change in me.

Auliq Ice

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#35. In many ways, when you're young and sexy, it's very annoying to be whistled at and to have someone always trying to attract your attention, but now when it happens I find myself registering the fact almost warmly.

Greta Scacchi

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#36. Her eyes narrowed, but she wasn't yelling.
I think she liked me ... kind of. The way a mother would like an annoying spastic two year old who belonged to someone else.

Robyn Peterman

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#37. Why would someone want to kill you?" Logan asked.
He shrugged. "I piss most people off sooner or later. Usually sooner."
"To the point they'd shoot you down in a London street?"
"I can be very annoying.

Barbara Elsborg

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#38. A love letter lost in the mail, forgotten, miss delivered and then discovered years later and received by the intended is romantic. A love letter ending up in someone's spam filter is just annoying.

B.J. Neblett

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