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Top 100 Quotes About Addition

#1. It's all very Italian (and decidedly un-American): to insist that doing the right thing is the most pleasurable thing, and that the act of consumption might be an act of addition rather than subtraction.

Michael Pollan

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#2. I think one of the big issues with, you know, people who have strong faith in addition to competing is that conflict between accepting things the way they are, and wanting to compete and get better, and at what point are you in the right balance.

Tom Lehman

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#3. As spokesman for Lipitor, I have been an advocate of preventive medicine in addition to my work with the Jarvik 2000 Heart, which has rescued people from death and sustained a patient with a normal, mobile lifestyle for seven and a half years - the longest in the world.

Robert Jarvik

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#4. Henry Kissinger is possessed of a truly superior intelligence, in addition to which he has two qualities which, unfortunately, many great men lack: he is able to listen and he has a very subtle sense of humour.

Mohammed Reza Pahlavi

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#5. If, for example, all the codons are triplets, then in addition to the correct reading of the message, there are two incorrect readings which we shall obtain if we do not start the grouping into sets of three at the right place.

Francis Crick

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#6. We must recognize that as the dominant power in the world we have a special responsibility. In addition to protecting our national interests, we must take the leadership in protecting the common interests of humanity.

George Soros

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#7. 'Bloodshot,' for me, was unlike anything I'd ever done before, which was really the draw of it. In addition to trying to reconnect with my earlier work, I also wanted to try to do something that was completely new and different.

Jeff Lemire

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#8. Never do anything that your heart tells you is displeasing to Mary; and in addition, never deny her anything that you know she would welcome and desire from you.

Joseph Cafasso

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#9. the addition made in 1990: Albert Einstein, the first Jew in Walhalla.

Neil MacGregor

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#10. I'm enchanted by your beauty, my lady. Welcome aboard. You make a most welcome addition to our acerbic company ... a lovely-smelling one, too. (Vik)

Sherrilyn Kenyon

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#11. It is your causal body that is the real you. At the end of each incarnation, it carries the knowledge and karmic patterns of that lifetime, in addition to all of your other previous lifetimes, into your next lifetime.

Frederick Lenz

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#12. Politics is human beings; it's addition rather than subtraction.

Donald Rumsfeld

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#13. In addition to relieving patient suffering, research is needed to help reduce the enormous economic and social burdens posed by chronic diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

Ike Skelton

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#14. At different moments you see with different eyes. You see differently in the morning than you do in the evening. In addition, how you see is also dependent on your emotional state. Because of this, a motif can be seen in many different ways, and this is what makes art interesting.

Edvard Munch

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#15. The insistence on the knowledge of intellectual mysteries, either as an indispensable addition to or as a substitute for simple obedience to the claims of the Christian life, has always been a weakness of the Church.

R.H. Charles

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#16. Like every other industry or institution, the journalism world is populated by the petty and fearful, in addition to the courageous and brilliant.

Peter Landesman

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#17. There is no such thing as a harmless addition to the gospel.

Erwin W. Lutzer

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#18. I'm a musician, so for the most part I've always thought that the musicians were equally as inspiring to listen to - maybe more so, in some cases - in addition to the artists.

Vince Gill

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#19. Work was something that they did in addition to schooling and was part of schooling.


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#20. We all wish to live a happy life. In addition, we all have the same right to fulfil this goal. And we all have the potential to do so for the simple reason that future is not fixed, it can be changed. Therefore, we should live in hope that we really can overcome whatever problems we face.

Dalai Lama

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#21. In addition the bill would expand an existing law 'conscience clause' that protects physician training programs that refuse to provide training for abortion procedures.

Ken Calvert

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#22. Yes, there is plenty of hard work for them in addition to that which they do when they appear, smiling and happy, when the curtain goes up. Giving a performance is the least of their worries.

Florenz Ziegfeld

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#23. The cybernetics phase of cognitive science produced an amazing array of concrete results, in addition to its long-term (often underground) influence

Francisco Varela

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#24. What the world needs now in addition to love is wisdom

Rudy U. Martinka

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#25. For scholarship - if it is to be scholarship - requires, in addition to liberty, that the truth take precedence over all sectarian interests, including self-interest.

John Charles Polanyi

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#26. It is said that every life has its roses and thorns; there seemed, however, to have been a misadventure or mistake in Stephen's case, whereby somebody else had become possessed of his roses, and he had become possessed of somebody else's thorns in addition to his own.

Charles Dickens

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#27. Few people on earth know Peter Drucker and his work better than Bruce Rosenstein. This is a welcome, unique and very personal addition to Drucker's incomparable legacy.

Bob Buford

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#28. I think cigars are just a tremendous addition to the enjoyment of life.

Rush Limbaugh

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#29. And in addition to the credits, my avatar received an equal number of experience points for obtaining the coins.

Ernest Cline

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#30. Doing testing with real users (in addition to internal quality testing) can help you avoid the serious embarrassment of a failed product.

Brian Lawley

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#31. A photograph can, by the addition of an unimportant spot of color, become a photomontage, a work of art of a special kind.

John Heartfield

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#32. we sometimes lose sight of the fact that the mind, brain, and body all influence one another. In addition to feeling good when you exercise, you feel good about yourself,

John J. Ratey

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#33. In addition to my cousin, there were 30 or 40 guys I grew up with who became firefighters as well. So, I've been around firefighters all my life.

Denis Leary

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#34. In addition to this, they already have a fuel cell car on the road in Japan. It is subsidized from within the corporation because they are still at a high cost.

Maurice Strong

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#35. In addition to their power over government based on government financing and personal influence, bankers could steer governments in ways they wished them to go by other pressures.

Carroll Quigley

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#36. Had my life increased, or merely added to itself? There had been addition and subtraction in my life, but how much multiplication?

Julian Barnes

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#37. The reason I've been able to maintain my position of chairman of CBS in addition to all the Viacom stuff is my team.

Leslie Moonves

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#38. While the word 'bisexual' was technically correct, I would only slowly come to use it to refer to myself in part because of the derisive connotations. But, in addition, it would seem to me woefully inadequate and impressionistically inaccurate.

Charles M. Blow

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#39. The joy of reading can take you so many different places. In addition to intelligence and stretching your mind, I just think reading is so crucial in terms of being a well-rounded person.

Gayle King

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#40. In addition to contributing to erosion, pollution, food poisoning, and the dead zone, corn requires huge amounts of fossil fuel - it takes a half gallon of fossil fuel to produce a bushel of corn.

Michael Pollan

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#41. Kitty Wells was the first and only Queen of Country Music, no matter what they call the rest of us. She was a great inspiration to me as well as every other female singer in the country music business. In addition to being a wonderful asset to country music, she was a wonderful woman.

Dolly Parton

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#42. And so in addition to lots of reading, the life of an editor involves constantly trying to get others to read as well.

Keith Gessen

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#43. How does your experience of one sense affect all the others? In addition to being the conduits of pleasure and pain, your senses are the midwives of intelligence.

Michael J. Gelb

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#44. Those of us placed in a position of leadership must be prepared to grasp the nettle if we unite in doing so, and if, in addition, we set a worthy example and a marat on pace in probity, unselfishness, and self-sacrifice, the people will follow, all too readily, in our footsteps.

Obafemi Awolowo

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#45. Yoda is interesting because, in addition to being wise, he is two feet tall, and a Yoda.

Dan Harmon

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#46. Dave's playing and repertoire evokes memories of the golden era of Modern Jazz, and in addition to being a nice guy he happens to be a bebopper of the finest order.

Chris Cortez

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#47. Why does the number of those others take the place of truth? Why is truth made a mere matter of arithmetic - and only of addition at that?

Ayn Rand

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#48. But there are some infelicities. Such as 'like' for 'as,' and the addition of an 'at' where it isn't needed. I heard an educated gentleman say, 'Like the flag-officer did.' His cook or his butler would have said, 'Like the flag-officer done.' You hear gentlemen say, 'Where have you been at?

Mark Twain

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#49. Once Michigan stood proud. In addition to GM, Ford and Chrysler, it was home base for the United Auto Workers, a powerful escalator transporting hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers into America's middle class.

Kevin O'Leary

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#50. The Founding Fathers are not just some people that happened to get mad a long time ago and want their freedom. They were special people in addition to what their natural yearnings were.

Rush Limbaugh

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#51. Never short of guns and guerrillas, Afghanistan has proven fertile ground for a host of insurgent groups in addition to the Taliban.

Anand Gopal

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#52. In addition, California spends nearly $1 billion a year in Medi-Cal services for an average of 780,000 illegal immigrants a month, over and above emergency health services.

Elton Gallegly

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#53. The education of the individual, in addition to promoting his own innate abilities, would attempt to develop in him a sense of responsibility for his fellow men in place of the glorification of power and success in our present society.

Albert Einstein

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#54. I don't think there's a subject matter that can't absorb 3-D; that can't tolerate the addition of depth as a storytelling technique.

Martin Scorsese

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#55. Time is more complex near the sea than in any other place, for in addition to the circling of the sun and the turning of the seasons, the waves beat out the passage of time on the rocks and the tides rise and fall as a great clepsydra.

John Steinbeck

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#56. Working with an incredibly strong script is the thing that gives you the most confidence. If you go into an episode knowing the script is strong, I just feel like that's where it all starts. All collaborations that happen, in addition to that, are just bonuses, at that point.

Ty Burrell

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#57. Also at the top of the list was my three day appearance on 'Press Your Luck'. In addition to the intense competition of each of those games, it slowly started to dawn on me in the minutes between tapings that I was winning some serious money.

Randy West

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#58. In addition to being an ass and a pompous prick, he was a knuckle-dragging, potentially mouth-breathing Neanderthal who felt some proprietary ownership over a younger woman he barely knew and who hated him.

Sylvain Reynard

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#59. I believe that if the story is fleshed out and the characters more believable, the reader is more likely to take the journey with them. In addition, the plot can be more complex. My characters are very real to me, and I want each of my characters to be different.

Michael Robotham

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#60. It would not lessen the shock and concern, but it would be something concrete in addition to the apologies.

Celso Amorim

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#61. The White House is apparently pushing to create more Latino-themed landmarks. Now that's in addition to our current Latino-themed landmark, California.

Jimmy Fallon

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#62. I came to the conclusion that in order to end racial barriers, I needed to run for the office of the president and put forth an agenda of social justice and world peace. In addition, I concluded that someone needed to run and challenge the liberal orthodoxy.

Jesse Jackson

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#63. In addition to her Curtsey-No-Contraction mantra, she needed to add a No-Ogling-the-Period-Hunks policy.

Angela Quarles

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#64. In addition, to punishing sexual offenders and protecting our children, we must also provide services, resources and counseling to the people who are victims of these horrible crimes.

Jim Costa

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#65. Since Satan can't destroy the gospel, he has too often neutralized its usefulness by addition, subtraction or substitution.

J.C. Ryle

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#66. The reason why Broken Men only became Untouchables was because in addition to being Buddhists, they retained their habit of beef-eating, which gave additional ground for offence to the Brahmins to carry their new-found love and reverence to the cow to its logical conclusion.

B.R. Ambedkar

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#67. It is always advantageous to exchange your king's bishop pawn for the king's pawn, since this leads to the seizure of the centre and, in addition, to the opening of a file for the rook.

Francois-Andre Danican Philidor

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#68. Perhaps I'm a bit of a sadist myself, in addition to a masochist. He winces and jerks on the restraints. "Fucking hell," he mutters.

Ella Dominguez

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#69. Living is like working out a long addition sum, and if you make a mistake in the first two totals you will never find the right answer. It means involving oneself in a complicated chain of circumstances.

Cesare Pavese

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#70. If I go to Germany, I learn something in addition. The German television is very precise and respectable. One has never stress. In Italy it is more dynamic. But I amuse myself madly in both countries.

Michelle Hunziker

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#71. The Philippines, it has a politics of patronage. Family and favors, in addition to the old cliche of guns, goons and gold, really do still hold a lot of sway.

Miguel Syjuco

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#72. But it has, in addition, an even more precious quality - a consciousness of the human intelligence, the human spirit and that man is a social creature.

Norman McLaren

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#73. Obfuscation is the deliberate addition of ambiguous, confusing, or misleading information to interfere with surveillance and data collection.

Finn Brunton

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#74. In addition, the bill passed by the House requires a person performing an abortion on a minor from a different state to notify one parent in the home state.

Virgil Goode

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#75. How curiously one is changed by the addition, even at a distance, of a friend.
How useful an office one's friends perform when they recall us. Yet how
painful to be recalled, to be mitigated, to have one's self adulterated, mixed up,
become part of another.

Virginia Woolf

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#76. I'm a minister, and I serve as a minister in addition to being a university professor.

Tony Campolo

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#77. As usual I am suffering much from doubt as to the worth of what I am doing and fear lest I may not be able to complete it so as to make it a contribution to literature and not a mere addition to the heap of books.

George Eliot

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#78. Culturally speaking, I was raised in a Jewish household. In addition to the religious side of it, I was taught respect for books and learning and the higher professions like medicine and law and teaching.

Woody Allen

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#79. I think Hillary and Bill are really liberals at heart. I think that, in addition to being liberals, they are very practical. They have made some decisions about what it takes to win.

Maxine Waters

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#80. By refraining from reducing multiplication to addition we are enabled through these axioms to banish continuity, which is so difficult to fix precisely, from the logical structure of geometry.

Hermann Weyl

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#81. In addition to the physical value of things, there are three other factors that add value to our belongings: function, information, and emotional attachment.

Marie Kondo

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#82. But I felt then the same way Nicky did, that I was getting myself more life. Not necessarily a better life, not a life more promising than the one I already had. But because I thought this life was in addition to and not instead of, I devoured it without a second's hesitation.

Etgar Keret

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#83. In addition to Ameslan, chimpanzees and other nonhuman primates are being taught a variety of other gestural languages. And it is just this transition from tongue to hand that has permitted humans to regain the ability-lost, according to Josephus, since Eden-to communicate with the animals.

Carl Sagan

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#84. The addition of the typewriter to the printing-press has given a new and horrible impetus to the spread of half-baked thought.

John Dos Passos

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#85. We all find means of anesthesia.

Brunonia Barry

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#86. So I graduated from college with a degree in journalism and was ready to find my dream job at a newspaper in addition to one good man who owned his own car and was certain about his sexuality, my two new, revised qualifying criteria for a potential date.

Laurie Notaro

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#87. The rate of technological and human physiological change in the 20th century has been remarkable. Beyond that, a synergy between the improved technology and physiology is more than the simple addition of the two.

Robert Fogel

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#88. Fish had already told both Wertham and Detective King that, in addition to shoving needles inside his body, he liked to soak pieces of cotton in alcohol, cram them up his rectum, and set fire to them.

Harold Schechter

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#89. A new medium is never an addition to an old one, nor does it leave the old one in peace. It never ceases to oppress the older media until it finds new shapes and positions for them.

Marshall McLuhan

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#90. As I grew older, farms in Kentucky provided me with many jobs in hauling hay and in cutting tobacco. In addition to helping fund my college years, these jobs helped me to meet an array of very interesting and amazing men and women.

Robert H. Grubbs

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#91. The man who pursues happiness wisely will aim at the possession of a number of subsidiary interests in addition to those central ones upon which his life is built.

Bertrand Russell

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#92. If you don't know Tom Lehrer, you should - in addition to being a classical pianist, mathematician, songwriter, satirist, researcher at Los Alamos and, he claims, inventor of the Jell-O shot, he is just delightfully funny and graceful.

Rachel Sklar

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#93. ...In addition, there are millions of people in our world who are fortunate to have the availability of almost any food they like. I cannot find any reason for those people to continue consuming survival food (bread, sugar, meat, milk, and salt).

Victoria Boutenko

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#94. In my heart, there was joy mixed with sadness: joy that the nations atlast acknowledged that we are a nation with a state, and sadness that we lost half of the country, Judea and Samaria, and , in addition, that we [would] have[in our state] 400,000 [Palestinian] Arabs.


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#95. I think there is no doubt that the advent of 24/7 news channels, which are voracious in their demand for constant new content, has accelerated the political process. The rise of social media, in addition to talkback, I think has intensified the political process.

Tony Abbott

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#96. A [wo]man who is unconscious of [her/]himself acts in a blind, instinctive way and is in addition fooled by all the illusions that arise when he sees everything that he is not conscious of in himself coming to meet him from outside as projections upon his neighbour.

Carl Jung

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#97. In addition to building better products, a more open world will also encourage businesses to engage with their customers directly and authentically. More than four million businesses have Pages on Facebook that they use to have a dialogue with their customers. We expect this trend to grow as well.

Mark Zuckerberg

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#98. In addition to being a writer, I'm a librarian - professionally trained and everything.

Theresa Breslin

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#99. In addition to a timeline, I have proposed that U.S. troops be removed from front line combat positions in Iraqi cities and towns, turning over daily security patrols, interactions with citizens, and any offensive security actions to the Iraqis themselves.

Peter DeFazio

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#100. I began these clinics because I want to share my years of experience in around the ring, in addition to my proven winning methods. I have seen the good and the bad. I have learned valuable lessons, which I want to pass along to those truly interested in the sport.

Emanuel Steward

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