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Top 49 Quotes About A Bad Teacher

#1. Sir Thomas More: Why not be a teacher? You'd be a fine teacher; perhaps a great one.
Richard Rich: If I was, who would know it?
Sir Thomas More: You; your pupils; your friends; God. Not a bad public, that. - Author: Robert Bolt
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#2. say that a good student could learn more from a bad teacher than a poor - Author: A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
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#3. GreenHollyWood is a bad character, fat, liking jokes, liking jokes about size, about the large, about the how big are you. Likes to laugh when you make a mistake, ... but but he is a teacher?! With a glasses a fat guy! - Author: Deyth Banger
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#4. My life is just like Breaking Bad except instead of a chemistry teacher I'm just a guy and instead of making meth I don't do much. - Author: Dana Gould
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#5. I loved Debussy, Stravinsky, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, anything with romantic melodies, especially the nocturnes. Nietzsche was a hero, especially with 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra.' He gets a bad rap; he's very misunderstood. He's a maker of individuals, and he was a teacher of teachers. - Author: Joni Mitchell
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#6. There are very severe penalties for being a bad student but no penalties at all for being a bad teacher." The - Author: John Holt
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#7. In classes, the more lively and uninhibited ones will "suck away the air" from those with a more passive nature, despite all the efforts of the teacher. It is also a special danger in large groups that you will hear your fellow students' bad pronunciation more than the teacher's perfected speech. - Author: Kato Lomb
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#8. I was a very bad accountant; I didn't care about money, golf or discovering fraud. After about a year I was sacked; then I went into teacher training. - Author: Joanne Harris
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#9. It's considered very, very bad karma, if I can cut to the chase, to take power from a teacher and not use it for something very positive. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#10. The American audience has really opened up to women being A.) funny and B.) kinda crude. 'Bridesmaids' is R-rated, and I think it was a major coup for women to have an R-rated comedy that did really well. Same as 'Bad Teacher.' - Author: Chris Pratt
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#11. In accepting death as inevitable, we don't label it as a good thing or a bad thing. As one of my teachers once said to me, Death happens. It is just death, and how we meet it is up to us. - Author: Joan Halifax
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#12. It's my belief that you can take everyone down a logical path if you take them slowly enough, and the trouble is that mathematical brains can get scrambled a little bit on the way. You get a bad teacher, it messes you up for the rest of the journey. - Author: Marcus Du Sautoy
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#13. A good man is but a bad man's teacher, and a bad man is but a good man's job. - Author: Wayne W. Dyer
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#14. My feeling is that a good teacher can get results using any method, and that a bad teacher can wreck any method. - Author: Keith Johnstone
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#15. I was the one that was always dancing and got along with everybody, but I also spoke my mind. If I didn't agree with something the teacher would say, I'd tell her, so I would get in trouble for things like that. I've always been a good/bad boy. - Author: Shameik Moore
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#16. When I was studying in secondary school, a teacher recommended me during a singing contest. I took the championship because of my voce that I take proud of. Then I thought maybe my voice is not bad,then I wanted to be a singer. - Author: Daesung
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#17. Unfortunately the student often feels guilt for not living the type of life that their Teacher suggested, or they feel that they are intrinsically bad and incapable of leading a higher life. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#18. It's a funny thing - the reality is I have no feelings about school. It's long gone. Funnily enough, the bad memories - of which I don't have any left to be honest, I can just remember a sense of tedium - have faded. And teachers that I liked have remained quite vivid. There are three or four left. - Author: Colin Firth
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#19. I had a Spanish teacher in high school. I rarely got in trouble in her room because I felt I was disappointing her if I got a bad grade. That had more power over me than teachers who told me I talked too much. That level of respect I had for her made me not want to fail for her. - Author: Clay Aiken
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#20. The best thing you can give as a leader is a reason to trust. People want to trust. They're hungry for it. But they're selective. They'll only give it to a motivator, a communicator, a teacher, a real person. Someone who in good times and bad always does the right thing. - Author: Jeffrey R. Immelt
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#21. I play the guitar. I taught myself how to play the guitar, which was a bad decision ... because I didn't know how to play it, so I was a shitty teacher. I would never have went to me. - Author: Mitch Hedberg
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#22. I lay there and I thought of what that teacher said, and of all the things I'd been: child, rebellious teenager, runaway, whore, lover, bad mother, bad wife. I'm not sure if I can remake myself as a good wife, but a good mother - that I have to try. - Author: Paula Hawkins
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#23. My first job was baby-sitting. I had a great time because I love kids. Sometimes, when I'm having a bad day, I'm like: "Oh, you know what? I'm going to chuck it in and become a kindergarten teacher!" - Author: Anne Hathaway
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#24. I allowed myself a little bit of relief. That was a lot less bad than I though it would be.
"Of course, we'll also have to have a parent-teacher conference. Do you have a parent available to call right now?"
Never mind. That was enough to ruin my whole year. - Author: August Westman
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#25. A good person is the bad person's teacher. A bad person is the good person's task. - Author: Laozi
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#26. My first meditation teacher told me that there is no such thing as a bad meditation. He was right. During the difficult meditations you build up your strength, which creates meditation for peace. - Author: Ajahn Brahm
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#27. What is a good man but a bad man's teacher. What is a bad man but a good man's job. - Author: Lao-Tzu
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#28. Unlike other professions - doctor, lawyer, teacher, journalist, sales clerk, stock broker - when a cop makes a bad mistake, it could mean someone is dead. They take home mental baggage unlike anything carried in almost every other job. - Author: Mike Barnicle
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#29. Questions to ask yourself: Are you a good teacher? Who would know? You would. Your students. Your friends. Your God. Not a bad audience, that! - Author: Joe J. Christensen
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#30. There is plenty to be learned even from a bad teacher: what not to do, how not to be. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#31. And then she got a bad, bad feeling because she realized she had been wrong.
You can fool a person.
You can fool a dog.
You can fool a cat or a horse or a teacher or a friend.
But you cannot ever fool a heart. - Author: Barbara O'Connor
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#32. To have a group of cloistered clinicians away completely from the broad current of professional life would be bad for teacher and worse for student. The primary work of a professor of medicine in a medical school is in the wards, teaching his pupils how to deal with patients and their diseases. - Author: William Osler
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#33. One or two bad teachers is a problem with the teachers. A school with many bad teachers is a problem of leadership. - Author: Andy Hargreaves
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#34. Every single major push in education has made it worse and right now it's really bad because everything we've done is de-humanizing education. It's destroying the possibility of the teacher and the student having a warm, friendly, intellectual relationship. - Author: William Glasser
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#35. A good teacher offers practice , a bad one offers theories . - Author: Anthony De Mello
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#36. This world is like a big classroom, and USA is the teacher, while other countries are the students, as one student tries to mess with the teacher, or does something really bad. The teacher shall teach him a nice lesson. Use your brain before you try to mess with the odds. - Author: Barack Obama
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#37. In life, most of us are highly skilled at suppressing action. All the improvisation teacher has to do is to reverse this skill and he creates very 'gifted' improvisers. Bad improvisers block action, often with a high degree of skill. Good improvisers develop action. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#38. Experience is the best teacher. I've been through a lot - going to the Olympics, going to the Finals, having a lot of good games and having a lot of bad games. It's a rollercoaster ride and I'm just happy I'm a part of it. If it was easy, then everybody could do it. - Author: Kevin Durant
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#39. I was on a sitcom called 'Gary Unmarried' for 37 episodes, and then I was in 'Bad Teacher' with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. - Author: Kathryn Newton
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#40. What is a good man? A teacher of a bad man. What is a bad man? A good man's charge? - Author: Laozi
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#41. It's a bad dream: my English teacher is standing naked at the foot of this slightly lumpy bed, clutching a pair of not-quite-white underpants in his hand, studying me with this creepy look on his face, the one he gets when he's reading aloud in class and wants us to think he's moved by the passage. - Author: Tom Perrotta
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#42. I was born in Paris, and my mother was a French teacher, but then I rebelled against my upbringing and studied Spanish in school. So now I just speak bad French and bad Spanish. - Author: Lydia Leonard
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#43. What a shame to be so afraid of failure that you stop living. My wife has a great one-liner about failure: "Never consider yourself a failure-you can always serve as a bad example." She is right. Failure can be a better teacher than success. - Author: Bernie Siegel
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#44. A student whose life is filled with woes least had and understood the hands of a good teacher that shape lives in a distinctive way - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#45. When I'm a teacher, I won't be using red pens to grade papers. Red pens will forever be associated with criticism and bad grades in my mind. I don't want this person to get their short story back with harsh red pen marks all over it. Purple is much friendlier. - Author: Susane Colasanti
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#46. Educators are in the news, too. Usually that's bad. I had a favorite college professor. He used to tell us, 'If you make CNN as a teacher, you're probably going to jail. - Author: Tucker Elliot
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#47. I went to Catholic school, and there was this teacher, a Brother, who saw I could go either way, good or bad. He took an interest in me and got me to do a play. I got hooked on acting, and it gave me something constructive to do. I had a lot of energy. - Author: William Forsythe
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#48. I'd like to submit to Bad Science my teacher who gave us a handout which says that 'Water is best absorbed by the body when provided in frequent small amounts.' What I want to know is this. If I drink too much in one go, will it leak out off my arsehole instead?
Thank you. Anton. - Author: Ben Goldacre
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#49. Farid asked, 'Do American teachers care about every student?'
I thought about a humanities teacher I'd worked with in Korea and more recently a science teacher I'd worked with in Germany. I said, 'I think most schools have a resident idiot. - Author: Tucker Elliot
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