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Top 13 Punk Rock Song Quotes

#1. Me personally, I side more with punk rock bands. I grew up with The Misfits, The Dead Boys, The Damned, Dropkick Murphys, and early AFI. That was the stuff that really got me into music. Song writing wise, bands like Alkaline Trio were very important to me for beginning to write songs.

Andy Biersack

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#2. There was a moment when Prince did rock & roll with a sponge-y seductive sound. I think that's what was in our head for 'Get On Your Boots.' But actually, the song is much more punk rock.


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#3. Miss Brooke's large eyes seemed, like her religion, too unusual and striking.

George Eliot

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#4. I have just been the man in the middle, trying to make sure that we steer the right course.

Dannel Malloy

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#5. It was so cold today that I saw a dog chasing a cat, and the dog was walking.

Mickey Rivers

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#6. The boys in the office preferred Daft Punk and the song "Robot Rock" as an anthem, speaking excitedly and without irony about wanting to become robots one day. That made me wonder: Why? What's the pull of being a robot?

Katherine Losse

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#7. There's a punk-rock attitude, clearly, to 'Hated.' There's even a punk-rock attitude to 'The Hangover,' I think. We start the movie with a Glenn Danzig song.

Todd Phillips

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#8. Prayer is a declaration of dependence upon God.

Philip Yancey

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#9. No matter what, I'm always interested in making music.

Chris Robinson

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#10. Without goals we are nothing more than drifters, drifting where?

Marilyn L. Rice

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#11. When I began to cover songs for YouTube, they all tended to be in the super pop-genre.. as in, smash-hit songs. My writing process was heavily influenced by this - I went from a more heavy punk rock style to straight up sugary-sweet pop.

Alex Goot

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#12. I've played death metal, punk rock, hardcore, funk ... I've done it all. And all there really is music and at the end of the day, anybody who has a record and puts out a record that's basically the same song 13 times over on one record; to me they're just cheating the fans.

Cristian Machado

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#13. One of the first lessons you learn as an actor is to listen.

John Frankenheimer

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